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DRF Bets Horse Betting Bonus
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  • Excellent for horse racing bettors
  • Other sports markets available too
  • Plenty of data tools and statistics
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Welcome to Betting.net, the one-stop-shop for all your gambling review needs! In this article, we’re going to review horse racing operator DRF Bets. We understand that the company has been around for a while, but we want to clue you in on the fantastic welcome package that’s supplemented by an eclectic combination of race tracks and sports.

Therefore, our DRF Bets review will walk you through the main features of the provider, highlighting the pros and cons so that you can cherry-pick the positives and sidestep the negatives. Just carry reading to find out more information.

DRF Bets : Pros & Cons
  • One of the few legalized sports betting platforms in North America
  • Markets from international horse tracks, as well as the US and Canada
  • Access to a replay center where you can catch up on the events you missed
  • DRF TicketMaker ensures selecting the most suitable bets is a walk in the park
  • Markets focus on sports only, so you can’t play poker or casino games with DRF Bets
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Oregon (US) Racing Commission
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Payment Methods
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Bonus offer - DRF Bets online has a fantastic welcome package

If you’re a regular reader of the gambling reviews on Betting.net, you’ll know that we love a generous welcome offer that provides plenty of added value. You may also know that we say this about several operators because welcome packages have become the norm lately. Regardless, DRF Bets has an exciting promotion even by the industry’s standards because it focuses on horse racing.

The majority of betting companies in the US are reluctant to invest in the sport since it’s a complicated service. DRF Bets gets around this by partnering up with the biggest and most popular tracks around the world. Therefore, when you deposit at least $50 and wager it on a bet, you can claim as much as $250 in rewards. Our DRF Bets learned that the operator will match a $250 transaction up to the same amount, leaving you with $500 to play with.

There’s no need to fret if that’s too much money and you prefer a lower amount because you have a smaller budget. The package is also eligible for those who deposit $50. All you need to do is enter the promo code DOUBLE and you’ll double your money – hence the name!

The other brilliant news is, you can use the bonus across DRF Bets’ services. So, if you happen to head to the Sports tab and find a market you like, nothing is stopping you from wagering with the bonus money in your account. Quite simply, it’s a generous and flexible promotion for horse racing enthusiasts and sports lovers of all kinds.

Usability, look & feel - our DRF Bets review loved the quirky layout

The DRF Bets website is a little quirky because it’s quite clinical. In that regard, it’s a lot like Spreadex as it uses a simple color scheme and navigation setup to host reams of information. You can read more about our Spreadex rating here. For example, all the featured and upcoming races at the tracks are listed in the center of the screen and on the menu on the left-hand side.

However, you shouldn’t let this put you off because the platform works very well by doing everything you require it to. Firstly, it’s easy to find the reams of information that DRF Bets is famous for by either scrolling down the homepage, or any web page for that matter, or selecting a link. All it takes is one click. You’ll notice that when you land on a horse racing web page, the data is outlined clearly and concisely, such as the name of the runner, the trainer and jockey combination, and the odds. Picking a wager is a little more complicated than usual, yet the tabs ensure it’s not confusing. For instance, just select Win at the bottom of the page, choose your horse and stake amount and press Place Bet.

At the top of the page, you can flick through different races available at tracks. They will be going live soon or coming up in the future. Either way, it’s nice to have the option. Overall, the layout is pleasing as it isn’t over-the-top. The background is white and punctuated by red, blue and black writing, as well as graphics and infographics, so it’s visually pleasing. It took us a while to get used to it since it’s not typical of normal betting sites, yet that gives it character and we like characters!

Payments - are DRF Bets classic payment options available?

When you aim to make money on your initial stake, it’s smart to understand how you can deposit and withdraw your winnings when the time is right. Before we get onto the transaction methods, let’s note that promo codes for bonuses are in play at this operator. Other horse racing platforms, such as Sporting Index, have a different approach as your cash is automatically triggered by a deposit. Therefore, a Sporting Index promo code is unnecessary. At DRF Bets, you should look out for them, or else you could miss out on the action.

Regarding payments, DRF Bets has enough options to keep you interested. You can probably guess them as there aren’t any out of the ordinary. Still, it’s essential for a quality operator to cover the right bases, as DRF Bets does. That means bank transfers (ACH), credit cards, wire transfers, checks, money orders, and e-wallet services are available. For the latter, the main one is PayPal, but PayNearMe and Green Dot MoneyPak are also provided.

Withdrawals are pretty much the same as all of the above can be used to remove your earnings from your account. However, a cool feature is that you can organize to pick your winnings up from a nearby track if it’s a partner track. That means you don’t have to wait for your bank to process the transaction if you need the cash quickly.

Specific methods incur charges. This doesn’t apply to all of them, so it’s possible to withdraw money without DRF Bets taking a cut. The savvy option is to double-check before you commit just to be on the safe side.

Credit Card

Customer service - friendly with a professional-yet-contemporary manner

Everything about the customer service at DRF Bets is friendly and professional. The fact that the website is laid out in a manner that customers have all the information they require is a brilliant start. What this DRF Bets review found was, the operator attempts to limit the need to contact them directly by publishing as much information as they can on the platform. It’s a clever way of enhancing the experience because it reduces lengthy hold times.

Of course, you can get in touch with an agent if necessary. The two main options are to contact them by phone or email. You can do that with the following details: 1-877-408-1999 or [email protected] DRF Bets is by no means old-school, so you’ll be glad to hear that social media accounts are featured across the site. Currently, the company operates accounts that respond to queries on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s a YouTube channel, too. You can’t speak to them directly, but there are informative videos.

One disappointment is the lack of a live chat service. Live chat is the gold standard for most customers as it greatly reduces the stress of contacting a customer service advisor. It is worth pointing out that not all betting brands have this function, with BoyleSports being a prime example. Read more with this BoyleSports review. Still, it would be a nice addition in the future. There is a chatbot that scans the website for an answer, which is why it’s worth clicking on the Help button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Contact Us web page.

License & security - DRF Bets is legitimate

The authenticity of a website is paramount since you stand to lose a lot if you choose poorly. Normally, it’s not too hard to tell as the brand name says a lot about a provider. We have done reviews on betting operators from William Hill to Dafabet analyzing the legitimacy, even though readers know the answer to the question – is Dafabet legit?

DRF Bets is a little different because the company’s reputation isn’t as eye-catching as some of its peers. Therefore, the question is well worth asking, and we’re happy to report that there isn’t a fly in the ointment. Firstly, the license is provided by the Oregon Racing Commission. As such, DRF has to follow certain procedures, an example of which is maintaining funds in an FDIC-insured bank (Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.).

In addition, extra layers of security exist. Not only does the site use HTTPS, which means it leverages SSL level encryption, but customers can only place wagers by inputting their PIN code or password. The same goes for deposits, withdrawals, and reference information.

Other features that highlight the legitimacy of the operation include the link with the race tracks, some of the most reputable in the world, and the fact it’s owned by Daily Racing Form. Daily Racing Form and the likes of Saratoga and Epsom Racecourse aren’t dodgy institutions and wouldn’t partner with any organization that isn’t 100% trustworthy.

Oregon (US) Racing Commission

Rewards & loyalty program - regular customers are welcome as much as new ones

Great operators understand the need to develop top-class reward programs for customers. While pretty much every provider offers bonuses in some form, they aren’t always part of a specialist scheme. DRF Bets doesn’t subscribe to the modern take on rewards, instead preferring the old-fashioned approach to pleasing regular customers. Simply put, the loyalty program is as extensive as it gets concerning sports betting, and horse racing in particular.

When you join DRF Rewards, you start on the bottom rung of the ladder, which is the Bronze level. There are five levels overall, with the most lucrative being Diamond. As usual, the more you bet, the higher up the table you progress, and the more prizes you stand to win as a result. Therefore, how much you stand to earn depends on how often you place wagers.

However, the bottom level involves receiving one Past Performances (PP) credit for every $50 wagered. The credits can be used within DRF Bets, as well as DRF Bets Classic, DRPs, Harness Eye, and Daily Harness Program. A Bronze subscription – betting $500 per month – also means you get weekly cashback that’s paid into your account every Wednesday. Once you move up to Silver and above, you receive access to DRF Plus Pro and Ticketmaker, and at least $20 of DRF Store Cash.

A personal account manager is possible, yet you must place a total monthly wager amount of $5,000+ to qualify for this feature. If you do, you can work together to ensure you maximize your DRF Bets experience. Basically, there are lots of rewards for loyal customers who reach the monthly betting thresholds, which is fantastic if you fall into this bracket as you stand to land a lot of added value.

DRF Bets Horse Betting

Betting markets - markets that are tailored to a North American audience

Our DRF Bets review has thoroughly analyzed the horse racing offerings, such as the types of bets and tracks you can access by registering with the operator. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that DRF Bets doesn’t only specialize in horse racing. Other sportsbooks are provided, although there isn’t an extensive number.

For example, you’ll find six tabs on the DRF Sports web page. Typically, a betting company will have over 20 sports and dozens of markets within each category. Of course, most players use the platform for the horse racing features, so anything else is a bonus. Plus, you’ll like that the sportsbooks are tailored to a North American audience as sports include basketball, American and Canadian football, ice hockey, and baseball. This makes the experience feel almost cozy, which is pleasant when other platforms can be overwhelming.

Odds - DRF live odds isn’t the only interactive feature

The odds are considered competitive because DRF Bets aims to please its customers. But, it can’t help the fact that it must alter odds for its horse racing vertical based on the real-time odds at partner tracks. DRF Bets mirrors the odds you find at the venue – for example, Gulfstream Park – so it’s as if you’re there enjoying the in-person atmosphere. As a result, the horse racing markets are the most competitive. DRF also has projected odds, live odds, and Morning Line odds, all three of which they use extensively. As a result, you get the most accurate information from 10 MTP every day.

This DRF Bets review learned that the odds are in traditional European form, not decimalized or Americanized. For American customers, this may be unusual, but you can quickly calculate the decimal odds by dividing the number on the left by the number on the right and adding one.

Live betting & streaming – Great options with DRF Bets mobile & the DRF Bets app

Bets for horse racing events are open from 10 MTP daily, making it easy to figure out which runners are in with a chance of winning before the traps open. Sportsbooks have an in-play feature, but this component isn’t eligible for horse racing because of the way the service is structured.

Live streaming plays a significant part in the experience because you can place a bet and watch the event. DRF Bets has a mobile app for Android and Apple users, so you can keep track of your wagers on the go. The Apple app is in the App Store, while the Android version requires you to download the APK file from bets.drf.com.

Limits - what’s the maximum deposit and withdrawal amount?

We couldn’t find any information on the DRF Bets website that mentioned anything about a maximum bet limit. This doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but we searched the site extensively and only found info relating to withdrawals. Withdrawals-wise, you’re limited to removing $2,500 per day per account. The same amount can be withdrawn by check at the Xpressbet Center location, taking the overall daily limit up to $5,000 a day.

Product summary & conclusion - a healthy mixture of sports with horse racing at the forefront

We are more than happy to recommend DRF Bets from a horse racing perspective. The horse racing vertical it offers is up there with the best in the industry due to the bonuses, wealth of data, and live streaming options. What about sports in general? While only a handful of sportsbooks are available, they are the major ones in North America. Therefore, you’ll be perfectly fine if you want to place a wager on the NFL, NHL, or MLB.


⚪ Is DRF Bets legal in my state?

North America has a complicated history with sports and casino gambling because it was banned for many years. Some states are opening up to the idea of providing in-person and online wagering services, which is why it can be confusing for many people to understand if a resource is legal. Although the examples of customers being prosecuted are almost non-existent, it’s smart to double-check to be 100% certain. To do that, you can read through our DRF Bets review or visit the website to find out more. DRF Bets has a dedicated section that outlines where people can access its services.

♓ Are there any requirements to open a DRF Bets account?

The amount of value available online is hard to comprehend sometimes. There are so many operators providing cashback and free bets that it’s not easy to keep up. Of course, you need to apply for an account and be registered before you can take advantage. DRF Bets is like the rest of its peers in the sense that you must follow specific rules to be accepted. In general, these can range from confirming your age and address for identity reasons to proving where funds came from. However, every operator is different, so it’s important to understand DRF Bets’ requirements. You can do that by going through our guide.

♐ Is there a mobile app for customers?

Mobile applications have become essential to the customer experience. You probably like the fact that you can open your phone and access the latest odds without typing in a URL. Web apps are turning into handy tools, too, yet mobile apps are still the king of on-the-go content. Therefore, whether DRF Bets has one for Apple and Android devices can make or break your experience. The details are reported in this review, so head to sports betting vertical to find out more.

Overall conclusion - a fantastic place to go for your horse racing betting needs

Sports betting services are available across the internet, even in places like the US where the laws are stricter. That means you essentially have your pick of operators, from William Hill and Bet365 to GentingBet. We recommend checking out our GentingBet review to evaluate whether it has elements you may enjoy. However, when it comes to horse racing, there’s nowhere better than DRF Bets.

Firstly, the relationship the company has with tracks worldwide is something special because it enhances the experience. Not only can you legally bet there in the United States, but you can also organize to collect your winnings from a nearby venue. Next up, there’s an incredible welcome package that doubles your initial deposit up to the amount of $250. And if that’s not enough, the loyalty scheme is comprehensive.

The design may be a tad basic for some people’s liking, and payments don’t include many new alternative methods. Still, this operator is a thorough and professional member of the industry, one you can rely on to take care of you every step of the way.

DRF Bets Horse Betting Bonus
100% up to $250
Go to DRF Bets Horse Betting
  • Excellent for horse racing bettors
  • Other sports markets available too
  • Plenty of data tools and statistics

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