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Rebel Betting Review – Is Rebel Betting the best Sportsbook of 2023?

We compare Rebel Betting against the best Sportsbooks!

Unfortunately, RebelBetting is restricted in your area.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 alternatives:
Last Updated on January 29, 2023
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

RebelBetting is an established piece of betting software that was created way back in 2008 and has since received over 125,000 users in 120+ countries. So, we’re guessing they’re probably doing something right to have gained such a following!

In this RebelBetting review we’ll dig into each of the products they offer and give our thoughts on the pros and cons of their products. RebelBetting have such confidence that their service works, they even offer what is called a Profit Guarantee. The guarantee offers another free month of service, if the previous month doesn’t produce profit!

RebelBetting Pros & Cons
  • Access to over 90 bookmakers
  • Clean and crisp interface
  • Well built and fast desktop application
  • Dedicated browser for betting
  • Fairly expensive in comparison to other software

Usability - Auto Log-in features

Our RebelBetting review discovered a good selection of alerts that can customized, for different odds or selection groups, providing several different tones to choose from, for added clarity. There is also an Auto login and Auto surf feature offered. RebelBetting felt the need to introduce these handy features, to help eliminate the disappointment of missing betting opportunities.


When you first set up your RebelBetting software you can customize each bookmaker. This is especially handy for longer-term bettors who may have had some betting accounts restricted, which is an unfortunate, but inevitable “occupational hazard” within strategic betting.

Once you have selected these auto features you will be instantly logged in and the “auto surf” feature will open your required bookmaker of choice, as well as the market while highlighting the odds too! When it comes to snapping-up value prices, speed is of an essence and sometimes these vital seconds that can be saved are crucial.

Costs - realistically priced

You’re probably guessing by now, a service that offers a whole month free if it does not provide profit will probably not be a cheap product? We agree, it certainly is not, but as in most cases, you get what you pay for.

RebelBetting offers three types of products: a value betting service, an arbitrage-based service, named SureBetting, and finally a Matched Betting product. RebelBetting seems to have covered every corner compared to some of our other betting system reviews reports.

Profit Guarantee 

The RebelBetting value betting review will explain a little more about how this works. It is quite simple, regardless of what RebelBetting coupon or product you use, if you do not profit in your first/previous month you will receive the following month for free! To add to this, if the following month is also not profitable, the offer will roll onto the next month, and so on! Let’s talk about prices next.

The RebelBetting value betting review 

  • ValueBetting starter €79
  • ValueBetting Pro €149

The RebelBetting value betting review discovered the Pro service offered more than double the capacity than the Starter service. The pro also offered things like: Alerts for bet percentage over 7%, exchanges, sharps and brokers.

RebelBetting review of Sure Betting

  • 1 week €39
  • 1 month €129
  • 6 months €97 / month

RebelBetting review of Matched Betting

  • 1 month €39

In our opinion, RebelBetting is priced competitively for what you get, however, if you are on a lower budget our Betslayer review may be of interest.

Community and Customer Service - impressive choice

RebelBetting has its community page easily noticeable on their homepage of the website. This established part of the longstanding website contains many thousands of previous threads. The conversations are broken into three main categories for clarity:

  • Announcements – these include official news and announcements from the RebelBetting team.
  • General – This section is for topics that do not fit into any other existing category.
  • Member Results – This interesting page consists of posts which include results of members, split into the different services offered.

Customer service 

The support page is easily visible on the top navigation bar on the RebelBetting website. Among the wide choice of help options there is a “how can we help” box, which is a search bar that will fetch previous posts containing answers to your queries. There is also a chatbot that does a pretty good job in answering, overall, but if the bot cannot answer you will be presented with an option to talk to a staff member. We experienced staff getting back to us within 24 hours, generally.

Comparison Versus Manual - no competition!

We keep stressing the importance of speed in this RebelBetting review, when it comes to both value betting and sure betting. The reason for this is that online bookmakers have a difficult job in making sure the prices they offer in thousands of markets are not overpriced. Bookmakers software is not perfect and cannot ensure that their odds are not overpriced, so when these moments happen, they do not last for long!

Considering the above, when trying to perform this job manually, it is a much harder task! Not only harder, but there are many more missed opportunities, due to lack of speed. So, in a nutshell, the speed has got to be the first and foremost advantage of the software versus attempting this manually.

Speed is key

Speed is by far the most crucial advantage the RebelBetting software will deliver. However, there are several other perks to using this software. The auto logins and auto surf mentioned above, the numerous alerts you can set, documented history, all adds to having a hassle-free process versus manual. Other software services covered by us include our ArbMate review and Oddstorm review.

Cautions - things to be aware of

We mentioned earlier in this RebelBetting review about the negatives of using a strategic betting method to make profits. This is well-known and industry standard and not something that is limited to just RebelBetting, and that is account gubbings. Account “gubbings”, the word used for restrictions, is a very unwelcome part of the process when betting strategically. Having your account restricted, or even closed, is not limited to just Value betting or Arbitrage/SureBetting.

Even if you simply won bets repetitively, you would eventually experience these account restrictions. Other reasons people are restricted include following a tipping service, matched betting, although this is not an exhaustive list.

SureBetting, also referred to as arbitrage, also consumes a lot of money when needing to back bets on several selections for just one event. Also, if you make a mistake and back the incorrect selection, this could result in losing money.

RebelBetting Betting Service

Purpose - to secure profits fast

This RebelBetting review has already mentioned how they are so confident their products will return profit, that they have guaranteed a free month if it fails to deliver. They ooze confidence that their products do what they say on the tin and “outsmart the bookmakers”, which we cannot disagree with.

The whole purpose revolves around having the speed to be able to take over-priced odds the bookmakers make mistakes with. The speed that RebelBetting software provides ensures you are at a maximum advantage to be able to beat them and not miss an opportunity, when a bookmaker temporarily makes a mistake by overpricing a selection.

The process of snapping-up these overpriced odds quickly works the same with both RebelBetting coupon offers, whether you are using the SureBetting product or the ValueBetting product.

Service Overview – three services

We hope by now our RebelBetting review has given you a good enough idea of how this process works. Once you decide which product suits you best, you will need to download the software.

Double your money in 3 months 

Our RebelBetting value betting review also discovered a transparent graph on their webpage, which consisted of members’ profits for each recent month. These figures are quite impressive, boasting a 34.06% return on investment (ROI). This 34.06% is the average of the past six months’ ROI’s which included a reliable dataset of almost two million bets that were used to calculate this figure. The average yield was 2.31% per bet. Rebel betting also claims you can double your money within three months and provides statistics to help back this statement up.

Value Betting

The ValueBetting product offers a starter and pro version. If you wish to opt for the Pro, you will receive 2-3 times the number of bets you’d receive on the starter; both these products come with the Profit guarantee promise.

Sure Betting

The SureBetting product also provided us with information on what to expect from that service. Within the website there is a calculator entitled ”How much money can I make”. The default figures when we visited were as follows.

  • Initial investment – £3500
  • Number of SureBets placed per day – 10
  • Betting days per month – 20
  • Estimated hourly profit – £53

The figures above are based on the data reports from members’ profits we mentioned prior. Whatever RebelBetting coupon or product you choose to use; you will find the software generally works in the same manner. Both software options provide you with countless advantages that help make things faster. Things such as:

  • Auto login
  • Auto surf
  • Customisable bookmakers, betting percentages
  • Customisable sports and markets
  • Customisable tones for alerts

Matched Betting

Finally, there is the Matched Betting service that RebelBetting offers. Matched Betting predominantly focuses on the initial sign-up offers when first opening an account and afterwards the reload offers, which are generally of lesser value. If you are someone who has recently started betting, you should consider whether to approach this process strategically or not.

By this we mean you could possibly use each RebelBetting coupon offered on each product in a sequential order that would enhance profits. For example, using the Matched Betting product when first starting, then moving onto the SureBetting or ValueBetting, or both, afterwards. This is a common route many bettors take if they are new to the game.

If you have exhausted all the avenues of strategic betting explained above you might want to consider viewing our BetAngel review and explore Betfair trading.

RebelBetting review FAQ

❓ Can you get banned for matched betting?

Bookmakers do not like customers who make money continuously! So what do they do? If you keep winning, they will eventually restrict your account. This applies if you are matched betting, arbitrage betting, following a tipster, or even simply getting lucky constantly! It is up to you if you wish to profit continuously from your bets. If this is you then we recommend reading our RebelBetting review at to gain a fuller idea how it all works. 

🏆 What is best arbitrage software?

There are now many Sure betting and arbitrage software services around and one of the fastest and best to use has to be RebelBetting. We like it so much we have written an article about them and what they provide. Not only is arbitrage covered, but also value betting and matched betting. See our review page on for the full low-down!. 

📊 How do you use RebelBetting

We wrote a full article about RebelBetting features and the speed the service possesses. This can be found at We felt the need to publish this as RebelBetting are not only one of the fastest sure betting softwares in the market, but they also provide a comprehensive value betting service and matched betting options too! There’s now a wide choice to choose from when using their super-fast platform..

🆓 Is RebelBetting free?

There are many pricing options available if you’re interested in exploring the fast software services that RebelBetting provides. We have taken the time to write an article which covers all three of their services. This can be found at and contains all the information you’ll need to decide on what package to choose from. RebelBetting offers a wide selection of payment plans and have been established since 2008, so must be doing something right! . 

Overall Conclusion - a thumbs-up

To summarise this RebelBetting review, we recommend this product. Whatever RebelBetting coupon you choose to use, we feel the profit guarantee they are brave enough to offer speaks for itself. Rebel betting boldly states how you can “double your money in 3 months” and other similar facts, backed with data reports from previous members. We cannot argue with this and agree it is a legitimate claim.

All products are reliable and do exactly what they say, they both find the best overpriced odds and make the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. The by-product of repeating these processes is continued profits.

However, this RebelBetting review is intended to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, we must remind users that no bookmaker in the world is going to allow customers to continually win money from them, before they take action. Action which sometimes includes account restrictions. So please bear this in mind, if you have better uses for your betting accounts but also consider that these restrictions happen regardless of the betting technique being performed.

However, betting accounts are there to make money from, right? So, if you’re not a gambler maybe this could be an option for you? BetBurger is another sure betting service that is in a similar price range to RebelBetting, see our BetBurger review for more!

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