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Profit Accumulator Review – Is Profit Accumulator the best Betting Software of 2022?

We compare Profit Accumulator against the best Betting Softwares!

Unfortunately, Profit Accumulator is restricted in your area.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 alternatives:
Last Updated on December 8, 2022
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

When surfing the internet for “Matched Betting”, it is likely you will be presented with Profit Accumulator. If you are looking for ways of profiting without risk of losing, then Profit Accumulator could be a great first port of call. will unpack queries you may have about how matched betting works and if Profit Accumulator can deliver the goods to make your matched betting journey a simple process, from onboarding to flying-high and cruising with daily profits available from various betting offers.

Great usability found at Profit Accumulator

One of the best parts we discovered from using Profit Accumulator is the ease of usability. There are no downloads required, so no requirements were necessary from our device.

The service works and performs very well and does everything “as it says on the tin”. The only flaws are those that are pretty industry standard. These are not flaws with Profit Accumulator itself, but simply occupational hazards that occur when looking for matches in matched betting, when using the oddsmatcher. Because betting prices are not static, the software cannot remain 100% accurate all the time. We found this to be more prevalent around 0900am in the morning when bookmaker price changes are at their peak. Another cause of this is palpable errors, which are usually caused by Non runners or a bookmaker error. There is a guide within Profit Accumulator, explaining these pitfalls.

Price changes are inevitable, this is not a harmful thing, just more a little frustrating after finding a close match, for the price to change! This problem happens regardless of the strategy you are using. This is also a common problem when using methods that are not risk-free, such as value betting and arbitrage betting too. For Arbitrage betting, other sites of interest include this review.

A look at the Profit Accumulator costs

Is Profit Accumulator legit when it comes to pricing? The Platinum membership is priced at £24.99 per month, which is a rolling subscription that can be cancelled at any time. Payment methods include PayPal and debit cards.

There is quite bit of saving available if opting for the annual version of membership. Annual memberships cost £180, but Profit Accumulator currently have a profit accumulator promo code offer of £140, although this is likely to change at some point. Keep an eye out also for any Profit Accumulator discount code that may be available at the time.

There’s also a Diamond membership available. Priced at £39.99 a month, or £300 a year. The Diamond version offers all that the Platinum does, but includes a plethora of Casino offers, described in-depth.

Both memberships, explained above, come with a free 30-day money-back guarantee, should you not be satisfied with what you are receiving.

The price of this service can be viewed from two different angles. On one side, you have the raw beginner – who has just started and will receive huge value-for-money from benefiting from the guides and step-by-step tuition, forum, etc. Without these vital stepping-stones, the newbie would inevitably lose some of their value from free bets and may make errors.

The experienced person, however, may not need these guides at all. But this person will enjoy receiving 0% commission from both Matchbook and Smarkets exchange while a member. This alone can dwarf the price of a monthly membership, depending on their betting levels and consequent commission saved. Always be mindful to see if there are any Profit Accumulator discount code available too, just in case you can reduce the cost of the service down even further.

Analysis of the Profit Accumulator community and customer support

We found the community and customer experience to be very satisfactory among the attractions. With several means of communication ranging from social media, email to supplying a telephone number where you can call a member of the team! There is no need to take a trek to get some help. Every interaction we have needed to have with Profit Accumulator was met with a quick response and our queries were solved.

Your queries/questions, or ideas can also be answered on their forum. The forum is huge and has thousands of members, ranging from beginner to veteran. There are also admins and moderators in attendance to help with matters too. You will soon be sent packing with your question answered.

Our Profit Accumulator review also allowed us to enjoy joining the Facebook group for its members, consisting of over 27,000 members, where questions are usually picked-up and resolved without much delay. This is especially helpful for beginners who are in the middle of completing rollover requirements or setting-up new accounts and need that niggling question to be answered before placing their bet.

All the services mentioned here come with a full 30-day money-back offer. The Profit Accumulator review cruise will next show the usability of the site. From time-to-time a Profit Accumulator discount code can be found online, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for these also.

Profit Accumulator Betting Service

Starting your journey with Profit Accumulator

Betting offers and bonuses can be very lucrative, but only if approached the smart way. But is Profit Accumulator legit? What attractions, if any, does it have to offer? All will be revealed in the Profit Accumulator review tour.

Is Profit Accumulator legit? This is a commonly asked question on the web. Hopefully, you’ll find your Answer in this Profit Accumulator review guide.

The company has been around since 2014 and has since established itself as the UK’s leading matched betting service, amassing over 340,000 members since starting. The purpose of this service is to simplify a risk-free way of profiting from bookmaker free bet offers and bonuses.

When first using these free bet offers, it is easy to make mistakes and not enjoy the full profit potential, unless you know what you are doing. Profit Accumulator aim to make the profiting journey as straightforward as possible. Their website is strategically structured in a logical manner to make the profits destination as easy as possible to find.

This Profit Accumulator review guide will explain all you need to know and also iron-out any fears to the question, “is Profit Accumulator legit”? This is a commonly asked question on the internet, and understandably so, as usually tax-free ways to profit from home are naturally viewed with scepticism. However, the theory behind matched betting is sound, and done correctly — which Profit Accumulator helps to ensure you can achieve — the practice can indeed work.

There is always the potential for error, which has to be factored in to anyone considering trying matched betting for the first time. If you do not meet a certain odds criteria when placing your initial qualifying bets, for example, you may not receive the free bet, or errors such as backing and laying different events can also potentially happen Nevertheless, it’s important to note these issues aren’t unique to Profit Accumulator but to matched betting as a whole, and Profit Accumulator can help to rectify such problems should they arise.

How Profit Accumulator help to guide beginners

Another common issue newbies fall victim to is how to maximise profits from their free bets. The free bets are where you can make some real nice, easy profits from and you would be wise not to rush these. Some beginners get excited amongst the rays of sunshine, upon receiving a bundle of free bets and place their bets too quickly, because they do not have advice to hand or the materials available that a service like Profit Accumulator delivers.

During this Profit Accumulator review, we realised just how good a job they have done, breaking all the betting terminology down to a jargon-free language with clear guides and instructions. Such as setting up a separate bank account, so as you can see your Matched Betting profits rocket and avoid confusion.

An overview of the Profit Accumulator service

Upon joining Profit Accumulator, there will be a welcome message ‘winging its way’ to your email, full of instructions. This is quite reassuring, especially if the new user is a beginner. When first logging-into the site, the interface is designed in a user-friendly, simple way. There is a home screen dashboard with a “start here” button in the top left-hand side of the home page.

Beside this “Start here” button you will also find things like “Sign up offers”, “Casino offers”, “Reload offers”, “Odds matcher”, “Profit tracker”, “Calculator”, “Tools” and finally “Offers Calendar”. Profit Accumulator also provide a great feature that gives members the option to customise their dashboards. When clicking the “customise” button, you will be led to a menu that gives the members the option of turning on/off all these various sections explained above. This is very useful for the user and enables them to keep their home dashboard in a tidy way, containing sections that are only relevant and useful for them.

Another good visual display on this dashboard page is the “Offers progress” and “Profits” sections. These provide an “at a glance” visual display of how many offers a member has used and how many offers they have yet to profit from. The “Profits” section is a ‘favourite’ of many users and displays the total profit they have made. While exploring the Profit Accumulator website during this review, we witnessed some large, tidy sums posted on the forum, displaying what members have managed to make during their matched betting journey.

There are four other sections when taking the safari through the dashboard home page that are very useful. The “In progress offers” section ensures the user never falls victim to starting an offer, without finishing it. This handy “at a glance” dashboard ensures this common mistake doesn’t happen.

There is then the more ‘unwelcomed’ process of matched betting, where bookmakers may restrict accounts. This is called “Gubbed” within the matched betting community. Profit Accumulator provide this handy visual on the dashboard, named “Gubbed Bookmakers”, which saves the user from attempting an offer with a restricted bookmaker they have forgotten they were restricted with. Remembering this can be a common problem, especially as there are so many different bookmaker companies that provide offers. More information on “Gubbed” can be found below as this Profit Accumulator review continues.

Finally, there is the “Referral information” visual dashboard, which can be useful for those who have questioned “is Profit Accumulator legit?”, found that the answer is a definitive yes, and want to share the news with others.

Profit Accumulator will reward you with £20 for each referral you send their way. So, everyone ends-up a winner, a Profit Accumulator discount code will be sent to your friend where they can enjoy earning £20 for joining. A Profit Accumulator discount code £20 reward will be granted to you also. Meaning both parties receive £20 each, when just one is referred.

Let us guide your through the journey and give a simple breakdown of each page:

  • Sign up offers. These are your “bread n’ butter” for profiting when you first start-out.  These are potentially the simplest way of profiting online from betting. The profits come quick but are not repetitive like the reload offers. Profit Accumulator make a special effort to ensure new users do not miss out on these, as each offer can only be completed once, so it needs to be done right.
  • Casino offers. These work like the above. Follow the guides, to ensure no errors are made.
  • Reload offers. This page guides members how to get the most “bang” from their buck when it comes to free bets. Clearly defines the offers/qualifying odds criteria, staking, and other helpful information.
  • Offers Calendar. A vital element. Pre-notifies you of what offers to expect.
  • Odds matcher. This vital tool is where you find most of your matches for your free bets. The best place to explore sightseeing value.
  • Matched Betting calculator. This works in unison with the oddmatcher, but also provides 19 extra advanced calculators for specific needs, such as 2up and Dutching, for example.
  • Profit tracker. Just like a diary, this logs your profit to date.
  • Tools. Provides extra options for matching extra places, accumulators, and each way catcher.
  • Catapush App. A customisable alerts system, very useful for efficiency and not missing offers.

How does using Profit Accumulator compare to manual matched betting?

Can we do matched betting manually, rather than using the Profit Accumulator site?

Ask any “old school” bettor, who has been betting strategically for years and they would probably answer this best.

You do not need Profit Accumulator when looking for betting offers and bonuses. It is certainly ‘possible’ to do most things manually. This is how things used to happen before services like Profit Accumulator were first created.

However, there is a long a short way to reach any goal, and the same is true of matched betting. Taking the manual route is definitely the more complex option when matched betting:  you do not have the speed of super-fast oddsmatching software; or the 19 calculators freely available, or the Catapush alerts app, or the forum, the one-click backing/laying functionality … the list goes on. Profit Accumulator allows for quick access to such benefits as quick as possible.

We spent a lot of time weighing-up the benefits, during this Profit Accumulator review, we figured the service makes sense, just from a “time Vs money” perspective. By taking the manual approach you will miss out on many offers, you also dramatically increase the risk of making mistakes, due to having so many different websites and tabs open which is also super-confusing when enjoying your voyage of free bets.

In our opinion, the service pays for itself in that department alone. Not to mention the 0% commission deals.

Profit Accumulator: cautions for use

This brings us to the subject of cautions. The true, honest ‘price’ that is paid for benefitting from probably the easiest money that can be made, risk-free and legally, online from home.

As with any kind of successful betting system or strategy, the bookmakers eventually “get-wise” to what is going on. This is nothing directly linked to Profit Accumulator, but more of an industry hazard within strategical betting.

Whether you are following a well-known betting tipster, enjoying arbitrage bets, following a value betting strategy – the time will come, one day, when the betting company will restrict your betting account.

Matched betting essentially derived from the Arbitrage betting approach, although matched betting is mainly focussed on profiting from offers. Other betting system reviews exist, there are many different approaches that can be taken. Including our review. If Arbitrage betting is something that interests you, then check-out this RebelBetting coupon.

A helping hand from the community and customer support

The good thing about Profit Accumulator is that they have invested years into researching what types of bets attract the most restrictions. The forum is also a useful place where members report if they have been restricted and for what reason, which is great for keeping in “the loop” and being aware of bets that bookmakers do not like. Profit Accumulator generally dissuades its members from placing arbitrage bets, which accelerate restrictions, called “gubbings” in the betting world.

Learning good habits with Profit Accumulator

While Profit Accumulator take all the precautions to prevent their members from suffering account restrictions, they can and do eventually happen from time-to-time. The trick is to get enough longevity from your betting accounts, profiting well from the offers, using the guides etc, to ensure this is done to the maximum of capabilities. As mentioned earlier, it is often too late to “learn” after you have wasted your free bet or backed a bet that did not comply with the qualifying bet criteria, usually when a company state the odds “…should be over 2.0”, for example. Profit Accumulator make a great effort to put new members into good habits of being mindful of these errors, as early as possible.

In short, bookmakers will restrict winners, whatever strategy you use. Even if simply “getting lucky” too consistently. Some strategies get restricted quicker than others. Arbitrage betting appeals to many, but generally carries higher risk, but there are still profits to be made; check this BetBurger promo code or our ArbMate review if this piques your interest.

Is Profit Accumulator the ideal destination?

We concluded in this Profit Accumulator review that it is without a doubt worth the investment. Without wanting to sound too corny, we struggle to come to critique about this service. The only negatives would be inevitable bookmaker account restrictions, although this possibly may not happen for a while and is not actually related to Profit Accumulator itself.

The price may seem a little expensive, however, what the user needs to consider is what the service is ‘worth’ to them. If you are: not making mistakes, making the most from your free bets, using various forms of software within the site, having a lively forum to communicate with and receiving 0% commission. Discounts can also help to bring the cost to a more reasonable level, though when searching for any available Profit Accumulator discount code online, always be sure it is from a trustworthy website.

There are free options available and lower-priced options too. But we have failed to find a service of lower price that comes close to giving what Profit Accumulator offers.

It is widely reported within the matched betting space that even hardcore veterans with 10+ years’ experience still feel their subscription fee is of value. Despite them not needing to read the guides, they have reported that they save far more money in commission fees, when enjoying the special 0% commission offer Profit Accumulator has with betting exchanges Matchbook and Smarkets.

As well as the Profit Accumulator review, there are many Trustpilot Profit Accumulator reviews accessible online, and we share the general consensus of the reports found there. When asked is Profit Accumulator legit, our answer, of course, is yes indeed it is. Profit Accumulator is useful for everyone from the raw beginner right up to the expert, for various reasons. So, get packing, jump aboard the money train, be mindful it may not last forever, but you will be a member of a team that will have your back.

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