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If you are bettor wanting to move into placing arbitrage, or surebet wagers, one of the most important tools you will use will be an arb scanner. One of the most well-known arb scanners is the one at

Given the reputation of this product, we were very keen to dive a little deeper and carry out our own review. We were trying to discover if’s reputation was well founded, what other services were on offer from this long-standing arbing tool, and could you really make a profit from a prediction? Pros & Cons
  • Solid, long-standing reputation
  • Arb scanner with extra tools
  • Free membership option available
  • Simple and easy to understand layout
  • Could be viewed as a bit dated

Who would pay a visit to would be the destination for anybody who wanted to make profits on their betting activity from pacing surebet, or arbitrage wagers. Finding ‘arbs’ yourself without help from scanning software is very time consuming, and in practical terms next to impossible and is regarded as a complete waste of time.

Arbitrage betting, also known as ‘arbing’ or placing a ‘surebet’ is covering all possible outcomes using a combination of bets, whereby whatever the result, you end up with a profit. Opportunities to do this occur when there are variations in odds for the same outcome at different bookmakers.

For instance, using a very simple coin toss analogy, imagine that bookmaker A was offering odds of 2.1 for heads and 1.9 for tails, and bookmaker B was offering 1.9 for heads and 2.1 for tails. If you placed £10 on heads at bookmaker A and £10 on tails at bookmaker B, regardless of how the coin came down you would end up with £21 in your pocket when you started with £20.

For obvious reasons, this type of theoretically risk-free betting is very popular and various tools exist to make this process easier and in some cases, do it for you. Finding these opportunities and acting on them quickly is critical to making the most from this tactic, so finding a reliable and easy software to do it for you (the previously mentioned arb-scanner) is very important. is a long-established arb scanner that many experienced bettors may have crossed paths with previously. However, if you are new to arb betting, you might be wondering how works, what it has to offer, and how it stands up to its competitors.

Is a top tier service?

There is no software to download, you simply visit the site online, and the first thing this review noticed on our arrival was a lot of information. It is well presented, useful and as you’ll find out later on, potentially very profitable, but there is a lot of it to take in. Especially as some of the first words you see proudly proclaim how many opportunities there are; a number usually somewhere in the region of half a million.


Clearly you need to render this down into a more manageable amount, and sort according to the type of opportunity on offer. This will vary according to the type of account you have with (this will be covered in more detail later on) but this review found the services provided fall into three main areas: value bets, Surebet and middles. These are chosen by selecting one of the tabs at the top of the page.

Value bets

You may or may not be aware of the term estimated value, but the short version is that it is the calculated chance of something happening. So, going back to our coin toss, the estimated value (EV) of it coming down heads expressed in digital odds would be 2.0, or evens. Therefore, if you then saw a bookmaker offering odds of over 2.0 for an event that had an EV of 2.0, that would be a value bet.

This review found scans bookmakers for these opportunities and lists them for you. You can then sort by start time, so you can work through them in order, although during this review there were over 15,000 listed so you will probably need to use one of the other sort and filter functions.

You can also sort using the odds available, the overvalue (i.e. how much of a value bet it is) and the prediction of the probability of it actually happening. For instance, the ‘value’ of North Macedonia putting 8 goals past Ukraine at Euro 2021 might be amazing, but the chances of it happening are so remote you might as well not bother. These are easy to place, and a beginner could start here to get used to sorting and filtering the bets.


A surebet is another term for arbitrage, or put another way, where you bet on all outcomes, and the potential return from each one of those bets individually, is greater than the total amount wagered. As you would expect, this review found that these make up the lion’s share of what has to offer, and where the filtering process really shows it’s worth.

As with value bets, you can sort the columns using arrows at the top and refine the information using the filter panel on the right of the dashboard display. You can sort by profit and ROI to find the right arbs for you.

This review found you can also filter down from the 167 bookmakers to the ones you have accounts with, or access from your country, select the sports (or eSports) you want to specialize in, and choose an advanced option to show you more than one prediction with lower returns. This is everything you would expect to see from an arbing tool and an easy to use tool for beginners.


Filtering is similar on the middles, but with an extra column showing the profit if you hit the middle and the potential loss if not successful. Middles are not well known, even amongst many arbers, and balance the chance of greater returns by introducing a slight element of risk.

Trading middles is not usually recommended for beginners and can be explained best in this review by using an example. Bookmaker A is offering odds of 2.0 on there being 3 or more yellow cards in a soccer match, and Bookmaker B is offering odds of 1.9 if there are 5 or less. So, all options are covered, and you will make a small profit if there are 6 or more yellow cards (win at 2.0, lose at 1.9). You will make a slight loss if there are 1 or 2 (win at 1.9 but lose at 2.0) but if there are 3,4, or 5 yellow cards, both bets win, which is where the term ‘middle’ comes in..

This review found fewer opportunities on offer for middles, and as the margins on offer were greater here, we were not surprised to find it was their premium service.

Choose your level

As mentioned earlier in this review, there are three strings to the bow, and are all priced differently. The first option is everybody’s favorite price – free; and a number of services will be accessible as soon as you complete your registration.

Free membership

As a free member, you get access to the value bets (which is why it is another good place for beginners to start) and while it is certainly not arbing, it does provide a good dry run for using the tool for more advanced tactics. You can also view Surebet and middles with a projected profit of 1% or less. This is also handy for learning to use the tool, but your chances of making any profits with this are slim.

Professional and Professional+

The professional level gives you access to the Surebet that have over 1% profit and this is very much the standard service which this review will use when comparing it to other services. Its price of 25.90 Euros a month would not take long to recoup (more on that in a minute) so when viewed in isolation looks to be good value, as does the 27.90 Euro for the Professional+ package, which also offers access to the full range of middles.

How does measure up against the others?

Given the popularity of arbitrage betting, there is more than one arb scanner on the market. This review found that Surebet stands up well against the competition, but a definitive answer is difficult to find as it is hard to make a like for like comparison with, for instance, the arbmate price. is often mentioned along with Rebel betting but beats the Rebelbetting price. However, the services are different – for instance, Rebel betting offers a scanner for matched betting. Another site that Surebet is often compared to, Betburger, is also way more expensive but offers more services including its own academy (check out our Betburger review for the full rundown).

When compared to those other services (check out our Oddstorm review for an example), if you wanted to be critical, you would pull up as there are no extra perks offered as part of the service. But, not everybody, including this review, would see this as a disadvantage as you get exactly what you need at a good price.

Customer service and help

Many services that offer betting systems and services will have a huge community where users can share tips on how to use the various services, and also support each other with queries when they encounter problems using the intricate software platforms. This review did not find something like this, but again this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Despite the huge amount of information it processes, Surebet is a very simple tool to use., and one useful offshoot of being a bit short on bells and whistles is that there is not too much to go wrong. For this reason, this review found no extensive help section to the website, and just a form for any queries you might have. Both of these are focussed more around the additions of new bookmakers or sports (which users can request) and not what has gone wrong.

Paying for your membership is quite simple and you can set up your subscription using debit and credit cards or Skrill if you would prefer not to share your financial details. There is no guarantee offered, however, it would be unusual if anyone did not discover that they felt at home on the site using the free option, before they chose to part with any money. Betting Service review FAQ

❔ Is Legit? is arb scanning software used to identify theoretically risk-free betting opportunities. However, deciding if a service is legit is not a simple process. At, we carry out insightful and objective reviews on all aspects of your betting experience in a no-nonsense way that will allow you to make the best decision possible.

💰 Can you make money using is a long-standing arbing tool with additional services. However, the earnings from using a tool like this can vary according to a number of factors. You can read a full in-depth review of, and how well it stands up against other arbing tools by visiting

💭 Can I use for free? is often regarded as a simple and effective tool, which has its own pros and cons. To find out if there is a free trial for this service, along with all of the other details to help you decide which might be the best choice for you, look no further than where you will find this as well as other useful information.

💸 How much does cost?

Like many similar services, has a range of prices depending on what you sign up for, but this is not the only thing to take into consideration. When buying a software subscription, you need to ensure you are only paying for the package you need, and not for add-ons and extras you will only use when you have more experience. To find the what you get in each package at compared to other systems check out the reviews on

🏇 Is the best arbing scanner for horse racing?

Deciding whether an arbing scanner is the best is not a simple process, as there are so many things to be taken into account, like number of bookies covered and filtering options. At, regardless of which system, service or operator we review, we approach it from an objective standpoint and highlight all of the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision as to which is the best for you.

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