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Welcome to our latest InterBets reviews. A prominent online horse racing betting operator; you’ll come to find a slick platform with generous offers and a tantalizing mobile app. It doesn’t get much better than this!

If you love to bet on the horses, then the latest InterBets rating will incentivize you to sign up today. It’s easy to fund your account and you can make the most of live streaming so as to immerse yourself in all the latest action. Read our InterBets review to find out if this site is the one for you!

Interbets: Pros & Cons
  • Generous welcome bonus on offer
  • Intuitive mobile betting app
  • Immediate online withdrawal option
  • Great horse racing betting services
  • Limited in terms of state coverage

Bonus Offers & Free Bets - claim your InterBets welcome offer

As a new customer, it’s no surprise that you’re scouring our latest gambling sites list for the latest bonuses and promotions. In this day and age, online betting operators have included a host of exciting offers for newcomers to their site. All that you need to do is pick the platform and bonus that appeals to you most. From here, it’s simply a matter of creating an account and making a deposit (for the most part). Our latest InterBets review has found that you will be provided with a generous bonus as a way of welcoming you to the site.

The latest matched deposit bonus totals $100. Thus, you can receive a bonus of up to (and not exceeding) $100 when you sign up and make a deposit. It’s important that you use the latest InterBets promo code in order to activate your bonus. You’ll find that we’ve covered all you need to know in our bonus review of this compelling horse racing betting site. Be sure not to miss out if you do decide that InterBets is the one for you. Is InterBets legit in terms of offering their bonus to residents of all states? Well, InterBets is primarily known for offering its betting services in the state of New York. However, you can access this platform from other states. The only issue is that InterBets does not explicitly advertise which states it operates in. The best way in which to assess whether you are eligible is to visit the official site and try to create a valid account.

Usability, Look & Feel - simple and responsive online platform

It’s always fun assessing a platform for the first time. We enjoy analyzing the first impression of the site as well as how our opinion changes the more we use it. In terms of first impressions, you won’t exactly be blown away. Is InterBets legit due to this revelation? Yes, they are. The site has incorporated a rather simple design. The layout makes for easy navigation even if it may be slightly underwhelming at first. However, the more you start to use the platform, the more you will realize that it actually has a practical design. You can easily find all the info you are looking for. If you create a valid account, you’ll be exposed to a lot more in terms of aesthetics. The performance of the platform itself is undeniable and you can enjoy online betting without being encumbered by slow loading times or inefficient processing. We feel that the performance of the platform speaks volumes to the commitment of this operator to customer satisfaction.

InterBets mobile app

In addition to the InterBets official site, you’ll also be able to use the mobile app for betting. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems. It’s really easy to download and this will give you added freedom in accessing your account whenever you please. It’s possible to use the app to access a wide selection of horse racing markets on the go. The design of the app is in line with the official site but has a number of innovative tools. If you decide to use InterBets as a betting provider, you should definitely download the latest app!

Payments - variety of secure options available

Is InterBets legit in terms of payment processing? Yes, they are. It’s vital that you find a bookie which facilitates secure and efficient online payments. There’s no need to get stuck with an online sportsbook that is unable to guarantee instant deposits and reliable withdrawals on a constant basis. Our InterBets rating has certainly increased based on their ability to ensure that your funds are well looked after and securely-stored. Below, we’ve touched on the deposit and withdrawal options that you will have access to as an InterBets customer.


Cash: You can find your account with cash at any of the Catskill OTB branches. You’ll need an InterBets Players card and a valid pin in order to do so. Regardless of whether you use a cashier or self-service system, your deposit will be credited to your account immediately.

PayNearMe: You can also make use of PayNearMe. All that you need to do is print the deposit slip or send it to your mobile device. You can then visit a 7-Eleven or CVS and pay them in cash. The deposit slip is reusable. Funds will be credited to your account immediately however you will have to pay a flat fee of $3.99.

Check or money order: You can also make a deposit by posting a check or making use of a money order service. Keep in mind that this service can take up to 6 business days to clear. Thus, you may wait up to a week for your funds to be credited to your account.

ACH transfer/OTBPay: You can deposit funds directly from your bank account. If you use OTBPay ACH transfers, you can deposit up to $1,000 while incurring a fee of $4.50. Transactions will clear in 15 minutes. For the InterBets online ACH transfers, you can deposit funds while incurring a fee of $1.

Credit cards: it’s possible to deposit funds using your credit card online. For new customers, you can only deposit up to $200. Established accounts can deposit up to $500 each day.


Is InterBets legit in terms of withdrawals? Let’s take a look. You can withdraw online by requesting a withdrawal once you have logged into your account. Withdrawals will be processed immediately and checks mailed the very next day. It’s also possible to withdraw via mail – you’ll need to send a withdrawal request to the relevant address. Lastly, you can also withdraw funds at any of the Catskill branches using your personal InterBets card.

Customer Support - swift and timely service

A responsive customer support base is non-negotiable for online betting sites. Our InterBets rating hangs in the balance as we assess the support options on hand. If you’ve ever bet online before, you know all too well that queries tend to crop up and account issues may arise. Without the necessary support on offer, it becomes extremely difficult to resolve any of these problems. As such, we delved into this facet of the platform in our InterBets review.

You’ll find that it’s possible to get in touch with InterBets via email. We tested the response time and received an email pretty quickly. This bodes well for the site and their commitment to resolve issues of customers. A good sign of a site that stays on the ball. You can also contact the InterBets team via telephone. For those looking to speak directly to a representative, this may be the best way of getting in touch. Keep in mind that phoning must be done during the normal hours of business. If you happen to experience an issue or wish to query something, sending an email is your best bet. There is no live chat function that we are aware of. Our InterBets rating has certainly taken a slight hit due to this omission. However, it is a feature that may well be installed in the future.

Lastly, you can also make use of the extensive FAQ section. Our InterBets review has found that the FAQ section covers a range of topics that may concern customers – from opening an account to funding issues, and much more. When you start out using the InterBets site, the FAQ section should be your first port of call. It’s one of the most effective ways in which you can tend to your own queries without having to wait until you receive a response.

License & Security - regulated and secure online sportsbook

Is InterBets legal? Before you start using an online platform, it’s important to find out about the licensing and security situation. First off, states across the US have different laws regarding online betting. As such, you may find that the operator you wish to use is licensed in certain states but not others. Our InterBets review has noted that they offer their services to residents of New York, first and foremost. InterBets is licensed and regulated to provide betting services on a range of horse racing events. This means that they are subject to regulatory oversight and must adhere to all laws that have been put in place to protect customers.

Secondly, is InterBets legit in terms of site security? You’ll find that you can make the most of this site with the sound knowledge that there are effective security measures in place. The latest in SSL technology has been implemented on the site. With encryption comes an added layer of protection for all data. Your personal details and financial information will not be stored in plain-text. As such, it is a lot more difficult for third-party entities to access your information – if at all. As such, our latest InterBets rating is more than satisfactory.

Additional Rewards - get in on the action

It’s important to bear in mind that InterBets is a relatively small online betting platform that focuses its attention on customers in New York. Thus, it’s a pleasant surprise to find that there are a range of additional promotions that can be claimed when using the online InterBets platform. Our InterBets review has attempted to access these promotions in order to highlight them for your convenience.

In terms of offers over and above the latest welcome bonus, you’ll find that there are plenty of random prizes that are given to lucky customers throughout the year. You will also find that InterBets offers enticing cashback deals as well as a host of handicapping contests. For those who love to get involved in the latest horse racing betting online, this will serve you well. Be sure to keep an eye out for the contests that are run on a regular basis as well as any promotions which will allow you to improve your chances of increasing your winnings on successful bets.

Interbets Horse Betting

Betting markets - All the biggest horse races in one place

As you are probably aware at this point, our InterBets review has noted that the site focuses on horse racing. As such, you will not be able to bet on a range of different sports. But, you will have access to a number of major horse racing tracks in the US and Canada, as well as a selection of tracks overseas.

Once you have created an account, you’ll be able to view the races for the day. In total, you’ll find that InterBets is affiliated with 95 different race tracks from all over the globe. This gives you the opportunity to bet on a wide number of horse racing markets. From Suffolk Downs to the Royal Ascot, you’ll be at the forefront of all the biggest racing events on the calendar.

Odds - Competitive odds

The odds that you will come to find in our InterBets review are certainly in line with industry standards. You can check up on the latest odds once you log into your account and view the upcoming races for the day. Odds tend to change throughout the day so be sure to keep your eyes on the latest odds in order to capitalize when the time is right!

Live betting & streaming – Watch the biggest races live

Is InterBets legit for live streaming? One of the biggest draws behind the InterBets platform is the live streaming capabilities. You’ll come to find that you can stream live races and watch tons of replays. Our InterBets review has noted that this platform prides itself on their feature of allowing you to stream up to three different races all on one screen. This means that you won’t need to miss out on any of the latest races on any given day. Keep one eye on all of your favorite horses.

Limits - Minimum deposit of $10

In terms of limits, you’ll find that the minimum deposit limit is capped at $10. In terms of betting limits, this may differ depending on the race in question. The best way to figure out what the limit is – minimum or maximum – is by using your bet slip as guidance. Once you have decided on a race and bet type, you can add it to your bet slip. From here, you’ll be prompted if you try to wager too much or too little.

Product summary - An awesome sportsbook for racing fans

For horse racing fans, InterBets may well be the promised land – especially if you find yourself in New York. A reliable online site that is backed by state-run entities, you’ll be able to access a wide selection of horse racing tracks. The latest mobile app will allow you to stream live races as well as watch replays. This will give you good insights into current form and may well enable you to tailor your betting strategy for upcoming races. Be sure to claim the latest bonus and put your knowledge of horse racing to the test. All in all, InterBets is a good place for those looking to bet on the horses within a reliable setting.

InterBets Review FAQ

🎰Does InterBets provide online casino games?

There are a number of online gambling sites that have included a variety of betting products on their site. This means you can bet on sport or play online casino games with on account. However, there are also those operators who only provide one type of service; a sportsbook or exclusive online casino lobby. As such, we recommend you read our latest InterBets review to find out more. Much like our Offtrack Betting review, we cover all you need to know. Be sure to find a site that caters to all your interests.

💯What is the latest InterBets rating?

At, we love to bring you bookmaker ratings – from our Sky Bet rating to the latest InterBets rating. In order for us to rate and rank these prominent bookies, we need to analyze each platform from top to bottom. Once we have done this, we are able to craft in-depth reviews. These reviews form the basis of our latest ratings and ultimate rankings. Take a look at our InterBets review to find out how well it has been rated in comparison to its competitors.

🔐Is InterBets secure?

Many of you are concerned about the safety and security of online betting sites – and rightly so. Is Betfred legit or “is the latest InterBets platform secure” happens to be on the tip of many people’s tongues. Thus, it’s vital that we answer these questions in full. Our latest InterBets review will go into great detail on the subject. We’ve dedicated an entire section to outlining the security and licensing situation of this well-known online betting operator. At, we strive to cover all our bases and provide you with insightful coverage. Always make sure that you use a secure and reliable online platform.

❗Are there any possibilities of an InterBets scam?

It’s important to ascertain whether a respective betting site is at risk of experiencing some sort of scam. Past or present, you can never be too careful. This is especially true seeing as though you’ll be depositing real money funds. Thus, we’ve tasked our experts with uncovering any possible scams that might be lurking nearby. Take a look at our InterBets review to find out more. You needn’t have to experience any type of scam with the latest selection of strong operators.

🏧Are the payment options at InterBets reliable?

An online betting site must provide you with reliable and efficient payment options. It’s paramount that you use a secure option when you transact online. Our latest review of the InterBets platform will outline which payment methods you’ll have at your disposal. This will give you a better idea of processing times, fees, limits, and overall reliability. At, we make it our mission to ensure that you know all you need to know in order to make the right decision about signing up with an online betting site or not.

Our InterBets Review Conclusion

In conclusion, our InterBets review has found that the online version of this site is slightly limited in terms of scope. However, if you are eligible to use the site, you’ll come to find that you can access a wide range of betting options on major horse racing tracks across North America. There will also be the option of wagering on international races. The latest welcome bonus and exciting promotions add an extra dynamic to your online betting. Be sure to use the latest mobile app for a resounding InterBets rating experience.

At, we are always looking for all the latest operators who are making waves in the online gambling industry. If you enjoy betting on the horses but also love online games, then head on over to our Mecca Bingo review. You’ll come to find that a world of online gambling is always right at your fingertips.

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