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At, we love playing roulette and keeping this in mind, we have put together some of the best roulette sites of 2022 as rated by real users. Ramp up your excitement. We have the best roulette sites of 2022 here.

If you love roulette, then discover a range of reliable websites where you can wager on your favourite sport. roulette has taken the world by storm, and it is now more exciting than ever. So take this journey with us to find all the information you can get your hands on.

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Who should make use of this roulette online real money sites guide?

In this article, we have compared a host of the best roulette sites of 2022 to help any roulette enthusiasts passionate about wagering. Even if it is your first time discovering the world of roulette online real money, these live roulette real money sites will definitely offer something to kindle your interest.

For the amateur roulette online real money wagers, we have ensured that the sites we have selected are safe and secure, which means that you will be safe from any third-party hacking or scamming while you are on the game. The sites that we have chosen are also the most competitive ones out there so that you get the most out of the wagers you make. Your time on these roulette online real money sites will surely be fun.

For the seasoned roulette online real money players, the following operators will provide you access to the best roulette action online from all your favourite leagues. If roulette is not your thing, then you can also check out our experts guide on the best online casino in 2022.

5 things we look for when rating operators

We care about your security, and we want you to be safe while you enjoy the best roulette experience online. To provide you with the best online roulette for real money, we have compiled the sites using the following protocols to keep you secure while you enjoy a fun game of roulette on these sites.

Top Security Protocols

Security protocols need to be in place to ensure that the user has the best security possible out of an online gambling site. The roulette platform should use HTTP over SSL protocols to encrypt communication over networks. Therefore, if you are unsure about the security of the sites, all you need to do is check the URL starting with HTTPS to continue having a safe roulette experience.

Payment Options

As you are wagering in these roulette online real money sites, you need to link a payment option to continue playing. When you choose a roulette site, make sure that the bookmaker provides a secure way to process your wagering transactions. You can use a debit card, credit card, online wallet, or any other payment method. Irrespective of your payment method, you need to be on the side of caution and enable advanced authentication tactics like two-factor authentication.

Customer Support

As there are many roulette online real money sites available on the web, one way to choose a good platform is to find out whether their customer support is reliable or not. While wagering, you will require the assistance of competent customer support to solve your queries as quickly as possible.

The best way to find out an active customer support system is to comb through online reviews to get an idea of whether the other players were satisfied with their whole experience or not. You can also look for a live chat box feature as it is the easiest way to connect to your roulette bookie.


Licensing is the way to ensure that your operator will act in good faith in the event of any disputes. If your provider does not have a valid operating license, it is high time you choose an alternative provider with proper licensing for legal online roulette games.

Fair Practice

When you are playing with thousands of people online, you need to ensure that your operator is affiliated with a regulatory commission to prove their legitimacy. A good roulette online real money site will provide you with a safe and fair environment so that you can enjoy your game with zero hassles.

Editor’s recommendation – The best roulette site of 2022

At, we seek to provide you with the best platform, not just in the roulette online real money scene. As we compare different platforms, we know that giving our utmost is an essential step towards ensuring you have the best experience in an online gambling platform. Therefore, to make your choice easier, we have hand-picked the operator that tops them all.

So, to answer the question: what is the best online casino for real money, our editors have picked Bet365 for the seamless user Interface, safe payment options, friendly customer support, and variety of casino games available on the platform. Bet365’s roulette live casino has been in the game for many years, and it is simply one of the best operators available in the market.

Finding the right roulette operator for you

If you go looking for roulette online real money sites on the web, you are going to find a vast array of operators – all of whom offer different experiences to their users. To make the whole process easier for you, our experts have reviewed a host of roulette online real money operators. Our comparison allows you to compare all the best roulette online real money sites that fall into your preferred list, and it is always vital to know what you are signing up for. Here, we are helping you identify the key areas that will help you find your perfect bookie.

Before you choose a roulette online real money site and start wagering, you should review the key areas that affect your gambling experience. After knowing this, you can begin your search for the perfect bookie that fulfils all your roulette requirements.

Global Interests

If you are someone who doesn’t constantly travel, an operator that solely operates out of your home country will be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy wagering from anywhere across the world, you will need to find a bookie that operates 24/7 and offers you a competitive advantage from anywhere. And this is not just limited to the game but also to critical factors like customer support, payment process, etc. This way, you can enjoy roulette from wherever you want. You can also check out our experts’ picks for the best roulette apps for 2022.

Welcome Bonus and Offers

Many operators do offer a large variety of bonuses and promotional events that always attract users’ interest. However, you need the one that is viable and rewarding for you. This should not be limited to just your login offer, but there should also be an option for you to avail of daily bonuses, game bonuses, and winning bonuses as well.

Live Streaming

Live events and Live Streaming are always fun for users who love to bet. Unfortunately, live events are hard to come by, and users find it difficult to trust the bookies. Before going for a site with live streaming, it will be beneficial to read the reviews from real users here on It is always best to be cautious when wagering with your hard-earned money on online betting platforms.

Which operators do our experts use?

With so many fantastic roulette online real money sites across the globe, it is very difficult to know which one is the best roulette site for you. At, our experts test different platforms themselves and give you unbiased opinions.

For playing roulette, our experts’ top choice is Bet365’s live online casino roulette real money. Bet365 is not just limited to an amazing roulette experience. They also have many other casino games like Blackjack, Poker, and a fantastic Sportsbook. Bet365 offers a welcome bonus along with seasonal promotions to keep you interested. They are incredibly trustworthy and have excellent customer support.

Additionally, there are also other fan favourite casinos like William Hill, Unibet, Betway, Vbet etc., with Europa being in the game since 2003. There are many more sites out there, but these are the ones loved by our experts.

5 ultimate tips for using the best roulette sites

Roulette is definitely a game of chance, but with our tips, you will certainly have an enjoyable gaming experience. However, do not take the tips at face value but just as pointers because the tips can’t ensure you the certainty of winning the fortune but will definitely help you along the way. Of course, you never know when lady fortune picks you

Read Tips only related to roulette

You do not go to a baseball game by learning the rules of soccer. While a broad general knowledge about all the casino games is great to have, you need to use the tips that you can only apply to a game of roulette. If you start reading up on something else, you will only end up getting confused in the end.

Do not take the Tipsters to be granted

Most of the time, users take the betting tips as gospel, and they follow those tipsters blindfolded. As we previously stated, roulette is a game of chance, and no amount of tips is going to ensure you a win. We are only providing you with tips to improve your understanding of the game and enhance your level of fun on the game you are betting on. However, there are claims of people figuring out patterns and being able to predict outcomes. Some even claim that with enough practise, you may even be able to predict an outcome. However, it’s hard to differentiate between the faux and the legit, and you will have to rely on your instincts.

Know when to wager

Sometimes the prize money is too lucrative, so users get swayed and end up losing a lot of money. Knowing where to wager is essential as it will save you a ton of money in the end. You can use the money you save by withdrawing from one game to play even more games. Even though roulette is a game of chance, practising more and more on safe bets will help you gain confidence.

Knowledge of the game

If you are a newbie who is stumbling into the game of roulette, the first thing you need to do is know the roulette rules. Do not ever stride into the game unprepared and wager all your money—research about the game, the combinations, and the winning chances. Gaining substantial knowledge about the game will enhance your instincts, and you will be able to improve your odds of success.

Claim bonuses and rewards

A lot of the roulette online real money sites offer you a ton of bonus offers and promotional events. It is wise to collect all of them so that you can play for your fortune for a much longer time. These bonuses come in the form of a welcome offer and daily rewards, along with seasonal events where you can play and win the coveted offers. Playing more and more will improve your instinct about the game. Additionally, you can also get information on interesting offers here in roulette offers for 2022.

Conclusion – Finding the best roulette real money sites has never been easier

With this, we come to an end to our comparison journey in the world of roulette. While selecting your roulette online real money operator, all you have to keep in mind is that your security is trivial, so do not wander and wager in an unknown site. Read customer reviews thoroughly and keep your payment modes safe before stepping into the world of online roulette.

At, we bring you the latest updates and developments in the betting world along with our tips and tricks to better your experience in online gambling platforms. Even if you are not interested in roulette, you can still learn so many things. Read more about betting tips, tricks, and sports betting on

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Best roulette online real money sites FAQs

🎭 Can I sign up on various roulette sites at once?

There are several roulette and casino sites on the web, and you are free to wager with any of them as you see fit. As one site won’t be fulfilling all your requirements and won’t be giving you the best competitive advantage, you are free to select anyone. You just have to ensure that you have properly checked the sites for safety before wagering. However, it is always preferable to have one trusted bookie so that you can keep track of all your bets. Read more about it in this experts’ pick of the best roulette online real money sites.

💵 What are the payment modes I can use on roulette sites?

Knowing the payment methods used by roulette sites is a little tricky as different sites use different modes of payment depending on the reputability. In our review of Best roulette online real money sites, we have thoroughly covered the payment methods used by each online roulette casino and how to ensure your safety and security.

💰 What is the safest bet that I can use in a roulette site?

The Fibonacci system is widely touted to be the safest bet in roulette. However, you need to understand that roulette is still a game of chance, and there is no safe bet. However, you can still ensure the best gaming experience, as detailed in our experts’ advice on picking the best roulette site in 2022.

🔝 What is the luckiest number on online roulette?

7 Red is popular as a lucky number in roulette, but you should not rely on a popular number to win. roulette remains a game of chance, and you should understand that there are no shortcuts to win. However, you can follow some tips to ensure safety and the best gaming experience, and you can read it on our review of the best roulette online real money sites.

🎲 What is the difference between the roulette wheel of physical casino and online casino?

The wheel at a physical casino works on the physics, and it is difficult to guess the exact outcome of a roulette wheel. In online casinos, the numbers of the digital wheel are determined by a random number generator set into the software of the game. The ball bouncing is just a visual representation, and you cannot predict the outcome based on past spins.

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