Over Under in Betting 2021

Over Under Betting Explained

How does over under betting work? Good question and one that we’ll answer in our guide to over under in betting. So keep reading to have over under betting explained in simple terms that everyone can understand!

A good over under betting strategy basically gives you more flexibility with your bets. The over under in betting can work for the favourite, the underdog or can also be used for a close game between two evenly matched rivals. Still confused? Take a look below to have over under betting explained with some examples. Perfect for your betting journey!

Key takeaways

  • Suitable for all major and minor sports
  • Great for value when backing the favourite
  • Good for getting more wins from the underdog

All about the over under in betting

So you’re here to have over under betting explained before you head off on your journey? Good call! Take a look below and we’ll equip you with the perfect over under betting strategy in next to no time.

Over under betting explained in simple terms

An over under bet is basically making a prediction whether there will be more or less than a certain number of events happening in a sporting encounter. A number will be set by a bookmaker, and it’s your job to say whether the event will happen more or less times than that number.

If your prediction is right, you’ll win back your stake and make a profit according to the odds. If your prediction is wrong, then you’d lose your betting stake. As such, an over under bet acts like many other sports bets, it’s just not necessarily tied into being a match winner.

All of which means that once you know how to spot the over under in betting, you can easily pack it in your bag and take it with you on your travels. However, we realise that betting strategies can be confusing if you just talk about them in abstract terms. So we’ve been careful to give you a few handy examples of over/under bets to take on the road with you.

Over under betting explained with examples for different sports

The great news is that over under betting works wonderfully for just about any sport. Simply put, if the sport has a score, then you should be able to use an over under bet with it. The only times where over under betting might not work too great is when you try and use it for racing sports like horse racing, motor racing and so on. But take a look at some of the below examples to see why over under betting can be a great way to get more from your betting.

Enjoy over under betting on football

All football fans will love a good over under bet. Here’s an example, a sportsbook could offer you odds for the Dallas Cowboys to score 21.5 points or more. Now you just have to bet on whether the cowboys score more or less than this. Over under bets will always include fractions to make sure that you either win or lose your bets.

Other popular over under football bets could include betting whether Baker Mayfield throws over 2.5 touchdowns in a game, whether Derrick Henry gets over 100.5 rushing yards in a match, or whether the New Orleans Saints get over 3.5 sacks in an NFL game.

Some over under bets for soccer

Over under betting for soccer is incredibly easy. Let’s look at an example for a premier league match between Liverpool and manchester united. Here a bookmaker might give you odds for Liverpool to score 1.5 or more goals. You could also bet on Manchester United to score less than 2.5 goals.

Bookmakers will give you lots more over under bets for all soccer matches. This means that you could enjoy an over under bet on anything from the number of corners gained by a team, or even the total number of goals in a match.

Why cricket is great for over under betting

Cricket is a sport that has a wealth of statistics which means that you’ll have no shortage of over under bets for your journey. The most obvious over under bets for cricket are to bet on whether a particular team will score more or less than a certain number of runs.

You could also bet on the number of runs scored by a batsman such as whether steve smith or ben stokes scores more than 60.5 runs. But there’s an almost endless number of over under cricket bets that include anything from wickets taken by a bowler to the number of overs taken to win the game. All of which means that you’ll have plenty of fun on your betting adventure.

Over under bets for your favourite sport

We’re fairly certain that you’ll have no problem in finding great over under bets for your preferred sport. All globetrotters love over under betting on basketball as you can bet on the number of points scored by each team or player.

You should definitely try an over under bet on tennis as betting on the number of games won is a great way to get more value from tournament favourites like Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka.

Don’t forget to try hitting the road with your rugby over under bets. Here you’d bet on the number of points or tries scored by each team, or even the total number of points in the game. All of which shows that there’s a near limitless number of over under bets to discover on your travels!

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Why you should use an over under betting strategy

Over under bets are some of the most popular kinds of bets you’ll find on your travels. As a result, all good bookmakers will give you lots of over under bets for most sporting encounters. Here are some of the key reasons why so many people love to put an over under bet in their travel itinerary.

More value for betting on the favourite

So you want to bet on the Green Bay Packers to beat the new york jets, but you can’t get any odds that are worth betting on. This is where you might want to try an over/under bet.  The same could be true for bets that Manchester City beat Burnley or India beat Bangladesh in cricket. The odds might be harder to win with, but you’d stand to make much better returns if you made the right kind of prediction.

More wins from betting on the underdog

Many of us support teams that never seemed to reach true glory. So the next time that Cleveland Browns or Tottenham Hotspur are in the final of a major tournament, you could try an over under bet. Here, the team won’t even have to win the game, because as long as they score more or less than the number that you predicted, you’d win your bet.

Great way to add some fun to your bets

Let’s admit it. One of the biggest reasons why so many of us love over under betting is because it’s so much fun. These kinds of bets really test our knowledge of a given sport. So that whether you’re betting on LeBron James to score a certain number of points in an NBA game, or Ashleigh Barty to win over a specific number of games in a tennis match, you’ll be able to do all of these things with an over under bet.

Reasons to be careful when looking for the over under in betting

While over under betting is great fun, these kinds of bets should be used carefully. Take a look below to see why you might want to try a simpler betting option such as a match winner or money line bet when you hit the road.

Not for sports betting newbies

It’s worth noting that you might need plenty of skill to know how to put down a winning over under bet. You’ll have to know the scoring records of all of the teams and players that you’re thinking of betting on so that you can make an accurate prediction. So be sure to get some practice with simple match winner bets before you tackle something as tricky as an over under bet.

Not as exciting as other bets

Most of us enjoy sports betting because it’s fun. While over under betting can be enjoyable, it’s fair to say that you don’t feel the same winning this kind of bet as when that massive match winner bet comes home. That said, there’s a certain kind of quiet satisfaction that comes with winning a coolly calculated over under sports bet.

Be careful with the over under odds that you choose

We should note that all good bookies will set their over under bets at numbers that are always the hardest to predict. So don’t make the mistake of getting tempted to put down an over under bet on a number that’s slightly out of your comfort zone. You’ll have a much more enjoyable journey by playing it safe with your over under bets.

Tips for using over under bets

We couldn’t just leave you to start your journey with the basic outline of how over under bets work. So here are some road-tested tips for making sure that you get the most out of your over under betting vacation!

Research your teams and players

There’s nothing like doing plenty of homework before you put down an over under bet. If a soccer team like Real Madrid have scored more than two goals on their past five outings, then there’s a good chance that they might do the next time that they play. The same goes for individual players. If Kevin Durant is having a tough scoring run, then the chances are that he might once again have problems in his next NBA game.

Analyse head to head encounters

Context is everything when it comes to sports bets like over under betting. After all, just because a rugby team scored lots of points last time around doesn’t mean that they’re automatically going to score the same number of points the next time they play. For example, a football team like Baltimore Ravens might look great against some weak teams, but they simply aren’t going to score as many points when they play powerhouses like Kansas City Chiefs or green bay packers.

Combine your bets

Remember that there’s nothing stopping you from combining your over under bets with other kinds of sports bets in order to get the odds that you’re looking for. Let’s say that you want to bet on Chelsea to beat Arsenal. Here you could take a match winner bet and then combine it with an over under bet on the overall winning margin. Perfect for getting a little extra from your betting journey.

Beyond our over under betting strategy – other strategies to check out

Now that you’ve had over under betting explained, you’ll be ready to check out other top betting strategies. We’ve got lots of great guides that take in everything from football and basketball to horse racing and tennis. Plus you’ll find expert advice for trying in-play betting, matched betting and much more. All you need to make that betting experience all the more enjoyable!

Had over under betting explained? Put these bets into action!

We’ve shown you that knowing how to use the over under in betting will get you ready for any adventure. This is because you can use a good over under betting strategy on almost any sport on our planet. If it’s got a number in it, you can put down an over under bet on it.

The trick is to know when to put down an over under bet. We’ve found that over under betting can work best when you aren’t getting much value from standard betting markets like match-winner and so on. Just remember that it can take some expertise to be able to spot the over under in betting. But once you know the over under betting rules, you’ll find it an essential part of your travel itinerary!

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Over Under In Betting FAQ

❓ What is the over/under meaning?

Lots of people enjoy over/under bets in sports betting as it can help them get more value for their bets or more safety too. However, it’s worth noting that it can take plenty of skill or even luck to use an over/under bet correctly. Take a look at our guide to over under in betting to see how it could fit in well with the best tennis betting strategy or a strategy for betting on nearly any other sport.

🏆 What is the best over/under betting strategy?

There are plenty of opinions about this important question. Some people feel that over/under betting works best as part of cricket betting strategies or other high scoring sports. However, other people insist that these bets work best for low scoring games like soccer. Take a look at our guide to using an over under betting strategy to see which one of these options works best for your favourite sport. 

🏈How does over/under NFL betting work?

Lots of people love to try an over/under bet when it comes to betting on the nfl. This is because it gives you much more flexibility to bet on anyone from the super bowl contenders to complete no-hopers. It’s also one of the few sports betting strategies that work nearly every time. So sure to read our guide to have over under explained in simple terms so that you can apply it to any game in the nfl and beyond.

✅ How do you win an over and under bet?

There’s no simple answer to that question. If you want guaranteed wins, then you should definitely check out our matched betting guide. But we think that once you have over under betting explained you’ll quickly be able to take advantage of everything that this awesome bet type has to offer. So read our guide and see how you can put down an over under bet with amazing results. 

⚽ What are the best over/under football or soccer bets?

Questions like this depend on what kind of game you’re betting on. If it’s a game between two close rivals then you’ll have to put down different over/under bets compared to if you were betting on a clear favourite and a rank outsider. The same applies to if you used an over/under bet as part of any golf betting strategies. So read our guide to see an over under betting strategy that works for your chosen match. 

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