Best Football Betting Strategy 2021

Football Betting Strategies That Work

Looking for the best football betting strategy? We’ve found some amazing football betting strategies that can boost your NFL bets. So take a look below to see how to use the best betting strategy for football.

Anybody can get lucky with a football bet. But it takes real skill to get consistent wins when you bet on something as unpredictable as the NFL. We’ve handpicked some profitable football betting strategies that can work wonders in betting on the gridiron action. So pack you bags and see which football betting strategies to take on your travels!

Why you need the best football betting strategy

You may think that you know all you need to about football betting. However, we think that you can never learn too much about the finer arts of betting on some gridiron action. This is especially if you’ve got a long trip planned for betting on the whole NFL season.

If anything, we’ve found that it’s those hardcore football fans who could benefit most from using the best betting strategy for football. This is because it’s all too easy to get too close to our favourite NFL teams and lose our judgement about what makes for a good bet and what makes for a disastrous error.

So we’ve made sure that all of our featured football betting strategies have been road-tested to offer you a cool and calculated way to bet on the NFL. It could be the opening game of the season or the Super Bowl itself, as the best football betting strategy will always help you make a considered bet, rather than just relying on gut instinct. All of which should make your football betting adventure a lot more enjoyable in the long-run.

Why all NFL fans benefit from the best betting strategy for football

We’re fairly sure that anyone would want to see the best football betting strategy. It doesn’t matter whether you support the Chiefs, the Bear, the Cowboys or the 49ers, as everyone could benefit from sharpening up their NFL bets.

You’ll find some awesome football betting strategies here that are perfectly suited for rookies. These will help you avoid making silly mistakes like blindly betting on your favourite team. Plus we’ve even got the best betting strategy for football for those with plenty of experience. Perfect if you’re willing to take a journey into the uncharted domain of spread bets and live betting!

The main thing is that all football fans will benefit from our strategies. This is because they are simply designed to help you get more from your NFL bets. While big upsets like the Giants win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI are always unexpected, with our football betting strategies, you can be sure that you minimise such sporting surprises. A great way to prepare yourself for the unexpected dangers of your betting journey.

Top football betting strategies

There are plenty of awesome strategies for betting on football out there. Here are some points to consider before you rush off to pack a certain kind of strategy for your travels.

The basics of football betting

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Here are some things to think about before you put down a football bet.

What are betting odds?

Odds reflect the probability that somethings going to happen in a game of football. High odds would mean that there’s not much chance of something happening, low odds means that it’s likely.

It’s perfectly legal to bet on sport in many countries like the UK, Canada and Australia. However, things get more complicated in countries like the US where you can enjoy online football betting in states like New Jersey but not Utah.

What are the different betting types?

The simplest bet is a match winner bet where you predict who wins the match. Spread bets mean predicting whether a team will win or lose by a certain margin. You can also try  a parlay bet that ties together the results of lots of different games.

Should you bet prematch or live?

Prematch betting is probably simpler, but live betting can be a good way to get more value for your bets, plus it’s more fun too! Each type of betting has its own merits so be sure to give both a try.

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Money management and bonuses on your NFL betting

We can all get carried away when we bet on football. So here are some things to consider to make sure that your journey lasts the distance.

Budgeting your betting

You should always set yourself a budget before you bet on football. This would stop you from getting carried away and betting beyond your means. We’d recommend that you only bet with money that you don’t mind losing for the most enjoyable way to try some NFL betting.

How to make deposit and withdrawals

All sportsbooks will give you many ways to add money to your account to fund your bets. There should be an equal number of ways to make withdrawals. Be sure to see what limits, fees and processing times each payment method offers.

Bonuses to boost your bets

We think that bonuses are a great way to get more from your NFL bets. Some of these will give you extra betting funds in direct correspondence to how much you bet or deposit. Other deals will simply refund your losing bets.

Reward programs

Some bookies will give you rewards for each football bet that you put down. These deals can be a good way to get more over the long-term. Bear in mind that you might have to put down lots of NFL bets to get much back from these schemes.

Understanding betting strategies

There are plenty of great strategies for betting on the NFL. But here are some simple strategies for your gridiron bets.

Pick the value betting market

Don’t settle for a money line bet. Instead see which betting markets could offer you better value for your football bets. This is especially true if you’re betting on one of the favourites like Green Bay Packers.

Find the best spread bets

Spread betting is one of the best ways to even up an NFL game between two unevenly matched football teams. This means that you could bet on the favourite and benefit from the tougher odds by making bigger wins.

Give in-play betting a try

There’s nothing like putting down a bet on football after the big game has begun. This is because the odds can change quickly in accordance to the gridiron action.

Try an over/under bet

Here’s where you get to bet on something like whether Patrick Mahomes will throw more than three touchdowns or whether Cincinnati Bengals will score more than 10 points. A fun way to try a football bet with a difference.

Read the best NFL betting tips

Finally, we should note that betting tips can be a great way to learn more about which statistics should guide your NFL bets. Just don’t trust in any football betting tips too blindly.

Useful betting knowledge for football

Every betting adventure will be different. Here are some quick questions to consider before you head off on your travels.

Should I bet with an app?

Mobile betting is great fun and gives you way more convenience than using a computer. So yes, be sure to download a good football betting app and give it a try!

Are there any promotions to use?

We love using bonuses with our football bets. Some sportsbooks will put on special offers for the biggest NFL games. Just be sure to read the small print of these deals first.

What are the betting limits?

Don’t forget that most sportsbooks have limits on how much you can bet. Plus you might even find that there will be a cap on your winnings at many bookmakers.

Can I cash my bet out early?

Cash out betting is a great way to get more flexibility on your football bets. So make sure that your sportsbook has this increasingly essential feature.

Quick facts – All about the top football betting strategies

We’re aware of the fact that even the best betting strategy for football might seem intimidating to those who are new to wagering on the gridiron action. So we thought that it might be helpful to include a quick FAQ that attempts to answer a few of the most common football betting questions.

Will I always win my NFL bets with a betting strategy?

It ultimately depends on which betting strategy you’re using. After all, different betting strategies work for different games. A strategy could work wonders when betting on Denver Broncos versus Cleveland Browns, but it could be a complete disaster if used on Green Bay Packers against New York Jets. The key thing to remember is that there’s no way that you can guarantee your wins with most football betting strategies. Our advice is to use a strategy to guide your bets, but be careful with how you use the strategy and always gamble responsibly.

What do I do if my football betting strategy isn’t working?

There might come a time when your strategy simply isn’t working the way that you thought that it was going to. In which case, you might want to abandon the strategy quickly and try and cash out your bets. However, some football strategies work best over the long-term and you might have to endure a few bumps in the road before you reach your destination.

Do football betting strategies work for live betting?

We’ve found that many betting strategies get even better when you bet live on football. However, it can take a fair amount of skill and luck to be able to take advantage of the ever-changing odds. Plus it’s working noting that a handful of betting strategies can only really be used before the big game kicks off. So be sure to pick a football betting strategy that’s well-suited for each individual NFL betting journey.

Can I use the best betting strategy for football for other sports?

Some football fans have found that some of these betting strategies can work well when applied to other sports. If anything it’s those sports that have a fairly high scoring margin like basketball or rugby that could work best with any kind of spread betting strategies. Things will tend to get a little trickier when it comes to betting on those low-scoring sports like soccer and hockey. Plus don’t even think about trying to use football betting strategies on racing sports like horse racing, Formula 1 and NASCAR racing.

What is the best strategy for betting on the Super Bowl?

Ultimately, the Super Bowl is a football game like any other. It could be an action-packed affair like Super Bowl XXIX between San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers, or it could be a low-scoring snooze-fest such as Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and LA Rams. However it’s important to note that the extra adrenaline of the Super Bowl could lead to a few more unexpected moments which you should probably factor into your betting strategy. So be sure to do your research and adapt your strategy for the thrills for a Super Bowl betting vacation!

Pick the best football betting strategy!

By now, you should be perfectly placed to take full advantage of the best betting strategy for football. You’ll know that there’s a great strategy for each individual NFL game. The trick is knowing when to use each strategy to maximise your wins and minimise your losses on the gridiron action.

We’ve shown that there’s no foolproof way to bet on football. It’s a sport that can see even last year’s Super Bowl winner suffer from a devastating loss of form. Similarly, even a complete no-hoper can enjoy a moment in the sun. So keep checking back to our football betting strategies to see which of these offers you the ultimate way to enjoy your NFL adventure!

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Football Betting Strategies FAQ

🏈Is there a proven football betting system?

While there are lots of different football betting strategies out there, everyone would be hoping to find a proven football betting system. This is because it would essentially guarantee your wins every time that you bet on the gridiron action. So read our guide to football strategies to see which of these could be considered to be the best sports betting strategies and which should be well left alone.

❓What are the easiest football bets to win?

You might think that a money line bet offers you the easiest way to win your football bets. However, we’ve found that there are some football betting markets that are even easier to win, and the same is true when you look at the best basketball betting strategy. Take a look at our guide that will show you the best betting strategy for football so that you have a simple way to bet on each NFL game.

⚡Does a no lose football betting system really work?

All betting fans would love to find a system that ensures that each football bet that they take wins. After all, it would be way better than even the most profitable soccer betting strategy as you’ll be taking all the risk out of each football bet that you put down. So read our guide that shows you the best football betting strategy and see whether this strategy can really help you win each NFL bet that you take.

💰What is the most profitable football betting strategy?

There’s plenty of debate about this question. Some football fans insist that the best strategy is the one that involves making good use of all of the spread betting options. However, other people insist that a strategy like one for tennis in play betting can be better as it helps you use the live football odds in your favour. Read our guide to football betting strategies for more about this.

👀Where can I find a zero risk betting strategy?

We’ve seen many systems that advertise themselves as being profitable football betting strategies with no risk. However, we would always advise being sceptical about such strategies. This is because if they were so easy to use, then everyone would be millionaires. Take a look at our pick for the best football betting strategy which is like the best betting strategy for horse racing as it gives you a reliable way to get a little extra from most of your bets.

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