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DoubleDown Review – Is DoubleDown the best Online Casino of 2022?

We compare DoubleDown against the best Online Casinos!

Unfortunately, Double Down Casino is restricted in your area.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 alternatives:
Last Updated on November 2, 2022
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Welcome to our Double Down Social Casino review! As a completely free social casino gaming destination, Double Down social online casino is a great place to connect with friends and play some video poker, slots or table games.

No real money is involved; the entire gameplay is financed and played with virtual coins with opportunities to win more in bonuses, gifts and challenges. Anyone over the age of 13 (with parental permission) can join in with this unique adventure!

Double Down Social Casino: Pros & Cons
  • Opportunities to earn chips without having to invest real money
  • Lots of incentives to earn you significant extra chips
  • Some of the best tournaments we have found on any social casino site
  • Games are played with virtual chips so are great for beginners
  • You have to register an account on each device you want to play on

Bonus offers & free bets - excellent choices

Typical online casinos offer new player bonuses tied to the cash invested. As Double Down Casino games aren’t ‘for cash’, deposits are not required and therefore the format is different. As a new player, you’ll start out with a million chips and from then on, the daily spin wheel can provide a significant number of additional credits.

Daily wheel spin

You can spin the wheel every 24 hours and it will automatically come up when you open the app on your device. If you are familiar with the wheel of fortune, the daily spin wheel closely resembles this and will provide you with enough chips to play for at least a small amount of time unless you get lucky and win a more compelling amount.

The prizes available on the daily wheel are decided by your Diamond Club level (discussed later on in this Double Down Social Casino Review). The higher your club status, the greater the prizes on the daily spin wheel.

Daily challenges

The square icon with three shields in the middle is your daily challenge button. Every player level has a set of three challenges to complete which are bronze, silver and gold. Unlock bronze to journey on to silver and silver to make the voyage to gold.

The challenges involve getting a symbol, or set of symbols, during the time you play the game and you can play for the challenges every day. When a challenge is completed, you will automatically receive a prize award to your credit balance.

Return bonus

Every 24 hours you will also get a return bonus that starts at $1,000. As long as you log in every day, that amount increases by $1,000 a day up to a maximum of $25,000 for 25 consecutive days of activity.

Send and receive gifts

A key part of Double Down Social Casino is keeping your friends in play. Every day, you can send a gift spin to your Facebook friends and they can send one to you. You can redeem three gifts (as long as you receive three) in a single day.

Your Diamond Club status can also give you a bigger gift boost and allows you to redeem more gifts each day the higher your club status is.

There is a little icon of a ‘gift’ on the main casino screen and the number on this is your gift indicator. Click on the gift box icon to collect and send gifts to and from fellow visitors.

Friend bonus

Your chip balance for Double Down Casino games can be given a healthy boost if you are active with Facebook referrals. For every friend you refer that goes on to download the Double Down App, you get an additional $1,000 in chips.

However, to protect against fraudulent use, Double Down Casino monitors all activity and if your friend goes on to uninstall the app, your bonus will be deducted accordingly.

One million chip friend bonus

The first friend that accepts your invitation will net you a $1 million bonus to your credit balance!

Other bonus offers and free bets

If you provide your email address to Double Down Casino and opt in to the newsletter, special offers are sent directly to your inbox. You can also claim extras by ‘liking’ or following the casino on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Dedicated Facebook users can also claim more chip bonuses by visiting the Casinos Facebook fan page. Double Down suggests adding their page as a ‘see first’ on your Facebook timeline so it’s at the top of your newsfeed, thereby alerting you when there are free chip offers.

Usability, look & feel - friendly and realistic says our Double Down social casino review

On first sight of the Double Down page, you could be forgiven for wondering what category of website you had landed on. The home page simply states ‘Double Down Interactive’ with no explanation of what Double Down is. However, once you click on the menu bars and navigate to the ‘games’ tab, the website becomes far more colourful. You are able to view the types of games available and will be advised of the available platforms to play each game on. You are not able to play the games directly from the website and must download an app to play which may be a hindrance for some who are wishing to play immediately. Other online gambling sites which are available across multiple platforms may have the edge here – for example, take a look at the Spreadex rating.

Payment and banking - Double Down social casino review

As this isn’t a casino with real money betting, the banking arrangement is slightly different. It will only provide purchase options as opposed to deposit methods as players are unable to claim financial withdrawal. This may make you ask whether Double Down Social Casino is legit – we have had others asking is Dafabet legit? before.

The answer is, yes. Even though Double Down Social Casino only operates with virtual currency, you can purchase more credits to play with if you wish.

The easiest option to purchase more coins is to play via the app and use your account setup to pay for an in-app purchase as you would with any other app. Other methods include through Facebook and Paypal.

As an example, at the time of writing, 300,000 coins cost $2.99 to purchase and 100,000,000 cost $99.99.

Payment options

  • Facebook
  • Google Play
  • PayPal
  • Apple App Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Samsung Galaxy App Store

All financial details are protected by SSL encryption technology and are secure.

Customer service - support ticket based

Our Double Down social casino review has looked at the customer service options and found that contact for help is available in the form of an email support ticket set up. However, most players shouldn’t need to use customer service as Double Down has an extensive help section along with demonstrations of how to play. And you can always create a support ticket if you do have an issue that requires more specific help to resolve.

License and security - your data is safe

You have the choice to either sign up with the Double Down Casino social gaming platform through Facebook or by signing up with an e-mail address. Either option is perfectly secure since Double Down Casino will never sell your personal information.

If you do not wish to give the app any personal information, they also have a guest feature so you can play anonymously. If you choose this option, you cannot receive any of the member bonuses or benefits and any progress you make will not be saved.

Rewards and loyalty programme - attractive VIP benefits

Double Down Social Casino has a multi level VIP programme where players move up the levels based on their betting and log in regularity and activities. This is one of the best VIP programmes we have seen, although for others, take a look at our gambling reviews.

The more often you play and the more you stake, the quicker you will advance levels through the Diamond club. When you have enough chips accumulated, you can cash them in to move up a level – each level costs money to progress to. If you have excess chips, they will roll over, but you do need to redeem the required amount to advance to the next VIP level.

The loyalty club is the main draw for activity in the games; players want to accumulate chips in order to move up the levels and therefore accrue chips more easily.

Benefits of the VIP lounge include:

  • Loyalty point multiplier
  • The ability to redeem up to ten daily gifts
  • Early access to new games added to the collection
  • Higher daily bonus wheel top value
  • Ambassador service

An ambassador is similar to a VIP concierge and provides personalised support to players rather than having to go through the main customer service email ticket support system.

Double Down Casino Social Casino

Double Down casino games - huge choice in our Double Down social casino review

There are three main areas of play for Double Down Casino games – table games, video poker and slots. The most prolific area is slots and 121 of the 127 games on offer are slot games. You will not find any sports offers at Double Down – for this, try Sporting Index Promo Code.

The minimum bet for Double Down Casino games is pretty high, so your original $1 million in credits may not stretch as far as you think! You don’t have to play all the pay lines on each game which can save you some chips, so bear this in mind. For example, on the Golden Goddess game, the minimum line bet is $500 so for a bet on all the available lines, it would be $10,000 a spin. It’s obvious why some people would be quick to purchase additional credits as you can burn through them pretty quickly.

In 2010, Double Down Interactive was founded and Double Down Casino was launched on Facebook. The game quickly advanced in popularity and in 2012 was acquired by IGT who launched Double Down Casino on Apple and Google. With a huge rise in acclaim, in 2017 DoubleU Games bought the company and floated Double Down Classic and Ellen’s Road to Riches. This was quickly followed by Fort Knox in 2018 and the games popularity has continued to today, with Double Down Social Online Casino ranking in the top 3 social casino games for the past four consecutive years and being in the top 20 grossing mobile games on Apple App store since 2015.

The software is still provided by IGT gaming and offers differentiated content and unique player experiences across all the games. With top notch graphics, flashing lights and a colourful, friendly interface, Double Down Casino is user friendly, much like Boyle Sports review, and has a good selection of games. IGT is one of the most prominent companies in the casino software industry, both on- and off-line. You will get a very similar playing experience as you would sitting down in a Las Vegas casino.

Tournaments – many and varied

Tournaments are a fantastic feature of the Double Down Casino games and are structured in a way that allows players to pick their odds of winning by taking part in smaller tournaments or larger ones with many participants.

Slot tournaments

There are four types of slot tournaments and each has a different list of included games.

  • 50 Players

This tournament is limited to 50 players and the top 10 will be winners. Depending on the games, the buy in is anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000,000 and the prize pool ranges from $1.125 million on Mayan Riches to a huge $4.5 billion on Treasures of Troy.

  • Mega Prize

The Mega Prize tournament has up to 500 players and is the largest tournament in terms of the number of players allowed. The top 100 players win the payout which again varies according to the game; Mayan Riches has a $45 million windfall up for grabs and Western Belle has a huge $2.25 billion. The buy-in for this tournament is larger than for others as you’ll need at least $100,000 for Mayan Riches, but the prize fund is tempting enough to make you want to invest.

  • Shootout

This tournament is very selective with only 10 players allowed to participate. The top two players will win the bounty and $25,000 gets you in the running for a $225,000 prize pot on Pamplona and the game White Orchid requires $100 million but also awards the winners with $900 million to split between them.

  • Hi-Lo

This tournament rewards both the winner and the loser; 10 players can participate and the first place winner along with the player in last position claim a piece of the prize pool. Mayan Riches, a favourite, has a $25,000 buy-in for a $225,000 prize but you’ll need $100 million to enter the Coyote Moon tournament. However, this hefty buy-in could claim a part of the $900 million prize fund.

Video poker tournaments

To find the options for Video Poker you’ll need to select ‘more games’ from the drop down menu. There are both 50 player and Shootout tournaments available with the Shootout being ten players competing for the top two positions.

There is a $100,000 buy-in for the Double Double Bonus round for a $900,000 prize and $1 million will allow you to enter Jacks or Better placement for a $9 million dividend. Bonus and Double Bonus Poker are also included in the Video Poker Tournaments.

Video poker

There are four games to play in the video poker section and also some serious tournament action. If you’re a dedicated video poker player you may think that one-line games are a simple option, but the Game King Video Poker Tournaments can do a lot to make the games more challenging for you. Go into the ‘more games’ area to access Video Poker – your lowest stake is $5,000. The four games are:

  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Jacks or Better

Table games

These are also in the ‘more games’ section of the site and offer two choices; roulette or blackjack. Just as with the slots and video poker, the stakes are high with the lowest buy-in for blackjack being $5,000 and for roulette, $10,000.

An excellent way to learn table games, both of these games show a complete guide with a step-by-step introduction to betting and the gaming process. Because you’re not playing for real money, you can afford to make some mistakes while you learn and these two games are an excellent preparation for the real thing!

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack


You may be grateful that you’re not playing for cold hard cash as although a 9 figure jackpot would be jaw dropping, so would the minimum 4-figure buy-in! Although it’s not real money, Double Down Casino slots still utilise progressive jackpot figures. Paid in credits, you can win some significant credits, but no real money or prizes are awarded.

Slot Games:

  • House of Cards
  • Golden Goddess
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Icy Wilds
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Bombay
  • Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Golden Jungle
  • Fire Pearl
  • Triple Stars
  • Hexbreaker 2
  • Fishing Bob
  • Sizzling 7
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Double Diamond Deluxe
  • Mayan Riches

Double Down social casino review - FAQ

⛁ Is there a loyalty bonus on Double Down Casino?

Bonuses, especially those that reward players for loyalty, can make all the difference in a casino becoming your go-to for games. If you’re looking for the best loyalty bonuses available, take a look at our informative bonus reviews right here on

♣ What does a booster do in Double Down Casino?

There are all kinds of fun features that social casinos offer to make your play more exciting and engaging. You can read our guides and reviews to get a sense of the types of game enhancements that are waiting to be discovered.

♛ How do I get chips in Double Down Casino?

With so many opportunities to get free chips at Double Down Casino, you will be able to play as long as you want. For all the ways to earn chips, have a look at our insightful social casino reviews here on

✨Where do you enter a promo code on DoubleDown Casino?

To take advantage of any promotional offer, you must first open a free account with Double Down casino and log in. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to redeem any offers while playing as a guest. You can find more information on promo codes by browsing our helpful bonus reviews.

☘ Is there a welcome offer on Double Down Casino?

All the offers from Double Down Casino are generous and change daily so it is best to keep checking. For details of all the current offers available, you can check our handy reviews on

Overall conclusion of our Double Down social casino review

Playing for credits instead of playing for cash can take some getting used to, but if you are a new player, playing for virtual cash is a great start before parting with real money. Learning how to play the games is also an excellent feature of Double Down Social Casino and will prepare you for if you’re keen to explore the more traditional, real-money online casinos such as this one in our Genting Bet Review.

The extra bonuses available from the ‘refer a friend’ scheme also prompts players to make the experience more social and have fun with friends without having to spend any money – like a holiday right at home!

With millions of players already accessing the app on a regular basis and its excellent IGT software, Double Down Social Casino is a great way to have fun with friends before graduating to real money casinos should you wish to do so – otherwise, it’s an enjoyable and entertaining Social Casino experience.


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