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Rush Games Bonus Review 2024: Claim the Latest Rush Games Promo Code Offer

How to get the Rush Games Online Casino Promo Code!

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Players accepted in the US US Flag
  • Exclusive promo code: BETCRYPTO
  • Drake loves this social casino!
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$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
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T&Cs apply, 18+
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Rush Games Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Virtual Credits
1 USD = 30000 VC
Cashout available:
Software Providers:
Pragmatic Play
Konami Gaming
Red Tiger
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Daily Rewards:
Daily Bonus Drops, Daily Virtual Credits
VIP Program:
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The US betting scene has seen a lot of innovation over the years, and Rush Games has been born out of just that. Launched in 2016, it is free to play and takes away the financial pressures of online betting.

This might not sound appealing at first; however, it is the perfect opportunity to learn the ropes of online betting, and you can simply play for fun! In this article, we are going to explore a fantastic Rush Games new customer offer that you can’t miss out on. So, welcome to the world of Social Casinos!

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Last Updated on February 13, 2024
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Introduction to Bonus Offers - Free credits for more games

Before we start our betting adventure, let’s take a look at why bonus offers are important. Casinos use bonus offers to entice new players to sign up to them. Rush Games is free to play, however, it still requires you to use an in-game currency so they offer a welcome bonus to encourage you to open an account.

The in-game currency at Rush Games is referred to as ‘virtual credits’. When you create your account you can claim the Rush Games new customer offer right off the bat which sees 500 virtual credits deposited in your account! In our Rush Games review we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about this bonus as well as a Rush Games bonus code you can use to top up your account with more free credits.

How To Use The Bonus - The easiest free credits you’ll ever get?

Rush Games might be a free-to-play platform, but you shouldn’t shun it as an easy platform because of that. It has been designed to replicate real life betting websites, so it’s in no way easier to win.

You might be feeling braver when there’s no real money on the line. However, just like real money, you do need virtual credits in your account to play the games and place bets. The Rush Games joining offer is a good start, but you need to manage those credits carefully.

You’ll need to travel far and wide to find a welcome bonus as generous as this and it is as good as many new sportsbook operators’ bonuses that we have seen. Unlike other platforms there are no specific requirements as to what you need to do with your virtual credits on Rush Games. You can use them on any casino game that you wish to. The key factor at Rush Games is to promote fun and to help people to learn how online casinos work.

Rush Games is available in all states, even in states where real money betting websites are not legal yet. However, you still need to be at least 21 years old in order to join Rush Games.

Because there’s no real money on the line there are no limits as to how many virtual credits you need to use in bets. These credits don’t even have an expiry date either. You can use them within any amount of time that you would like to as long as your account remains active.

Virtual credits at Rush Games cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for cash. They also can’t be redeemed for prizes or products. They’ll only allow you to play more casino games on the Rush Games website.

Later on in our Rush Games review we’ll be discussing a Rush Games promo code that you can use to add even more virtual credits to your account. This will be helpful if your account starts running out. Just remember to always keep checking the T&Cs because they can be subject to change quickly.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Take virtual credits seriously

Here at we believe in providing you with the best advice in getting the most out of your Rush Games casino bonus. This might be a free to play platform, but you still need to manage your virtual credits well as they can be depleted.

If you run out of virtual credits you can buy more to add to your account. Ideally you would keep the game free to play by using your 500 free virtual credits from the Rush Games offers carefully and not running out.

At the end of the day, this platform is used to teach newcomers how to use online betting platforms. The reality is that if you can’t manage free virtual credits you’re going to need to spend some more time on social casinos before you use your own money.

Treat virtual credits like real money

The biggest mistake that most people make when they get their Rush Games new customers offer is to spend it all as quickly as possible. It might be tempting to go ahead and try all the new games, however, once your virtual credits run out you can’t play any other games. You need to treat the virtual credits as if it were your own money. Try to win more virtual credits and build up your account rather than just aimlessly spending them. This will also help you to develop the habit of controlling your finances when you open a real money betting account.

Use this opportunity to explore

Since you’re not using real money this is a prime opportunity to find and experiment with new games. Never played poker before? Give it a try for just a couple of virtual credits. While you should still be using your virtual credits sparingly, it is also important to expand your arsenal and build your knowledge of online betting games. At the end of the day, the Rush Games casino bonus is ideal for learning how everything works. You might just find your new favorite, or be tempted to try out a game you have never considered before.

Success here doesn’t always translate to success in real betting

As amazing as the Rush Games new customer offers are, it must be said that it does give you a false sense of confidence at times. You might be making riskier decisions because there’s no real money on the line. These decisions might pay off for you and you might be winning games. However, you should never make the mistake of believing that the same thing will happen once you start using your own money. The Rush Games bonus should be used as a learning experience, however once you put your own money down you need to play with extra caution.

Read the T’s & C’s

Reading the fine print is always important when it comes to any welcome bonus. Even though there aren’t many terms and conditions attached to the Rush Games welcome offers, it’s still a good idea to make a habit of reading through them. There might be some important details that you need to know before you sign up. For example, with Rush Games you still need to be at least 21 years old even though no real money is used to bet. Keep in mind that the terms and conditions can be changed at any time without warning, so it’s always a good idea to check them.

Get your pen and paper ready

Rush Games is used for fun, however it is also a great tool to learn from. When you sign up for the Rush Games new customer offers, you can use your free virtual credits to your advantage by learning. While you’re finding new games to play you can jot down which ones you enjoy the most. Take note of how the games work or any strategies that you find are working for you. This will help you when you eventually start betting on real money platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions - The most common questions about the Rush Games offers

Do I need to make a deposit to claim the welcome bonus?

The Rush Games new customer offers do not require any deposit. That’s right, you get 500 virtual credits for free! All you need to do is sign up to the platform using your email address. There is a short verification process, and once that’s done you can claim your virtual credits and start playing free of charge. You can always buy more credits if your welcome offer has been depleted, and virtual credits are given out for free everyday as well. However, 500 virtual credits should be enough to last you a long time and buy into a lot of different games.

Can I withdraw my bonus virtual credits?

The virtual credits are only for use on the Rush Games website. You will not be able to withdraw them from your account. The website also states that you cannot sell your credits or exchange them for prizes or products. The virtual credits are purely used to place bets and enter games. This might be disappointing news to some, especially if you have won a lot of games and got more virtual credits than you started with. However, as mentioned earlier in our Rush Games review, this platform is mainly used for fun and for learning.

When does this offer expire?

It is unclear as to how long this offer will be running on the Rush Games website. They have not stated when the offer will end. However, it’s fair to say that it should be online for the foreseeable future. Rush Games has a focus on being fun and free to play, so they will always be handing out virtual credits for players to use. This welcome bonus is the main attraction as it draws people in and gives them enough virtual credits to try out a number of different games. The daily virtual credit giveaways also keep people coming back by ensuring that they always have credits to spend.

Is anyone able to claim this welcome offer?

As mentioned earlier in our Rush Games review, you must be over 21 years old to join the platform, as it is still a casino. However, because there is no real money involved in the betting process, Rush Games is legal in all US states, as well as Canada. You can even access Rush Games in states where real money betting isn’t legal yet. This is great news for those who want to enjoy some casual casino gaming action

Do I need a Rush Games bonus code to unlock this offer?

You don’t need a Rush Games bonus code to get hold of the welcome offer. All you need to do is sign up on the website and verify your details. It’s a quick process to go through before you get started. However, there is a Rush Games promo code you can use to top up your account with more virtual credits if you’re running low. Similar to the Unibet promo code, it needs to be entered before you make your deposit for it to be activated. You can use the code Rush200 when you make your first deposit to get 200 extra virtual credits with your deposit.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - Rewarding loyal players

So far we have covered the Rush Games welcome offers, how to make the most of them, and the most commonly asked questions about this offer. However, there is more to Rush Games than what it offers you at the front door. They also reward you for coming back.

It might come as a surprise but just like many real money casinos, this free-to-play casino has a loyalty program. Best of all, it doesn’t even cost you anything to become a part of it. You become a loyalty member just by signing up to Rush Games.

At Rush Games you will have a VIP score. Each time you place a bet, a small percentage of your virtual credits will contribute to your VIP score. These are known as Play Points. As you accumulate points, you’ll improve your VIP status and unlock bonuses. You can also convert your Play Points into virtual credits to place more bets. The more active you are the more bonuses you get.

It doesn’t end there though. If you’re a frequent visitor to the rush Games website you can claim free virtual credits. Rush Games will give you 30 virtual credits every two hours simply for clicking on a tab.

Bonus Intro - 200 VC Rush Games bonus code

If you’re a new customer of Rush Games and you have already used the Rush Games welcome offer mentioned previously in our Rush Games review then you may be curious to know if there are any other bonuses you can trigger.

Luckily for you, Rush Games love giving out free virtual credits. If you’re making your first deposit you can type in the code Rush200 to get an extra 200 virtual credits on top of your deposit.

Reality Test – Testing out the Rush Games promo code

Here at we want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to our Rush Games review. Thus, we put the Rush Games bonus code to the test to see how it works. Luckily we had not made a deposit into our Rush Games account just yet so we had the opportunity to try out the Rush Games bonus code.

On the Rush Games website we head over to our account and select the deposit tab. You can select one of several packages to purchase which will add credits to your account (see them below). We chose the basic $1.99 option to see if we would still get the bonus credits with the lowest priced package.

Before making our purchase we entered the code ‘Rush200’. We used PayPal for a quick and easy transfer. It wasn’t long before our credits arrived in our account. We received the 100 virtual credits ($1.99) plus an extra 200 virtual credits for using the Rush Games bonus code.

  • 100 VC$ = $1.99
  • 300 VC$ = $4.99
  • 750 VC$ = $9.99
  • 1,200 VC$ = $14.99
  • 1,800 VC$ = $19.99
  • 5,000 VC$ = $49.99
  • 15,000 VC$ = $99.99
  • 30,000 VC$ = $149.99

Bonus Withdrawal – Not Available

As mentioned earlier in our Rush Games review,  the platform is a free-to-play casino and they do not allow you to withdraw any virtual credits. They also can’t be sold or exchanged for prizes or products.

Pitfalls – You won’t get your money back

Before you buy the highest priced package remember that you can’t withdraw the virtual credits. They are only used to place bets, so you won’t get your money back. It’s also important to remember that you can only use the Rush Game promo code on your first deposit. If you have bought one of the virtual credit packages previously you cannot use the code to get extra credits as it is a Rush Games new customer offer.

Verdict on Bonus – Nice addition for newcomers

When you find a new platform to use, especially one that is as fun and addictive as Rush Games you tend to go a little overboard sometimes. This Rush Games promo code is a nice hidden gem that will give you some of your depleted virtual credits back. It’s a good way to get players to buy their packages and inject some money into an excellent platform that remains free to play.

Social Casino Bonus
Social Casino Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Overall Conclusion - The ultimate training ground for future players

This is our last stop in our Rush Games review. If you haven’t decided whether you want to give it a try yet, let’s rewind and take a quick look at why Rush Games should be your number one choice of casino if you’re looking to learn or just to have fun.

Firstly, Rush Games is legal and available in all states in the US and Canada. It’s available online and signing up is a quick and easy process. There’s no reason not to consider Rush Games when it is so easily accessible.

The Rush Games new customer offer is a fantastic kick-starter. You will get 500 virtual credits for free just for signing up to their platform. This will give you the opportunity to try any game on the platform and place hundreds of bets.

You can use your free virtual credits to explore the vast expanse of new games and learn how they work before you switch over to real money casinos. If your credits happen to run out you can deposit more into your account and use the Rush Games bonus code Rush200 to get an extra 200 virtual credits added to your account for free. You can also earn free virtual credits by simply clicking on a button every two hours.

Here at, we see Rush Games as the ideal place to hone your skills in casino games or learn the ropes of new games that you have never tried before. You’ll always have credits to spend, so you’ll never get too discouraged if they run out. It’s a safe place for more inexperienced players to test the waters and shake off their nerves. If you’re just starting out in your online betting journey, you’re at the right place to prepare for your step up to some of the best online bookmakers.

Rush Games Bonus Code FAQs

🎉 Where is the Rush Games Promo code?

Rush Games is a great platform to learn on. It is completely free to play. There are packages you can buy that will give you extra virtual credits to use to place bets and play games. If you’re depositing money into your account for the first time you can use a bonus code, just like you would on other sites like the 4NJBets bonus code for example, to get some extra virtual credits for free. Our review will tell you all you need to know.

🔥 Does Rush Games have a welcome bonus?

At we have done all the research needed to answer all the questions you have about the Rush Games new customer offers. It’s important to fully understand the welcome bonus before you join a platform as there are several important factors you need to take into account. While Rush Games might be a free to play platform, it’s always a good habit to check the terms and conditions of bonus offers before you activate them.

💲Do I need to deposit money to activate the Rush Games welcome offers?

Rush Games is a free to play platform. It’s a great opportunity to experience the fun of online casinos or for newcomers to learn the ropes without risking their own money. At we have done a full Rush Games review to ensure that you make the most of your Rush Games welcome offers. We will also talk about depositing money and what you can buy online.

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Social Casino
Rush Games Social Casino
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  • 500 free virtual credits for signing up
  • Virtual coins every to hours
  • Free daily bonus wheel
Rush Games Social Casino Bonus
Daily Virtual Credits up to 20$
Players from Virginia accepted
T&Cs apply, 18+
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