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Borgata Bonus Review – Is the Borgata Online Casino & Sportsbook Promo Code the best in December 2022?

How to get the Borgata Online Casino & Sportsbook Promo Code!

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Last Updated on November 2, 2022
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Before you embark on your betting journey with Borgata, you’ll want to know all about the latest offers and Borgata promo codes to take with you. Not only will we lead you to the latest promo codes out there, but we’ll also help you to find out what Borgata offers they’ll get you once you arrive at your destination.

From the $600 risk-free Borgata sports bonus bet, to the matched deposit Borgata casino bonus that gets you up to $1,000 when you sign up- we’ll let you know about all the offers available at this premier online betting destination!

All About the Borgata Joining Offer

When it comes to deciding which Borgata bonus code to cash in on arrival at your destination, you have a very simple choice. Do you want to head for the sportsbook or the online casino section of the platform? You’ll also want to be certain that you are resident in one of the Borgata legal states.

We’ve taken a quick look at both bonuses below, providing you with the essential details about each one. As your journey continues down the page, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the different Borgata offers and how they can best work for you.

Want to know more about this destination as a whole? Then check out our Borgata Review!

The Borgata Sports Bonus

If upon arrival at Borgata, you choose to head straight for the online sportsbook, then you’ll want to go equipped with the right Borgata promo code. In doing so you’ll be able to start your journey off right by getting a risk free bet of up to $600. How it works is that if your first bet loses, Borgata will refund you with a risk free bet of the same value – going all the way up to $600.

The Borgata Casino Bonus

If you choose to head straight for the online casino lounge when arriving at Borgata, then the right code can get you a 100% matched deposit of up to $1000. Additionally, you’ll also get $25 free play for the casino and a $10 free bet for the sportsbook. This is an excellent welcome package for new online casino arrivals that literally gives you the chance to test out other areas of the sites well!

Interested in some other offers? Check out the Foxbet promo code and the 888 new customer offer.

Checklist Before You Bet - Tips to Using the Borgata Bonus Code

Choose the Right Borgata New Customer Offers for You

We briefly touched upon the basic bonuses above, but depending on when and where you reach Borgata from, depends on the bonus codes you can use and the offers you can take advantage of. While some of the small offers can be used in combination with each other, the biggest offers definitely can’t. You therefore have to ask yourself one big question upon arrival at your destination here – what do you want more? The casino bonus or the sportsbook bonus? It’s a tough decision, but it’s only one that you can make.

Get the Right Deal

The maximum bonus amount looks pretty sweet doesn’t it? But don’t forget that claiming the full $1000 casino bonus requires a $1000 real money deposit from you. Similarly, the full $600 free bet will only be granted if you place a losing bet of $600. If this is beyond your budget, don’t stretch to it just for the sake of grabbing yourself a bigger bonus.

The minimum deposit amount for the casino bonus is just $10, with the minimum risk-free bet amount being $20. This offers a lot of flexibility for the bonus in terms of budgets. So be careful which Borgata bonus code you choose to cash in and use.

Don’t Change Your Habits

If you’ve already planned your journey based on arriving at your destination without a bonus, then stick to that plan – as far as the bonus conditions allow at least! Your Borgata promo code shouldn’t be used to test new waters and fritter away playing games or betting on sports you know nothing about. If you want to bet smart and really increase your chances of winning, then you’re better walking down the trails you already know how to navigate.

Read the Small Print

Even if you’re a frequent gambler, we always ask for your undivided attention and recommend reading the in flight safety manual. In this case, we’re referring to the bonus terms and conditions. We have, of course, detailed the most important conditions to look out for here in our Borgata bonus review, however we always recommend going through them yourself. You want to know about the minimum odds, wagering requirements and withdrawal conditions in advance. Trust us, you don’t want such things to pop up as a surprise and bite you in the keister when you’re midway through your journey.

Track Your Wagering

The harsh thing about bonuses that really lands you back in reality is the wagering conditions or turnover requirement. It can be all well and good if you use your Borgata new customer offers and win, but if you can’t meet the wagering requirement in time then it’s all been for nothing – be aware of the bonus terms and conditions before you take flight (as explained in step 4) then keep a diary to track your bonus wagering so you know your on track to meet the requirements on time and make your winnings withdrawable as cash!

5 Ways to Enhance Your Borgata Promo Code Experience

Use The Right Borgata Bonus Code

Here’s the thing, finding and choosing the right bonus with Borgata can be tricky – which is why we’re on hand to be your tour guides. The codes and bonus offers may differ depending on what bonuses you’ve already claimed and which US state you’re playing form. For example, a Borgata promo code that works in the state of New Jersey, might not work in Pennsylvania. We strongly recommend using the best bonus code there is BETBONUSBOR.

Additionally, there’s the fact that you want to be able to use some bonus codes if you’ve already cashed in some others. Then you have to take into account the fact that the principle Borgata new customer offers doesn’t require a promo code at all, but could exempt you from claiming others. Lastly, have you used a BetMGM bonus code in the past? If so this could affect your Borgata bonus as they both use the same online platform.

Get the Home Grown Bonus

If you reside in a legal gambling state, then don’t claim an online bonus while you’re out of state, as there might be a better one waiting for you back home. If you’re from PA and on a weekend trip to Atlantic City, then check out if the bonus codes available back home are any better – as using an NJ code could prevent you from using a PA code in the future.

Be Sure to Shop Around

Did you know that will always help you find the best betting bonuses? Before you fly, check out and compare all of the amazing betting bonuses available in the gambling world right here. Don’t jump at the first bonus you see, and make sure you shop around.

Whether that’s looking for the best Borgata bonuses from throughout the US, or looking elsewhere to find the latest Betfair bonus code – make sure to use our tools to find the best bonuses and destinations for you.


If you want to make the most of your Borgata bonus, then it’s best to create a basic plan and strategy at the very least before you take off on your journey. If you’re setting off on your first ever bonus betting voyage, then a simple and basic strategy to help you use your bonus efficiently and with a good chance of winning will suffice.

More advanced bettors might want to look into multi bonus strategies, such as matched betting or arbing.

Know Your Level

In our tips and tricks section, we told you not to get greedy and shoot beyond your budget when cashing in your Borgata bonus code. The same goes for knowing your experience level as well – there’s no need to over complicate things. Keep your bonus plan simple and well laid out and you’ll do just fine.

We’re not saying streamline it completely and chuck your entire bonus into one single game or bet, but don’t spread it about too much to the point you get too muddled up. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Borgata New Customer Offers

What Borgata Promo Code Do I Need?

The answer to this question depends on your destination and the bonus type that you want to take advantage of. The bonus codes that you require differ depending on the US state you’re in and what side of the platform you want to use. For example, the bonus codes are different in the sportsbook than they are in the online casino and poker rooms. The good news is that the basic Borgata new customer offers in NJ don’t require any bonus code at all – simply sing up and meet the deposit and/or qualifying bet requirements to get your bonus!

What Can I Use the Bonus On?

Again this depends on your destination within the site and what bonus you choose to claim. The obvious divisions to make are that the casino bonus can only be used within the online casino, and that the sportsbook bonus can only be used within the sportsbook. However, there are also inclusions and exemptions within the respective part of the site that each bonus is aimed at. For example, your $25 free play as part of the casino welcome package cannot be used on jackpot slots, but can be used everywhere else within the Borgata online casino.

Is My Stake Returned with my Free Bet Winnings?

One day we’ll find the ideal destination that actually gives you the free bet amount back as part of your cash winnings. However such a destination is proving hard to find, and we haven’t found it here at Borgata. As is the case with most other online sports betting destinations, the winnings returned to you from your free bet only consist of your total profits. For example, if you place a $10 free bet at odds of +200 and win, you’ll get $20 in cashable returns – not $30 as you would with a real money stake.

When Can I Withdraw My Bonus?

Again, this largely depends on which type of bonus you’ve claimed, as all of the Borgata bonus code offers have their own unique terms. As a general rule though, your free bets themselves won’t be withdrawable as cash, however, any winnings will be. With winnings made off the back of your matched deposit bonuses, your bonus cash will be made withdrawable once the wagering conditions have been met.

Are Any Payment Methods Exempt From the Bonus?

With many betting bonuses in the gambling world, how you buy your ticket can affect whether or not you get your bonus. This is particularly true in European based betting sites, that often don’t allow travellers to claim bonuses if they buy their tickets using Neteller or Skrill. However, this is less common in US online betting destinations and we’re happy to inform you that no payment methods are exempt from the Borgata bonuses.

Rewards and VIP - What Do You Get With Your Borgata Promo Code?

Travelling with Borgata online casinos is a luxurious experience for high rollers and frequent flyers. 

As Borgata casino is part of BetMGM, online members of Borgata are automatically entered into the M Life Rewards scheme – which is the award-winning loyalty scheme of the land-based MGM resorts in top gambling travel hot spots such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City!

Sports bettors can get points by placing straight bets or parlay bets, meanwhile casino players can get different amounts of points per the amount of dollars they spend on certain casino games – and poker players get points for entering tournaments. The rewards consist of online bonuses and prizes that can be used in the land-based casino resorts.

Borgata Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - A Quick Look Before You Bet

As a new customer with Borgata, you can grab yourself a risk-free bet worth up to the value of $600. No Borgata bonus code is required in order to claim this bonus. Simply place your first bet, and if it loses you’ll get that amount back in free bets.

Wagering the Bonus

This bonus might not have the glamour of a matched deposit bonus, however, once it’s packed and ready to go it works very well in practice. There is, of course, the possibility that you’ll lose out on the bonus – however losing out on the bonus means that your first bet has won, so it’s not all bad really!

If your qualifying bet is less than $50, then you’ll receive a single free bet of your bonus amount, If your qualifying bet is more than $50, you’ll receive multiple free bets, each equal to 20% of your bonus. Therefore if you claim the full $600 bonus amount, you’ll get 5 x $120 free bets. There are no wagering conditions, so any winnings made yours to keep.

Bonus Withdrawal - How To Best Use This Deal

Frequent flyers of the sports betting world will know the drill by now – your bonus amount cannot be withdrawn as cash, only your winnings. This means that your bonus amount staked will not be returned in the total amount of your withdrawable winnings.

What To Avoid with the Bonus

No real major avoid with this one, other than to avoid placing a qualifying bet that’s beyond your desired budget. The minimum amount required to claim this bonus is just $10 – so there’s absolutely no need to stretch to that $600 maximum if you can’t afford it. Remember, there is still the chance you could lose it all at the end of the day!

You cannot use this bonus in conjunction with any other Borgata new customer offers, so avoid claiming this offer if there’s another bonus that you want more.

Should You Get This Bonus? Our Verdict

Overall this is something of a simple bonus, that offers a win-win scenario if used correctly. If you place a qualifying bet and it wins – happy days. If not, you have some free bet credits that you can use to have a second roll of the dice. If used wisely and cautiously, this is a nice little bonus.

Borgata Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - What’s Waiting For Me?

The Borgata casino welcome offer is a good old fashioned matched deposit bonus with a couple of extras thrown in to make your journey that little bit smoother. You can claim the 100% bonus up to the value of $1000 plus get another $25 free play for the casino and get a $10 free bet to use in the sportsbook. There’s no Borgata promo code required in order to claim this bonus.

Reality Test - Wagering the Bonus

The wagering requirement for the matched deposit bonus is 15x your free play amount, which is extremely reasonable as the industry-standard goes. The $25 free play must be wagered once and there’s no wagering requirement for the free bet, however, the $10 bonus amount itself is not returned with your withdrawable winnings.

Bonus Withdrawal - An Easy Way To Use Your Bonus

Once your wagering requirements have been met, then your bonus amount and winnings are free to be withdrawn. Should you try to withdraw your real money balance before the bonus has been finished or the wagering met, then you will forfeit the promotion.

Pitfalls - What To Avoid With This Deal

Avoid playing games that don’t count 100% towards your wagering requirements, such as table games and video poker. And don’t withdraw your real money balance whilst you still have an active bonus.

Bonus Verdict - Should You Get This Deal?

All in all, this is an excellent welcome package that gives you a warm welcome to your new online casino destination. Although the 100% matched deposit bonus is the headline act, we really like the welcomed additions of the extra no deposit free bet and free play elements.

Borgata Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro - A Fantastic "Friends-Get-Benefits" Borgata Bonus

Considering you’re playing at a top online poker spot like Borgata, referring a friend should be a no-brainer. We had just the friends in mind, and we couldn’t wait to start the process and get some Pokerrific rewards in return in the form of a $50 bonus for each!

Reality Test - Easy As Pie

We followed the instructions to the tee to make sure we didn’t accidentally disqualify ourselves and decided to pick a friend we know is a poker fan and would love signing up at Borgata. We used the “Refer a Friend” invitation and sent them a text message as we know they’re not really an email person. Soon enough, we received our bonus funds as our chosen one signed up, verified their account, and met the wagering requirements using their bonus funds.

Bonus Withdrawal - How Easy Was This?

After playing through the $50 bonus, we had a little something to withdraw, and the withdrawal process was quick and easy once we met our wagering requirements.

Pitfalls - Keep Your Referrals In-State!

Make sure that your friend resides in the same US State to avoid disqualification. Additionally, your friend needs to complete all the steps and wagering requirements for you to receive your part of the bonus deal.

Verdict on Bonus - A Fun, Accessible & Easy Promo

Considering you can invite up to 20 friends, this is a fantastic deal. All you need to do is pick the ones you know love quality poker sites, and tell them to sign up and start playing.

Our Verdict on the Borgata New Customer Offers

If you want to go to a winning online gambling destination, then the Borgata offers for new customers can most certainly take you there. Both the sportsbook and casino bonuses offer you excellent value, with each having the right type of tools for the travellers they’re aimed at. Depending on where in the world you are though, be sure to check out the available codes – as there could be a special bonus for your state!

Borgata Promo Code FAQ

❓ What do I get with the Borgata bonus codes?

The answer to this question depends on where you are and what sports betting bonus code you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on. There are different codes for the Borgata casino, sportsbook and poker, as well as different codes for different states. Find the latest codes for 2022 and what they get you right here at our bookmaker reviews at

🎲 What’s the latest Borgata bonus?

For all of the information, you need regarding the Borgata online betting site and the latest special offers check out the Borgata Review here at You number one online gambling travel guide!

📱 Does Borgata have an app?

You’ve heard of Borgata resorts, you’ve probably also heard of Borgata online – but what about Borgata Mobile? Find all of the answers, and more, here at We are your number one global travel guide for the online betting world in 2022.

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