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One of the hottest new online sports betting operators in the industry is the Fubo sportsbook, so everybody wants to know about Fubo offers and the Fubo bonus code that you can use to make the most of your time.

When it comes to Fubo new customer offers, you might have been scouring the internet for information about this new operator, as they are only currently live in Iowa with limited functionality. Let’s get into what we know about the Fubo joining offer and what we can predict about the Fubo promo code that may be needed in the future.

Fubo New Customer Offers - A reminder about bonus offers

Just in case you’ve been out of the game for a little while, or you’re new to the adventure of online gambling, we at Betting.net are ready to quickly explain the term ‘bonus offers’ to you, so when you hear people talking about the Fubo casino bonus or the Fubo sports bonus, you don’t feel alienated and left out. It’s actually really simple! A welcome bonus is a special offer that only new members of an online casino or sportsbook can use. They come in a few common forms, like deposit match bonuses and risk-free first sports bets. Normal bonuses are similar, but can be used by both new and existing customers of any given operator.

The Fubo new customer offers for Iowa is a up to $1000 free bet combined with a free one month trial for fuboTV.

How To Use The Bonus - Using the Fubo sportsbook bonus

Now, you may already have a fairly good idea of how to use the Fubo sportsbook bonus if you’ve heard of a risk-free bet before. However, even if you have, you may not be familiar with the idea of a combination bonus offer, where you get both a risk-free first bet and another bonus – in this case, a free trial of the live streaming service fuboTV which can enhance your betting by allowing you to watch live streams at the same time as betting live in-play.

To use this welcome bonus, the first step is to sign up for the Fubo online sportsbook if it’s available in your state – for now, this will just be for Iowa residents, but residents of other states can wait for a while until Fubo is available in their state or check out some of the other best online sportsbook sites for betting while you wait. Iowa residents will need the Fubo promo code ‘1000RF’ and will need to enter it by clicking through ‘Claim Now’ and then ‘Promo Code’, as you might expect. After you’ve done the preliminary work, you can sit back, make your first bet of up to $1000.

If this bet is successful, then congratulations! You won’t need your risk-free credit, but you will still get an email within seventy-two hours detailing how you can access the other side of the Fubo joining offer which is the one month free trial of fuboTV. However, if your bet is unsuccessful, you will soon find betting credit for the amount of the bet in your Fubo sportsbook account balance – within forty-two hours of your bet settling. If it’s been longer, then feel free to contact customer support and remember to regularly review the terms and conditions of the offer, as these can sometimes change.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Our top five tips for using this bonus

Keep track of your welcome bonuses

This primarily applies to you if you often join new gambling sites – basically, if the Fubo joining offer is not the only bonus that you have to keep track of, you might need to record your bonuses in some sort of diary. This could be a physical diary in a notebook, or even just on your phone, and calendars can work too. It’s important to remember time limits so that you don’t accidentally forfeit your bonus.

Check if you are eligible (location, location, location!)

One of the main things to notice with the Fubo sportsbook is that it is only available to Iowa residents right now, but it will soon be expanding to other states. So, if you live in Iowa – and the site does use geolocation technology to make sure you are physically within the state – then you will likely be eligible if you are also twenty-one years old or above. However, if you’re in another state, you might want to look through our online casino reviews to find another operator.

Complete both sides of the bonus

Unique to the Fubo sportsbook, this welcome bonus also includes the fuboTV one month free trial which is a great addition to the Fubo new customer offers. However, it can be easy to complete the risk-free first bet and then completely forget that you need to be looking out for an email from fuboTV letting you know about your free trial. Get it down on a post-it note or put a reminder in your phone to make sure you’re getting the most out of this offer!

Continue to use your normal strategies

Sometimes, when you have an exciting welcome bonus behind you with a promise such as a risk-free first sports bet or another type of ‘insurance’, it can be easy to get too excited and completely abandon your normal gambling strategies. Our advice from Betting.net? Stop! Take a breath, remember your usual caution, and continue to gamble normally to get the most out of a welcome bonus, instead of throwing caution to the wind and losing out on potential winnings.

Read through the terms and conditions yourself

Many reviews, such as ours at Betting.net, will try and let you know about the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus like the Fubo new customer offers. But you need to read through these terms and conditions yourself, because they can sometimes change after a review is published and it’s important that you have a good understanding of what you’re agreeing to. So read through the terms and conditions yourself and ask customer service if you’re unsure of any phrases or words in the terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs about this Fubo casino bonus

Who can use this welcome bonus?

This welcome bonus is specifically for new members of the Fubo sportsbook. Currently, this means that you must be a resident of Iowa who is twenty-one years old or older, and physically located within the state of Iowa at the time of gambling. You should not have had a Fubo sportsbook account before, and you may need to be the only person in your household who activates this welcome bonus due to the importance of IP addresses and geolocation.

What if I’m not from Iowa?

Unfortunately, Fubo sportsbook is not currently live in any states other than Iowa. This means that you can register your interest for the Fubo joining offer but you can’t yet use it or sign up to the website properly. However, there are many other gambling operators and websites that you can try out in the meantime, and our website at Betting.net has many lists where you can choose the best online sports betting website for you.

Can my first bet be over $1000?

Although you could theoretically place a first bet of any amount, this will cause your welcome bonus to become forfeit. The risk-free first bonus is only up to $1000, and a first bet over that will not qualify. This means that it won’t be ‘insured’, so you should be extra careful to make sure that your first bet is $1000 or less. If you decide that you don’t want to use the risk-free first bet for whatever reason, remember that it only applies to your very first bet – if it’s over $1000, you can’t use the risk-free first bet at all.

How long do I have to use my betting credit?

You should receive your betting credit after your first bet is unsuccessful – if it is – within forty-eight hours. Once it hits your account balance, you need to use it within thirty days, otherwise you may forfeit your welcome bonus. Essentially, this would make your first bet not ‘insured’ as you would not have used the betting credit that you receive back after your first bet was unsuccessful. As long as you use your betting credit on the Fubo sportsbook website within thirty days, however, you should be in the clear. Get this down in your diary if you need to.

What happens if I don’t cancel my fuboTV free trial?

As with any free trial, the fuboTV free trial won’t charge you within the first month. You can cancel your free trial at any time and you won’t be charged for it, unless you go over the free month. In this case, you may be charged. However, you can also use this to springboard from the free trial to a paid subscription easily, so this may be something that you want to take advantage of. If not, you can cancel the free trial before the month is up after trying out the service.

Additional Rewards - More promotions from Fubo Sportsbook

Although it’s true that the welcome bonus for the Iowa version of the Fubo sportsbook is currently live and ready to be used, other promotions from this operator have been fairly slow to appear. This is likely due to the newness of the Fubo sportsbook, just like the new states will be coming in the near future for Fubo. In short, watch this space – we at Betting.net will certainly be watching Fubo sportsbook to see how their brand and features develop.

Fubo Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - What do you get?

Fubo sportsbook is currently focusing on sports betting, so it makes sense that the current Fubo bonus code refers to the Fubo new customer offers for sports betting. A risk-free first bet is industry standard for operators who focus on sports betting, as it lets you have a first taste of the action without losing out on money if you lose. Instead, you get your money back as betting credit so that you can gamble again. We’re going to take an in-depth look at the Fubo bonus code and welcome bonus today, and see how you can make the most of it if you’re an Iowa resident.

Reality Test - How the welcome bonus works

To use this welcome bonus, you’re going to need to sign up to the Fubo sportsbook online website and enter in the Fubo promo code: 1000RF. Once you do this in the right section of the website, under ‘Claim Now and ‘Promo Code’, you can simply make your first bet of up to $1000. For example, you might make a $50 first bet on a fixture. Forty-eight hours after your bet settles, if it was unsuccessful, you’ll have $50 of betting credit available in your account. Then, seventy-two hours after you use the Fubo promo code, you should receive an email detailing how you can get your one month free trial of fuboTV.

Bonus Withdrawal - Withdrawing your bonus betting credit

This welcome bonus is similar to many others in that you cannot withdraw your betting credit for cash. It’s simply not the industry standard and shouldn’t be expected of any sportsbook welcome bonus. However, if you wager your betting credit and have a successful bet, you can withdraw your winnings as normal. You should be aware that if you don’t use your betting credit, however, there is nothing else you can do with it. It will sit in your account until you wager it or until the time limit is up.

Pitfalls - How to avoid issues with this welcome bonus

In short, there are a few key points that you should remember to make sure that you don’t run into any issues with this bonus. Number one: do not forget about your free trial time limit! So many people just forget about free trials and then become angry when they are charged after the trial is up, but you can easily avoid this by marking down the relevant date on your calendar. Number two: don’t forget about the time limit for using your betting credit. After the thirty days, it’s gone, so make sure you use it!

Verdict on Bonus - Our conclusion for the Fubo new customer offers

Although we don’t yet know what the welcome bonuses for states other than Iowa will look like, we can be fairly certain that they will be of a similar quality to the Iowa Fubo promo code bonus. In this case, we would recommend checking out the Fubo sportsbook, signing up and making use of this welcome bonus. You will be able to ‘insure’ your first bet with Fubo, making sure that you don’t actually lose anything as you can keep gambling with betting credit even if your first bet is unsuccessful, so it’s a win-win all around, even if you lose!

Overall Conclusion - Our final thoughts on the Fubo offers

When it comes to a new, progressive sportsbook expanding rapidly and adding to the online gambling industry, Fubo is definitely the operator that we all need, but didn’t even realise that we needed previously. As soon as it gets to more states and expands its selection of promotions, it will be heading into the top tiers of online sportsbooks at the moment in 2021, so note down the Fubo bonus code and make sure that you’re first in line for this new development!

Fubo Iowa – a quick explanation of the Fubo Iowa bonus

Being the only state where Fubo is currently live, Iowa residents may feel special when it comes to this new operator – and they have every right to be!

If you live in Iowa, are twenty-one years old or above and are physically present in the state, you can take advantage of a $1000 risk-free first bet and a free month of fuboTV when you sign up to this sportsbook. Nice!

Fubo Promo Code FAQ

💰 Can I benefit from the Fubo welcome bonus?

This depends on who you are and if you’re eligible for the welcome bonus. As with any welcome bonus, you must be a new member of the sportsbook or casino that it belongs to – in this case, the Fubo online sportsbook. If you have already had an account in the past, then you won’t be able to make use of a welcome bonus with that operator, but there may be other bonuses for existing users that you can benefit from. The Fubo sportsbook welcome bonus has a few more stipulations that we cover in our review at Betting.net.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Who can use the Fubo sportsbook?

We know that there is nothing worse than learning about a great new sportsbook or online casino that has all of the features you want, such as design, accessibility and promotions, only to discover that it isn’t available in your state. This could be because it isn’t licensed for your state or it just isn’t live yet, but either way, it’s still disappointing. With so many new online casinos and sportsbooks popping up, many are still in development to a degree, so new state accessibility may take a while and some may be limited to certain states but only temporarily. Our researchers at Betting.net know this feeling from learning about so many different online casinos and sportsbooks, so check out our reviews to keep yourself in the know when it comes to eligibility for the Fubo sportsbook.

🚓 How do I know if I can trust the Fubo online sportsbook?

When trusting a website, it’s always good to keep some caution in the mix as well. Even if it’s the literal government website for your state, there is always the chance of hacking or accidentally using an illegitimate copy of the website designed to scam people. We’ve all heard about internet scams, which just makes it more important now than ever to keep yourself aware of the difference between browsing the internet safely and exposing your details to illegitimate companies or third parties who may wish to profit from your naivety. Now, that may sound like a lot of doom and gloom, but we promise that you can trust some websites to a degree. When an online gambling website is licensed and regulated, you can tend to trust them, so we cover this in our reviews at Betting.net.

🌴 What happens if I use the Fubo sportsbook in California?

One important aspect of online gambling in the US is location, which can sound strange to newcomers. Why would location matter when one of the main benefits of the internet is connection even over wide distances when you couldn’t usually interact with or meet other people? But legality is why location matters so much for gambling in the US, so we at Betting.net take the state requirements of each sportsbook or online casino very seriously, whether we’re reviewing the Fubo bonus code or other offers. We don’t want any of our users to fall on the wrong side of the law, so we take painstaking efforts to make sure that you only use the online casinos and sportsbooks that are right for you – we go through this in detail in our review.

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