Derby City Jackpot Casino Review and Rating 2022

Is Derby City Jackpot Casino Legit?

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Our Derby City Jackpot Casino review is sure to make you see why it should become your one-stop destination, especially if you are a social player or a newcomer to the world of horse race betting.

You can bet on live horse races taking place every day in the US, England and Ireland. Suppose the attraction of the many bonuses and offers isn’t enough. In that case, the safety and reliability of the site will have you hooked at the very least. Derby City Jackpot Casino is also free of all the complicated jargon that beginners might find difficult.

Derby City Jackpot Casino: Pros & Cons
  • 256-bit secure socket layer encryption
  • AWD license from Oregon
  • Perfect for beginners and casual gamers alike
  • Excellent customer support and FAQ section
  • The entire bonus amount is not released to you immediately

Bonus Offers – The Derby City Jackpot Casino welcome bonus package you can't resist

Most online casinos offer bonuses to new and active players as a means of attraction to anyone visiting their site. The Derby City Jackpot Casino is no stranger to an attractive bonus offer. With an entire package of bonuses and Derby City Jackpot free casino games, they cater to the casual gamer and a more seasoned gamer.

The welcome bonus at Derby City Jackpot Casino depends largely on the amount that you deposit initially. This sum could be as low as $10, upon which you receive a bonus of $10 in free bets. Additionally, if your deposit amount is more, your bonus amount increases too and could go up to $250. You will not require any Derby City Jackpot Social Casino promo code to access this bonus amount, and you can expect it to be deposited into your account almost immediately. In some rare cases, it may take up to 48 hours at the most.

For the lotto section of the game, you win a ticket after having your account verified. This ticket can earn you a sum of either $10, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000. This section, however, is more of a social element to the Derby City Jackpot Casino games.

Finally, for the jackpot, you need to make nine consecutive winning wagers in the order of 3 Granny bets, 3 Donkey bets, 3 Monkey bets. Each game costs a total of $4. Once these levels are completed in a 24-hour window, you stand to win anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000! You can also check out other bonus codes like the Sporting Index promo code here in

Usability, Look and Feel – Easy to navigate

The Derby City Jackpot Casino is a fantastic online website that is easy to navigate with no extra buttons that create confusion. The website has an exciting colour palette with a mix of orange, shades of green and brown. This combination works really well and gives you a real-life casino feel just by looking at it. The colours are not too dark and have a perfect balance among each other.

As mentioned earlier in this Derby City Jackpot Casino review, Derby City Jackpot Casino allows players to place bets without worrying about the complicated words associated with the betting process. Especially for new players, this enhances the gaming experience. However, they do not have a mobile app yet. But their website is intuitive and mobile-friendly, so it shouldn’t pose many difficulties for gaming on the go. It loads quickly and immediately pops up with a sign up page if you are not already registered. However, if you wish to first explore the site before taking the step to signing up, just simply exit the pop up box and do so.

As we know, Derby City jackpot casino has taken a new and interesting approach to their live horse race betting, here is how they went about it. They renamed the games to Donkey, Monkey, Granny, Gonzo, Dime, and Fiddy, with each representing various types of betting markets.

Summing up, Derby City Jackpot Casino has added a whole new spin to the journey of horse race betting. They made it all the more fun and exciting without the stress and tension that could otherwise follow when you need to read statistics and learn new terms. It’s a great place for social and casual gamblers to have a mini-vacation away from the stress of daily life. However, if you are not in the mood for horse racing or a social casino, check out this Gentingbet review and get more insight into an excellent sportsbook and casino platform.

Payments – A variety of payment methods at your disposal

Our Derby City Jackpot Casino review tests revealed that the payment process in the platform stands out for its flexibility and ease. The Derby City Jackpot Casino website offers you a large variety of options to make deposits. Some less than obvious methods include bitcoin, gift vouchers, Starbucks Card and even a Walmart Card. This is in addition to the standard methods like credit cards, MasterCard’s, Net Banking and pre-paid voucher cards. Another aspect that is not up for debate is the lengths taken by Derby City jackpot casino to provide a safe and secure environment for transactions. They use a 256- bit secure socket layer encryption to protect your information and they are also verified on PayPal.

Derby City Jackpot Casino does not charge any fee for depositing, with the minimum deposit being only $10. In addition, the deposits and bonuses will reflect in your account almost immediately. However, you are not allowed to withdraw your bonus amount without wagering it. You also cannot immediately withdraw your deposited amount without wagering it in a bet first.

Every transaction in Derby City Jackpot Casino is carried out in a safe, secure and timely manner. The freedom of choosing from a wide array of payment options offers alone is an excellent reason to pack your payment cards and visit the site.

Customer Service – Super-fast and responsive

As we always say, before wagering any money, it is vital to clearly understand each and every rule and aspect of the casino game. This is where the importance of customer support comes in. A responsive and knowledgeable support team is vital, especially if you are unfamiliar with horse racing or betting in general.

The customer support offered by Derby City Jackpot Casino is inclusive and is divided according to your country of origin. This means you can get help in the language you prefer. Our tests for this review found that their customer support is quick to reply and extremely helpful. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then all you need to do is submit a request ticket. Detail your concern or query in the ticket, and someone is sure to respond to you in little to no time. Live chat is also available. Boyle Sports is another platform with solid customer support. You can read all about it here in our Boyle Sports review.

License and Security – Derby City Jackpot Casino is a trusted operator

When it comes to safety and security, Derby City Jackpot Casino has you covered. It is reliable and has the whole package of licenses to prove this claim. They use a 256- bit secure socket layer encryption to keep your information safe and are also a verified user with PayPal. They are also an Advanced Deposit Wagering Service (AWD). This means that the transactions and information you have on the site is fully protected legally and is powered by Xpressbet. Xpressbet is a completely licensed AWD from Oregon.

In addition, Derby City Jackpot Casino uses a team of in-house engineers to develop and run their games that are more designed for the casual bettor. This is in partnership with Woodbine Entertainment and The Stronach Group. All in all, if you get a chance to explore the names above, you too will agree that the Derby City jackpot casino has gone over and above to protect your information and make their website a safe and secure place for you to unwind and enjoy social gambling.

So to answer the question, is Derby City Jackpot Casino legit? We can safely say that Derby City Jackpot Casino rating in the licensing and security department is very much positive. If you’re looking for similar information like, is Dafabet legit?, then is the place to be.

Rewards and Loyalty Program - Climb the ladder for greater bonuses and promotions

The bonus offers that one can expect on the Derby City Jackpot Casino website are quite interesting. Derby City Jackpot Casino bonuses alone will most definitely have you signing up on their website. You can use these bonus amounts for all and any of the games on the website. They arrive almost immediately into your account. You also do not have to worry about any time limits, as there is none. However, the downside is that the bonus amount releases only at a rate of 10% of the wagered amount.

They also have a fun referral program through which you can earn $25 in bonuses if you invite a friend to join you at Derby City Jackpot Casino. That’s an exciting way to get your friends in on the action and earn a bonus at the same time. The Derby City Jackpot Casino also offers a loyalty program for its active and loyal members. The higher up the ladder, the better the VIP treatment!.

Derby City Social Casino

Software – A safe, reliable and trustworthy site

This one of a kind online betting platform on actual live horse races is truly an ingenious idea by the Derby City Jackpot Casino online team. In partnership with Woodbine Entertainment and The Stronach Group, a group of in-house engineers and product heads have made it possible for amateur and first-time bettors to bet on these horse races. You don’t have to worry about the complex terms and wording that usually comes along with horse betting. You can easily take a casino vacation right from the comfort of your home by logging onto the website.

The safety, security and reliability are guaranteed by a 256-bit secure socket layer encryption, an encryption method used by banks. In tandem with this, Derby City jackpot casino is also AWD licenced, thanks to Xpressbet which is fully AWD licenced from Oregon. There is also an easily accessible leaderboard that lists the best performers in each game both weekly and all-time. Getting your name up on that leaderboard is surely going to be a challenge.

Game Portfolio – The DerbyLotto and a horse racing destination

In the efforts to simplify horse race betting, Derby City Jackpot Casino has named their games such that they are easy to remember. The games are called – Monkey, Donkey, Granny, Gonzo, Dime and Fiddy. Each one is a bet on the horse arriving in a specific position at the end of the race.

The Donkey bet is otherwise called a place bet. This is one in which the horse either comes first or second in the race.

The Monkey bet, also called a winning bet, is when you bet that a specific horse will come in the first place. This means you can bet a certain amount of money on a particular horse and win if the horse wins.

The Granny bet, called the show bet in other casinos, is a bet on a particular horse coming in either first, second or third.

The Gonzo bet gets a little more complicated in the sense that you need to begin by wagering a particular amount. Now, you will be dealt 2 or 3 cards, and these cards have the images of the horses you will be betting on. And finally, you need to wait and see if they are the first three horses. They may finish in any order. You can also change a card if you wish to.

Finally, the Fiddy and Dime games are both slot machine games where the Fiddy has three slots, and the Dime has four slots.

Aside from the adventurous horse race betting games in Derby City Jackpot Casino, they also offer a few other games to keep your visit to their site interesting. The DerbyLotto is also a part of Derby City Jackpot Casino games. It is also one of the few online lottery sites in the United States. With the pay-outs being 4% over the usual state lottery, this is undoubtedly something you need to keep an eye on. If you’re lucky, you may even win a few hundred thousand dollars from even a bet as small as a few cents!

Live Casino – Nothing much for casino tourists

If you’re looking for a complete casino experience, Derby City Jackpot Casino will disappoint you. They are an exclusive horse betting platform and offer only a few slots and a Derby Lotto. However, their excellent horse betting games alone will make your trip worthwhile. But, if you feel you need a platform with everything in one place, do check our online gambling reviews to find your perfect betting platform. If you are looking for a sportsbook, Spreadex is a platform worth a look. Check out our experts’ Spreadex rating for more information about them.

Limits – Start betting from just $1

You can place bets on any horse you wish to during any match you choose. This bet could be anywhere from $1 or higher. Since the minimum deposit amount is only $10, you’re sure to spend that almost instantly. So be sure to keep an eye on how much you spend. Because the platform is so enticing and fun to play, you can get hooked to it. Moreover, you should definitely take a peek in their “Responsible Gambling” section for more insight into how to play safely and keep gambling addiction at bay.

Product Summary – The Derby City Jackpot Casino offers the entire package!

Our tests for this Derby City Jackpot Casino review showed some great aspects of this unique social casino. Every part of the website and the games and even the safety and reliability has been meticulously planned with great attention to detail.

Let’s start by looking at the betting and games on the website. You can bet on races happening in the USA, England and Ireland right on their website. The horse racing bets have been curated with simple and easy language, just like slot machines.

Besides this, they have an interesting welcome bonus that increases with an increase in the deposit amount. The DerbyLotto is also a fun way to wager a small amount and earn big in return. You should also try your hand at quick play while you’re at it, which is like the Lotto but happens every 5 minutes.

A guided tour through their transaction systems and processes has shown us that Derby City Jackpot Casino is a completely reliable and secure site. With their advanced 256-bit secure socket layer encryption and their AWD license, you can ensure the safety of all your information.

Summing up, we feel the need to bring up their adventurous website. Right from the colour scheme used to the ease of use of the website, it is surely worth your while. The customer care is also excellent. However, you get answers to most queries from their extensive FAQ section itself. Hence, we can certainly say that Derby City Jackpot Casino is a great platform for beginners and casual gamers alike.

Derby City Jackpot Casino FAQ

🎉 Does Derby City Jackpot Casino have bonus offers?

Derby City Jackpot Casino offers a plethora of quite impressive and exciting bonus offers. Some of them are even directly affected by your deposited amount, but the most exciting aspect is that these bonuses have no time limit at all! Read more about this in our Derby City Jackpot Casino review.

✅ Is Derby City Jackpot Casino safe and reliable?

Derby City Jackpot Casino is a unique platform that revolutionized horse race betting in social casinos. However, even though it is a socal casino, it is vital to ensure the legitimacy of the platform. Read our Derby City Jackpot Casino review for all the information you need to ensure its legitimacy.

🤑 What payment methods are accepted?

Derby City Jackpot Casino accepts a wide range of payment methods, even some that may seem unconventional to most. However, take a look at our Derby City Jackpot Casino review to see if they offer a payment method you prefer.

📱 Is Derby City Jackpot Casino available on mobile?

Derby City Jackpot Casino does not have a mobile app that you can install on your device. However, you can still play them on your mobile. So, please read our Derby City Jackpot Casino review for all the information you need to play it on your mobile.

🎲Can I play live casino on Derby City Jackpot Casino?

Derby City Jackpot Casino is a unique social casino that takes horse race betting to a new dimension. There are various excellent betting markets on horse racing with a leaderboard in place for you to compare your performance with other live players. Read our review of this excellent social casino for more information on their live casino options.

Overall Conclusion – Derby City Jackpot Casino is your one-stop destination for all things fun!

The Derby City Jackpot Casino is certainly one of a kind. It has covered all its bases, is easy to navigate, fun to play, and transactions are quick, easy and well protected. In addition, their customer support is super-helpful, and the entire experience is a must-try.

And so, based on our experience from this Derby City Jackpot Casino review, we recommend it to anyone looking for a social casino destination. But don’t just take our word for it. Traverse the Derby City Jackpot Casino yourself and find out.

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