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The sports betting world has gained popularity thanks to the speed and ease at which we can now travel through the internet. Arbitrage software provides a lower risk alternative and enables anyone to profit from price inconsistencies with some of the bookmakers.

BetSlayer is a platform that helps you to find arbitrage betting opportunities. In this BetSlayer review, we show our readers just how simple it is to book your tickets and set off with their service. BetSlayer’s simplistic user interface and guided tutorials will make you a master of arbitrage in no time. Join us as we venture through the ins-and-outs of BetSlayer.

BetSlayer: Pros & Cons
  • 7 day free trial to use their services
  • Free tutorials of their products
  • User friendly website
  • Competitively priced
  • Fewer bookmakers than other software

Bonus Offers – What is available with BetSlayer?

Getting into sports betting for the first time or testing out a new betting site can be daunting. No one wants to risk their money with unfamiliar software. Fortunately there is no need to stress over the BetSlayer betting systems for sports. They provide a free trial for customers to use and the best part is anyone can register for this free trial; no credit card is required. This means you can take the time to get comfortable with their software without risking a penny! If you are unsatisfied with your experience after this period you can opt-out at no cost. This free trial can be seen as a bonus of sorts as you will be able to make some winnings without having to make any deposits.

Many of our readers may be hoping for a BetSlayer promo code to get discounts on their bets. Unfortunately, there was no such offer found in this BetSlayer review, however do not let this scare you off of trying out their free trial. As you will read later in this Betslayer review, the BetSlayer cost of registration for full access is competitively priced compared to other arbitrage software in the industry that despite the lack of a BetSlayer promo code, our readers may still find it to be the most affordable platform for arbitrage betting. It would be nice to see more bonuses added to their service in the conventional manner. Bonuses can serve as the perfect platform to take your winnings even further.

Usability, Look and Feel - Simple and straightforward

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your arbitrage betting software concerns its ease of use – this is where BetSlayer really shines. The BetSlayer user interface was specifically designed to be clean and straightforward to ensure the process is as simple and seamless as can be. The number of clicks between opening the program and placing your bet is kept to the bare minimum and there are no annoying, irrelevant banners clogging up your screen.

Considering the low BetSlayer cost per month and the complexity of the software it operates on, it is quite impressive how user friendly and intuitive BetSlayer has managed to keep its interface. It looks and feels modern and sleek when compared to competing software, which makes it the perfect tool for betting pros and newbies alike. Thanks to BetSlayer you don’t need a degree in computer science to profit from market inconsistencies as our BetSlayer review shows. You just need to take advantage of BetSlayer’s 7-day free trial to see it for yourself.

Additional features that improve user experience also include guided alternative options in the case of a rejected bet and a level-of-safety indicator for arbitrage opportunities. The inclusion of these elements and additional tutorial videos make the low BetSlayer cost remarkable. Keep in mind that you will be spending the majority of your time using the website so it is important that the user interface and experience match up to some of the bigger names within the industry.

Payments – Minimal damage to your wallet

The sports betting space offers players potential winnings, however the tools required to take advantage of this opportunity comes at a cost. The BetSlayer cost per month for full access to their services, called the Monthly Pro Plan, is priced at £29 for the first month and £49 per month thereafter. If you love the BetSlayer software and want to make a longer term commitment, you can save £98 on your annual BetSlayer cost by getting their Annual Pro Plan with a once-off payment of £490, giving you full access to their services for an entire year. Not only are these payment options much lower than most of BetSlayer’s competitors but the payment plans are in general more straightforward and easy to follow in comparison to payment plans offered by other sites.

To pay for this service, you will be able to make use of a wide range of ewallets and traditional debit and credit card options. This is fairly standard within the online gambling industry and you can find out how their competition performed in our Each Way Sniper review. These payment methods may have certain processing fees so be sure to research each option thoroughly before you commit to opening an account. You will also need to determine what the processing period is to ensure that you don’t have to wait for your funds to reflect.

Customer Service – Lacking some features

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing your betting software concerns the customer service you can expect to receive. There is nothing worse than paying for a service and then experiencing technical difficulties or payment problems but having no option to solve the situation. For this BetSlayer review our team scoured the internet for customer feedback reviews and also made use of any options that are available on their site to determine the quality of the team. To do this, we browse through the number of contact methods mentioned on their site and compare each of them. Our team found a dedicated email address that customers can use to forward queries. Unfortunately, not much else.

One improvement that could enhance the customer service experience is the addition of a live chat service on BetSlayer’s website. This would enable even faster response time for BetSlayer. An additional FAQ section would also help customers determine if their issue has come up before with the online service. Some of BetSlayer’s competitors have this feature, as you can see in our Profit Accumulator review, and it would be a welcomed addition to the BetSlayer site. Unfortunately, the BetSlayer customer support was found to be lacking but this could easily be improved in the near future. Keep checking back on this page to find all of the latest developments.

License & Security - All the necessary regulations covered

Depending on where you are in the world, you will have to confirm whether arbitrage betting is legal or not. There is a notable distinction between gambling and arbitrage betting, while gambling refers to the individuals risking their money on the outcome of a game with unknown probabilities, arbitrage betting simply exploits price differences in the betting market. Arbitrage is practiced in all markets with high volatility where price differences arise and the betting market is no different.

As concerns their privacy policy, Belslayer does collect user personal identification information as well as non-identification information. This includes but is not limited to when users visit the site, user provided contact information, browser name, type of computer etc. This information collection is needed to personalise and optimise the service for customers. It is important to note that BetSlayer will never share user personal identification information with any third parties. Users will have to agree to these terms in order to utilise the BetSlayer software.

The payment information that results from the payment of the monthly or annual BetSlayer cost is not collected by BetSlayer. Rather it is processed and stored through a payment gateway with bank level security called ‘Stripe’. So users can rest assured that their security is strong while you are making use of the service. BetSlayer managed to perform very well in this section of our review and this should serve as testament towards their service. There is nothing more important than your security while you are using an online gambling service.

Rewards and Loyalty Program - Even more available with BetSlayer promo code

Unfortunately, our BetSlayer Review team was unable to find a BetSlayer promo code or any other rewards on offer. Many of our readers may have come to expect such offers as an industry standard, however when you consider that BetSlayer is priced at nearly half of the monthly instalments compared to their competitors it becomes clear that you are still saving significantly by making BetSlayer your service of choice.

Despite there not being a loyalty program, an instance where users can expect to make some savings is by choosing BetSlayer’s Annual Pro Plan. In this deal you pay £490 up front saving you £100 compared to the Monthly Pro Plan which has monthly instalments of £49 as opposed to what we found with the BetAngel cost. Be sure to try out BetSlayer’s 7-day free trial before committing to the Annual Pro Plan. It will provide users with a solid overview of the software and give you a chance to try it out for free.

The 7-day free trial only provides half of the action however, as you can only get up to 5% profits on arbitrage whereas full access allows you to make 20% profit. So if you enjoyed the free trial you should definitely consider a Pro Plan.

Betslayer Sports Betting

Betting Markets - What is available?

Our BetSlayer review has found that there are many opportunities that the platform can offer you. BetSlayer provides arbitrage betting for 16 sports which is more than enough for you to make some decent winnings. Of course, there is other software available with a bigger range of sports to bet on, but BetSlayer covers most of the popular sports with higher revenues like football, tennis and some of the biggest US sports.

You will have to identify what sporting markets you are interested in before you go ahead and open your BetSlayer account. There are many to choose from and our experts recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the market before placing your wagers.  BetSlayer does offer a wide variety but it is always recommended to stick to what you know.

Odds - Comparing the odds

If you only look at the amount of bookmakers that Bookslayer supports they fall somewhere in the middle. However, our experts have found that it is not about quantity but quality. The amount of BetSlayer bookmakers is currently at 48 and these numbers are not too bad at all. Moreover, these bookmakers are also some of your more popular operators which also give you more opportunities in the long run. With such an extensive list of bookmaker support, it is no wonder that the odds available with BetSlayer are amongst the best within the online gambling industry.

For traditional online sports betting options, you might want to consider our bookmaker reviews here at These service providers will have all of the usual betting types as opposed to this arb betting provider. We have also included a detailed odds comparison tool within our service to help guide any customers towards finding their ideal offers.

Live Betting & Streaming – Are there any live features?

Whenever you are looking to place an online wager, you need to consider whether the service providers offer the opportunity for customers to place their bets as the action is unfolding. This bet type is known as live betting and is one of the most sought after bets on the market. Our BetSlayer review found that they offer constantly updated odds relevant to live fixtures but you won’t be able to watch the specific fixtures within their service.

You will be able to make use of this service with the third party sportsbook that you have opened an account with and this can be determined by browsing through our detailed operator reviews. These are all readily available on our site.

Limits - Checking out the limits

Limits are not always applicable to a service but you might find that they are sometimes mentioned within the terms and conditions. These limits can depend on numerous factors but mostly on the regulations that are in place in your region. Our experts have thoroughly evaluated the limits in this BetSlayer review to ensure that you are not missing any information regarding their online offer.

When it comes to the limits placed on your account, this is done by capping the profits that you can claim while your account is active. Our experts found the limits to be fairly forgiving with BetSlayer and they even offered customers some winnings by just using the free trial. If you are considering joining the online gambling scene, you will need to give some thought to the limits imposed on your account.

Product Summary - A great service from BetSlayer

Overall, the BetSlayer service manages to check all of the boxes that we seek out in our operator reviews. You will be able to find a wide variety of markets included in their service while providing decent odds to customers. Live betting and streaming will only be available with your sportsbook of choice so make sure to consider this while you browse through all of the offers on the market. Limits are set but they are fairly forgiving on customer accounts. You can always find out more about this by reading through the terms and conditions.

BetSlayer Review FAQ

💸 What is the BetSlayer cost?

If you are looking to sign up with an arb betting provider, you must have come across the BetSlayer brand name. The service provider has managed to establish themselves as one of the leading services on the scene and you might expect heavy costs to be associated with their platform. Our reviews here at aim to dive into the specifics of each offer on the market and we will detail all of the costs applicable within our reviews. These are also available to anyone that is interested and you will be able to find all of the information, free of charge.

👐 Can anyone open an account with BetSlayer?

With arb betting, you might find that the service is limited in some countries. This is because each country will have their own laws and regulations in place with regards to the online gambling industry. Our team of experts come from all over the world and provide the necessary information to open your account. If there are any terms that could exclude you from the service, you will be able to find out all about it right here at Our entire service is devoted to providing you with information that is both up to date and relevant to the market.

💭 What is arbitrage betting?

You might have heard about the specific betting strategy at some point, we have detailed it within our service here at Whenever you are wagering, you can always look to apply some strategy to your wagers and arb betting allows you to do this. You can head to our page now to find a detailed review of one of the biggest names within the industry and you can find out how to implement the option by going through our detailed guides. Head to our page now to browse through all of this information and more. The best part is that it’s all free.

⚖️ Is it legal to place arbitrage bets?

Depending on where you are, arb betting might be illegal. The betting strategy takes advantage of price discrepancies and this provides a bettor with an advantage when placing wagers. Fortunately our team at comes from all over the world and they have been able to thoroughly research each option on the market. You will find information that is relevant to your home country and while we do not provide professional legal advice, you will find some information to guide you towards the true answer of arb betting legality.

📕 Where can I find a detailed BetSlayer review?

Whenever you are considering opening an account with an online operator, you will need to consider if their service is ideal for you. There are plenty of service providers on the market and the competition between them all has resulted in massive differences of quality. You can find detailed reviews right here at that have been conducted by our resident team of experts. Head to our page to find all of this information and more. We are dedicated towards bringing you articles that are up to date and relevant to your online gambling needs.

Overall Conclusion - Does BetSlayer live up to the name?

BetSlayer is a trusted arbitrage destination that has been around since 2015. Our BetSlayer review team found the software easy to use with a clean intuitive interface while the customer care channels are quick to respond to any queries you’ll have along the way. The best selling point of this software is the low BetSlayer cost which is nearly half the price of the Oddsmonkey offer. You can rest assured that the entire service has the necessary security methods in place so your data is protected while you are on your betting voyage.

One area that could be improved upon is the number of bookmakers. Based on our research and experience, we believe that BetSlayer is high quality software and that it is reasonably priced. We recommend users try out the BetSlayer 7-day free trial to see if it is your dream destination of an arb bet provider. There are plenty of options around the world, so don’t visit a bookmaker that doesn’t live up to the industry standards. You can travel through all of these offers right here at

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