Golden Nugget Review & Rating 2022

Is Golden Nugget Legit?

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In our search for the finest betting destinations for our gambling reviews, few shine as brightly as the majestic Golden Nugget. A jack-of-all-trades despite the name, our Golden Nugget review found them impressive from sportsbook to slots.

Vitally, they offer flights to an American audience – one which is often overlooked by other operators – meaning our friends from the USA can enjoy a truly world-class trip to a bonanza of betting goodness. You can enjoy Golden Nugget secure in the knowledge that while they’re based in New Jersey and Michigan, they’re competitive with the very best anywhere.

Golden Nugget: Pros & Cons
  • Selection of promotions to suit all players
  • Some of the top software developers in the casino
  • Excellent sportsbook offering to boot
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Currently only available in New Jersey and Michigan

Bonus Offers & Free Bets - Offers to Suit All Players

There are currently two versions of the site for us to consider for our Golden Nugget rating, one for New Jersey and another for Michigan. We hope even more get added to their service sometime in the future.

This is also reflected in their promotions, which are different depending on which version of the site you’re using. It’s also important to note that all promotions anywhere are subject to change. We can, however, say that we’ve looked through several examples and not only is the selection ample and generous, but should completely put to bed any potential concerns about a Golden Nugget scam. Such a great selection goes a long way in positively answering questions like ‘is Golden Nugget legit?’ or ‘is Golden Nugget reliable?’.

An excellent selection can be found no matter which version of the site you’re using, across both sports and casino. If you want the most recent promotional deals, be sure to check out any and all Golden Nugget promo code options.

Usability, Look & Feel - Vibrant and Well-Structured

In terms of great betting destinations, there’s no shortage of operators with outstanding design features. Our BetMGM review, for instance, is a great example of a close competitor operating in similar markets that looks utterly fantastic. We’re happy to report for our Golden Nugget review though, they’re more than up for the challenge.

They have the look of a late night in Vegas, with a great use of colour making everything pop and feel vibrant, while still being easy to use and understand. There’ll be no doubt to the question “is Golden Nugget legal?” for instance, because all the information is right there in front of you.

Best of all, the usability here is fantastic. Everything on a technical level works as it should and there was never a point of confusion or slowdown. We found them just as great a destination for newcomers as it is for seasoned bettors. Just as important for our Golden Nugget rating is that all of this transitions seamlessly to mobile, whether you use Android or iOS.

Sure, they look different to what we’ve seen in our BetAmerica review, for instance, but if all bookmakers looked the same, then the online gambling world would be stale. Golden Nugget have their own style – one which might not be for everyone but one they pull off well – meaning a great rating from us.

Payments - A Wide Selection of Options

Do note fellow travellers that before we begin discussing this vitally important part of our review, this is based on what’s currently available, meaning that right now, all payment methods are only offered via US Dollar. Considering that this operator is aimed at an often overlooked demographic, a lack of some internationally focused payment options won’t have the same negative impact on our Golden Nugget rating as it otherwise might.

Our most up to date booking information shows us that debit and credit cards, VIP Preferred (ACH), PayPal, Paynearme, Online Bank Transfer, AT Casino Cage, Safekeeping, and Wire Transfer are all available. Is Golden Nugget legit when it comes to payment methods? Is Golden Nugget secure? Absolutely.

Minimums begin at $10 and go up to $25,000. This means there’s plenty of scope for both casual and expert players: a huge positive for our Golden Nugget rating. Another big plus is their list of benefits of each payment method – it’s like they’re some kind of betting tour gui… hey wait, that’s our job! Nonetheless, a great selection, well explained, and based on our experiences and their reputation, well executed for ease of use as well.

Customer Service - Around the Clock Support

Now, we’re all about ensuring that your stay is as pleasant as it can be, so believe us that it’s no small compliment when we say in our Golden Nugget review that we found their customer service outstanding. We already know that when it comes to things like payment methods, there’s little doubt that the answer to the question ‘is Golden Nugget legit?’ is a great big yes. And there’s certainly no Golden Nugget scam with regards to any of these options.

But what if you get stuck during that process, or indeed during any other part of your usage. Is Golden Nugget reliable then? Absolutely.

The first important element of this is that they explain themselves really well. The Help sections and terms and conditions are made nice and clear. Remember, our Golden Nugget rating for customer service doesn’t begin with the team – it starts with what you can find out before you have to contact anyone.

When you do though, their customer service team is consistently fantastic. They’re the online equivalent of a hotel reception desk with their around the clock live chat service, who are as fast as they are helpful. Email and phone lines (USA only) are also available.

License & Security - Is Golden Nugget Legit?

Whether we’re talking about our Borgata rating, or asking is Golden Nugget legit, there’s no more important element than security. You wouldn’t stay in a hotel where there were no locks on the doors, just as you shouldn’t use a casino without proper licensing and security. Indeed, when we ask ‘is Golden Nugget legit?’, investigate the possibility of a Golden Nugget scam or even ask ‘is Golden Nugget legal?’, this is exactly what we’re talking about.

Well, the answer to these questions lies firstly in the licensing. You’ll need to firstly know where is Golden Nugget legal. As mentioned before, Golden Nugget holds licenses relevant to New Jersey and Michigan, namely from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and the Michigan Gaming Control Board. So, is Golden Nugget legal? This puts to bed any doubts in that regard. We’d say that licensing goes some way to proving their legitimacy but just like when we asked ‘is Fox Bet legit?’, there’s a little more to it.

Solidifying their legitimacy is their use of encryption, quality software developers with provably fair and random games, use of secure banking methods, the extensive responsible gaming methods and privacy policy, alongside an impeccable reputation backed up by several Operator of the Year awards. That’s why the answer to the question ‘is Golden Nugget legit?’ is firmly in the affirmative, and we judge this location safe for landing.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Points for Frequent Play

We’re happy to report that in addition to the many other fantastic promotions discussed earlier in our Golden Nugget review, this operator also rewards repeat visitors with its ultimate rewards program. This is for casino players and rewards you for playing your favourite games.

Importantly for our Golden Nugget rating, they make their rewards system for players crystal clear. You get five points for $100 wagered on slots, and a single point for the same amount on other games. You get 20 points every day you deposit between $50-$99, and 40 points every day you deposit $100. You get $1 for every 100 points and over 5000 points gets you into the VIP rewards club, which has exclusive promotions and perks at their real life casino in Atlantic City.

No doubt this is aimed at high rollers, but thanks to other promotions, it actually creates a more well-rounded promotional selection for all kinds of bettors. 

Golden Nugget Sports Betting

Betting Markets - All the Sports You Could Ask For

In this part of our Golden Nugget review, we’re going to see if the sportsbook side of things deserves to be up in lights just as much as the well-known casino.

The first place to look to see if the sportsbook is capable of standing toe-to-toe with the many other incredible betting destinations are the markets. This is quite simply what’s available to bet on. It, of course, begins with the sports itself and it’s a great first impression. You can choose from all kinds of major and minor leagues from all around the world.

That’s right, Golden Nugget may be focused on an American audience but its sports selection has international appeal. Sure, you can bet on transatlantic favourites like baseball and basketball but there’s also cricket, soccer and rugby from Europe and beyond. Vital too for our Golden Nugget rating is that each of these option has depth. That means you can find more obscure games, and plenty of market favourites per game, too. It’s absolutely clear that in terms of variety, this operator is taking its sportsbook incredibly seriously.

Odds - Competitive Across The Board

We tested the odds across several markets on several sports, both major and minor, and found them to be consistently impressive. Not only were they competitive with regards to the overround, but they were also competitive against top contenders.

Of course, in terms of specific odds, that entirely depends on the individual market. We can only say that our research provided us with evidence of consistent quality and they have an excellent reputation with visitors in this regard. We take the opinions of other visitors to the site really seriously and this solidifies how impressed we are with their odds. World-class stuff.

Live Betting & Streaming – In-Play Screen Helps You Follow the Action

Just as important as the pre-match options is live betting. In fact, it’s arguably a more pressing test of the quality of the site because it’s so technically demanding. Well, we’ll start off with the bad news and that is there was no live streaming for us to test during our stay with Golden Nugget. That said, this is due to logistical issues – often sports are legally committed to a network and can’t be shown elsewhere. This is beyond the capabilities of the site itself.

However, they do everything they can to follow the action with an in-play screen which provides updates and follows what’s going on. Everything runs very smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Cash out is commonly available, and the market selection remains as impressive as we’ve come to expect.

Limits - Suitable For All Types Of Players

In terms of betting limits, it all depends on the individual event. This is typical and to be expected, as all operators need to be able to adjust for fluctuating markets. All we can say is that in our experience, they were generally very broad, starting low and going high enough to cater to all visitors.

Product Summary & Conclusion - The Sportsbook Is No Afterthought

Our aim was to see if Golden Nugget sportsbook was an afterthought or if it was every bit as important as the casino. We’re happy to say that does appear to be the case, as this is one sports bet extravaganza up there with the absolute best. One thing we were especially impressed by was how international the markets are. They really cater to as many people as they possibly can. Live streaming limitations aside, from odds to cash outs, our time with the sportsbook was a triumph.

Golden Nugget Casino

Software - Games from the Biggest Industry Names

As important as the sportsbook is to making Golden Nugget a more well-rounded betting destination, there can be little doubt what the main event of this Golden Nugget review is. After all, it’s what you first see when you touch down on that landing page. To put it simply, our expectation for the quality of the casino side of the site is as big as Las Vegas itself. With the pressure on, will this nugget shine, or just turn out to be fool’s gold?

Why start with software? That’s simple, you cannot have a great casino without great software developers. It’s essential to your experience. Thankfully, Golden Nugget boasts an incredible selection of software developers to choose from.

Hold your breath and get ready to dive in, because this is going to take a minute: AGS, Ainsworth, Bally, Barcrest, Bet Digital, BTG, Everi, H5G, IGT, Incredible Technologies, Inspired, Konami, Lightning Box, Live Dealer, NetEnt, NextGen, Red 7, SHFL, Side City Games, Slingo, Spin, Wild Streak and WMS are all available at the time of writing. Someone must have gone all inclusive because that, my friends, is like a breakfast spread of betting deliciousness. We couldn’t ask for anything more, we’re full. Amazing stuff.

Game Portfolio - Everything from Slots to Table Games

Of course, having all of those software developers doesn’t really count for much if they don’t have the games to back all of this up. Well, we’ve got some news for everyone, they’ve been putting these guys to work. In fact, they’re edging up close to a thousand games for you to choose from and that includes slots, table games, bingo, steppers, jackpots and more.

It’s a collection that’s every bit as good as both their reputation and the quality of the software developers promises. Best of all, you can even search through the different categories of software developers, which can really help you appreciate the creative distinctions between them. Enjoy as varied a casino trip as possible and find your favourites.

Live Casino - Non-Stop Live Gaming Action

Considering that Golden Nugget casino is an actual real life casino in several different states, our hopes for how they translated this to their online offering was obviously at fever pitch. Who better to provide an online version of the real thing than a company that actually provides a brick-and-mortar experience each and every day? Well, throughout 15 fantastic games, we can happily say that they have more than pulled it off.

Available 24 hours a day, it’s as clear to the real thing as we can possibly imagine. It’s like you can feel those hot casino lights on your face – it’s as authentic as they get. On a technical level too, everything works seamlessly for us, with no sign of slowdown. Their reputation also backed this up as a typical experience.

Limits - Suitable for All Budgets

Much like the sportsbook, the available betting limits entirely depends on the individual table or game itself. That said, with hundreds upon hundreds of options, you’re bound to find a game that suits you not just in creativity, but practicality as well.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Deserving of its Renowned Reputation

We were a bit concerned heading into this part of our Golden Nugget rating. After all, when you head into a hotel that has the reputation for five-star hospitality, they still need to live up to that reputation by delivering a great service. That’s exactly what we were looking for heading into a casino that not only has an excellent reputation online but is also one of the greatest brick and mortar experiences out there as well.

We’re happy to say though that they appear as to have mastered the online world just as they have mastered land-based casinos, with an absolutely fabulous set of games from an incredibly variety of developers. They provide both classic and innovative titles, filled with a variety of games and ideas that distinguish them, with a level of quality that never wavers.

Overall Conclusion - Golden Nugget Shines Bright

If Golden Nugget was a holiday, it would be one with flawless sweeping sands, fabulous restaurants, slight summer winds and rooms fit for royalty. In other words, what we’re saying is that as far as betting destinations go, Golden Nugget is a delight from sign up to sign out, and is every bit as good whether you’re looking for a casino, sportsbook or a little bit of everything. They aren’t quite perfect – we’d have loved to see some live streaming for instance. But if you want a jack-of-all-trades with a little more razzle dazzle than most, our positive Golden Nugget rating reflects how impressed we were with the site overall.

Golden Nugget Review FAQ

✅Is Golden Nugget legitimate?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your ideal online sports betting destination is their licensing and security. This is like the lock on the door and the safe in your hotel room: it’s there to keep you and your money safe. In all our bookmaker reviews, we check everything from licensing to encryption technology, privacy policy to reputation and more. That way, you can register to any operator we recommend with complete peace of mind.

🎰What games are available at Golden Nugget?

Golden Nugget has already earned a great reputation as a brick-and-mortar casino establishment and this quality translates to their online casino offering, too. They have a hugely varied selection of casino games, as well as a fantastic sportsbook product to complement it. Read more in our review to discover the sportsbook markets and specific games titles available to wager on here.

💻How do I sign up to Golden Nugget online?

If you’re ready to hit that ‘Sign up’ button, then the registration process at the online Golden Nugget site should be nice and straightforward. If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, be sure to check out our expert and in-depth review here. We’ll explore everything from promotions to game variety and more, so you can be sure they’re an ideal fit and your betting preferences before registering.


Golden Nugget: Fully licenced in NJNew Jersey

Yes, that’s right, if you are an online casino player in New Jersey, you can head straight to Golden Nugget and join the operator today. You will then be able to take advantage of the wonderful array of casino games on offer. Plus, New Jersey players are also eligible for Golden Nuggets acclaimed 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $1,000. It can really help to give your Golden Nugget adventure the perfect start, so claim yours today.

Golden Nugget online casino is now available in Michigan

Michigan online casino fans: have we got a treat for you. If you are located within Michigan, you can sign up today to play online at Golden Nugget casino. But before you head off to join the operator, we’ve got a bit of additional good news for you – Michigan players are eligible for the superb Golden Nugget new customer bonus offer. All you need to do is make a deposit of up to $1000 and Golden Nugget will match it. Then just wager your bonus x10 and it is yours to withdraw. It really is the perfect way to start your Golden Nugget casino experience.

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