Fubo Sportsbook Review & Rating 2022

Is Fubo Legit?

Unfortunately, Fubo is restricted in your area.
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Although Fubo Sportsbook is not quite ready to start its own online gambling journey in every state, residents of Iowa may have noticed the Fubo online sportsbook popping up in their app stores and wondered: “Hey, who’s this newcomer?”

Betting.net have been waiting with baited breath as the sleek Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino gets its gears moving and starts up. The elusive welcome bonus is certainly quite intriguing! Soon, Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino Games will be available to more states, such as Colorado and California – but are they worth the wait? We’ll be investigating that today!

Fubo: Pros & Cons
  • Innovative new sportsbook
  • Promotions include not-yet-live states
  • High quality fuboTV live streaming
  • Secure sports betting
  • Limited live states

Bonus Offers - What is the Fubo Sportsbook bonus?

All of the hype around Fubo Sportsbook and online casino has got us excited, but Betting.net would like to remind everyone that the Fubo Online Casino, as well as many aspects of the sportsbook, are not quite ready yet. The Iowa mobile app currently has limited functionality, but this isn’t due to any failings on the part of Fubo Sports Betting. It’s simply because Fubo is very new and still progressing out into the world of sports betting.

Our Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino Review wouldn’t be fair if we just compared Fubo to the big names in the industry who have been around for years… so we’re not going to do that! Instead, we can suggest that the welcome bonus for Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino is likely to fall into one of a couple categories, such as a deposit match bonus or a risk free first sports bet.

Not sure on what those terms mean? Basically, a welcome bonus is a reward or special offer that users receive when they make their account with a gambling website. This could be a deposit match bonus, where you deposit a certain amount of money into your account and the casino or sportsbook matches it, or perhaps a risk free first sports bet, where your first bet is 100% ‘insured’ and you won’t actually lose your money from it. You usually get your extra funds or your money back as betting credits, which you can only use with that site.

Usability, Look & Feel - The full user experience

When it comes to a betting website or app, the design can be really important. Is it easy on your eyes, or is the lighting too harsh? That could be the difference between waking up with a headache every day and living a pain-free life. It sounds like an exaggeration, but decisions like these do truly matter.

So, how does Fubo hold up? Our Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino Review is happy to report that the site as it stands now looks and feels very sleek and modern. The design is dark, so it’s perfect for those who enjoy night mode or those who appreciate the reduced eye strain. From the screenshots that are available of the proposed website, it seems like Fubo will be sticking with the traditional sports betting website layout while adding their own layer of modern design on top.

When we at Betting.net tried out the mobile Iowa platform, it seemed responsive and logically ordered. You could move from screen to screen in a timely manner, as would be expected of any mobile app these days, and we didn’t find ourselves getting lost or confused when using the app. Overall, it’s one of the better online sportsbook betting apps in our opinion, and loading times are relatively quick.

Payments - How do I pay?

Payment methods are crucial for any real money gambler, but some people can really struggle with finding an online casino that is both right for them and takes their preferred payment method. If you’re wondering whether Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino could be your next virtual destination for sports betting, then check out the payment methods that they accept:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Sightline
  • Physical checks
  • Wire transfer
  • Worldpay

Of course, as is the industry standard, there are slight differences in time between the time it takes to deposit your money and the time it takes to withdraw your money. Deposits almost always happen instantly, but withdrawals depend on the method. The quickest way is with a virtual wallet like Skrill or Sightline, but online banking is also fast – they all just take a couple of days. Physical checks can take a lot longer – between seven and ten days.

Customer Service - A glance at the customer support

Of course, nobody wants anything to go wrong with their online gambling experience, but you also don’t want to be using the wrong online gambling service when something does go wrong. Then, you could end up without suitable customer service, which could make your issues even worse. So, what does Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino offer to users in the way of customer service?

First of all, there’s a well-filled FAQ page for you to feast your eyes on, so you can find out all of the answers to your burning questions and then find some more questions… and some more answers! But if your request is a little bit more personal, then you’ve got three different options. You can go with live chat, which is the little button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen; you can send in a request through the support website; or you can reach out to Fubo on social media and see what they can help you with.

Sometimes, social media really is the best shout to try and grab the attention of a brand, or even a nation. Sometimes, all you hear back is silence. But that is no reason to despair and, in fact, social media could be the key to all of your questions about Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino. Or, you could go through the more traditional methods – wow, even live chat is becoming a staple in our lives now! Crazy!

License & Security - Safe and secure

Now, when it comes to online gambling, you need to make sure that you’re staying safe on the web. It can be easy to mistake an illegitimate website for a legitimate one, but it’s vital that you keep your financial details safe and sound if you choose to gamble online. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself in danger of losing money with no chance of getting it back, and that’s just not what gambling’s all about.

Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino are partnered with some big names, such as the NBA, MLB, Iowa Cubs and New York Jets. They are licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming and make use of encrypted connections so that your login details are safe and sound. As well as this, Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino have geolocation technology which makes sure that only those who are physically present in Fubo’s legal states can use the site’s full capabilities.

Although you obviously shouldn’t trust everything that you hear about on the internet, or every picture that you see, we can assure you that Fubo sportsbook and online casino has genuine partnerships with the big name brands. In fact, it is expanding its reach into the sports betting market every day, sprouting off into eSports and all sorts of new areas. It won’t be long before the full capabilities of Fubo sportsbook and online casino are on display for everyone to see!

Additional Rewards - Getting into the nitty-gritty of rewards

Everyone loves a good reward. You get some free bets and you feel like a star. But what about finding a website that does everything you need it to, and more? It gives you rewards regularly and they’re high quality, too? Sounds like a dream, but our Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino review is willing to guess that Fubo might have an amazing, varied promotions page in the future when it launches fully. With such high-profile names behind the operator, you can imagine some highbrow – or just high cost – prizes to be won.

It’s likely that Fubo will follow in the grand footsteps of the online gambling sites that went before it, with regular promotions such as free bonus funds, risk-free bets and prize pools. There may even be some merchandise giveaways at some point, and there’s nearly no doubt that Fubo will jump on the bandwagon of VIP or loyalty programs to reward long-time gamblers who have stuck with them throughout their gambling adventure.

Some of the best rewards programs are the ones that you don’t even notice. You just earn while you play and then look back after a few months and realize that you have rewards and some decisions to make – whether to share your prizes or not!

Fubo Sports Betting

Betting Markets - Sports betting markets at Fubo Sportsbook

Although they’re new, Fubo has the betting markets down. They have all of the major betting markets available for their users, such as golf, baseball, basketball, soccer and so much more. Even better, there is talk of moving into eSports as well, so the future is bright for the betting markets at Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino.

When Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino is getting into so many big sponsorships, that also means some incredible things for the future of this operator. With the right connections and the right funding, there is no reason why Fubo can’t Fu-fly right through the betting market skies.

Odds - Odds available with Fubo sportsbook and online casino

Now, we are talking about an online sports betting focused operator here, so let’s get our heads around the numbers for a moment. When you bet with Fubo sportsbook and online casino, you’ll be able to take advantage of some excellent odds. We have found that the odds available at Fubo sportsbook and online casino are at the standard of the other big players in the online sportsbook game, if not better.

This means that you can be sure that you’re making the most of your time when you place your sports bets online with Fubo sportsbook and online casino. We at Betting.net know the value that the available odds at any given sports betting operator and wouldn’t recommend an operator with a sub-par odds selection available. Therefore, you can be sure that if you decide to try out betting on the fixtures available at Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino, you won’t be disappointed.

Live Betting & Streaming – Fubo sportsbook and online casino

One of the best parts of using Fubo is that you can also use fuboTV. This is the live streaming service that goes alongside the normal gambling side of Fubo, and you can use it to watch a few different sports to bet while you watch.

However, this is a case of the best things in life not always coming for free, because you will have to have a subscription to fuboTV in order to watch the live streams. However, we at Betting.net think it is more than worth it, and we’re sure that you will enjoy watching the high-quality live streams of sports while you bet on your favorite fixtures.

You will be able to enhance your in-play betting experience by watching live streams at the same time with fuboTV. You can even make use of a free trial of fuboTV if you’re not quite ready to commit yet, which may well be the case if you’re trying out different operators to find your favorite.

Limits - Limits you might encounter at Fubo sportsbook

Unfortunately, we don’t have a tonne of information surrounding user experience with Fubo sportsbook and online casino yet, because it’s only available to a limited number of players in the state of Iowa at the moment.

However, we do know that Fubo sportsbook and online casino clearly cares a great deal for the players that they have. They have self-imposed limits that you can take advantage of as well as cooldowns and other types of self-imposed sanctions to keep yourself in check and keep safe and healthy while gambling.

There may be some less self-imposed and more casino-imposed gamblers’ limits sometimes, depending on individual’s behavior. Hopefully, you won’t need to learn about that, but any online gambler can inform you that this is just the sign of an online gambling operator who cares. If it comes to a time when Fubo sportsbook and online casino is suggesting that you take a break, then it may be best to do so.

Product Summary - Our summary on Fubo Sportsbook

We would suggest that, once Fubo sportsbook and online casino is available in your region, you give it a try. Really, you don’t have much to lose and you could have everything to gain from finding your new favorite online sports betting website with Fubo. You could watch high quality live streams while betting from your sofa, or you could miss out on this opportunity and never find out what the welcome bonus for the Foba sportsbook is! It’s your choice, but we at Betting.net know exactly what we would choose…

Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino Review FAQ

❓ Can I use the Fubo sportsbook website?

The answer to this question should be yes, because almost everyone in the USA should be able to actually access the Fubo website. The inside, however, is a little bit more tricky – for a reason. Basically, some people can only register their interest for the Fubo sportsbook and online casino, while some can sign up and start playing. To learn who can do what, check out our article at Betting.net!

🙋 Who can gamble online in the USA?

This is a question that highly, highly depends on where you are, and we’re not even joking with that statement. Other countries may find it wild that in one area of the country, something is completely legal but in another corner it is completely illegal. However, we at Betting.net are here to guide you through the chaos, so don’t worry – sit back, relax, and learn all about Fubo sportsbook and online casino. You can find out the odds you’ll get, the sports that you’ll be watching and the games that you can bet on, whether while watching it or doing something else!

🔒 How secure is online gambling?

One of the primary concerns we hear about at the moment at Betting.net is security. Everyone wants to feel safe but nobody really likes how anonymous the internet is. Sure, you’re anonymous, until someone has stolen your identity and then you’re not. It’s even worse when it’s online. So follow our safety tips at Betting.net to keep your money safe. You can have fun while you’re gambling online, so long as you’re safe in equal measures.

🌎 When will Fubo sportsbook and online casino be available in my state?

Unfortunately, we at Betting.net don’t have access to this information, but we can tell you how to get it. Once you read through our super review of the Fubo sportsbook, you’ll be able to keep up with the releases. Fubo sportsbook will be releasing gradually, probably towards the end of 2021. You can access the website via our review and find out more to see if there is any specific, new information about your specific state or location and how long it will take us to be there.

💭 How do I get started with Fubo sportsbook?

First of all, we need to check what state you’re in. If you’re in a specific state, then you’ll be able to just get the mobile app and get started. However, we let you know more about this in our article at Betting.net to make sure that you’re confident with using the right betting comparison site. Of course, Fubo isn’t the only option, but if your heart is set on Fubo then we will try the best that we can to make sure that you are the first in the line when it opens up.

Overall Conclusion - How Fubo holds up to other operators

We’re going to admit that not having your website open for most of the U.S. (or not technically live, despite being open) is not a great look. However, what we love about Fubo is the potential and the progress that is zooming ahead. You just have to check them out on social media to see that Fubo is continually evolving and ensuring that they are ready for the online gambling market of today. Those lucky Iowa residents will be able to sample the start of the Fubo Sportsbook and Online Casino journey with the mobile app, but the rest of us will just have to wait!

Fubo Iowa – Mobile Fubo sportsbook and online casino review 2022

If you live in the state of Iowa, then you will be able to try out the Fubo Iowa bonus on the mobile app before anyone else in any other state. This is because, so far, Fubo is limited to just Iowa, but you’re still only getting a taste of what’s to come from the Fubo Sportsbook and online casino.

Still, why not get in on the fun early? You’ll be joining an exclusive club, as Fubo makes use of geolocation technology to make sure that you and only you (and other people who live in Iowa with you, of course) can use Fubo. Wow!

User Reviews for Fubo

4/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Better than expected

    I have been surprised by Fubo. The app isn’t on par with the top sports books, but their lines are better than most and they have good promos. Makes for a good experience which has kept me coming back. Glad they finally launched an app, which I feel like it will only get better from here.


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