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Hello and welcome to our review of the NetBet new customer offers. NetBet currently has 3 stellar welcome bonuses for you to choose from. NetBet wants you to have all the bells and whistles when you arrive at your destination.

The NetBet new customer offers give users the chance to claim as much as €50 for the sports bonus, €200 for the casino bonus and a whopping €1,500 for the poker bonus. You are spoilt for choice with these jaw dropping NetBet new customer offers, so make your choice and pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime.

Intro to the NetBet new customer offers

You only really need to have seen one or two online gambling sites to know that welcome bonuses abound in the industry right now. NetBet are no different but what they do better than most is give you plenty of variety with their NetBet new customer offers. There are 3 different NetBet new customer offers for you to choose from, but you can only choose one, so choose wisely. Check out our NetBet review if you want to know more about the platform itself.

Tips on how to use the bonus – take a moment before you claim the offer If you aren’t sure how bonuses work at this point, then you are probably still unfamiliar with the fact that most bonuses come with terms and conditions. Luckily, the terms and conditions attached to NetBet new customer offers are pretty straightforward.

While they may be simple, it is still very much needed for you to take a look at these terms and be conscious yourself. The terms and conditions contain all the important information like the wagering requirements, how much you can claim and a lot more. Nobody likes reading terms and conditions but when it comes to claiming one of the NetBet new customer offers it is definitely worth doing to ensure that you walk away with some winnings in your hand from using the bonus correctly. Take a look at our tips below to help you out with claiming and successfully using your bonus.

Top 5 Expert Tips - things to keep in mind about your Mr Green bonus

Don’t claim too much:

The reason we say don’t claim too much is because you still have wagering requirements you need to contend with. Just because you can claim a hefty amount from the bonus doesn’t mean that you necessarily should. These NetBet new customer offers have wagering requirements which means that you will have to rollover your bonus amount a certain amount of times. This means spending more money to try and successfully claim your bonus winnings. So, spend what you are willing to lose and not a penny more.

Read the wagering requirements carefully:

As we have already mentioned, there are wagering requirements attached to the NetBet new customer offers. These requirements are what you need to complete in full if you want to take home your bonus winnings. So, get to know these wagering requirements like the back of your hand so that you have a clear objective for how to get your hands on those bonus winnings.

Keep a record:

Now that you know there are wagering requirements that you need to complete in order to take winnings home from your NetBet new customer offers, it’s a good idea to keep a record of them. These rollover requirements can be pretty high at times and keeping track of the maths can be tricky in your head plus you might lose your place and forget how much you have actually completed. That is why it’s a good idea to just jot down your progress in a notepad or on a document on your PC. However you want to do it, the point is that keeping a record will help you know when you are close to the finishing line with your wagering requirements.

Note the time limits:

Remember, you need to complete these wagering requirements within a set time frame. Firstly, make sure you give yourself the right period of time to complete the requirements. What we mean by this is, don’t try to rush through everything on a Monday night but rather give yourself ample time on a weekend to make sure you get the requirements done properly. And as the clock ticks on, make sure that you have enough time at all to complete these requirements. The last thing you would want is to get so close to your bonus winnings only to have your bonus and its winnings voided because you ran out of time.

Know what games contribute the most:

If you decide to claim the NetBet casino bonus, then you need to familiarize yourself with the game contribution percentages. Each game on the site contributes a different percentage to your wagering requirements. Do, make sure that you know what games contribute 100% and what games only contribute a factional amount. You may well need to have this information on hand if you are pressed for time to complete the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions - what you need to know

Will I be needing a NetBet bonus code?

Yes, you will in fact need a NetBet promo code to access the welcome bonuses. The NetBet bonus code for the casino offer is ‘NBWELCOME’. The NetBet bonus code for the sportsbook bonus is ‘WELCOME50’. As far as we can tell there is no NetBet bonus code for the poker bonus, so you’ll only need to enter a NetBet promo code if you plan on opting-in for the casino or sportsbook bonus. You’ll need to do the same for the Sporting Index promo code offer as well.

Can I use any payment method to claim the NetBet new customer offers?

Yes and no. If you decide to go for the NetBet poker bonus, then you won’t be restricted from using any specific payment methods on the site. Simply make your deposit and claim your bonus. However, if you decide to go for the NetBet sports bonus or the NetBet casino bonus then you won’t be able to make your first deposit using Skrill or Neteller. This is a recurring theme amongst many online sportsbooks as they don’t allow Neteller and Skrill in sportsbook promotions for whatever reason. It is somewhat strange that you can’t use them for the NetBet casino bonus though.

Is there a bonus offer for poker?

You bet there is! The poker bonus is actually the most lucrative of all the NetBet new customer offers. New players can claim a mouth-watering €1,500 which will be released in stages the more hands you play. We explain this in more detail later on in our review.

Can I claim more than one bonus?

No, unfortunately not. You will have to make a choice between the 3 NetBet new customer offers that are available. So, if you are a strong sports bettor then stick with that. If you prefer casino gaming, then go for the casino bonus. Now isn’t the time to broaden your horizons. Stick with the bonus offer that you know best so you can give yourself a solid chance of taking home your bonus winnings after completing your wagering requirements.

Can I use the casino bonus on any of the available games on the site?

Yes, the cash bonus that you receive from the casino promotion will allow you to play on any of the available games on the site with varying game contribution percentages. However, the free spins that you claim can only be used on the slots game Age of the Gods. Apart from that, you aren’t restricted heavily with the games you are allowed to play with your NetBet casino bonus.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - no Mr Green loyalty program just yet

There is currently an exciting loyalty rewards program over at NetBet. Players who play on the site frequently will start to earn NetPoints. The amount of NetPoints you earn per month will determine what tier you are in for the following month. Let’s take a look at the different tiers and the amount of points you need to earn to enter each of them:

Bronze: free

Silver: Monthly NetPoints required: 770

Gold: Monthly NetPoints required: 6220

Platinum: Monthly NetPoints required: 77770

Diamond: Monthly NetPoints required: 259241

Stellar: Monthly NetPoints required: 777725

Elite: Monthly NetPoints required: 2592420

The higher you climb up the ranks the bigger and better the rewards are that you receive. You can cash in on things like cash bonuses, free bets, exclusive invites and much more.

NetBet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro: 50% deposit offer

The NetBet sports bonus is a 50% matched deposit offer up to a total of €50. Depositing more than €50 will not net you a bigger NetBet sports bonus. You can use your NetBet sports bonus on any of the sports on your site so you can have the run of the place with your bonus. It is a really simple bonus that doesn’t require too much thought other than remembering to opt-in and to enter the NetBet bonus code ‘WELCOME50’.

Reality Test: how to use your NetBet sports bonus

Like we said already, just sign up to NetBet, enter the NetBet promo code and then collect your bonus. Once you have done that you are pretty ready to go with placing your first bet on any sporting event that catches your eye. There are a couple of betting conditions that you need to keep in mind before you charge full steam ahead though.

Bonus Withdrawal: stick to the betting conditions

In order for you to successfully walk away with your winnings you need to adhere to the betting conditions of the bonus to the last detail. That sounds more ominous than it actually is as all you really have to do is make sure that you use your bonus on odds of no less than 1.6. The bet type also needs to be at least a treble with 3 selections or more.

The actual wagering requirements of the bonus are 8x the bonus amount, that means that if you claimed the full €50 then you will need to wager up to €400 before you can withdraw your winnings.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus: use the right payment methods

You do not have to keep in mind that you cannot use Skrill or Neteller when making your first deposit to claim the NetBet sports bonus. Using either one of these payment methods will exclude you from the bonus even if you entered in the NetBet promo code. So, be sure to use literally any other available payment method on the site except for these two.

Verdict on Bonus: easy enough to claim

Overall, what’s not to like about the NetBet sports bonus? The wagering requirements are more than fair, and the bonus amount may not be the biggest we have ever seen but it’s enough to make your first bet on the site genuinely exciting. Plus, you can walk away with a total of €400 if all goes well with your rollover requirements.

NetBet Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro: don’t forget to cash in on your free spins

The NetBet joining offer for the casino is a fantastic offer that can net you up to a maximum of €200.  All you have to do is make your first deposit into your account and enter the NetBet bonus code ‘NBWELCOME’. Once you have done that, your account will be credited with the bonus amount that you opted to go for. You’ll also get 10 free spins to use on the slot game Age of the Gods as well.

Reality Test: how to go about using the bonus

As we mentioned before, the process for using the NetBet casino bonus is really straightforward. Once your account has been credited with the bonus you can use the cash bonus on any casino games you like. The 10- free spins you received can be used on any of the Age of the Gods variants on the site as well, so you won’t just be limited to one version.

Bonus Withdrawal: make sure you complete those wagering requirements

If you want to walk away with cash in hand from your NetBet casino bonus, then you have to make sure that you complete your wagering requirements. The wagering requirements for the cash part of the bonus is a 30x rollover. Aside from that, you will have 7-days to complete the requirements and 7-days to use your free spins as well.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus: game contribution percentages

Just as it is for the NetBet sports bonus, you won’t be able to use Neteller or Skrill to claim your casino bonus. Apart from that, there isn’t much else within the terms and conditions that is going to trip you up. Just remember to keep a record of your wagering requirements progress as you go along.

Verdict on Bonus: a little more generous than the sports bonus

If the bigger bonus is what you are after then the casino bonus is going to outshine the sports bonus for you., You can claim more but the wagering requirements are a little steeper so be careful with how much of the maximum bonus you actually want to claim as it will only make your wagering requirements more difficult to complete. Check out the Novibet new customer offer to see how it compares to the NetBet casino bonus.

NetBet Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro: a whopping €1,500 on offer for poker

The poker bonus at NetBet is far and away the biggest bonus you can currently claim at €1,500. The bonus can be used on any of the available poker variants on the site so there is not much of a restriction in that regard.

Reality Test: where to start with your bonus

As far as using the actual bonus goes, you simply need to sign up and opt-in for the poker bonus. From there you can start releasing your bonus by playing hands on the site.

Bonus Withdrawal: tricky wagering requirements

The wagering requirements are very different to the previous two offers. You won’t receive the €1,500 up front but instead you will release the bonus the more you play on the site. For every 200 points you earn you will release €2 of the bonus. You will have 45-days to earn enough points to cover your bonus amount that you claimed.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus: game contribution percentages

There is not much in the way of pitfalls with the poker bonus. However, if there was ever a time to keep a record of your wagering requirements it is with the poke bonus. If you claimed the full bonus amount it will be tough to keep track of how much of the bonus you have released.

Verdict on Bonus: fair wagering requirements and a decent bonus size

We are not overly fond of the wagering requirements attached to the poker bonus but in fairness the maximum amount is very large, so it had to balance out somehow.

Overall Conclusion - generous LeoVegas bonus all round

And so, we come to the end of our review of the NetBet new customer offers and it’s clear that this is a travel agent you should take seriously. It’s really great that NetBet have created bonus offers for every section on their site as this is bound to please just about every type of online gambler that signs up. We would like to see a slight boost to the sportsbook bonus but that is us just nit-picking really.

If you want to compare other bonuses in the industry to NetBet then we suggest taking a look at our reviews for the Betdaq promo code offer or the Sportingbet bonus code offer as these are some fantastic options to take with you on your betting journey as well.

NetBet Promo Code FAQ

📟 Can I claim all of the NetBet offers?

Our NetBet review found plenty of welcome bonuses available on the site right now. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can claim each and every one of them. Our review will let you know what the conditions are for each of these bonuses and whether or not you will be able to claim more than one of them.

💲Can I use the poker bonus all at once?

Sometimes, poker bonuses can work a little differently to your average sport bonus or casino bonus. As such, our review of the NetBet poker bonus will shed some light on how the bonus works, whether you will be able to claim it all at once or if you will need to release the bonus in parts like so many other poker bonuses in the industry right now.

❓Do casino games contribute differently to your wagering requirements?

Many casino bonuses won’t just let every single game on the site contribute 100% to your casino bonus wagering requirements. As such, it’s important for you to read our review to find out what the different game contribution percentages are for each casino game that is available at NetBet.

⚽ Is there a free bet offer I can claim for sports betting?

Everybody loves a good free bet offer as it is basically a risk-free bet. Our reviews of the NetBet new customer offers will let you know if you can claim a free bet offer right now in addition to the sports bonus that is available on the site.

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