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OffTrackBetting Review & Rating 2021

Is OffTrackBetting Legit?

In this OffTrackBetting review, we’re going to be looking to answer burning questions, such as ‘is OffTrackBetting legit?’ as well as take an in-depth look at what sort of betting markets the operator has to offer its loyal paying customers.

Our OffTrackBetting review is also going to be taking a deep dive into what sort of payment methods the site has on offer, what bonuses and promotions are available to new and existing customers, as well as what sort of customer support services are in place. If all this sounds like something that interests you, then let’s get started!

Pros & Cons of OffTrackBetting
  • Generous sign-up offers
  • Many betting markets are available
  • Impressive customer support services
  • Site is super user-friendly
  • Site isn’t the most exciting to look at

Bonus Offers - $100 in bonus funds for new customers!

Fans of horse racing will be very interested in what sort of sign-up offer OffTrackBetting has on offer.

Our OffTrackBetting review found that the operator is offering a $100 bonus to new customers when they sign up and wager a total of $300! New customers can then go and use this bonus to place more bets on horse and greyhound racing through the OffTrackBetting site!

To unlock this OffTrackBetting bonus offer, the first thing you’ll have to do is register with the site. Once you’ve filled in your personal details and selected your preferred payment method, you will have to make your first deposit and start wagering.

Once you have reached $300 in wagers, you must contact OffTrackBetting’s customer service to let them know that you have reached the requirements necessary to unlock the bonus. Once you have done this, the OffTrackBetting team will deposit the $100 bonus in your account! It’s really as easy as that. You can then go on to bet that $100 on more horse races, and hopefully win big!

Whilst the $300 in wagering requirement may seem like a lot, if you’re willing to work hard and hopefully win big, you’ll be able to unlock your $100 in next to no time at all! Admittedly, it is a little odd to have to complete a wagering requirement before getting your bonus, but if anything this just makes this welcome bonus from OffTrackBetting that much more interesting!

Usability, Look & Feel - Impressive, user-friendly website

The usability, look and feel of the website will play a huge role in determining the overall OffTrackBetting ratings that will be assigned to the site. A user-friendly, easily navigable website will mean a much better rating for the operator than a site that is slow, clunky, and difficult to get around.

It’s good news for OffTrackBetting though, as their website is excellent. Though it isn’t the most exciting website to look at, what with it’s dark blue headers and white backgrounds, it’s super easy to navigate and very user-friendly. We had no issues finding what we needed to find as we explored the website, and didn’t have any issues with any loading speeds or crashes.

The site is split into multiple sections, with the horse racing and the greyhound racing getting their own dedicated sections on the site.

There’s a section of the site for promotions and bonuses as well as a ‘help’ section which contains everything you’ll ever need to sort out any potential issues you may have with the OffTrackBetting website.

Though the site isn’t the most visually striking, don’t let this fact fool you into thinking it isn’t a good website!

Payments - Plenty of payment methods for customers to choose from

The more payment methods available to customers on the operator’s website, the better the overall OffTrackBetting ratings will be. Thankfully, our OffTrackBetting review found plenty of payment methods for customers to choose from when they make use of this reputable betting website. This gives customers that much more flexibility when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, which is going to be very much appreciated, especially if you want to fund your account using less well-known payment methods.

Deposits can be made to the OffTrackBetting site via Visa, MasterCard, Green Dot, ACH, PayNearMe, Dwolla, and via cash. There is a $25 minimum deposit on the Visa, MasterCard, and Green Dot payment methods though, which we found to be a little much in comparison to some other sites out there. However, the variety of payment methods available was most definitely impressive.

Withdrawals from the OffTrackBetting website can be made via the exact same payment methods as deposits, and again there is a $25 minimum limit for the Visa, MasterCard, and Green Dot options. There is no limit for depositing and withdrawing cash, via PayNearMe, or Dwolla either, which is excellent.

There is a 4.5% service fee when you deposit via Visa, but the payment enters your OffTrackBetting account immediately. There is also a service fee of $20 for Wire Transfers under $1,000. There are no other service fees that you have to pay when using any of the other payment methods when depositing funds in your OffTrackBetting account.

No-one likes paying service fees, but if it’s a choice between paying a service fee for a safe, secure transaction, or not paying a service fee by using an untrustworthy payment method, we’d choose the service fee every single time!

Customer Service - Toll-free phone lines and email available

The standard of the customer support services available on a gambling operators website could be what makes or breaks their overall rating. Like in our Sky Bet review, we decided to take a dive into the OffTrackBetting website to see what sort of customer services they had.

Our OffTrackBetting review found a pretty impressive customer support service on the operator’s site. There are two methods available for customers to contact the customer support services, with those being via email or via telephone.

The telephone is toll-free, however it is only available on limited hours. It’s available 12pm-8pm Monday and Tuesday, 12pm-9pm Wednesday and Thursday, 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday, and 11am-8pm on Sunday. Though the limited time slots are a slight disappointment, the fact that it won’t cost you anything is a huge plus.

We sent an email off to the operator’s customer services, and were impressed at the speed in which we got a reply. It had only taken an hour or two for them to answer, which was great, and our questions were answered professionally and were extremely helpful.

Licence & Security - Is OffTrackBetting reliable?

This is the part where we answer questions such as ‘is OffTrackBetting legit?’, ‘is OffTrackBetting legal?’, and ‘is OffTrackBetting secure?’. The answer to all three questions is a resounding yes, of course! OffTrackBetting is most definitely legit, legal, and secure, as our OffTrackBetting review found when we took a look at what sort of licensing and security the site had in place to protect its customer’s personal details and funds.

OffTrackBetting is licensed in North Dakota, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s legal to use in any state where betting on horse racing online is legal. The operator is licensed through Lien Games Racing by various wagering boards and racing commissions in North Dakota, New York, Montana, California, Kentucky, and Minnesota.

The website itself is secure too, and holds a valid SSL certificate. The SSL type is a Low-Domain Validated Certificate. This essentially means that the OffTrackBetting site can be trusted with your personal details as well as any funds you deposit in it. The SSL encryption will keep any prying eyes (i.e hackers) out of your business, which is most definitely a huge reassurance. The worst thing would be to play on a website that isn’t secure, so knowing that OffTrackBetting is as safe as they come is great news for anyone worried about sharing their details and funds with online operators.

So, is OffTracking a scam, you ask? The answer is a definite no. It’s a safe, secure, and reliable site that can be fully trusted with your money and your personal details. Thanks to excellent security and plenty of licenses, we now know that the site is legitimate and running a legal operation too.

Additional Rewards - Cash back and VIP programme available for customers to take advantage of

Our OffTrackBetting review found that there were a few promotions to be found on the operator’s site, including the aforementioned $100 welcome bonus for new customers.

One of the promotions available to existing customers is the Daily Horse Racing Rebates. This promotion provides customers with up to 6% of their cash back depending on how much they wager per month. For example, someone who wagers between $1,000-$2,000 per month will be eligible for up to 2% cash back, whilst someone who wagers up to $10,000 a month will receive up to 6% cash back. This will definitely come in useful for those who wager on the horse racing on a regular basis, though we can’t help but feel that perhaps the more casual of bettors will feel a little let down by the lack of bonuses and rewards they’ll be eligible for.

There is a VIP programme available on the OffTrackBetting website, but this is only for people who wager more than $10,000 each month. The VIP rewards enable players to earn even more cash rewards from their wagering. This VIP rewards system will most definitely impress some of the more experienced bettors out there, especially the ones who tend to spend a lot more on betting than the more casual sports bettors do.

Though the lack of bonuses available is slightly disappointing as there are definitely other sites out there with far more impressive bonuses and reward systems in place, it’s still great to see that OffTrackBetting are offering customers some cash back on their bets each month. And who can forget about that impressive welcome bonus too?

If you want to learn more about the OffTrackBetting promo code and bonuses available, check out our review on the subject!

Offtrack betting Sports Betting

Betting Markets - All the best events in horse and greyhound racing

There are two types of sports customers can bet on via the OffTrackBetting platform. Those sports are horse racing and greyhound racing.

For horse racing, there are a wide range of betting markets available. Some of those markets include thoroughbred racing, harness racing, quarter horse racing, and international horse racing. These markets can also be wagered on via the OffTrackBetting market app. The range of betting markets available is great news for horse racing fans, and will ensure that every betting experience they have is varied and exciting.

You can bet on a huge number of greyhound races across the whole of the US thanks to OffTrackBetting. Whilst there don’t seem to be as many racing categories as there are for horse racing, there’s still a super impressive amount of greyhound races for you to pick and choose from here.

Odds - Competitive odds

Our OffTrackBetting review found that the OffTrackBetting website has a straightforward table that players can access when placing their bets. There are multiple tab options available that the player can toggle between. So if you’re interested in looking at the race odds, race information, or live streaming options, then you can do so by hopping between tabs.

Live Betting & Streaming – Get live stats

You will also find real time odds, horse racing scratches, carryovers, and changes, as well as a full in-depth analysis on the website. Some of this analysis includes the jockey’s racing history, as well as previous race results, all of which contribute towards your final horse or greyhound racing bet.

The stats hub-type feature on the website is particularly impressive, and means that you won’t have to go researching elsewhere to find out whether or not a particular horse or jockey is worth betting money on. It seems that OffTrackBetting really has thought of everything here!

Limits - What are the limits?

If you’re a fan of not having any restrictions placed on your betting, then you’ll definitely be big fans of OffTrackBetting. Our OffTrackBetting review found no mention of any limits for users, meaning that you can deposit, withdraw, and wager as much as you like.

There are limits that you can voluntarily impose on yourself, however. These limits can either be daily or weekly. You can set these limits by emailing OffTrackBetting directly and requesting that they impose those limits on you so as to ensure you don’t go overboard with your betting. Any request to increase or remove any self-imposed limits will take up to 7 days to be processed.

This lack of limits is great news for those who don’t like having their betting experiences restricted, and will provide players with a lot more freedom when betting on horse racing!

Product Summary - Great for horse racing fans

Our OffTrackBetting review found OffTrackBetting to be a seriously impressive sports betting site. It offers its customers so many races and tracks to wager on, and has a wealth of information and data to help players make the best horse racing bets around.

The lack of limits is great news for those who hate having their betting experiences restricted, and the live streaming option is perfect for those who enjoy watching the races that they’ve wagered their cash on.

With so many markets to bet on, live streaming, as well as limitless deposits and wagering, this is a site that any fan of sports betting should most definitely consider checking out next time they want to place some money on horse racing!

To see how OffTrackBetting’s rating compares with the Betfred rating, for example, then check the other reviews that can be found on the site!

OffTrackBetting Review FAQ

🎲 Is OffTrackBetting legit?

This is a question you’ll be asking before you sign up for any betting site online, let alone OffTrackBetting. No-one wants to sign up for a betting website, only to find out that they’re not legit and that they’re actually a scam. To avoid such a disaster from happening, there are quite a few things that you need to look out for so as to ensure that OffTrackBetting is in fact a legitimate sports betting website. Our OffTrackBetting review takes an in-depth look into whether or not the site is legitimate by taking into account what sort of licensing and security is in place to protect customers personal information and funds. Take a look at our OffTrackBetting review to learn more. It’s not just OffTrackBetting’s legitimacy we focus on though. If you’re interested in finding out the answer to questions like ‘is Mecca Bingo legit?’ or ‘is Betfred legit?’ then we have the answers for you here at

💸 What kind of OffTrackBetting bonuses are available to customers?

Everyone loves a betting bonus, in fact it could be one of the main reasons as to why you register with a betting site in the first place. There are so many betting sites out there that offer fantastic welcome offers, so it’s a case of finding the best one for you. OffTrackBetting is no different when it comes to offering its customers, both old and new, bonuses that act as a way of enhancing their overall betting experiences. Our OffTrackBetting review takes a look at what sort of bonuses the site has available, as well as whether or not there are any reward schemes in place for loyal existing customers.

🐎 What betting markets are available on

As a sports betting fan, you’ll understand the importance of having multiple betting markets available for you to choose from. The more betting markets available, the better. Not only will having multiple betting markets to choose from give you more flexibility with your betting, but it could also enhance your betting experiences and make them that much more exciting. Our OffTrackBetting review takes an in-depth look at the sorts of betting markets that the operator has to offer. Give our review a read to find out what betting markets they have available for the horse and greyhound racing at

☎️ How do I get in contact with the OffTrackBetting customer support services?

No matter how good the betting operator, there is every chance that you may run into a bit of trouble when you’re on your betting travels. Have no fear, though, as most betting websites will have customer support services in place. This is the case with OffTrackBetting. Our OffTrackBetting review takes a look at what sort of customer support services the site has in place, as well as how you can get in contact with them should you ever have any issues that you can’t solve yourself. All our articles focus on what customer service operators have in place. So if you’re interested in finding out what Sun Bingo’s customer service is like, for example, take a look at our Sun Bingo review!

💰What payment methods are available at OffTrackBetting?

These days most betting websites offer their customers numerous payment methods so as to provide them with more flexibility when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. Basically, the more payment methods that are available, the better. Our OffTrackBetting review has taken a look at what sort of payment methods the operator has available to customers, and what sort of limits there are on them. Following this, our OffTrackBetting review was able to assign the overall OffTrackBetting rating.

Overall Conclusion - Impressive horse betting site with excellent range of markets available

Overall, our OffTrackBetting thought that OffTrackBetting was an excellent betting site that will most definitely tick all of the boxes for any horse racing betting fan.

The numerous betting markets available is a huge plus, as is the fact that not only can you bet on horse racing, but greyhound racing too. The generous welcome bonus is similarly impressive, though the fact that you have to wager $300 before you can unlock it is slightly disappointing.

The customer support services that can be found on the website are great, and the fact that you don’t need to worry about whether the site is safe and legal or not is a great reassurance.

Overall, this is one of the best online gambling sites around, and is a site that any self-respecting sports bettor should definitely check out the next time they want to win some money on horse racing.

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