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If you’re looking to find out about the latest Stardust promo code for the welcome bonus available at this online casino, then you’ve come to the right place. Hop onto the train as we travel into the star-studded world of Stardust casino.

When it comes to online casinos, we’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of Stardust. Putting the amazing Stardust casino bonus on hold for a moment – which is difficult, because it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen – it’s a high-quality online casino that can act as a template for how others in the US should aspire to be.

Stardust New Customer Offers - A quick lesson on bonus offers

We at understand that while you may be an experienced online gambler who just wants to skim through this guide and find out the juicy details on the Stardust joining offer, you may also be a newcomer to the world of online gambling who isn’t entirely sure of all this terminology. Bonus offers? Welcome bonuses? What even is the difference between an online casino and an online sportsbook? We at are not here to judge, but instead to educate, so hang on for a moment while we lay this online gambling knowledge on you.

A welcome bonus is a special offer given to new members of an online casino or sportsbook. A regular bonus offer is the same, but it can be used by anyone – existing members or new members. If you’re playing at an online casino, expect casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack. Sportsbooks are focused on sports betting for sports like baseball, basketball, and golf.

The Stardust casino bonus is a risk-free $1,000 for the first 24 hours that you play with Stardust online.

How To Use The Bonus - Wait, how does that bonus work?

You’d be forgiven for looking at the Stardust welcome bonus and thinking ‘how on earth does that work?’. It’s not your usual welcome bonus and we’ve rarely seen this format for casino bonuses, although it’s similar to the up to $1,000 risk-free bet that sportsbooks enjoy using. Basically, you need to be aware of two things: the time limit and the play limit. It’s 24 hours within which you can spend up to $1,000 and, if you lose, receive your losses back as site credit. You may now see why we’re so excited about this, it’s one of the best Stardust new customer offers we’ve seen here at

Plus, there is a sense of security and safety with this bonus. Rather than putting in more money to earn more as with a deposit match bonus, you instead get insurance which is paid by the operator – Stardust – if you lose. If you don’t lose, then you can enjoy your winnings as per usual! It’s exclusive to new members and is a great way to get used to the Stardust online casino before you properly dive in after your first day.

Before you use this welcome bonus, we would recommend that you read through the terms and conditions independently to reading this review. Sometimes, terms and conditions for offers like the Stardust offers change with little warning, so it’s best to view the most up-to-date information prior to committing to the welcome bonus.

Top 5 Expert Tips -’s top five expert tips for using this Stardust casino bonus

Only use this bonus if you’re eligible for it

Through the use of programs such as VPNs, you may be able to access websites like Stardust even if you’re not in the right state. We at don’t want anyone to fall on the wrong side of the law, so we would recommend only using the Stardust bonus code offer if you are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Residents of other states may want to use some other new sportsbook operators to have a good time and stay on the right side of the law.

Check your exact times for this bonus

This welcome bonus has a fairly strict 24 hour limit which you need to pay attention to. If you don’t, then you’re in danger of forfeiting your bonus by accident. Although 24 hours can sound like a long time, we would recommend setting an alarm in advance of the Stardust offers running out, so that you don’t think you’re still within the time limit. This way you can be extra secure in the knowledge that you are using this offer to the max.

Don’t go over your play limit

Equally, you should ensure that you don’t go over $1,000 while playing during your 24 hours on the Stardust website. The best online bookmakers often have limits like these on their welcome bonuses that you need to remember and stick to; otherwise, you could be forfeiting your welcome bonus accidentally and running up costs which you didn’t expect. By adhering to the play limit of $1,000 for this Stardust promo code bonus, you’re making sure that you follow the terms and conditions and use this bonus effectively.

Get those terms and conditions read

Although we strive to make sure that our Stardust review has the most up-to-date and accurate information, we can’t be sure that the terms and conditions of this welcome bonus won’t change after our review is published. That’s just the nature of real life and the internet, and we wouldn’t want anyone to be caught out by last-minute terms and conditions changes. Therefore, we at highly recommend that you check out the terms and conditions of any welcome bonus just before you use it to make sure that there are no unexpected surprises – pleasant or not-so-pleasant!

Make sure you understand the offer

While reading through the terms and conditions of this Stardust bonus code offer, you may find that you develop a better understanding of the bonus. However, there is always a chance that you’ll end up more confused than before you read the terms and conditions, which we wouldn’t want but sometimes can’t avoid. In these cases, the customer service available at the Stardust online casino will be your best friend. You can ask questions and receive human answers about terms that you don’t understand. Even if you can’t tell whether it’s a Stardust sports bonus or casino bonus, customer support will be able to help and explain everything.

Frequently Asked Questions - A thorough FAQ for the Stardust bonus code offer

What is this welcome bonus?

You can equate this welcome bonus to a free trial period, wherein you can use the Stardust online casino for 24 hours and receive your losses back, up to $1,000, as casino credit. It’s a style of welcome bonus that you don’t see too often, but we at love it and think it could be an amazing start to your gambling journey with Stardust. Although it’s different to the Bet365 promo code offer and other big names in the industry, it’s still valid and beyond generous for new Stardust members.

Who can use the Stardust new customer offers?

As the name suggests, the Stardust new customer offers can only be used by new members of the Stardust online casino. You may need the Stardust promo code but you will definitely need to select the Stardust new customer offers when prompted to during or after sign-up. This will ensure that your 24 hours are activated and that you’re able to recoup your losses in casino credit after the 24 hours. You are also only eligible to use Stardust if you are at least twenty-one years old.

There are only a few states where you can legally use the Stardust online casino. You may be wondering if it’s even important to adhere to the legal states of an online casino when the internet seems to grant us so much anonymity, but you’d be surprised by how much location matters when you’re gambling online. You should only be using Stardust online casino if you’re in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, but there are other bonuses you could use if you’re in other states like the 4NJBets bonus code offer.

How long do I have to use my casino credit?

One of the slightly less generous aspects of this Stardust welcome bonus is the amount of time that you have to use the casino credit that you get in lieu of your losses from your first 24 hours. Once it hits your account balance, you need to wager it within seven days. Anything that you haven’t used will be removed from your account by the end of that week, so ensure that you use all your casino credit within the time limit.

Should I use the Stardust new customer offers?

We at, without knowing you in person, couldn’t accurately tell you whether you should use the Stardust new customer offers or not. For example, we don’t know your age – if you’re under twenty-one years old, then you can’t gamble online at all. We don’t know your location – if you’re not in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you shouldn’t be using the Stardust online casino at all. However, if you’re eligible for this welcome bonus then we would recommend using it and making the most of your first 24 hours with the Stardust online casino!

Additional Rewards - Other opportunities from Stardust

Unlike some other operators who are newer and still setting up their promotions, Stardust is ready to accommodate both new players and existing players with their bonuses. For example, there is a classic refer a friend program where you can give another person $50 to play with in the Stardust online casino and also receive $50 when they spend $10 of their own real money. This is an industry standard and we at are happy to see that Stardust is offering this promotion to their users.

There are also other promotions for existing users such as special weekend bonuses that are regularly updated and games of the week where you can earn bonus funds to enhance your gambling experience. The fun never seems to stop when you start gambling with Stardust!

Stardust Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - A deeper look at the Stardust bonus

The online casino is where Stardust really shines – if you’ll pardon the pun! We at couldn’t believe how generous the welcome bonus for the online casino at Stardust is, and we’re still in awe of it – in fact a little starstruck! When you can get up to $1,000 of your play during the first 24 hours returned as casino credit if you incur losses, you know that the operator you’re playing with cares about its customers. So let’s dive a little deeper into the Stardust online casino now!

Reality Test - How the Stardust new customer offers work

To use this welcome bonus, you’re going to need to sign up for a new Stardust account in an eligible state. This should be New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Then, you need to select the welcome bonus and get ready, because your 24 hours will start counting down. Make sure you make a note of how much money you’re wagering, as nothing above $1,000 will be ‘insured’, as it were. Once the 24 hours are up, you will receive your casino credit within 72 hours. From when it gets to your account, you have seven days to use it. Whatever you don’t use will be removed from your account, so watch out!

Bonus Withdrawal - The lowdown on how to get your funds

As with most bonuses, you cannot withdraw your casino credit to receive cash in its place. Unfortunately, this is an industry standard as casino credit is only intended to be used on the website where you earned it. However, you can wager your casino credit and then withdraw your winnings, if you end up with winnings, as usual. You should just remember that casino credit doesn’t actually mean real money until you wager it, as it can’t be removed from your Stardust account balance unless it is being wagered on the Stardust online casino.

Pitfalls - Common problems, and how to avoid them!

Whenever you’re dealing with a welcome bonus, you’re going to need to focus on the details if you don’t want to accidentally forfeit it or break the terms and conditions that you’ve agreed to. For example, if you wager over $1,000 during your first 24 hours, or wager past your first 24 hours, these losses won’t be insured by Stardust in the sense that you won’t receive casino credit for them. You should also use your casino credit within the seven days, otherwise you won’t be able to use it at all as it will be removed from your account.

Verdict on Bonus -’s final words on the Stardust promo

We don’t see welcome bonuses like this every day, so when a 24-hour loss is returned as a casino credit welcome bonus, it really is a special moment for us at We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when you use Stardust or any other gambling operator, so we would recommend activating this welcome bonus if you decide to use the Stardust online casino because it can highly add to your experience for the first 24 hours of your time with the online casino.

Overall Conclusion -’s verdict on the Stardust new customer offers

We know that a crucial part of choosing a new online casino is deciding on which welcome bonus looks most appealing to you and can be used most effectively for your playstyle. When it comes to Stardust, we at are absolutely loving how generous and unique their welcome bonus is. We’ve seen the concept only a few select times before, and we think that Stardust is pulling it off well.

For residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Stardust is a great option that you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a new favorite online casino to fall in love with. We recommend you continue your gambling adventure strongly with the Stardust new customer offers – it’s quite simply a win-win!

Stardust New Jersey – learning more about the Stardust New Jersey bonus

Considering the fact that Stardust is regulated by the gambling authority in New Jersey, it should come as no surprise that residents of New Jersey can use this online casino to gamble to their heart’s desire.

You will be able to take advantage of the welcome bonus that is $1,000 risk-free betting for 24 hours as you can collect the casino credit that is equivalent to your losses afterwards.

Stardust Pennsylvania – what about the provisions for the Stardust Pennsylvania bonus?

Of course, New Jersey isn’t the only state where Stardust is available. Players in Pennsylvania can also get in on the action by playing with Stardust and getting an equivalent welcome bonus.

The Stardust Pennsylvania welcome bonus is the same as the welcome bonus offered to new players in New Jersey, meaning both states get a fair, generous, and exciting welcome bonus that is sure to make their first 24 hours with the operator a lot more fun.

Stardust New Customer offers FAQ

🏠 Can I use the Stardust new customer offers if I live in New Jersey?

As with any online casino or online sportsbook, you can only use the Stardust new customer offers if you live in specific states. We at constantly field the question ‘why does my location matter if it’s all online?’, and we really do understand where you’re coming from, but location is truly important as it is a legal requirement, and that’s why we cover it in our review of this operator at

💸 What is the maximum amount I can wager during my first 24 hours of the Stardust welcome bonus?

All welcome bonuses come with their requirements and terms and conditions. If you think that they don’t, then we would invite you to read some of our reviews and guides because you should really be aware of terms and conditions prior to agreeing to a welcome bonus. We answer questions like this, and loads more, in our review of the Stardust online casino at to make everything a lot clearer for you.

⛓️ Is the Stardust online casino secure and regulated?

Many people are unsure about how they can work out whether an online casino is licensed, legal, and safe for them to use or not. The answer is often pretty simple, although it may not seem so at first glance especially if you are new to the gambling scene. If the operator is regulated, then it should be safe, but there are other markers that you can use. And how do you know if an operator is licensed and regulated or not? Well, we at have worked out an easy way to get around this, and we have laid out all of the security details for you in our Stardust new customer offers review.

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