This operator is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, issues around payouts or an unreliable license.
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Sportsbetting Review & Rating 2021: Legal or Scam? Warning: BLACKLISTED

Is Sportsbetting Legit? Not even a little bit!

We at know how stressful it can be to find the perfect gambling website. You have to consider licenses, payment methods, betting markets, and so on. Luckily, you can take a holiday from all the hard work as we have done everything for you in our in-depth Sportsbetting review.

SportsBetting AG is a gambling destination that some punters have played on in the past. However, much of the feedback we received when conducting this review points to the fact that it is now far from ideal for US gamblers and we have no choice but to blacklist it.

The reasons start with the fact that is an offshore site. It has no US license and is therefore operating illegally, but there’s more. Explore with us the contents of their setup to learn more about whether they offer any legit services whatsoever.

Sportsbetting: Pros & Cons
    • PayPal is not accepted
    • Site is not suitably licensed
    • Licensing region is not clear
    • Promotional terms are not always clear
    • Questionable customer reviews

    SportsBetting AG bonus offer - not enough to warrant signing up

    Bonus offers are popular with operators. The reason is that bonus offers can be incentives to attract new customers and make new customers loyal ones. The operators balance this out by making the offers valid for only a certain period of time.

    At first glance, Sportsbetting online AG has lots of bonus offers for its users, which seem like an attractive deal for players. The first one is the welcome bonus of $1000. You qualify for this bonus by depositing some money and also entering the promo code. For Sportsbetting you have to select or enter the bonus code before you can become eligible. Other bonuses that SportsBetting AG offers include bonuses and free spins. You qualify for all these bonuses once you make your first deposit and begin to play.

    However tempting it may be to sign-up and grab a deal here, we strongly advise against it. When betting sites are not regulated in your region, recourse is impossible should you and the provider come to an impasse. The risks are just way too high and we suggest that you look to legitimately licensed sportsbooks, instead. As such, we have blacklisted Sportsbetting AG on our site, as they do not meet our strict expectations. You may want to check out the Pointsbet promo code to see how it compares, rather.

    Usability, look and feel - like navigating the desert

    We found the website interface to be clunky and difficult to use. There really is no other way to sugar coat it, the site is a disaster.

    On the homepage, there is the main menu and your deposit balance. Your user ID will also be displayed. If you click on the main menu, you will be shown a list of all the major categories – Sports betting, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Live Poker, Account Info, and Promotions. When following the links to each page, we found the loading times took forever and the pages sometimes didn’t load properly at all.

    You should know that to use SportsBetting AG mobile, your device has to meet certain conditions. SportsBetting AG app requires that your Apple device is at least iPad 3 or higher, or iPhone 5 or higher. If you’re using Android, your device must be Android OS6 or higher. To play, you also have to scan the QR code that appears on your mobile screen. If you’re using an Android device, you have to download the software on your phone to play poker games.

    When it comes to SportsBetting AG, you really can judge a book by its cover, especially when its cover is this bad. You may be able to use it via mobile but that is not nearly enough to make up for the shoddy website design and it sheer inefficiency when loading different pages.

    Payment methods - dodgy withdrawal process

    During our thorough testing of Sportsbetting mobile AG, we found a wide range of unregulated payment options. In addition to wire transfer and credit card payments, they support deposit and withdrawals using Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Chainlink, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ACH, USDCoin, and CheckbyCourier.

    We found that 87% of Sportsbetting online AG customers use Bitcoin to deposit, which is a sign that the operator promotes decentralized currencies more than fiat ones. This can cause issues with regulation and customer recourse in the long run, should anything go awry with a transfer.  To be clear, the only reason they are offering you Bitcoin as a payment method is because it is the easiest way to get around any banks that may block deposits from the US. It is a sneaky way for them to actually have players make successful deposits. As such, it is a major red flag ands one more reason why we added them to our blacklist.

    Withdrawals on the Sportsbetting website are mostly free. Only the Wire transfer, CheckbyCourier, and ACH require fees. However, user reviews suggest that the withdrawal processes on the site are very poor. If you managed to get paid out at all, your process can take exceptionally long to clear. It seems Sportsbetting AG do everything they can to keep your money on their site. If that’s not a major reason to avoid this site, then we don’t know what is.

    Customer service - no help whatsoever

    Just as we did in our Sugarhouse review, and when conducting our Caesars Casino rating, we paid close attention to customer support.  There are a few different contact methods available. The contact options include email, live chat, and voice phone calls. The efficiency of the support and their willingness to go over and above for their customers, however, comes into question, as they are not bound by US regulation or any other for that matter. As such, all disputes are completed at their discretion, which compromises your safety.

    We decided to test the support service ourselves and what we found was in keeping with our overall opinion of the site, that it falls someway short of what is expected. The questions we asked were answered with unhelpful information. Try as we might, we couldn’t actually get any useful information from the customer support member we spoke to. It would appear that this is a deliberate ploy to keep users in the dark on most things as much as possible on the site.

    Just one more red flag and another reason why Sportsbetting AG has made their way onto our blacklist.


    License and security - the furthest thing from safe

    Sportsbetting online AG has been around since 2001 but that doesn’t mean they are safe to use. The security measures on the site fall some way short of what we would deem safe. Player protection is clearly not a concern on the platform which is unsurprising given all the negative feedback the site has received from previous users.

    The site is also operating outside of US laws and has no US licensing in any US state.

    Basically, they are operating illegally. This is part and parcel of these sites that operate offshore. As such, our blacklist got longer when we relealised they weren’t regulated by any US gambling authorities.

    If you’re looking into other gambling sites you may also be wondering, is Resorts legit? While Resorts might be perfectly legal, our team of experts does not share the same sentiments about Sportsbetting AG. The biggest con when it comes to security is the provider’s notable absence of reputable licensing. Licensed casinos are safe casinos, so we cannot recommend this site in good conscience.

    Rewards and loyalty programs - no VIP program available

    Most of the rewards that you will get on the Sportsbetting website will be in the form of bonus offers. Sometimes, there are promotions that regular users get.

    For SportsBetting AG, there is no VIP or loyalty program, which goes to show their real thoughts about customer satisfaction. There is an abundance of weaknesses on the site and the lack of loyalty program is just one more we can add to that list. Sports Betting

    Betting markets - limited options available

    Sports that you can bet on include football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and baseball. You can even bet on martial arts. It’s one of the main sports on the site. Other sports that you can bet on include boxing, darts, table tennis, rugby league, and even cycling.  You can also bet on futures. These include the politics futures, tennis futures, and many more. While these markets help it stand out, it doesn’t do enough to warrant using this sportsbook in our eyes.

    Odds - certainly not the best

    The odds available at are supremely average. Usually you’ll find the odds on theses sites to be all quite similar. In the case of this platform though, we hardly found any value bets available and most of the odds were of a lesser quality than their competitors.

    Live betting & streaming

    There is a live betting option. You can decide to bet live if that’s what you want. To bet live on, you have to click on live betting, which is different from the sports link. When you click on live betting, you will be taken to a separate web page where you get to select ongoing sports matches that you want to bet on. We tested the feature out for ourselves and found that it ran very slowly. Not something you want from your live betting feature and another reason to avoid the site if you ask us.


    You are allowed to have free plays when betting on football, basketball, baseball, boxing, and NASCAR. If you decide to play with your money, the minimum wager fee is $1. Each of the sports also has maximum wager limits. For example, baseball and hockey free plays are restricted to $250 per event. We also placed wagers on a football match. The maximum wager allowed was $2500.

    Product summary & conclusion - an easy option to miss

    At the end of the day, this site simply isn’t safe enough to use. When coupled with the fact that the sportsbook is subpar, this bookmaker is an easy one to miss out on. there are far more reliable options out there for you to play with and we recommend that you find them on our site instead of using this shoddy bookmaker. Casino

    Software - very average selection of providers

    You won’t find any solid software developers here as legitimate developers won’t provide games to illegal offshore gambling sites. As you can see, tits just another reason why you should avoid this casino.

    Game portfolio - hardly any worthwhile games to play

    The games are divided into categories where you can find different games. The first group is the featured category. These are the most popular casino games on SportsBetting AG. They include the American blackjack, Sugarhouse, American roulette, blackjack tournament, Caribbean poker, roulette tournament, Let it Ride, the Golden Inn, Caesars Casino, and the slots tournament. While decent on the surface, we would still remain wary of using this casino.

    Other categories are the table games, live casino black, live casino red, slots, specialty games, games about resorts, casino bonuses and free spins. Some of the major table game groups on SportsBetting AG are blackjack, craps and roulette, and baccarat. Its sites like these where you need to be the most careful. They seem to have decent games on offer but in reality, these games are provided by subpar software developers. And on the whole, the platform just can’t be trusted.

    Live casino - average interactive gaming available

    There is also the option to play live casino in SportsBetting AG review. Like mentioned above, they are divided into live casino black and live casino red. You can click on either of them and then enter into any casino rooms of your choice. You should know that English is the only language that is allowed in the casino rooms. This way, a common language is binding all of the live players. Just like the standard casino though, the live casino does little to inspire confidence in us. The gaming options are limited and the software is dubious to say the least.


    The minimum amount to enter a casino game is $1. Most of the games share a common maximum amount, which is $10,000. These are the only limits mentioned when playing casino games on SportsBetting AG, which points to the fact that the operator is not very transparent when it comes to your gaming limitations on the site.

    Product summary & conclusion - best to head for the hills

    Playing casino games on SportsBetting AG may promise a lot, but does it weigh well against the obvious shortfalls of the operator? We don’t think so.  You can visit our Caesar’s casino rating to find more exciting casino games to bet on and a site that is far more reliable than this online platform. Poker

    Software - one provider, one more reason not to play here

    There is only one software provider for the poker variants on the site and it is not one that we are very familiar with. This does not bode well for our confidence in the site. Where we were already wholly against using this site, we are even more so after learning about the poker section that is available to players.

    Game types & rake - an uninspiring poker experience

    One of the newest additions is jacks or better video poker. You can also play tri card poker, Caribbean poker , take the bank, stampede, and many other table poker games. SportsBetting AG tries to make it seem like their poker section is the hottest new thing in the industry when it reality it is a shambles. The games take ages to load and the whole aesthetic of the table sis cheap and unappealing. All of this just adds to why we would skip this site altogether.

    Unavailable Limits

    The gaming operator does not mention much about limits when it comes to its poker offering. That could be a little worrying. It’s always good when an operator is transparent about limits, payouts, and more so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

    Product summary & conclusion - we'd rather play anywhere else

    Sportsbetting online AG has done little to make us believe that they are a site where enjoyable gambling can be done. Not only that, but the overall quality of the poker section is severely lacking in proper appeal and efficiency. There are so many poker sites to choose from that it would be a waste of your time to even dabble with this sub par online poker site.

    SportsBetting AG FAQ

    Is SportsBetting AG safe?🎰

    Many customers hesitate to use a website because they don’t know if their personal data is protected or not. That’s reasonable because there are many sites out there that don’t treat users’ data with care. Luckily, we have taken an in-depth look at these factors for you. You can learn more about online security right here at so you can make an informed decision.

    Does SportsBetting AG really pay?💰

    Sportsbetting has been around since 2001, so they have a long history, but how do they rate for features such as payout, right now? Our experts look at these specific areas in our thorough reviews. Be sure to consult them before betting with a new site so you won’t be left wondering when you will receive your money!

    Is SportsBetting AG legit?🤞

    It’s important to know how long a site has been operating and what kind of reputation it has online. Beyond that, we have published a variety of gambling reviews that take you through the detailed process of determining whether a site is the real deal. For our 4NJBets review, we had our team do a thorough testing of every aspect you need to look at in order to be sure that the site in question is one you want to bet with.

    Overall conclusion - no reason to risk using this site

    The model is flawed throughout especially when it comes to security and lack of US licensing, which is why they are on our blacklist.

    There is little reason to use this site over the many other reputable and reliable options out there. The sportsbook and casino are wholly disappointing which would make taking the risk of using the site that much more nonsensical.

    Why compromise on your peace of mind, when there are plenty of legitimately licensed sites available for you to play at, all of which you can find right here on our site? Look for something better, as we can assure you, you’ll be much happier for it.

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