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RebelBetting Review & Price 2021

RebelBetting Bookmakers List & Coupon

Welcome to’s voyage through the RebelBetting service, we will be evaluating the quality of their service. The company has put together an inclusive software package that provides customers with the ideal destination for arb betting opportunities.

With a product split into three sections, RebelBetting is an interesting option when compared to the competition. We will be exploring to find out about the various products that RebelBetting provides and a full RebelBetting review. We also provide our readers with a RebelBetting bookmakers list so that you can see who is covered while you are venturing through their service.

RebelBetting Pros & Cons
  • Access to over 90 bookmakers
  • Clean and crisp interface
  • Well built and fast desktop application
  • Dedicated browser for betting
  • Fairly expensive in comparison to other software

Bonus Offers - What does RebelBetting offer in terms of bonuses?

RebelBetting is a collection of software divided into three types. You have Safe Betting, Value Betting and Matched Betting. RebelBetting is not a sportsbook, it is a software platform for you to easily search the internet to find and compare various odds that would combine to form an arbitrage opportunity. Matched betting is taking advantage of bookmaker offers, backing and laying bets in order to try and make a profit. With RebelBetting Matched betting you get a spreadsheet that contains 5 sections of data. The first section is what RebelBetting calls ‘rate’ and is in the form of a percentage. This is the proportion of the bonus you can expect to earn. For instance, if the bonus is worth $100 and the rate is 90% then you will be walking away with $90. The second category is the event you will be betting on and following this is an indication of the bet type. The final two columns are the individual bets you will be placing.

If you press the bonuses button it will take you to a portion of the RebelBetting website, where bonus offers that bookmakers are running are displayed. This is fairly uncommon with betting systems for sports but here you can find everything from sign-up offers to free bets. By RebelBetting’s own admission, this portion of their website is not updated regularly. This is one of  the most important parts of matched betting and it’s quite disappointing to see that there isn’t more support in place to help you find the absolute best of the best of bonuses and free bets. We were disappointed to find in this RebelBetting review, that no RebelBetting coupon was available for their own service.

Usability, Look and Feel - The RebelBetting platform

One of the best things about RebelBetting and one of the things that makes it stand out amongst the various other arbitrage softwares available on the internet is that RebelBetting’s interface is simple and uncrowded. Arbitrage is a technical strategy, which requires a way to showcase a large amount of data, but RebelBetting has shown that there is no need for that data to look like you’re printing off long strings of meaningless numbers. Our experts evaluate this section very thoroughly when browsing through all of the operator offers on the market and ensure that you won’t be stuck with a platform that is difficult to navigate and near-impossible to use.

The arbitrage bets that match your filters are displayed in the main part of the screen, with the profit margins, bet types, odds and match participants all displayed in simple columns next to it, in a very easy to understand fashion. Our RebelBetting review found that they have gone through the necessary work to offer a website that is easy to use for any interested customer out there. The entire service also looks the part as all of the data is very clearly displayed on their page. If you have downloaded the software, you will feel as if you are making use of very sophisticated programming. This is similar to what we found in our ArbMate review. All of these factors combine to produce an experience that has to be considered amongst the best out there.

Payments - Fund your RebelBetting account

As said before in this RebelBetting review, the platform is split into three different softwares. The first, Sure Betting software costs a hefty €129 per month or €39 per week. Which is very expensive. In this RebelBetting review we will try to find out if RebelBetting can prove to be worth that much by offering additional profits to account for this high price tag.

There’s another version of Sure Betting called RebelBetting Lite. This limited Sure Betting software costs €59 a month. The things that RebelBetting Lite cannot do compared to it’s pro counterpart includes not having a high limit bet broker, not accommodating betting exchanges and not supporting horse racing. Also, RebelBetting Lite will only show bets that have been available for half an hour or more. Arbs have only a certain lifespan before they get corrected on a bookmakers site and thus, even though they will still be active when a RebelBetting Lite user gets to them, the timespan allotted for you to be able to use them will be significantly decreased.

We recommend that you do a free trial of this software. This allows you to test it out and see the full appearance of the software but note that it will limit the arbs available to those with a 1% return. Otherwise, you can make use of plenty of payment methods to fund the RebelBetting price. They have included support for traditional credit and debit card options when you want to make a deposit. You will also have access to plenty of ewallet methods while using their sites and they even affiliate themselves with the likes of Skrill and Neteller. You won’t be short of options when it comes to funding your account.

Customer Support - A good choice

There is a support section on RebelBetting’s website where you can manage your account, find answers to commonly asked questions with a helpful FAQ section, find learning materials to help with the value betting, matched betting and sure betting software packages. With this section of their website, you will also find entries into RebelBetting’s blog, which details many helpful hints and ways to increase your profits. RebelBetting also includes a ‘Community’ section on their site. Here customers can discuss a range of topics and this is made available to all customers of the service. You will be able to find all of the most commonly encountered issues here.

If all that isn’t enough, RebelBetting also has a customer support channel where you can directly contact their team. The live chat feature is a bit difficult to get to, but simply click on the contact us button twice and the service should pop up. This is fairly strange but you will be able to make contact with one of their consultants once you have done so (you may want to refer back to this Rebelbetting review for a reminder). You can always browse through our OddStorm bookmakers if you are looking for some world-class customer service. Otherwise, trust in their FAQ section and the community forum to help you when making your online wagers. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make contact with someone who is adept with the software; make use of them if you ever feel like you are a bit lost.

Licensing & Security - Is RebelBetting secure?

Whenever you decide to open an online account, you will need to determine if the operator has the necessary jurisdiction to offer their service to you. This is usually done by browsing through the licenses that they have been awarded. The parent company of RebelBetting is ClaroBet which is a private company registered in Sweden and thus falling under Swedish law. ClaroBet is registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office or the “Bolagsverket”. This means that they are governed to some point by a regulatory commission. With most of these software packages, our experts have found that they do not need to have the licensing that most sportsbooks and casinos will need to obtain.

ClaroBet is in compliance with the Swedish Lotteries Act as it does not provide customers with the option to make any wagers. They simply provide the information that customers will use to take advantage of the arbitrage betting strategy. The company has a relatively long history so we doubt they are looking to run away with their customer’s money. The security methods in place on their website were equivalent to that of the software, TSL encryption is used for both and the data you are transferring will be encrypted. With regards to your personal details, you can browse through the privacy policy to determine exactly what is done to keep you safe.

While this does not provide us with much insight towards the legitimacy of their offer, you can always browse through our Each Way Sniper review to find out just how other online services manage to compare. Our experts are devoted to bringing you the most important details surrounding the service but it seems there is not much regarding the licensing of arbitrage betting software.

Additional Rewards - Loyalty programs

When you use RebelBetting for long periods of time, you are sure to make a steady income and grow your finances. While there are no loyalty programs for existing customers, or those who frequently reload the software, you will still be able to hopefully make some rewards using the famed strategy. Our experts found that their registration costs do diminish when you sign up for longer periods of time. This means that you can save quite a bit of your funds by simply opting for a package that will allow you to use the software for longer.

There is also no loyalty program available with RebelBetting. It is important to keep in mind that these operators are not the sportsbooks we are used to here at They are software service providers and as such, don’t usually make use of the rewards that most of our readers are accustomed to. If you would like to see what their competition is offering, check out our BetSlayer cost page. With no additional rewards being available within this market, you might want to consider a sportsbook that will provide you with the opportunity. By using our comparison pages available here at, you will be able to find an online service offer that manages to meet your needs. Make sure to use all of the information that is available to you with

RebelBetting Sports Betting

Betting Markets - What markets are available?

The betting markets available with RebelBetting will determine what sports you can look at placing arbitrage bets on. While most of the service providers on the scene will focus on one specific market, our RebelBetting review found that they provide many different betting markets within their service. You will need to first familiarise yourself with the markets you are interested in wagering on and then you can browse through all of their sports mentioned on their site to see if the software is really for you. Do this before you commit to opening your account.

Odds - Competitive odds

Odds are always calculated by the respective bookmakers before they are made available to interested customers. To do this, the bookmakers make use of all the data they have available and then calculate their probabilities of certain outcomes. While RebelBetting won’t have much say regarding these odds, they will be able to analyse the majority of them and present the findings within their software. You will need to hope that there are some discrepancies with the odds that are available to make the most use of the strategy.

Live Betting & Streaming – Bet live

Live betting and streaming is a very popular service amongst online sportsbooks. They provide customers with the ability to bet while a match is taking place and you might even find that you can watch the match you are betting on. You should browse through our detailed operator reviews to find if there are any bookmakers that RebelBetting support that can offer this service. This will allow you to enjoy the thrill of placing a wager as the action is taking place. You will find all of this information readily available within our online service.

Limits - What are the limits?

The limits that are imposed on your account will usually be dependent on what account type you have chosen with RebelBetting. If you are using the free trial, you will be limited to only being able to claim 1% of the profits that your account accrues. There may also be limits imposed on your sportsbook accounts by the operator that you have chosen to support. All of these details will be discussed thoroughly within our operator reviews and they are readily available to anyone that is interested.

Product Summary - An excellent betting service

Our RebelBetting review found that they manage to offer an arbitrage service for online sports betting that will keep any customer satisfied. You will find plenty of markets covered within their service and this should provide you with many betting options. The odds that are evaluated are from a large number of online bookmakers and you should be able to find some discrepancies on the market. Live betting will depend on the sportsbooks you are betting on but it is likely to be included with a number of the operators.

RebelBetting Review FAQ

🆓 Is there a free trial period with RebelBetting?

To use some of the software that is available on the sports betting scene, you will need a fair bit of experience. Luckily, there are a number of service providers that allow customers free access to their site for a certain period of time. You may find that a RebelBetting coupon is available for all customers to use. If there is a free trial period, our experts will take a close look at the terms and conditions associated with the trial and detail them in our RebelBetting review. The best part is that these reviews are readily available to anyone that is interested. Head to our page now to find out more.

🎁 Is there a RebelBetting promotion available?

If you are interested in using the RebelBetting service, you will likely be after a RebelBetting coupon to get your online wagering career underway. These coupons are usually used to increase the winnings that you could make while using the service. Our experts have made use of the majority of these offers that are available and know the pros and cons of each of them. If there is currently a RebelBetting coupon available, you will be able to find out all about it within our online service here at Head to our page now to find all of the details related to the online service.

🏉 What sports are on offer?

Each service provider on the market will provide access to a different range of sporting markets. This is fairly standard with online operators as they look to specialize in different markets. While conducting our RebelBetting review, we took a look at what sports they cover and you will be able to find all of these details right here on our page. Our experts have compiled all of our pages and thoroughly researched each topic to ensure that you find information that is both accurate and up to date. Head to our page now to find out more about the world of online betting.

🤷 Can anyone open a RebelBetting account?

The RebelBetting price is set as it is because they provide customers with a software package. This will always come at a cost to the users and our experts have compared all of the prices on the market. By heading to our page you can find all of the details related to their online service and you will be able to find a detailed breakdown of the fees applicable to the software. Our experts have conducted enough reviews, like this RebelBetting review, to establish an industry standard and each offer is compared to this. Head to our page now to find all of this information presented in our comprehensive articles. provides you with all the tools to try to make a success of your wagering career.

✔️ Where can I find a RebelBetting bookmakers list?

Thanks to the RebelBetting analysis software, you will be able to evaluate the bookmaker offers that are currently available. The software is focused on taking advantage of price discrepancies that are put on offer by the various bookmakers. Our reviews detail each of the bookmakers that put these odds on offer and you will find out which of them are considered amongst the best and which aren’t. Head to our page now to find all of this information provided with no cost to our readers, just like this RebelBetting review is free. You will also find detailed guides of how to implement various techniques into your daily wagers.


Overall Conclusion - RebelBetting checks all the right boxes

RebelBetting provides an arbitrage software package that seems to check all the boxes in our review. You will be able to explore all of the bonuses available to make the most of the matched betting strategy. Their website is amongst the best that our team has found on their travels as they have opted to incorporate a modern aspect into their entire service. While you are making your way across the borders of their service, you can fund your travels with a variety of methods. The packages themself are fairly expensive though.

While browsing through the RebelBetting bookmakers list we found some reputable destinations for any interested customers. There is also adequate customer support in place to address any of your issues when your journey hits a few roadblocks. Their service is not licensed by the traditional regulatory commissions as it is not required. Finally, our RebelBetting review found that they offer a scaling payment for your subscription which could save you some money on your journey.

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