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Slotomania Review 2023: Is Slotomania legit – Claim 1 Million Free Coins now

We compare Slotomania against the best Online Casinos!

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Last Updated on January 22, 2023
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Welcome to the Slotomania Social Casino Review!

As the first social network casino gaming premise and one of the biggest to date, Slotomania is primarily Facebook-based although you can play on your PC or through app stores.

With a community of over 100 million players, Slotomania Casino is a virtual gathering place. No real money is involved; the entire gameplay is financed and played with virtual coins with opportunities to win more in bonuses, tournaments and quests. You can get started with just your email address and connect with millions of fellow adventurers all over the world!

Slotomania: Pros & Cons
  • No real money is involved
  • Over 100 million global users
  • Virtual cash means that the betting limits are high
  • Experience on Facebook is vastly different to the website

Bonus Offers - A great selection in this Slotomania casino review

We have all come to view free bets and bonus offers as part and parcel of signing up to a new online operator, which we detail in our gambling reviews. Slotomania online casino is no exception and when we signed up to play on the PC we had 150,000 coins added to our balance to start off.

Playing for 7 days straight will earn you a prize every day and there are also ways to earn rewards, gifts and bonuses. There’s no comprehensive list to understand how to collect these free coins and gifts which is something that would have been extremely helpful.

You’ll start off with just one unlocked slot machine – Farm Fortune. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to play a lot more games going forward, but this machine is a good way to learn the ropes as it’s a relatively simple slot to start with.

Before you start playing, check out the paylines of each game. You can do this simply by clicking on the paytable option at the bottom of every game. For each machine, a specific number of symbols of the same kind needs to appear on a selected pay line for you to win. The lines can be horizontal or in a zig zag format and the valid line patterns, as well as the payout of each winning combination is always shown in the pay table.

Other bonus offers and free bets

There are numerous opportunities to earn free coins and Slotomania free games on each platform of Slotomania and these change every day. Serious players will find that logging in and playing every day will reward them with loyalty bonuses and promotions as well as Facebook competitions and Slotomania free casino games.

Perhaps the most important part of playing regularly and betting higher amounts is increasing in level, which in turn leads to the unlocking of new games for you to play. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll start with just one game unlocked, but this will quickly change; play for just a few minutes, and you’ll have advanced enough to open up a couple more, and additional titles will become available on a regular basis after that.

For most of these games, unlocking is tied to your level. For instance, if you want to play the Elvis slot, you’ll need to reach Level 12 first. The King of Gold jackpot game becomes available at Level 20, while “Coins and Clovers” requires players to get all the way up to level 335 before playing. There are nearly 100 different machines that can be unlocked in the main lobby through the leveling system, while another 40 are available through the Sloto Classics tab.

Usability, Look & Feel - Bright and colourful

On first landing, the Slotomania Casino webpage appears colourful but gives you no choice other than to log in or sign up, without giving any explanation of the premise of a social casino or what this may entail. If you do choose to sign up, the experience of the website is vastly different to the experience of the app; neither give an introduction to the service or instructions regarding how to play at the beginning. It’s confusing and there’s no step-by-step explanation on how to start the journey. Compared to sites like Boyle Sports Review which give a good explanation, this is one area that Slotomania could improve on.

New players could easily be quickly overwhelmed by so many things going on at once – there are so many free coins and bonuses given to new players with no explanation of how they work –  and even if you’ve played there for a while, you still may not be taking advantage of all the bonuses and promotions as they’re not elucidated anywhere on the site. Although we will try to explain more about the bonuses available in this Slotomania Casino review, for a great example of bonuses being explained in easy terms take a look at the SpreadEx Rating, which demonstrates how a different site describes their bonus offers.

The app is especially well designed and was our preferred method of play. Updates are regular, ensuring that new games are consistently added and any glitches are worked out quickly. The app is free to download although there are in-app purchases which can be made.

The graphics are visually appealing and run smoothly. The quality was similar on both the phone and the PC but the iPad really hit the jackpot for us; with the large screen, the button became easy to hit just as it would be on a real slot machine and the top graphics capabilities really enhanced the gameplay. In fact, one of the main aspects that has led to the rise of popularity of this social gaming app is that the developers did an excellent job at recreating the exact experience of playing the slots. It has some superbly intense and flashy visuals that will keep you glued to the game for hours.

Payments - Several options found in our Slotomania casino review

As this isn’t a casino with real money betting, banking and payment only has to incorporate methods of deposit and not withdrawal. This may make you ask whether Slotomania Casino is legit – we have had others asking is Dafabet legit? before. In this Slotomania Casino review we try to address this query.

The answer is, yes. Even though Slotomania only operates with virtual currency, you can purchase more coins to play the games with and boosters to level-up more quickly so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend real money should you wish to do so. You must note though that you will only ever win play coins, so no real money can ever be withdrawn. This is a virtual currency only casino and your coins will simply buy you more time to play.

There are a large number of pop-ups that appear onsite encouraging you to purchase more coins and this happens throughout the game playing experience – so although there is much scope to gain free coins, you’ll probably want to purchase more every so often.

The easiest option to purchase more coins is to play via the app and use your account setup to pay for an in-app purchase as you would with any other app. If you’re playing on the website, there are other options for purchasing, including by credit card for US Players. The first time you purchase extra coins, you’re likely to get a welcome offer. Our welcome offer was for 100% extra coins free, so if we purchased 575,000 coins, we would actually gain 1,150,000 coins for the same price.

Purchases also come with extra benefits, such as gold, blue or other value stamps, differing numbers of club points and status points along with a time specified limit of ‘power’.

Current payment options

  • Credit Card (US Players only)
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • iDeal
  • Sofort

All financial details are protected by SSL encryption technology and are secure.

Customer Service - What did we find in our Slotomania casino review?

Customer Service on Slotomania is in the form of an email ticket set up. The service area was easy to reach on the app but on the website we ran into issues. There were no FAQs on the PC version of the site, but there were a whole list when using the iPhone app. In addition to this, the support link on the app took us to the extensive list of FAQs but we couldn’t find anywhere to open a support request.

The Customer Service area is where it really pays off to be a VIP player as you don’t have to go through an email ticket support system. There is a dedicated VIP support helpline which leads to a live chat service. This will get you an immediate response rather than having to wait some time for a support ticket response.

License and Security - Is Slotomania legit?

While Slotomania collects personal information in order to set up your account, this is kept private, and never sold on or disclosed to third parties. Slotomania may use your information to keep you informed about updates and special promotions to improve your gaming experience, but you may opt out of these communications whenever you wish. When it comes to playing via a social network, Slotomania only operates on prominent and trustworthy sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You should also remember that in-app purchases can be made when playing with Slotomania. There’s no need to worry, though, as all your financial details will be protected properly by SSL encryption technology when you make a purchase. If desired, you can turn off in-app purchases by using the settings on your mobile device.

Rewards and Loyalty Programme - What else is available?

The rewards programme for Slotomania Casino is called Playtika Rewards. It’s a pretty simple programme whereby you start out as a ‘Bronze’ rewards player and advance towards the final destination of Black Diamond Status. This is one part of the Slotomania online site that has a full explanation of the rewards given to players at each level.

The top tier, Black Diamond, is promoted as ‘what happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond’. It takes 8,000,000 annual status points to achieve but once in, you’ll unlock the mystery of this VIP programme.

One of the best benefits of the Playtika rewards programme is the ability to claim more daily gift cards the further you travel up the rewards path. As a Bronze level player, you can only redeem 5 in any 24 hour period but when you reach the elusive Black Diamond level you can claim 50.

The full rewards package includes:

  • Kickstarter Bonus
  • Mega Bonus
  • Lotto Bonus
  • Store Bonus
  • Free Coin Gifts
  • Daily Gift
  • Mystery Gift Multiplier
  • VIP Games
  • Gift Cards
  • 24 Hour Chat Support for VIP players


Tournaments fill quickly so to get the chance to compete you will need to be quick off the mark. If you manage to contend with others, you get to play as usual whilst earning points to get to the top of the leaderboard in the Tournamania which in turn will reward you with coins. Challenges are also occasionally available; typically beginning on a Friday afternoon, these are time-limited achievements and typically award either coins or other perks.


Slotoquest consists of ‘quests’ of varying difficulty. Once started on a quest, the gameboard will prompt and guide you along the journey to completion. The level of reward alters according to the complexity of the quest but in general they range from 500 coins to 10,000.

Quest Saga is a new mini game feature which will soon become the successor of the SlotoQuest feature. In Quest Saga, you only need to complete one mission in a game in order to move on to the next one. You can choose your own path and explore new islands on the way to your ACE cards. You collect stars to progress in the Quest Saga which help you unlock new islands, games and locked gates that block your path to treasure chests.


Slotocards are like Pokemon cards for the rewards programme. You try to collect as many as you can and fill an album. Once an album is full, you can claim huge winnings. Each card will have a ‘mission’ to complete and once accomplished, the card will be added to your album.

Albums also have ‘sets’, which, once completed, earn a bonus. For example, the ‘Shiny Collection’ is worth 50,000 coins.

As long as you have duplicate cards, you can send them to your friends on Facebook, although Golden cards, Ace cards, Wild cards, Puzzle cards and Shiny Cards cannot be sent to friends, only simple Cards can be.

You can send 5 cards to 5 different friends per day – all in all, 25 cards per day. Keep in mind that you can send only one batch of cards to a friend per day. This means that if you send 3 cards to a friend, you will not be able to send 2 more later on that same day to that specific friend.

Slotomania Social Casino

Software - Bright, vivacious gameplay

The only option for gameplay at Slotomania is, well… Slots. If you’re used to the more traditional online casino which offers table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, you’ll expect there to be more to play but you won’t find any of those at Slotomania online casino. Nor will you find any sports offers – for this, try Sporting Index Promo Code.

Slotomania app is available across various different platforms and devices. More detail on these is necessary as all the options offer vastly different gameplay. The options for playing include PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Surface Pros, Fire Tablets, Windows Phones and Android operating system mobile devices. Connecting via Facebook is a very popular option because this means it is possible to easily invite your friends to play. We had no issues downloading the app on any device or accessing the website on the PC.

Game Portfolio - Hundreds of options

There are just two categories; Vegas slots and video slots.

Video slots

Video slots were the first slot machines to be computerised and opened endless possibilities for online slot machine play. Slotomania Casino took advantage of this development and created the social casino experience.

Slotomania offers more than 150 different games and more are being created all the time. Easy to play,video slots became popular due to the ability to switch between games at the click of a button and have a seamless gaming experience across different devices. Slotomania took this one step further by creating a multi-level slot game where players can interact with each other while making progress in their chosen game.

Vegas slots

Vegas slots at Slotomania casino are for those players who still cherish the classic slot machine games such as the fruit machine, the 3-reel and the penny-slot. The first ever classic slot machines featured three reels that spin and when the player pulled a lever at the side of the machine, the symbols aligned in the centre. These classic machines have been replaced by computerised versions and you will now find a button to press instead of a lever to pull; however, the premise remains the same.

In total, Slotomania offers over 160 games. Some of the most popular are:

  • Xin-Fu!
  • Texas Boss
  • Farm Fortune
  • Crystal Spells
  • Kitty Boots
  • VikingZ
  • Mystical Mojo

Product Summary - Fantastic for avid slot fans

The Slotomania Slot Machines look just as good as any real version and it is obvious that every slot has been designed with care and attention to detail. The Slotomania slot machines are exclusive to Slotomania so you won’t find them anywhere else online.

In addition to this, the selection of Slotomania free slots that you have access to playing will change as you move through the levels of the Playtika rewards programme and gain more coins to play with. As a first time user browsing the list of games, you will notice some have a padlock symbol in the lower right-hand corner – these are the games that will become unlocked the longer you play.

Slotomania Casino Review FAQ

⛁ Is Slotomania for Real Money?

Social casinos operate according to specific rules and regulations which differ to traditional online casinos and you can learn more about them here on If you’re looking to play games online for real money, have a look at our handy casino guides to browse your options.

☘ What is the welcome offer on Slotomania?

Slotomania offer many different welcome offers which change from time to time. Simply open a free account with Slotomania to see the welcome offers and choose the best offer for you. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our latest Slotomania review.

♣ How do you get club points on Slotomania?

Club points are awarded in several ways and once amassed, they are your gateway into the exclusive VIP club where you will gain special benefits. Our comprehensive review explains the many different options for gaining club points.

♛ What is the best game to play on Slotomania?

There is such a great selection of games on Slotomania – connect via Facebook to play with your friends and enter tournaments and quests! A full list of available games can be found here on!

✨What are gift cards in Slotomania?

Slotomania can be played on Facebook with friends, so to gain the full benefits of gift cards on Slotomania, make sure you have a Facebook account connected.

Overall Review - Our Slotomania casino review

Obviously, you have to be an avid player of slots to enjoy a site like Slotomania, where the entire premise is focused on them. You won’t find the big recognisable games that you would in traditional casino settings, the likes of which you can explore in our Genting Bet Review, but Slotomania does have some fun variations to keep you engaged as well as being a great way to compete with other players around the world.

On our first trip around the site, we found it quite overwhelming and even confusing, with no user guide to be seen. However, figuring it out along the way was a lot of fun at times and gaining unexpected free coins is also a great bonus.

If you’re prepared to jump in and work your way through the challenges, Slotomania Casino has some enjoyable and engaging games for all slot lovers.

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