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LuckyLand Social Casino Review & Rating 2021

Is LuckyLand Legit?

We at understand that a major appeal for travellers of the casino world is the quality of the games. If slots is your ultimate destination, search no further than LuckyLand casino. LuckyLand online casino is one of the few in the sea of online gaming sites that focuses solely on slots.

LuckyLand slots are wide in variety and fun. With different forms of currency, a whole new collection of stakes to choose from and some great bonus offers, our LuckyLand casino review will show why LuckyLand casino is one of the best for slots across the land.

LuckyLand: Pros & Cons
  • High quality slots
  • Equally great experience across platforms and devices
  • Fast and convenient direct payment system that can link to your Facebook account
  • Immediate reward with bonuses that get even better as you play
  • Lack of customer service phone line or live chat

Bonus offers and free bets - LuckyLand Casino has bundles

The first thing LuckyLand Casino excels at is signup and regular bonus. A no deposit signup bonus is an amount of money a casino rewards you with for signing up, without having to deposit any money yourself. Take for example, the Sporting Index promo code. The main difference here that you’ll find between social casinos and online casinos is the kind of bonuses you get. LuckyLand Casino is a social casino, so the bonus you will get will be in their virtual currency. In all cases with social casinos as well, the bonus will be no deposit.

As soon as you register with LuckyLand online casino, you will be rewarded with 9,000 coins and 10 sweep coins, two of LuckyLand casino’s primary forms of currency. The difference between Sweep coins and regular coins is the stakes and value. Sweep coins are usually utilised for bigger jackpots, and to win real cash prizes, while regular coins are simply there for the enjoyment factor.

You will also be rewarded with a daily LuckyLand casino bonus just for logging in, that incrementally gets bigger every consecutive day you play. For your first week, all of the signup bonuses will be Sweep Coins. And, if you want to play through LuckyLand slots Facebook, you will be able to avail of even more bonus offers.

Usability, look and feel - an effective, vintage experience

LuckyLand Casino provides a vintage, old school look that is rare to find in 2021. With the bright colours, the fluid animations and the vibrant flashes of the slots, LuckyLand Casino provides an almost nostalgic feel in its inviting appearance and brightly coloured gameplay. The layout of the site is simple – with a menu function, and a variety of slots to scroll through, navigating your way through the website is as easy as can be. You can look at another website that has a similar layout in our Boyle Sports review.

LuckyLand slots themselves work effortlessly. In our LuckyLand casino review, we tested both the slots across desktop and several mobile devices, and found on most up to date devices their performance was seamless and immersive. What really is the ticker with LuckyLand Casino is how great everything is presented to you on a single page.

You are able to access absolutely everything, from your favourite slot games, your settings, any bonuses and deals you want to avail of, your coin and Sweep Coin balance, any current events and jackpots available – among much more that LuckyLand Casino offers. They also have an easy function to access playing with your friends – through LuckyLand Slots Facebook, you can invite your friends to play slots, send them free gifts – among a lot more, simply by clicking a button.

Any slot player will appreciate that everything they need is presented clearly and simply in front of them – with LuckyLand online casino, you don’t have to scroll through endless amounts of miscellaneous or pointless pages.

Payments – quick and easy

As a social casino, LuckyLand Casino does not require a whole pile of payments for you to make the most out of the service. But, you may want to purchase more coins to up your stakes – and you may want to enter their high stakes jackpots and tournaments, to attempt to win real cash prizes. The primary method for deposits and withdrawals are credit cards – Visa, Mastercard and American Express being the most reliable. You can also deposit through Skrill and Paysafecard, however.

There are no costs or fees for any withdrawals – LuckyLand Casino for iPhone, in fact, makes the whole process easier. If you have your mobile handy, and you want to trade in the Sweep Coins you collected for some money – just redeem it in the ‘redeem’ section, and the money will be linked back directly to your bank account. Keep in mind, though, you need at least 50 Sweep Coins to avail of any real cash from LuckyLand Casino. This is the equivalent of $50, which is your only real withdrawal limit. There are hardly any waiting times, you’ll get your cash back in under 24 hours.

Customer service - reliable, detailed support across several platforms

LuckyLand Casino has a variety of ways you can contact them if you are running into any issues. The best ways to contact them would be through social media (Facebook, Twitter) or by email. But, where LuckyLand Casino really thrives is their FAQ section. If you have an issue you need to address, we’d recommend you visit their detailed FAQ section before trying to contact LuckyLand Casino. Separated into a variety of sections, such as ‘My account’, ‘IOS/Android Assistance’, ‘Redeeming Prizes’ and ‘Verification’, chances are your questions will be answered here.

LuckyLand Casino have gone to all the necessary lengths to make sure any enquiries you may have can be answered without having to go through the rigmarole of customer service. However, if you do need to contact customer service directly, LuckyLand Casino is known to respond promptly on social media, and will deal with most problems efficiently and effectively. LuckyLand Casino’s customer service is available in both English and French, catering to their primary markets of America and Canada.

License and security – no worry, little cost

LuckyLand Casino do not just provide great original slots – they take all the measures necessary to let you know those slots are safe and secure. Due to LuckyLand casino’s status as a social casino rather than a full online casino, they are ineligible to qualify for many certifications, such as eCogra or Gamcare. You’ll find these certificates in use in our high Spreadex rating. However, they take a great initiative to ensure your safety above else, by adhering to regular consumer protection laws. LuckyLand Casino provides a Responsible Social Gaming Policy, for example.

Their Responsible Social Gaming Policy covers a variety of different safety measures, such as a checklist to ensure you are not suffering from a gambling addiction, links to organisations that will support you and how to treat your addiction. For a social casino, LuckyLand Casino takes a great step here to ensure all their players – even those who don’t play for real cash – can get help if they seriously need it. We cover how important these safety measures are in our ‘is Dafabet legit?’ article.

They also have a great guide on how they protect their website from any potential minors joining, as they collect what they term as ‘anonymous data’ in order to confirm a players genuine age. Their guidelines in the privacy policy are fully in line with both the California Consumer Privacy Act for California residents, and the General Data Protection Policy. Their website is fully certified by Amazon, and the Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority. LuckyLand Casino takes full care, especially for a social casino, to ensure your data is fully secure and safe under your consumer rights.

Rewards and loyalty program – very rewarding for just a little loyalty

We at find LuckyLand Casino differs from similar social casinos due to how consistent they are with their rewards. Their loyalty program, that you can avail of almost instantly, would rival most social casinos with ease. Just check out our other gambling reviews to see how well LuckyLand Slots Facebook does hold up.

Their Facebook rewards are an important mention, because this is the smartest way you can avail of the most rewards the quickest. By signing in with LuckyLand Slots Facebook, LuckyLand Slots knows your identity immediately  – and, any of the rewards you will gain will be credited to you – and cash prizes credited to your account.

Take their daily rewards system. Every day you sign in in the LuckyLand app, you get a number of sweep coins. The first day you will get 0.3 Sweep coins, the second 0.3 again, and so on and so forth. It may not seem like much at first, but when you log in every day, you’ll find the number of Sweep coins – and regular coins – you get will climb higher, and higher. Every four hours you are offered at least 400 regular coins – which you can avail of at any time, as long as you wait the allotted time. These are just the rewards you would get at the low ‘Bronze’ level of the LuckyLand Casino  VIP system.

As you play more, you will rise through their tiered VIP system. Once you reach level 20, you will become a ‘Silver’, Level 50, you are a ‘Gold’, and it stretches all the way up to Diamond, which is achievable at Level 300. Each time you reach a new tier, your rewards only get sizably more rewarding. You start at a coin purchase bonus of 188%, every tier raises this bonus up by 50%. That means at the Diamond Tier, when you purchase coins, you get up to 450% cashback bonus on your purchase!

Another thing to keep in mind is that these are Sweep coins cashback. So when you purchase regular coins, LuckyLand Casino will give you a sum of Sweep Coins – which are valuable for entering tournaments, and jackpots –  and winning huge sums of money.

LuckyLand Social Casino

Software – homegrown and farmed talent

LuckyLand Casino is unique as all of their games are completely developed in house. Our Genting Bet review is an example of games developed by more established developers. However, VGW Casino is the brains and brawn behind LuckyLand online casino, so all of the LuckyLand slots casino – as well as a few scratch games – are all developed by them. You may find similarities to their sister company, Chumba – an online casino known for developing such slots like Quest West and Stampede Fury. The games will all run as smoothly as that, with some of their top slots being Snow Queen 3D, Cai Chen Lai, Sweep the Nations and Luchamania. Their software is some of the best for being platform and device compatible – playing on the LuckyLand app, or on LuckyLand slots for iPhone is flawless, and it could be even better than playing on desktop.

Game portfolio – original and immersive

LuckyLand Casino currently features 40 games – which may seem small initially, but once you see the variety in stakes and gameplay between the various slot games, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. Among those 40 games, however, you’ll find a few scratch card games that certainly shake things up, and a lottery game. The main differential here is that vintage, classic feel that LuckyLand Casino excels at providing. You won’t find a modern online casino slot experience here – LuckyLand slots are here to provide a throwback. Most of these games are Eygptian, or tribal themed, as you would find on many social casino sites.

Examples of some of our favourite LuckyLand casino slots would be Power of Ra, Mayan Gods, Pow Pow Lions and Dr Amazing. However, there are wide variants all available – as the popular games we mentioned above, as well as many different themed slot games. Lucky Numbers – the lottery game – is also a great play. It not only provides a unique neon appearance with smooth gameplay. But, it is also an instant win game – one of many we have found in our LuckyLand casino review. Overall, with the wide variety and smooth, nostalgic gameplay, you’ll be kept thoroughly busy with all your coins on these slots.

Product summary and conclusion – razor sharp focus

All in all, what LuckyLand Casino lacks in other table and casino games, it lacks in razor sharp precision. By creating their own games, they took a big risk – they could have turned off many die hard online casino players by not utilising the usual big developers.

But, LuckyLand online casino understood their own market, and by developing their own games, they created a brilliantly vintage feel to all of their slots, and their few scratch and lottery games. Not only were they visually appealing and had beautiful graphics, they flowed as smooth as butter – just like any premier online casino game would.

The ability to switch over to your mobile and play on the LuckyLand app on Android – or just LuckyLand slots for iPhone if you are iOS – certainly helped. You could play LuckyLand Casino games on the go, without missing a beat – playing on your mobile is just the same as playing on desktop. They make up for their lack of a live presence too by putting a huge amount of effort into the social media accounts, as the best social casinos do.

Their Facebook is incredibly strong, almost topping the 100,000 likes, with constant interaction with fans and daily posts that promote the latest promotions and jackpot opportunities.

Their Twitter is a little more free, and has less followers with 3,000 followers. But, LuckyLand Casino still has excellent promotion tactics. Constantly interacting with fans, retweeting and replying, as well as posting just as regularly as Facebook. LuckyLand slots also have a great Instagram. With 15,000 followers and fairly regular posts, you’ll find Instagram just as entertaining.

The major weakness they suffered from was variety, but by focusing their strengths into these mentioned areas, LuckyLand Casino is able to provide a fun little slot experience for any slot player, beginner or avid, to enjoy. If you’re a slot player who enjoys playing on the go, or someone who enjoys a vintage feel, LuckyLand Casino will provide just that.

Luckyland Casino FAQ

❓ Is LuckyLand Casino legal in the USA?

Simply put, it does depend on the state and where you are if the casino is legal or not. However, regulations and rules in the United States are completely different from online casinos to social casinos. Due to social casinos using a virtual currency rather than a real currency, the regulations are generally a lot looser than they would be otherwise. Check out our handy guides to learn more.

💰 How do I get my signup bonus from LuckyLand Casino?

LuckyLand Casino makes the process of getting your no deposit signup bonus simple. There’s a variety of different methods in which you can get your signup bonus. Whether it’s through the website, through Facebook or any other social media means, it is a simple process that only takes a few moments and a couple of clicks. For more information on signup bonuses, have a browse of our informative bonus reviews.

💸 How can I make a purchase or withdraw money from LuckyLand Casino?

LuckyLand Casino have simplified payment methods to make everything easier for the player. Deposits are easy to make through their website. Once you have gained familiarity with the site and learned how it all operates, you’ll understand the payment section of the website in no time flat. You can learn more about how social casinos work by reading our insightful reviews.

Overall conclusion – a site worth your time for consistent enjoyment

To wrap up, we at would recommend LuckyLand Casino for anyone who loves to fly the blue skies of the casino world for the enjoyment of slots. LuckyLand Casino does not promise anything they do not deliver – they are a social casino with vintage slots. You’ll have great fun playing with their virtual currencies.

In addition, playing for real money is easy to do at LuckyLand, with payment transfers that are quick and easy. They are as secure as a social casino can be, with a helpful and informative customer service section to support you. If you like to explore the slots, and do not want to delve into serious betting, we think LuckyLand Casino is your ideal place to land.

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