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Is Watch and Wager Legit?

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Here at, we combine our expert knowledge and passion for horse and greyhound racing to bring you a comprehensive and extensive overview of new upcoming betting sites and what they can offer to their users across the board.

With a great selection of horse racing tracks, and a sleek and easy-to-use online platform, Watch and Wager is definitely carving itself out as one to watch in the betting sector. Offering worldwide track betting, as well as great sign-up bonuses and lots of betting options, continue reading our extensive Watch and Wager review for more details.

Watch and Wager: Pros & Cons
  • Home to a wide range of international tracks
  • The online platform is slick and easy to use with a simple design
  • Generous new customer bonuses upon sign up
  • There is currently no app available, only the desktop site
  • There are fewer state to state restrictions than a lot of similar platforms

Bonus Offers & Free Bets - Watch and Wager rating boosted by cashback and promo codes to suit all bettors

Our Watch and Wager review was quick to highlight various bonus offers and promo codes, which are there to entice new customers and reward current users alike. We at have extensively looked into which specific offers are currently available in our Watch and Wager review to bring you an all-encompassing overview of which bonuses you can take advantage of.

As an initial sign-up offer, Watch and Wager offers a $25 bonus on your first deposit of $25, so they’re offering a 100% deposit match when you use the MATCH25 Watch and Wager promo code. This scheme is always great for new users, as you are risking less of your own cash when sussing out the site and how it works for you.

As well as the initial sign-up offer, Watch and Wager offers 5% cashback on specific Cal Expo wagers too, which is a great way to slowly build up your earnings to use on future bets across the site.

Watch and Wager also offers a friend referral scheme – adding to our overall Watch and Wager rating – which can boost your account credit by $50 per referral, which is a great way to earn more bet credit to use across the site, and a generous amount to receive when compared with top competitors.

Usability, Look & Feel - simple, effective design works well for Watch and Wager

One of Watch and Wager’s strong points is its usability. It’s incredibly straightforward, which can perhaps be viewed as slightly detrimental to the look and feel as it is so basic, but with this comes complete ease of use and simplicity for new and current users alike.

We mentioned earlier in our Watch and Wager review that there is no app at present, but with the setup of the site being so mobile-friendly, it’s effortless to navigate whether you’re at the desktop or on the go.

When entering the site, our Watch and Wager review found out that the navigation in general across the site is very easy. There are well-labeled tabs across the top of the page, which help direct you to where you want to go quickly and seamlessly, and when entering the pages, you’re welcomed with succinct information that is easy to understand.

With the use of drop-down tabs, you’re also able to pinpoint your specific interests and easily navigate to important information such as your account, FAQs, sign-up offers, and track specifics. This makes quick work of navigation and creates a sleek atmosphere that helps make the betting process easy and fun.

The black, red, and white scheme is very sleek and looks professional, with no gimmicks or messiness. The central rotating box shows all the current highlights, which again makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and brings to light any offers or general information that may be important at the time. Everything is set out in labeled boxes, which also adds to the professional, consistent feel, look and our overall Watch and Wager rating.

The site setup makes Watch and Wager reliable, quick, and easy to use, and learning the new features and functions of the simple site is straightforward and uncomplicated. The stripped-back feel means you can focus solely on betting and getting paid, and although it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, it’s fully focused on usability, not complexity.

Payments - Trustworthy methods & small deposits - is Watch and Wager legit?

Watch and Wager offers secure and widely used payment methods, but not the most expansive range yet. Questions that sometimes arise when using new betting sites are things such as is Watch and Wager legit? Is Watch and Wager Legal? These types of questions often surround payment, deposit, and withdrawal methods, and being able to use VISA, debit, or credit as well as ACH transfer gives you peace of mind that your deposits are secure and protected.

Our Watch and Wager review highlighted that betting limits range from just $0.10 to a larger $2500, which varies by track and by deposit method. For example, if you choose to use VISA, the current minimum deposit amount is $25, and the maximum is $200 per day.

Paying by VISA is currently the easier way to deposit and withdraw money on Watch and Wager, but with ACH also available, you can deposit or withdraw via e-check, which will directly transfer funds from your bank account over into your betting account. This method is slightly longer, and you’ll have to input your routing number as well as your account details, but it’s free and easy. However, it is worth noting there may be a wait of up to 5 working days before your transaction is cleared.

As previously mentioned, Watch and Wager also accepts cheques as a payment method, but you will need to send these in via the mail after having visited the site’s cashier section and printing off the deposit slip necessary for the transaction. You’ll then have to send this to the address provided, so this is the longest but still a secure option.

Although there isn’t currently the broadest range of deposit methods available, the types used let you know that there is no Watch and Wager scam and that you don’t have to question is Watch and Wager secure – something we also checked out when looking to see is OffTrack betting legit, too.

Watch and Wager overall provides popular and authentic methods which are widely used and shouldn’t affect gameplay too much in the long run for most bettors.

Customer Service - Watch and Wager reviews and responds in record time, adding to overall Watch and Wager rating

Watch and Wager offers a pretty comprehensive selection of customer support services, including a telephone number, email address, and postal address. They also provide a handy live chat, which is available between the hours of 12:00 pm to 18:00 EST.

As well as live support, you can leave Watch and Wager a message any time of day and expect to receive a response within 24 hours. They pride themselves on their customer support service overall and are quick to respond to emails and phone calls alike.

From the support offered and the time frames in which they will answer messages, it’s clear that when initially questioning, is Watch and Wager legit? That customer security and support are of the utmost importance and provide new users security with its transparent help page offering great advice and support as and when needed.

Along with the available customer service options being more than adequate and standing up alongside competitors at a reasonable level, it’s also worth mentioning that accessing the help pages themselves is very simple and straightforward.

On the home page, when initially entering the site, if you’re looking for any FAQs or help, you’ll find a succinct rundown of these which are accessible via the FAQ or help tabs which are instantly visible when opening up the homepage. This is a clear indication that from the off Watch and Wager are being upfront with their policies and willing to interact and advise customers.

Overall, Watch and Wager offer a professional and reliable selection of customer support options, which allow you to use the site with peace of mind that any questions which may arise will be answered by one of the staff who clearly make it a priority to help and advise users within short time frames.

License & Security - transparent licensing regulations & security guaranteed

Overall, Watch and Wager make their security and licensing regulations very transparent. When curating our Watch and Wager review, we found the online platform was licensed in a number of different jurisdictions.

You will find a help tab on the site itself, which gives you the option to view the operator license, which is shown as the North Dakota Racing Commission’s certificate. This is the site’s primary advance deposit wagering license and is well recognized across the board with many different betting platforms. It’s also regulated by 26 US states, which are also all listed under the same tab.

It’s worth noting that Watch and Wager are registered with a wide range of overseeing agencies. The list spans to Rosecroft Raceway, the Thoroughbred Owners of California, the Maryland Racing Commission, the Colorado Department of Revenue, Monarch Content Management as well as boasting an operators license that was issued by the California Horse Racing Board – these licenses are up there with some of the best online gambling sites and are trustworthy and authentic through and through.

As well as the wide range of legitimate licensing providers, Watch and Wager use encryption to ensure its users’ information is private and safe. Because of the reliable payment methods available, which have all proved to be secure via third-party sites, secure transactions are always guaranteed, which provides good peace of mind for customers.

Our overall Watch and Wager rating was increased by the transparency of Watch and Wager. Allowing users to easily access details on licensing is very appealing and shows that they are legit and trustworthy, with the correct security in place to ensure users never have to encounter or worry about scams or fraudulent activity.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - join the Watch and Wager premier rewards VIP program

Watch and Wager currently offers a loyalty VIP program; however, this isn’t something instantly identifiable by customers. The Premier Rewards Program is only accessible by contacting the site directly yourself and can only be joined if you bet at least $5,000 per month, which is a fairly substantial amount. The details of these aren’t currently available to customers who haven’t contacted them to sign up.

Other reviews that we’ve curated, such as our Skybet review and Keeneland review, have offered much more reasonable and accessible loyalty programs, and in terms of rewards systems, on the whole, this was also something that contributed to our high InterBets rating score as well.

Although this isn’t a huge drawback and something which is offered as an added extra by a lot of sportsbooks, Watch and Wagers loyalty program could be better, easier to find out about, and more easily accessible, but it does show on the whole that Watch and Wager are giving some opportunity to wager more if you do end up being a loyal VIP customer in the Premier Rewards Program. Regardless of the higher boundaries, it’s still something that’s being made available to some level of bettors.

Overall this is a point of Watch and Wager that perhaps needs improving to make it more accessible to users who bet on the sportsbook. However, it shows that the platform will aim to reward loyalty and attempt to create a rewards system for the more invested users of its site.

Watch and wager Horse Betting

Betting Markets - Many to choose from

Here in our Watch and Wager review, we aim to cover all the ins and outs of the Watch and Wager sportsbook so as to give an all-encompassing, comprehensive overview of the online platform and how to best use it.

As a horse racing and greyhound racing platform in the main, Watch and Wager offers a wide selection of tracks to choose from, including international tracks – not something which is always readily available on other sportsbooks of this caliber.

Covering most of the world’s major greyhound and horse racing events, you can expect to bet on tracks across lots of different countries, including races that commence in Norway, Australis, the UK, the United States, France, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand.

The fact that this sportsbook offers both greyhound and horse racing is also a bonus point, as often it’s more common for online platforms to just offer the one which acts as its primary focus. The selection of races, as previously mentioned, is impressive – boasting over 250 thoroughbred race tracks. But if you want to branch out from your usual type of bets, having the option to switch between horses and greyhounds is an appealing feature, making it less likely that you’ll get bored or find your options to be limited after a certain amount of play.

As well as over 250 thoroughbred races, Watch and Wager boast many other tracks too, including over 70 greyhound racing tracks, 7 Jai Alai race tracks, and over 100 Harness race tracks. These all make for a fascinating combination of races to bet on, which are varied in type, length, and play and allow users to branch out into different selections if wanted.

Odds - Competitive odds

Watch and Wager offer various different odds across both horse and greyhound racing, and match up to top competitors on their offerings overall. They have an option to bet on premade odds based on favorites, underdogs, and individual races across the board. Overall, the platform offers a good selection of odds that you can choose from and definitely stands up well against similar caliber competitors in that field.

Live Betting & Streaming – Not yet

When it comes to live betting, up to now, Watch and Wager doesn’t currently offer this service. The sportsbook provides live streaming, which is a plus; you just have to make sure that your bets are placed before the race begins. If you need to change a wager at any point, this is also doable in live time, but again, it must be before the race takes place.

Once you’ve placed a bet and locked it in, you then won’t have an option to cancel it; of course, it’s always imperative that you are sure you’ve inputted all the correct information before you hit confirm.

Limits - Varied between races

Another point to note is Watch and Wagers current bet limits. These vary based on each specific race, so it’s worth checking these before you begin. Not only will your limit be based on the race type, but it will also depend on the type of wager you place.

Generally, the minimum bet amount currently stands at $0.10. The maximum you can place on one race is between $1000-2500. Still, a lot of the betting pages you enter at the wagering stage will allow you to input your own amount by accessing the “other” button when prompted, so you can place an amount that you’re comfortable with, safe in the knowledge that Watch and Wager are flexible and don’t require large starting amounts.

Watch and Wager also provides you with presets based on the betting limits, so these are a good starting point if you’re unsure and act as a good guide for new or less sure customers.

Product Summary - A great hub for racing enthusiasts

As an upcoming sportsbook in the horse and greyhound racing field, Watch and Wager are definitely worth a shot. Providing a wealth of options for sports betting, Watch and Wager go above and beyond to supply a wide range of betting options on a widely unmatched scale of tracks.

To wrap up our Watch and Wager review, we conclude the sportsbook definitely stands up against leading competitors as a racing betting platform and provides plenty of entertainment options on its seamless site. Although it may not have the most extensive selection of payment methods currently available, it does give a couple of the main, widely used methods and ensures security throughout the process.

As well as providing security with its payment methods, Watch and Wager also allow bettors to deposit small amounts, as well as offering users some generous sign-up offers of 100% cashback on a $25 bet, along with the chance to gain more bet credit by referring friends and receiving cashback as you wager.

On the whole, Watch and Wager clearly have their customers at the forefront of their minds in everything they set out to achieve as a sportsbook, which is very refreshing. From a slick, simple design on the site, detailing everything you need to navigate in a straightforward format, to its open approach to finding detailed information on deposits and payment methods, you can rely on the online platform to provide secure and fun entertainment across the board, amongst a wide range of different tracks to suit all.

Watch and Wager FAQs

❓ Does Watch and Wager have an app?

Watch and Wager provides a sleek and easy to use online platform which is currently accessible via desktop. The desktop site can be easily accessed by mobile browser, and has been designed to be mobile responsive, making all the features available on your computer also available on the go.

🤝How do I contact the Watch and Wager customer service?

Watch and Wager offer a multitude of ways to get in touch with their customer service teams. Overall, the support system is very quick, and the platform takes prides in its fast responses and near around the clock support when it comes to advice and questions any of its users may have.

💸 Does Watch and Wager accept Paypal?

Watch and Wager currently uses a fair range of payment methods to complete deposit and withdrawals across the site. You can use VISA and checks to make a payment, and although the site doesn’t currently offer the widest range of methods, you can rest assured in the security and authenticity of all the payment methods used by Watch and Wager.

Overall conclusion - plenty of potential from the up-and-coming betting operator

Watch and Wager definitely has a lot to offer and a lot of potential as an upcoming sportsbook based in horse and greyhound racing. It provides a lot of tracks across the world, and its easy-to-use and straightforward design doesn’t detract from the service it provides when betting.

In our Watch and Wager review, we also found the platform to have very responsive customer service and a dedication to providing users with transparency when it comes to licensing and security, giving bettors peace of mind when using the site.

Overall, we would describe watch and Wager as a site with plenty of potential, and we are excited to uncover What’s Next? for the betting platform.

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