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Let’s take a tour of the DraftKings new customer offers!

This guided tour will show you that DraftKings offers a few decent promotions. Unfortunately there isn’t any kind of DraftKings casino bonus at the time of writing, but there are some bonus offers available for sports betting.

We will give you the full facts on the operator’s US sports bonuses, as well as any DraftKings bonus codes that you’ll need. By the end of our tour you should then be able to decide if this is the right betting destination to suit your needs. For more info, read our DraftKings review.

20% up to $1000
Deposit Bonus
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Video: DraftKings Bonus: The Best Exclusive Sign-Up Bonus 🎁

DraftKings Bonus: The Best Exclusive Sign-Up Bonus 🎁

Intro to Bonus Offers - The Bonus Offers You Can Find

Before we get into what to look out for when it comes to bonus offers, how to take advantage of them, things you may be asking yourself about DraftKings’ bonus offers, and especially what promotions you can actually find at DraftKings, we need to give you an intro to the types of offers you can find on the market.

After all, what’s the point in us explaining the DraftKings new customer offers if you don’t know what any of it means? So first we’ll go through all of the different types of bonus offers you’ll be able to find on your journeys – plus why they’re so useful (if that isn’t obvious already).

Let’s take Xpressbet as an example. This operator has a few promotions available, exclusively geared towards horse racing betting. These include a sign-up bonus, a 10% rebate, a rewards points program, cash back and free bets. And that’s just from one operator! If any or all of these offers sound intriguing, take a look at our dedicated Xpressbet bonus code.

There are many more kinds of promotions out there that aren’t offered by Xpressbet. You will find match deposit bonuses, enhanced winnings, risk-bonus bets, free spins and even free cash, amongst others.

You can imagine why online betting sites offer their customers such incentives. A free chance to win exclusive perks and extra cash is the perfect way to get new customers and keep their existing customers loyal. The more customers an operator has, the better its bottom line.

That’s why you should research all of the operators that you’re thinking of putting your trust – as well as your money – into. Eventually, you will find the perfect offer to suit your needs.

So when you’re done reading this review on the DraftKings new customer offers, you should take a look at more options, including the TVG promo code.

How To Use the Bonus Offers - Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

In the second section of our review, we’ll discuss some of the important things you need to keep in mind when using any bonus offer that you think – at least at first glance – may be worth your time. These tips and tricks can apply to almost all types of bonuses, particularly the DraftKings joining offer that will be touched upon later on in our tour – as well as the DraftKings bonus codes.

Tips & Tricks

So let’s take a look at our tips and tricks for using the bonus offer(s) that you have chosen.

Firstly, probably the most important thing that to look at when deciding if a bonus offer is worth committing your time to or not is the wagering requirements. Basically, the lower the wagering requirements, the less of your own money you’ll have to put in, and therefore the more beneficial the offer is.

In case you aren’t sure, ‘wagering requirements’ mean a certain amount of your own funds you need to invest before you can withdraw any winnings you get from the bonus money you were originally awarded. This is usually stated as a multiple of the bonus amount, or the bonus amount plus your deposit amount.

The average wagering requirements in the industry is 35x, while the maximum is 75x. Anything between these two numbers is regarded as high, whereas anything less than 35x is relatively low in comparison. Though it is quite uncommon, you will find the odd promotions out there that have wagering requirements as little as 1x. The wagering requirements for DraftKings’ deposit bonus isn’t quite as low as that, but it is still very low when you look at the 35x average – but more on that later.

If this isn’t making much sense to you, don’t worry; it can be difficult to get your head around if you’re new to betting – or if it’s been a while. Whether you are a novice, or you’re just looking for a refresher, here’s an example that will make things easier for you.

Let’s take a 100% match deposit bonus of $50 with wagering requirements of 40x the bonus plus deposit amount. $50 bonus + $50 deposit x 40 wagering requirements means you need to spend $4000 before you can withdraw any winnings you may receive.

So though it may originally seem like you’re getting a catch-free $50 bonus, in actual fact you have to spend $4000 of your own money (plus your original $50 deposit) before you can get anything from your bonus offer.

Similar to wagering requirements, you also need to take a look at the other bonus requirements that may be associated with your potential chosen bonus offer – usually something to do with a qualifying bet or deposit that you need to make in order to receive the bonus. These depend on the specific promotion, and there are a few possibilities.

A minimum deposit may be required in order to qualify for a bonus. Or a certain amount of your cash may need to be wagered on sports bets at specified minimum odds in order to receive your bonus winnings. Other possibilities are time limits, DraftKings bonus codes, and eligible payment methods.

So now you know what to keep in mind on your journeys to find the right bonus offers for you, the next stop on our guided tour is how best to take advantage of the promotion(s) you choose.

Top 5 Expert Tips on Taking Advantage of the Bonus Offers - Pay Attention! You Won’t Regret It

We’re still a few stops away from the DraftKings new customer offers. In the meantime, the third stop of our guided tour will give you our top 5 expert tips on how to make the most of your chosen bonus offers, no matter what the type. And if you think there are expert tips that have been missed off our list, please share them with us!

Read the Terms & Conditions

We mentioned this when discussing our tips and tricks above, but you really need to understand just how important it is – so here it is again: always read the terms and conditions and make sure you pick out all of the promotion’s bonus requirements.

The wagering requirements, minimum deposits and/or bets and/or odds, time limits, eligible payment methods, any DraftKings bonus codes needed, as well as anything else that is important about the bonus – all of these are found in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

So whatever you do, do yourself a favour by reading and understanding all of the terms and conditions before finding yourself committed to a bonus offer that doesn’t actually work for you. That may sound tedious – and let’s face it, we all love gambling because it’s usually anything but tedious – but you need to trust us when we keep repeating to you that taking your time to understand what you’re getting yourself into will only help your chances of gaining a profit. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Fulfill the Bonus Requirements

If you fail to fulfil any of the bonus requirements stated in the terms and conditions – whether it’s the wagering requirements, minimum deposits and/or bets and/or odds, time limits, eligible payment methods, or if it’s none or all of the above – then your bonus amount plus any subsequent winnings will be taken away. If that happens, it means you’ve just wasted your time, effort and (worst of all) money.

Don’t Rush Your Bets!

Fulfilling all of the various rules and requirements while keeping within the time limit will no doubt feel stressful. Imagine the scenario: you need to spend thousands of dollars on a specified number of bets (usually an eligible bet is only $5 or $10 at once) with specified minimum odds within a couple of weeks or maybe a month. The pressure is on.

So you may feel it makes sense to bet on a few long shots – to bet on anything really, as long as the requirements are fulfilled within the time limit. After all, the more you can win from a single bet, the better for your overall profit. So it’s understandable that you may not want to waste time by researching your wagers..

But don’t forget, the more you lose, the worse off you are. So don’t rush your bets! You need to do your due diligence by researching every single bet you make. Come up with a betting strategy. Have a plan. That’s the best chance you have of winning. Why bother fulfilling such demanding bonus requirements if you end up with an overall loss at the end?

To reiterate: rushing your bets will make it more likely that you end up with unnecessary losses. So the best options is take your time and figure out some kind of betting strategy – even if it’s as simple as ten minutes of research on the players and/or teams in question.

If a certain bonus offer is close to its expiry date, do yourself a favour and don’t rush into it. Operators are always adding and updating offers on their website. Plus there are always loads of similar offers out there, you just need some time and patience to find them.

Also, remember that the time limit only begins once you activate the bonus (the moment you make your first qualifying deposit or bet, or you opt in).

Stick to What You Know

Chances are you’ll come across a bonus offer or two (or ten) that make you feel like you would be a fool to turn it/them down. There are some great promotions out there (at least on the surface), there’s no denying that.

But as we’ve said already, it’s essential that you fulfill all of the bonus requirements. Otherwise you’re wasting your time (and money). As you know, fulfilling these requirements means investing your own cash in the hope of earning rewards later down the line.

So it’s essential to stick to what you know. Think about this: if your expertise is fantasy sports betting, and you aren’t used to sportsbooks or casinos, it’s not worth committing to any bonus offer, no matter how tempting, if it doesn’t pertain to your expertise: fantasy sports betting. Taking a chance like that will only hurt your chances of making a profit.

Don’t Settle

This is simple: don’t just settle for the first enticing promotion you find. There are so many bonus offers for you to choose from, why settle for the first decent one you come across? Each promotion you’ll see has its own pros and cons, so you need to find the one that best works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - What Everyone Wants to Know

Stop four on this tour: it’s now time for five of the most frequently asked questions regarding the DraftKings new customer offers.

Who Can Take Advantage of the Bonus Offer?

Firstly, you must be resident in one of the DraftKings legal states. Only customers who don’t yet have an account with DraftKings are eligible. However, this may vary depending on the region you are in, so it’s always worth checking.

Do You Need a DraftKings Bonus Code or DraftKings Promo Code?

There is currently no DraftKings bonus code or DraftKings promo code needed for the current bonus offer (which we’ll discuss in the next section).

That doesn’t mean you won’t need a DraftKings bonus code or DraftKings promo code for another bonus offer in the future. Therefore you should always check the terms and conditions just to make sure.

Is DraftKings Reliable?

There are certain rules and restrictions that an operator must adhere to to stay in line with US law. For example, an operator must be independently licensed and regulated with every state it operates in. We can confirm that DraftKings holds licenses with the gaming authorities in all 11 states it currently operates online in.

But if you do get mixed up in some kind of DraftKings scam, make sure you let us know!

Which Payment Methods Can You Use at DraftKings?

The available payment methods include:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Prepaid DraftKings Play+ Card
  • Cash at the Casino Cage
  • ACH/eCheck
  • Check

What if I Have a Problem With the Welcome Offer?

The daily fantasy sports site has an email address and a query form. The support staff are available from 6am to 11:59pm, 7 days a week. The sportsbook has the same two contact options, but its support staff is available 24/7. The casino only has the query form – also available 24/7.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - An Invite-Only VIP Program, Plus a Refer-A-Friend Scheme

Don’t forget, we’re using the promotions that DraftKings offers in the US as examples. Bonus offers can be region-dependent, so if you are betting outside the US, regard this review as a general guide, but also check DraftKings for yourself.

As well as the DraftKings new customer offer, there is a refer-a-friend scheme aimed at existing customers called ‘Get a Free Bet’. To qualify, the friends you refer can’t always have a DraftKings account, and they must visit the site via your personal referral link. Once each friend creates their account and makes their first deposit, both you and they will earn a prize. Here’s a breakdown:

  • If your friend deposits $25-49, both of you will receive a $25 free bet.
  • If your friend deposits $50-99, both of you will receive a $50 free bet.
  • If your friend deposits $100+, both of you will receive a $100 free bet.

This scheme is limited to 5 referrals per offer period. Free bets are valid for 30 days.

And finally, the VIP program. Only the most loyal customers are invited to take part in this through long-term frequent play. This VIP program works the same as most rewards and loyalty programs do: spend money to receive loyalty points (called ‘crowns’) and eventually increase your loyalty level (there are 6 tiers, from bronze to black). The higher your loyalty level, the bigger and better your rewards get.

DraftKings Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - Get a Bonus of up to $1000

With the DraftKings sport bonus in the US, you can get up to $1000 in bonus money on your first deposit. The bonus amount is equal to 20% of your first deposit (minimum $5). So you need to deposit $5000 in one go to get the full bonus amount.

For a much less enticing bonus offer, read our WatchandWager promo code review. There you can get a 100% match deposit bonus up to a whopping $25. If such a small amount of bonus money is more up your street, make sure you use promo code MATCH25.

Reality Test - Wagering Requirements of 5x Your Deposit Amount

The wagering requirements are a little more complicated than you may be used to. According to the website, for every $25 you spend (on either the sportsbook, casino or the daily fantasy contests), you get $1 in bonus money released into your account.

That’s a roundabout way of saying the wagering requirements are 5x your deposit – if you deposit the full amount of $5000, you need to spend a total of $25,000 in wagering requirements.

Bonus Withdrawal - All You Need to Know

If you withdraw any of your bonus funds before fulfilling all of the requirements, these bonus funds and any subsequent winnings will be forfeited.

Pitfalls - What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

This offer is only eligible on your first deposit after creating your account.

If you make bets on the sportsbook, the minimum odds are -300 (1.33). You have 90 days from your first deposit to meet the requirements.

Verdict on Bonus - Big Stakes On Big Wins

As you can see, just to get $1000 in bonus money and any subsequent winnings, you need to spend a total of $30,000.

Low-stakes or casual players may not find this DraftKings new customer offer very beneficial – even if you deposit $50 and get $10 in bonus money, you have to spend $250 in wagering requirements. It’s not exactly worth it for ten bucks. This promotion will be particularly useful for high-rollers.

If you aren’t convinced to pack your suitcase and book a ticket to DraftKings, you might want to check out the current TwinSpires new customer offer. And let us know what you think!

20% up to $1000
Deposit Bonus
Get DraftKings Bonus
DraftKings Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - Introduction to the DraftKings Casino welcome offer

The current DraftKings Casino new customer offers come in the form of a first matched deposit bonus of 100% up to the value of $2000. There’s no bonus code required in order to claim the bonus; however, you will have to opt-in when making your first DraftKings deposit.

We’ve explained all of the terms and conditions in our reality test which follows below. We would just like to kick-start this review by informing you that this is one of the best casino bonuses around in 2022. Additionally, there are plenty of other DraftKings Casino bonuses for new customers.

Reality Test - Trying out the DraftKings Casino bonuses

To start off, a minimum of $5 must be deposited in order to claim the DraftKings welcome offer, and you will need to opt-in when making that deposit in order to claim the bonus. Here’s the bit that might be slightly confusing – the bonus is credited into your account in two different forms – you get up to $25 in casino-free credits and up to $2,000 in casino bonus funds.

The main difference we found between the two when claiming these DraftKings Casino new customer offers, is that the bonus credits have no wagering requirements, while the bonus credits do. The bonus can be used fairly freely within the casino, but unfortunately, we found that new players on DraftKings casino cannot claim any live casino bonuses.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out your DraftKings bonuses

The casino-free credits that you get as part of the DraftKings Casino welcome offer aren’t withdrawable; however, your winnings aren’t subjected to any wagering requirements and will be put straight into your real cash balance. Your bonus credits, on the other hand, are subjected to a wagering requirement that is 10x your deposit amount plus your bonus amount. As wagering requirements go, this is more reasonable than even the best online casinos are offering.

Pitfalls - What to avoid when claiming the DraftKings Casino welcome offers

There are certain casino games titles that are exempt from your wagering requirements, or may not count 100% so you should double-check these and avoid playing them when wagering. Additionally, you do need to place a $10 bet in order for it to count towards your wagering, so avoid staking less where possible.

As we always say with matched deposit bonuses here at Betting.net, you should also avoid depositing more than you can afford just because there’s a bonus involved – doing so will almost never work out well.

Verdict on Bonus - Our verdict on the DraftKings welcome bonus

The DraftKings casino bonuses for new customers are flexible and should work for players of all budget levels. This is thanks to the $5 minimum deposit required in order to claim it, coupled with the $200 maximum. Add to that the fact that the bonus terms and conditions are generous and you’ve got a winning recipe. With all that in mind, is it really any wonder why we think that DraftKings is better than most new casinos in 2022?

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - Introduction to the DraftKings DFS promo code

The current DraftKings DFS bonus for new customers is a 20% deposit match up to $500. The DraftKings DFS welcome offer is quite unique in nature, as it isn’t given to you in bulk once your qualifying deposit has been settled. Instead, it is paid out in $1 increments for every $25 you play through on DraftKings DFS games. You also need to remember to insert a valid DraftKings daily fantasy promo code when making your deposit in order to claim this offer. If you’re looking for a sportsbook bonus, DraftKings also offers the best football odds.

Reality Test – Trying out the DraftKings NFL fantasy bonuses

Rather than being one solid bonus, this can actually be treated more like a series of mini DraftKings NHL fantasy bonuses because it is paid out in small $1 increments. There are both ups and downs to this, but if you are a fairly frequent DFS player who likes to implement the best betting strategies when playing, you can really make the bonus work.

The good thing about the bonus being paid out in this way is that there are no wagering conditions attached at all – you can simply use the daily fantasy football picks Draftkings bonus and then withdraw without delay! You have 90 days in which to claim the full value of your DraftKings DFS bonus, which is a fairly generous time frame from what we found when testing the bonus out ourselves.

Bonus Withdrawal – Taking out your winnings from daily fantasy basketball picks

As we touched upon in the section above, the good thing about the DraftKings NBA fantasy bonuses being paid out in such a way is that there are no wagering conditions applied before you can withdraw the $1 increments.

When you first make your deposit, you will be given a $20 voucher which is included in your total bonus amount. This voucher can be used to play on any DraftKings DFS games, but isn’t available to withdraw as cash, and won’t become at any point.

This bonus is quite similar to the DraftKings sportsbook bonus, so why not check out the best basketball odds here today!

Pitfalls  – What to avoid when using the DraftKings DFS promo code

The DraftKings DFS bonus is one that requires a little bit more thought than your average deposit match. The main thing that you need to avoid is going in rashly without a plan. You have 90 days to claim your maximum bonus value in those $1 increments, so plan ahead and go in with a solid gaming strategy. Otherwise, you could end up losing money if you’re not careful.

Verdict on Bonus – The DraftKings daily fantasy promo code

This bonus is somewhat unique and we believe it offers potentially excellent value to the right type of player. With that being said, the incremental nature does mean that it benefits players that already are in some way used to playing daily fantasy sports. If sportsbooks are more your thing, take a look at the best hockey odds for today.

100% up to $500
Deposit Bonus
Get DraftKings Bonus

Overall Conclusion - A Sports Bonus Offer Worth Your While

We’ve gone through a number of useful topics in detail throughout this guided tour. These include the different types of promotions available out there, what you should keep in mind when you’re searching around for the best offers to suit your needs, how best to take advantage of the offers you’ve chosen, and five of the most frequently asked questions you may have about bonus offers. You should now be an expert.

And finally, we just want to conclude by repeating that the DraftKings new customer offer currently available for US customers is decent, though perhaps not for everyone. It has a higher monetary value than most offers, and the wagering requirements are far lower than most, too. Yet because of the 20% match rather than the usual 100%, you will end up spending much more of your own funds than you get back in bonus money. And don’t forget, there is no DraftKings bonus code needed.

20% up to $1000
Deposit Bonus
Get DraftKings Bonus

DraftKings New Customer Offers FAQ

🏅Is DraftKings one of the top operators on the US market?

There are many online betting websites available for US bettors, though not all of them will be available in your state. DraftKings is currently available in a total of 11 states; if you live in one of those, you should read our dedicated review.

💸What is the current DraftKings new customer offer?

Online betting sites are constantly adding and changing their bonus offers. Find the most recent info on the current DraftKings new customer offer – including if there is any DraftKings promo code required – at our guided tour.

🌟Is DraftKings reliable?

This is always the most important question you should ask yourself before trusting an operator, especially in the US where state laws are varied and more strict than other countries around the world. Book a ticket to our DraftKings review for more info.

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