Best Sports Betting Strategies 2021

Sports Betting Strategies That Work

Our tour guides aren’t just here to find you the best betting sites online. We also ensure you’re getting the most out of your betting destination, whether you’re looking for a casino, sportsbook, or perhaps even the best poker site online.

And getting the most out of your operator means getting the most out of your bets. That’s exactly what our examination of the best sports betting strategy is for.

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Why strategies can enhance your betting adventure

Now, some people like to just throw caution to the wind, pick any bookmaker and place a bet on what looks like a good market. We’re certainly not here to judge if that’s the case. We’d just advise you to do the sensible thing and check an operator you’re looking to bet with is both licensed and secure, which our guides can help with. However, that’s the absolute basics of what you can and should expect from your betting experience.

We’re not here to tell anybody what to do, but we would say there’s so much out there for you to explore. Learning more about various strategies is to designed to expand your horizons and boost your betting experience – whether that’s for sportsbooks, casinos, the best bingo sites and beyond.

Nowhere is this more intricately pursued than with our look at the best sports betting strategies, as well as our look at any casino betting strategies that work. While so many of our guides are, importantly, making sure you make the most out of your betting.

The best sports betting strategies aren’t just profitable betting strategies, they’re also ones that generally improve your enjoyment of betting and, we hope, of the sports you love too. Our guides on the best sports betting strategies that work are about showcasing the best betting tipsters as well as the finest sports betting systems, and anything else we think would benefit your success and enjoyment. So, you’re only left with the absolute best of the best to choose from. And if that ain’t a sound strategy, we don’t know what is.

Who can benefit from our tours of the sports betting strategies that work?

So, we know why our look at profitable betting strategies is important, but who should take advantage of them? One of the things people often misunderstand about the best sports betting strategies is there’s an incredible amount of diversity. Don’t get us wrong, there are still plenty of bad examples out there. We can’t say every one we come across is a betting strategy that works for many people – and a big part of our job when looking for the best betting strategy for sports is to highlight those who don’t provide value.

It’s also our job to differentiate the decent from the exceptional. We distinguish a betting strategy that works from those that go beyond and can be considered the best betting strategy for sports. But even for the latter, there are dozens – arguably hundreds – of examples, especially when you include betting options like casino betting.

The second part of our job, therefore, is to help categorize those options, whether that be tennis betting strategies, those focused on high rollers, or golf betting strategies. We’re not saying this to simply toot our own horns. No, the reason we’re really hammering home the point that there’s plenty of variety in good betting strategies is we think a quality betting strategy really is for everyone.

Whatever sport you’re interested in, whether you like to bet live or well in advance, whether you bet once a year or a few times a week, small or large amounts, whether you like to go with your gut or really plan and prepare, there will be something worthwhile for you. The latter example is especially important because there’s a myth that the only people who benefit from betting strategies are those who take things incredibly seriously. That’s not true – something as simple as knowing how to use bet boosts or understanding the impact of weather is a good strategy.

You can, of course, dive much deeper if you wish, but the usefulness and versatility of strategy means we think all bettors and sports fans can benefit.

Our betting guides and strategies: what you need to know

Here, we’re going to be breaking down everything you should know to make the most of any time you spend learning about or using the best sports betting strategies, including some of the most successful sports betting strategies that work as examples. Consider this your ticket to smarter betting.

The basics of betting

To be able to take advantage of any kind of profitable betting strategies, you’ll need to understand the basics of betting to both be able to understand and utilise all the interesting and useful strategic options out there. Here’s a betting blueprint for a foundation of better betting.

Betting odds

Betting odds aren’t just strange numbers and symbols that appear next to betting markets. They also tell you how much you’ll receive for a winning bet and the implied likelihood of that event. Understanding odds is vital in assessing their quality – and assessing their quality is vital in almost all examples of a betting strategy that works.

The legality of gambling itself entirely depends on the jurisdiction. Some countries – like many in Europe, for instance – are very liberal with their gambling laws, meaning there’s plenty of legally operating sites. Some have rather convoluted laws, like in the US, but still with some legal options, and some consider online gambling entirely illegal.

Of course, our interest is only in sites that are legal. We’d never recommend anything illegal, meaning we always check for a proper license.

Professional betting

The term professional betting is a little loose in terms of its definition. We’d say it’s any type of betting which aims to be part of someone’s general income, which obviously makes it quite different to how the overwhelming majority of people bet. This should never be attempted without proper money management. More on that in a moment.


This is exactly what it sounds like. Pre-match betting refers to any bet placed before an event begins. It’s worth pointing out that the cash out feature has made pre-match betting much more fluid than it once was.

Live betting

A live bet is any kind of wager placed as the event is ongoing. For instance, if we were talking about football betting strategies, it would be after the first whistle. This has huge strategic implications, with ever-changing odds and opportunities.

Money management and bonuses

Betting strategies don’t just exist on their own little island. There’s plenty of other considerations to take into account. Money management is vital to any kind of successful wagering, while bonuses can either enhance or be a vital element to profitable betting strategies. With that in mind, let’s break down these key strategic elements.

Allocate your monthly budget

Without proper money management, sports betting strategies that work no longer work. It’s an intrinsic part of any kind of successful betting. Put simply, never bet more than you can afford to lose, under any circumstance. Setting a monthly budget – or weekly or daily, if you prefer – is a vital part of this process, just as you would set a travel budget before setting off for faraway shores.

Deposit/withdrawal options

It’s pretty simple: without relevant and usable banking options, any strategy is effectively useless. In this regard, we’re all about more options so long as they provide quality. By quality, we mean legal methods, fair fees and reasonable transaction times.

Bonus wagering

When it comes to certain promotions, like free bets, there’s no more important term to consider than your wagering requirement. This essentially tells you how many times you have to wager the bonus amount before withdrawing your winnings, meaning it dictates whether pursuing that amount is actually worthwhile.

Operator T&Cs

Of course, that’s not the only term you’ll want to consider. We read and research all terms and conditions from time limits to restricted countries, to ensure that it’s actually a viable option. The terms are like the engine which makes the bonuses fall or soar.

VIP/loyalty programs

We’ve found that quite often, the promotions for long-term users are ignored in favour of new customer bonuses. We care about the betting experience of our users, so we pay attention to both. Loyalty programs are the ultimate example of long-term customer care, and can be utilised by betting strategies.

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Understanding betting strategies

Trying to say how many betting strategies there’s a bit like trying to work out the distance of the sea from the horizon. You should never assume you know where it ends. However, we do think it’s a good idea to give you five of the best sports betting strategies in our opinion to start with, to give you a sample of what’s out there.

Doing your research

Ok, ok, we know, this isn’t exactly unexpected as far as the best sports betting strategies are concerned. However, the reason it’s so universal is because it’s the backbone of all good strategy. Indeed, for many, it’s the only strategy they ever need. So, do your research and allow that to help you recognise quality odds and make smarter predictions.

Utilising the handicap markets

It’s generally pretty good advice to bet on things you already have a base of knowledge about. We’re not suggesting you don’t try new things, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you’re researching cricket betting strategies, then knowing something about cricket in the first place is a good head start.

However, a dilemma then comes in: what if your heart is saying one thing but your head another? You could be left with a choice of going against your favourites or betting on very short odds. Handicap markets exist to solve this issue and are thus, a vital strategy. They even the playing field by requiring the favourites to win by a certain amount of points and the underdogs to merely not lose by that amount. In other words, strategic betting even between mismatched teams.

Using multiple sites for the best promotions

We said earlier that promotions and strategy often go hand-in-hand and this is a perfect example. While there can be consequences for using multiple accounts on a single site, there’s nothing stopping you from opening as many accounts as you want with multiple bookmakers. Not only does this give you access to more odds – vital for betting systems – but it also means you can take advantage of more promotional offers.

Betting under on high-scoring sports

The art of smarter betting is often about recognising an opportunity with focus and determination. One often overlooked market is the under market on total points. People generally want games to score highly, because they want to see an exciting contest. This can often mean the under market gets impressive odds because operators are trying to balance their books. Focusing on this as an opening is a very cunning strategy.

Betting on the draw

There’s plenty of opportunities here too, although for slightly different reasons. Draws are very hard to predict. That unpredictability means they represent an opportunity for those willing to put in the research, as they’re often given very generous odds compared to the reality of their actual probability. They also form the basis of several betting systems for this reason.

Useful betting knowledge

We started off this piece by talking about how knowing the basics is the backbone of promising betting strategies. Well, we’re going to add an extra layer to this foundation by covering some other key subjects you should know before finding sports betting strategies that work for you.

The legality of betting depends on the individual country of residence, therefore, the legality of betting strategies depends on that fact too. It’s possible that something claiming to be betting “strategies” could be illegal, but they would most likely be scams posing as strategy. In any case, they wouldn’t be recommended here.

Should I bet online or offline?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. However, it’s the case that many betting strategies only work online, and there’s a greater number of opportunities online. If you still want to visit your high street bookie but take advantage of profitable betting strategies, there’s nothing stopping you using both.

What tools can I use?

Most profitable betting strategies, regardless of the theories behind them, generally use knowledge as their base. So, you can use stat sheets, betting calculators, news pieces, tips and of course, our recommendations, articles and guides to help add more arrows to your betting bow, to give a few examples. But, as long as they’re safe, legal and helpful, anything can be considered a tool for your betting strategy.

Do I have to pay tax?

Once again, this comes down to the specific country you’re in, so be sure to check on the laws of the land if you’re unsure. In most places though, betting is not taxed. In most of Europe for instance, your winnings will be tax free.

What is responsible gaming?

On an individual level, responsible gaming means that you’re betting safely and never beyond your limits. From the operator’s point of view, responsible gaming is their duty to ensure that people who are using their site are doing so responsibly and have the practical features they need – such as deposit limits and self-exclusions – to do so.

Planning your journey: betting strategy common queries

When it comes to sports betting strategies that work – and indeed profitable betting strategies for casinos – there are some questions we get asked for more often than requests for mid-flight snacks. Here are five that are not only the most common but also, we think, the most important to know.

Q1: Does every strategy work and is it safe?

The safety and usefulness of each and every betting strategy is unique. In fact, that’s why we put so much effort into ensuring that our readers know which betting strategies are worth their time and how to utilise them. Our betting brochure is filled with guides and analysis just like this to help separate the good from the bad.

Q2: Can I play/bet without any strategy?

Sure you can, it’s entirely up to you. However, doing so is probably not the most profitable betting strategy; if you want to make the most of your bets, some kind of strategy is recommended.

Q3: Can any betting strategy guarantee winnings?

No, even the best sports betting strategy cannot guarantee winnings. Just to be clear that when we talk about a profitable betting strategy, we’re talking about one that is more likely to be profitable, not one which is certain to be. At the end of the day, there’s always a level of unpredictability in sports, so never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Q4: Is it safe to use my betting strategy on an unlicensed site?

No, you shouldn’t bet on unlicensed sites, whether you have a smart strategy or not. Only ever wager with licensed operators, such as those recommended in our reviews.

Q5: What’s the difference between a betting strategy and a betting system?

These two terms are often used interchangeably and we understand there can be some disagreement regarding their distinctions. We would say that a betting system is a more comprehensive way of betting that you would apply to everything, like value or arbitrage betting. A betting strategy is anything that improves your chances of winning. In other words, at least in our opinion, all betting systems are strategies, but not all betting strategies are systems.

Conclusion: your ticket to smarter betting

We want you to think of this guide as like a birds-eye view from the plane on a beautiful series of the best sports betting strategies. It’s an overview of some of our favorites, who should use them, how to use them, and things to avoid.

Ultimately though, the final direction is up to you. So, don’t just think of profitable betting strategies solely in terms of objective usefulness – also think of them in terms of how they best fit how you like to play. It’s your betting experience, after all.

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Best sports betting strategies FAQ

❓Do sports betting strategies really work?

There is a huge variety of different sports betting strategies, with each working for different bettors based on how they prefer to wager. While no betting strategy can promise success all the time, they can help you make smarter wagers and identify profitable betting opportunities. They’re like the sunshine enhancing your favourite betting destination. To learn more and find a strategy that works for you, check out our guide here.

⚽What is the best strategy for sports betting?

When it comes to the best betting strategy for you and how you like to bet on sports, there are a number of different considerations. How much risk are you willing to take? Do you prefer to bet pre-match or in-play? Which markets do you like wagering on? Based on the answers to these questions and more, you can find a betting strategy that suits you best. One thing all good strategies have in common though is identifying value and opportunities. Read more here to learn how you can bet smarter.

👍Can you consistently win with a good sports betting strategy?

While smart betting strategies can enhance your experience and help you learn how to make more successful wagers, no strategy can promise to help you win all the time. They can’t alter the outcome of the game, after all. However, they are worth considering, as they can help you identify smarter ways to bet with your money and understand how to increase your potential for success. Check out our expert guide to the top betting strategies that can benefit you.

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