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No matter what legal US destination you find yourself gambling from, this is the place you’ll find the latest Fox Bet promo code and where it can take you. In each of the states where Fox Bet is available, you can start your journey off right with a $500 risk-free bet as part of the Fox Bet joining offer.

We’ll also travel beyond the welcome package to check out the VIP package and to discover the best Fox Bet offers for existing customers where you are today!

First Impressions - Landing on the Fox Bet new Customer Offers

The flagship welcome package available in all of the Fox Bet legal states is the $500 risk-free bet, which doesn’t require a Fox Bet bonus code in order to be claimed. All you have to do in order to claim this bonus upon your arrival at destination Fox Bet is place a sports wager between $10 and $500. If that bet wins, happy days! If it doesn’t no worries, as Fox Bet are there to help you settle into your new surroundings by giving you a second roll of the dice, in the form of your stake returned as free bet credits.

It may not be the most glamorous of bonuses, and depending on where you’re betting from, you might find a Fox bet promo code that gets you a matched deposit bonus worth up to $500. However, the matched deposit bonus has a turnover requirement of x25, which requires a lot of investment from you. The winnings made off the back of the risk-free bet are yours to keep – minus your stake, if course!

If you want to find out more about this sports betting destination up close, check out our Fox Bet Review, where we tell you everything you need to know about the platform. 

What other Fox Bet Offers Are Available?

Depending on the destination you’re betting from, you may find that there are different promotions available to you with Fox Bet. For example, gamblers in New Jersey may have some different Fox Bet sports bonus offers available to them than those down in Colorado. There is no Fox Bet casino bonus, as this is a dedicated sports betting destination. Fox Bet has, however, partnered with PokerStars and some other affiliate US casinos. If you’re looking for a solid online casino bonus, check out the BetMGM promo code.

Tips and Tricks - Your Fox Bet Promo Code Journey Step by Step

Sign Up

Pack your bags and head on over to the website or download the app today and sign up – this is the first step to claiming any Fox Bet bonus. Note that as of 2022 you’ll need to be in one of the following legal US gambling destinations in order to legally sign up to the Fox Bet site: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Colorado.


The next step to your journey is to buy your tickets, by making your first deposit into your Fox Bet account using one of the available payment methods. It’s worth noting that while you can deposit with your credit or debit card directly, you can’t make withdrawals directly into your bank account. We therefore recommend using one of the alternative payment methods, such as Neteller or Skrill. We’re going to be talking about the $500 risk-free bet moving forward here, however, if you have a valid Fox Bet promo code for your state, then this is the step of your journey that you’re going to want to enter it.

Place Your Bet

In order to claim your bonus as a new arrival at this destination, you’ll need to place a bet of between $10 and $500. We should stress that this is a risk-free bet meaning that if you win, you don’t get the bonus. That doesn’t mean that you should make a long-shot wild bet, as your real money deposit is always going to be more valuable than bonus cash. Think of it as a win-win situation – if your bet wins, then great – if it loses, you’ve got a second shot at it. Overall it gives you a better chance at making a winning start to your journey.

Win or Claim Your Bonus

As we stated above, if your bet wins here, then you won’t get any form of bonus, however, you will be able to claim some of the existing customer bonuses. We’ll explain more about these below in the next step of our journey. If you win, you’ve a free bet of the same value as your losing bet stake will be credited into your account within 24 hours. For example, if you staked $50 and your bet lost, then you’ll get a free bet token worth $50 credited into your account.

Use Your Fox Bet Bonus Code

Now the fun part of the journey begins, as you get to use your free bet bonus token – just make sure to use it wisely and place it on a well-calculated bet! If your bet won and you didn’t get the free bet bonus token, then not to worry. You can explore Fox Bet and find other bonuses available in your destination by clicking on the Promotions tab. Here you’ll find weekly free bets and boost offers available to all existing Fox Bet customers. There’s also the rewards programme, which we’ll explain more about late on in this guided bonus tour.

Safety Check - Top 5 Tips to a Pleasant Fox Bet Bonus Journey

Choose the Right Fox Bet Bonus Code

The $500 risk-free bet that we’ve been focussing on for this particular journey is the flagship bonus that’s available to customers flying from all existing Fox Bet destinations. However, there are specific bonus codes that can be used in certain states.

Using the risk free bet may exempt you from such bonuses. Therefore if you want to use one of the other Fox Bet new customer offers available to you, make sure to give this one a miss.

Don’t Get Greedy

$500 is the maximum risk free bet you can claim – remember there’s a $10 minimum and everything in between. We therefore strongly advise you against placing a first bet that’s beyond the limits of what you’d bet if there was no bonus involved. The same logic applies if you’re claiming a matched deposit bonus as well.

If you can’t afford to fly first class, then there’s no shame in flying coach – at the end of the day, you’ll still get to your destination!

Stick to the Roads Well Travelled

We’re all about the adventure here at, and would always encourage you to explore and try new things. However, your Fox Bet bonus code shouldn’t be used to veer off the beaten track. When using your free bet token, stick to betting on a sport that you know well, as that will increase your chances of winning.

Remember, if you claim a $50 token and your bet loses – all you’ve done then is lost $50. You’ve got a long betting journey ahead of you, and there’ll be plenty of time to study new sports and bet types along the way. The same logic applied when using other bonuses, such as the Betfair new customer offer or the 888 bonus code.

Read the Small Print

Even if you’re a frequent gambler, we always recommend giving your full attention and reading through the bonus terms and conditions. Of course, we have detailed the most important terms and conditions for the risk free $500 bet, however we always recommend reading through the bonus terms for yourself as well to double check.

There are also, as previously stated, other Fox Bet new customer offers to be discovered, therefore reading the small print is always advised. You can implement this advice with other sports betting destinations, including the Pointsbet promo code.

Make Use of the Other Offers

The buck doesn’t stop with the welcome package – it’s merely here to help you get settled into your new surroundings. Throughout your journey, you’ll find plenty of other Fox Bet offers that you can take advantage of, including the rewards system that’s intertwined with PokerStars and Fox bet’s casino affiliates.

As we already told you above, you can find all existing customers in the Promotions tab of the site or app.

Before You Book - Fox Bet Bonus Code FAQs

Do I Need a Fox Bet Promo Code?

For the $500 risk free bet that we’ve been discussing throughout this bonus tour, you don’t need to enter a bonus code in order to claim it. All you have to do is make your deposit, place your bet and if it loses you’ll be credited your free bet token within 24 hours. However, as we have also alluded to throughout this journey, there are some other Fox Bet new customer offers available that may require a promo code in order to be claimed. Generally speaking these are bonuses available in different states. For example, you’ll find promo codes that are specific to NJ or PA.

What Can I use the Bonus On?

Your free bet token granted as part of the Fox Bet welcome package can be used as a single stake wager to bet on any sport or pre-match bet type within the Fox Bet sportsbook. This leaves you with a massive amount of choice, as Fox Bet is one of the best online sports betting destinations in the gambling world. The only thing you can’t do with your risk free bet is to use it to wager on a combo or parlay bet. Your bonus must be placed as a single stake bet and cannot be split across multiple bets.

Is There a Wagering or Turnover Requirement?

With the risk free bet, there are no turnover requirements to be considered – any winnings made off the back of your free bet are yours to keep. That’s what makes the risk free bet a bit more valuable than most bonuses – even if it may at first not seem as exciting as the big money matched deposit bonuses you might be able to claim with our Fox Bet bonus code. The matched deposit bonuses available with Fox Bet will come with wagering requirements and other bonus conditions – hence why we always recommend reading the small print before embarking on any journey!

Are Any Payment Methods Exempt from the Fox Bet New Customer Offers?

Those of you who have already checked out our Fox Bet destination review will be aware that two of the most popular deposit methods are Skrill and Neteller. If you’re already quite well-travelled in the world of online sports betting, you might also be aware that Neteller and Skrill deposits are often exempt from bonus offers. Well, we’re pleased to inform you that that isn’t the case with the Fox Bet bonus code. You can make your deposit using Skrill or Neteller, place that bet and if it loses you’ll still get your risk free bet token within 24 hours.

Is My Free Bet Amount Returned WIth My Winnings?

We are asked this question at every single online sports betting we take people to and one day we’d love to be able to answer yes! However, sadly that’s not the case with the Fox bet sports bonus. Your free bet token is not withdrawable and isn’t returned as part of your winnings should your bet be successful. For example, if you place a $100 risk-free bet at odds of +200 and it wins, your returns will be $200, rather than the $300 it would be if you were betting real money.

Flying First Class - Fox Bet VIP and Rewards

The Fox Bet new customer offers merely act as the welcome package to help have a good start to life at your new online sports betting destination. But as we’ve said before the buck most definitely doesn’t stop there. For starters, there are the free bets, bet boosters and other promotional offers that are available to all existing customers and can be found in the Promotions tab once on the website or in the Fox bet app. Additionally, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for a Fox Bet promo code where you are – as they’re not always just for the new arrivals!

Travel Beyond Fox Bet with StarPoints

With Fox Bet being a dedicated online sports betting destination, you could be forgiven for thinking that signing up to Fox Bet means losing out on the fun of online casinos or online poker. However, that’s far from being the case. Fox Bet is partnered with PokerStars and a number of other online and land-based US casinos.

What makes this extra special is that the rewards points system is intertwined between all of the destinations, both on and offline. When betting with  Fox Bet, you can build up StarPoints, which eventually lead to you getting a Treasure Chest. Inside the Treasure Chest, you’ll find extra special Fox Bet bonus code offers, including free bets, cashback and more! On top of that, you can also use your StarPoints in the Rewards Store to buy merchandise and more special treats – it’s like building up frequent flyer miles with an airline!

Fox Bet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - A First Look at the Offer

When you first land on the Fox Bet website or app and step off the plane, you’ll be invited to place your first bet up to the value of $500 once you’ve bought your tickets and made your deposit. If that bet loses, then you’ll be given a risk-free bet token of the same value up to $500. There is no Fox Bet promo code required in order to claim this bonus, however, it is worth noting that if your qualifying bet wins, you won’t get the bonus free bet token. It’s not all bad though because, well, you’re bet has won!

Test Flight - Wagering the Bonus

Great news here as there are no wagering requirements for this bonus – as long as your bet wins, then the returns are yours to keep and do with as you please. This means that you can either use them for further bets or withdraw them as cash – minus your free bet stake amount of course. Although this bonus may not be as glamorous as matched deposit bonuses first appear, the lack of wagering requirements means that the chances of you winning with it are much higher.

Landing - Your Bonus Withdrawal

As you’d probably already have expected if you’re a frequent flyer through the online gambling world, you cannot withdraw your free bet token as cash. This doesn’t change if your free bet wins either the returns made withdrawable to you will not include your free bet stake amount. For example, if you use a $100 free bet at odds of +200 and win, you’ll get $200 back, not $300.

A general note for Fox Bet withdrawals – you cannot withdraw directly using your credit or debit card, so it’s advisable to have a PokerStars account or use Neteller or Skrill to make your deposits.

Pitfalls - What to Avoid Throughout Your Journey

Avoid placing a silly bet – that is to say, bet on a sport you know well and on a bet type that you understand. Additionally, make sure to strike a balance between the bet having a decent chance of winning and offering decent value, Remember that you’re stake isn’t returned with your winnings, therefore if your bet is too small you could actually end up down rather than up even if you win.

So, What’s the Verdict - Should You Go There?

As we mentioned above, this bonus offer might not have the glamour of a big money matched deposit offer, but that’s actually a good thing. By the time you make your deposit and meet the wagering requirements of a matched deposit bonus, you can wind up having to put in hundreds or thousands of dollars of your own money in. However, with this risk free bet, you get a second roll of the dice and, crucially, a realistic chance of winning without making a bigger deposit than you were going to anyway.

Would we recommend this bonus? Yes, definitely if you love sports betting.

A Safe Landing with the Fox Bet New Customer Offers

All in all, we’re pretty pleased with this bonus, despite the lack of glamour. What it is at the end of the day is a simple welcome package that’s designed to start your sports betting journey off right with Fox Bet. What makes this bonus more than worth it is the actual destination itself. Fox Bet is one of the most ideal online sports betting locations for gamblers and sports fans in the US. The fact that it’s part of the bigger Fox Brand means that the live streaming service gives you access to Fox Sports – which is a huge selling point!

Fox Bet Promo Code FAQ

🐺 How do I get a Fox Bet Bonus?

Getting a Fox Bet bonus differs depending on what bonus code you use and where you are betting form. You can find a step by step guide to claiming your Fox Bet bonus right here at Our bonus information is always up to date and reviewed by US gambling experts.

🤔 Does Fox Bet have a refer a friend bonus?

Some online sportsbooks offer referral bonus to try and get people to bring more customers to the online service. You can check what Fox bet promos with regards to this right here at

⚖️ Is Fox Bet legal?

The answer to this question depends on where in the US you’re trying to sign in from, as different US states have different gambling rules. You can use the US betting legal guide to find out what the situation is where you are. If legal betting is coming your way soon in 2022, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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