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OddsMonkey Review – Is OddsMonkey the best Sportsbook of 2022?

We compare OddsMonkey against the best Sportsbooks!

Unfortunately, OddsMonkey is restricted in your area.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 alternatives:
Last Updated on November 14, 2022
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

If devotees of matched betting are to be believed, signing up with the likes of OddsMonkey is your one-way ticket to endless fun in the sun — all of which will be paid for with the profits made from bookmakers.

Given the promise of this kind of service, we at couldn’t resist taking a closer look and completing our own OddsMonkey review. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found; while we’re not sure a round-the-world trip will be on the cards with your matched betting profits, there’s definitely a lot of potential here to explore.

Finding your feet: OddsMonkey usability

Earlier in our OddsMonkey review, we touched on the fact that the OddsMonkey tools work well in principle, and are capable of performing as you would expect from a high-quality service. However, what we now need to look at is another aspect entirely: how easy the tools are to use.

We’ll be honest and admit that, at first, the OddsMatcher — in particular — is fairly unfathomable, akin to trying to decipher a road sign in a non-Romanic language as you stand in a train station confused about where to go next. With that said, the learning curve is relatively shallow: no, it’s not going to be intuitive, and you’re going to need those guides or the helpful community to get the most of it, but the same is largely true of any high-performance software.

Settling in to your destination

When you’re accustomed to the service after using your OddsMonkey promo code, you can kick off your shoes and wander freely; but initially, it might feel like you’re walking over a particularly stony beach. The Daily Offers wall, for example, has to be used correctly to get the most from it, and the other non-oddsmatcher tools have their own barriers to entry to contend with.

Ultimately, OddsMonkey is an investment: an investment in making a (potentially significant) profit. Are you going to immediately know how to utilise its tools the second you login? No (but we would say the same for any matched betting platform; they’re simply not particularly self-explanatory things). Do OddsMonkey provide guides that can help guide the way and lead you to where you want to be? Absolutely — and for our money, that’s what matters most of all. Give the service the time it needs to learn how to utilise it and there’ll soon be no stopping you.

Price of admission: the OddsMonkey cost consideration

We’ve now reached a question that is high on any matched betting traveller’s to do list: what you’ll have to do to access the service, and whether there’s an OddsMonkey promo code or any other OddsMonkey offer you can try that will ensure you can continue to fund return visits to your new favourite hotspot.

So, let’s dive into the hotel pool and assess our surroundings. OddsMonkey offers two service levels: a free version, which you can access without an OddsMonkey promo code, and a paid “Premium” subscription service. As you’d expect, the free service is rather limited in its scope: the oddsmatcher will only display results from two bookmakers, and you’ll only be able to access two guides. Nevertheless, it’s a decent starting point if you just want to see if you can acclimatise and potentially stay for longer.

Assessing the Premium OddsMonkey subscription 

The Premium subscription is the paid option, and it provides access to the full library of OddsMonkey tools, software, guides, and community. The cost is reasonable, and the site is always keen to point out that users will make their subscription back in very little time through the utilisation of offers. Users can pay monthly or annually, with a discount available if you choose the latter.

Interestingly, there are frequent offers that utilise a OddsMonkey promo code in order to reduce the cost, usually for an initial period — a great choice if you’re looking to try out the full service, but aren’t looking for a long term commitment.

Which OddsMonkey promo code you’ll have to use for an offer will vary depending on when you are trying to sign up, as the deals are often attached to specific events, such as the Cheltenham horse racing festival. If you’re considering signing up, it’s definitely worth looking to see if you can find a suitable, active OddsMonkey promo code before you complete your registration.

Is there free commission?

One of the major perks of a subscription that OddsMonkey offer to users who subscribe to their Premium service is free commission at various exchanges, with Matchbook, Smarkets, and Betdaq all offering discounts for premium subscribers. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no 0% commission offers are bundled with the OddsMonkey subscription price. While there’s no denying this is a disappointment, it in no way invalidates the fact that the subscription cost just for accessing the tools — and most importantly, the profits they are able to produce — is nevertheless extremely reasonable.

Meet the locals: community and customer service

Anyone who has ever dipped a toe in matched betting will know that a strong community is a must. How-to guides, however well written and informative, have their limits: sometimes, you need to talk to actual people. Think of it as the difference between reading a Lonely Planet guidebook and actually being able to talk to people who have experienced a destination and know all the ins, outs, and best places to go.

Our OddsMonkey review was therefore pleased to find that the community on the platform is a bustling one, full of experienced matched betting travellers who are more than happy to share their wisdom and experience with those just starting out. As well as posting our own threads, we also found it helpful to read through the forums almost as if they were a guidebook, learning from the questions and concerns of others to further our own knowledge.

A look at OddsMonkey’s professional support

In our review, OddsMonkey’s customer support performed well. There are staff members active on the forums, often contributing not just hints and tips, but discussing their own strategies and matched betting behaviour too — it’s always good to see the people who work for a platform also use it, and are thus aware of the ups, downs, and everything in between. Response time to specific queries was good and the answers were informative. If the customer support were a destination, we definitely left with fond memories and a promise to ourselves to visit again.

OddsMonkey Betting Service

All aboard: the OddsMonkey service overview

The top destination highlight of the OddsMonkey service is their Oddsmatcher. In order to make the most from free bets, and minimise the loss made on bets qualifying for offers, bettors need to find back and lay odds that are as close to one another as possible. Naturally, scanning every bookmaker and comparing against an exchange is nigh-on impossible to do manually.

The tech match-finding solution at the heart of OddsMonkey

Thankfully, the OddsMatcher is your cheerful automated holiday rep when using the site, well-informed, up-to-date, and saving you a huge amount of effort. The matcher scans all of the available markets within stipulated criteria and shows you the closest matches.

During our OddsMonkey review, we’re pleased to say that we found that the matcher works like a charm: sure, if odds are moving quickly then you might see some discrepancies between OddsMonkey odds and the actual odds at the bookmaker or exchange pop-up, but that’s largely to be expected with this kind of software.

We did encounter the occasional glitch with the results of a search, but these were isolated incidents: nothing that would make us think the matcher is inherently flawed. In fact, the opposite is true: throughout the course of our OddsMonkey review, we found ourselves continually impressed by how the tool performed, even as we became accustomed to it. The matcher is a cornerstone of what OddsMonkey offer, so we were pleased to discover it met our expectations with ease.

Off the beaten track 

In addition to the OddsMatcher, OddsMonkey have ensured the suitcase of their users is brimming to burst with options. The dutching calculator works well, the racing matcher is ideal for those focused on horse-racing offers, and calculators for specific offers — such as Early Payouts — can take awhile to get to grips with, but nevertheless perform their core function flawlessly.

We won’t deny that there’s a learning process involved with all of these tools, but we must also praise OddsMonkey for the fact they’ve really provided a range of guides and tutorials to help people on their matched betting journey. If you’re willing to do your research, then the tools won’t let you down.

The software aside, our OddsMonkey review found that there’s still plenty to like about the overall service from the company. The Daily Offer wall provides at-a-glance access to the latest offers for both sports betting and casino, and there’s even step-by-step guides through your first few matched bets to guide you on your way. We particularly liked that the service provides a rundown of all of the available sign-up offers — often the most lucrative part of matched betting — along with the ability to tick them off when complete, as well as the profit tracker which keeps a running total of how much you’ve been able to make during your time using the site.

Assessing the rival resorts

We’re not going to pretend that the company have particularly broken the mould with their service. Highlighting the best offers and providing an oddsmatcher are all fairly standard fare for matching betting sites, and options such as an occasional OddsMonkey promo code are also fairly routine in this world. However, what we can say is that OddsMonkey’s tools and guides really have perfected the wheel: they might not be hugely innovative, but they work, and they work consistently — and you can’t ask for much more than that.

How does OddsMonkey compare to manual matched betting?

Manual matched betting is a backpacking holiday you take in your early 20s. It’s rough around the edges, everything takes longer than it should, you’ll probably make more than a few mistakes along the way, and while it might seem worth it to an extent, it’ll always feel like there’s an asterisk — a sense that there’s probably a better way to travel and get to where you want to be.

In comparison, matched betting using OddsMonkey is a trip to a seven-star resort. Everything is as simple as it can be, the experience just flows from one pleasant opportunity to another, and you’ll be able to make the most of your every delight you encounter along the way. That’s not to say there won’t be the occasional hiccup on the way, but overall, the comparison to dragging a backpack around the sites is impossible to make, as the winner is clear every time.

The all-important cost consideration

However, there is a reason people set off on backpacking trips: cost, which is also a factor in the manual vs assisted matched betting debate. Manual matched betting is free, whereas OddsMonkey charges a subscription, so it may initially seem that on a cost analysis there’s only one winner. We, however, would disagree: manual matched betting is incredibly expensive in terms of time, potentially leading to hours lost every day for a meagre profit that may not even translate to minimum wage when time spent hunting odds and deals is factored in.

Given that most people using OddsMonkey can make their subscription costs back from the greater profits the site allows them to access, our OddsMonkey review led us to believe that the service should realistically more than pay for itself over time and with careful, considered, well-researched use. What’s more, if you can find an OddsMonkey promo code that reduces the price of a subscription in some way, then the cost-to-benefit analysis is tipped even further in OddsMonkey’s favour when compared to attempting to engage in matched betting without it.

Traveller beware: important cautions

We don’t want to pretend that the core activity of matched betting is easy, because it isn’t. It’s tough; there’s a lot to learn; and while technically risk-free, the possibility of mistakes is always a matter for concern. OddsMonkey cannot remove these risks entirely. It can make them less likely — for example, by automatically calculating your stake and allowing you to lay a bet through the OddsMatcher rather than having to go to the exchange — but it can’t defeat every obstacle matched bettors face.

Nor can OddsMonkey offer to protect you against the greatest issue matched bettors face: gubbing (offers being removed from a bookmaker account) or stake restrictions. Talk of being gubbed is rife on the forums, and even features in the guides on the site.

However, all of the aforementioned risks apply to matched betting in general; you’ll find the same warnings in our Profit Accumulator review and thus our OddsMonkey review doesn’t lay the blame at the company’s door. In fact, we’d go as far to argue that the site does all it realistically can to guard against the potential downsides of matched betting, and there’s a healthy tone of caution that permeates the entire site.

The overseas problem 

An additional caution we have to note is the issues that you may face when trying to use an OddsMonkey offer or the main service from countries outside of the United Kingdom. OddsMonkey is a UK site, predominantly aimed at the UK market. There are international bookmakers featured on the site, but you might want to sample the service with a free trial or discounted introductory offer if available just to see if there is enough coverage of bookmakers in your region to help you decide whether you can answer the question, “is OddsMonkey worth it?” affirmatively.

OddsMonkey Review FAQ

👍Is OddsMonkey a good service?

Deciding whether a service meets the goal of being “good” is a complex process, as a range of user preferences have to be taken into account. At, whether we’re analysing Surebet prediction software or digging deep into the OddsMonkey service, we have sought to review OddsMonkey in an objective, helpful way, so that all users should find the information they need.

🎯 Which is better: OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator?

Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator are well-known and well-regarded matched betting services, with their own individual pros and cons. To find out more about each service and decide which might be the best choice for you, look no further than the in-depth reviews for each on

💰Is OddsMonkey free?

As one of the most reputable matched betting services online, OddsMonkey has undoubtedly won its fair share of fans. To find out more about the service, including coverage of how its subscriptions work, visit the OddsMonkey review today.

End of the line: our OddsMonkey review conclusion

OddsMonkey has just one item on its itinerary: to make matched betting as simple as possible for users. When it comes to delivering on what OddsMonkey offer to their users, they really can’t be faulted. The software works; the daily offer updates are useful; and the profits that can be generated are real.

We’d always say that users have to beware when attempting matched betting or using any of the available betting systems for sports, and the same is true of anyone contemplating using the brand or availing of an OddsMonkey discount code. There’s only so much the site can do to protect users, so there’s always going to be an onus on the traveller to carefully study their plans and ensure they know exactly what they are doing. To their credit, OddsMonkey makes this process as straightforward as possible, and we found the forum and its knowledgeable members is arguably worth the subscription cost alone for the help and assistance it can provide.

Overall, our OddsMonkey review is a positive one, and we were hugely impressed by what OddsMonkey offer to their users. Put simply, the service works, and the standard cost is justifiable, and the possibility of an OddsMonkey code makes it all the more so. If you want to start matched betting for the first time, or are looking for an improvement to your current travel plans, then using the platform is sure to be one of the soundest decisions you’ll make on your matched betting journey.

If you’re curious to find out more about other betting systems, then we at are here to help. From our RebelBetting review to our in-depth coverage of the available choices for BetBurger bookmakers you can use the service with, we’re always here to keep you fully informed every time you wish to take flight with a new betting system.

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