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Is BetPTC Legit?

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At, we make it our duty to deliver comprehensive gambling reviews to help our readers find suitable providers while traveling. Today, we’re looking at BetPTC, a horse racing specialist with an excellent welcome offer for newbies on their journey.

Of course, a quality betting operator is about more than added value. That’s why this BetPTC review will analyze everything from the odds provided to the payment transaction allowed. BetPTC is impressive on the surface, but how does it fare when you delve deeper into the platform? Find out what you need to know by reading the info below.

BetPTC: Pros & Cons
  • BetPTC is a pari-mutuel account wagering provider, making the odds as competitive as it gets
  • The redesigned website interface is good-looking and practical
  • Regulated in the US by an American regulator, so BetPTC is reliable
  • There’s a lack of sportsbooks and casino offerings that you may expect to find at a modern online operator

Bonus offer - check out our BetPTC review for the details!

A bonus offer is a nice introduction to an operator because it highlights how much they value your custom. If the number is low, you may consider searching the internet for another package. If it’s high, you’ll probably sign up on the spot and deposit money into your account straight away. Therefore, we’re happy to report that BetPTC falls into the latter category, not the former because its new customer promo is worth the effort.

On the website, it’s promoted as $200 for $750 wagered. This may confuse you because the deposit match percentage isn’t included. However, our BetPTC review can confirm it’s the equivalent of 26%. So, if you deposited $50, you’d receive $13. That isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, yet don’t forget that this offers people a maximum budget of $950. In that respect, not many competitors can say they provide their users with the same level of bonus. We recommend claiming the full amount if you can afford it as that’s how you exploit the most value from the promotion.

It’s healthy to know that the welcome package isn’t the only added value at BetPTC. To supplement the new customer offer, there are several alternative promos, such as the Cash is King XIII contest. By entering, you get the opportunity to play for over $20,000 in cash & prizes. BetPTC also hands out 4.5% or more cash back on select exotic wagers on over 120 tracks. When you consider the variety of bonuses and potential earning power they create, you can’t argue with BetPTC’s strategy.

Usability, look & feel - simplistic but effective

Certain betting brands like to invest heavily in the usability, look and feel of their platforms. It makes sense because a website is a marketing tool, and the more it impresses customers, the higher the chance of generating leads and converting them into sales. Caesars Casino is a perfect example as its site seeks to cover every base, including from an aesthetics perspective. Our Caesars Casino review talks about it in more detail.

We can’t say that BetPTC is the same because you can see a stark difference when you land on both homepages. This BetPTC review believes that the provider has gone for a much simpler approach, which is reflected by the plain white background and black tabs. The bonuses flash up in high-definition and interactive images, but that’s about the extent of exotic imagery.

Regardless, the strategy is highly effective. For starters, you aren’t confused when you land on a web page. The basic design means you can see which links take you to your desired location. This is epitomized by the seven tabs at the top of the screen that include Home, About Us, FAQs, and Promotions. There are extra tabs at the bottom of the screen, too. Secondly, the use of bold colors, when colors are implemented, creates an eye-catching contrast. As a result, all the information stands out, adding value. Sadly, lots of betting companies let their promos and news fade into the background because it’s swamped by too much text. BetPTC doesn’t have this problem.

Payments - all the transaction methods you will find everywhere else

As far as we’re concerned, there aren’t many surprises regarding payment methods. Some online casinos and sports betting companies differentiate themselves by offering alternative transaction options, yet this isn’t the case throughout the industry.

BetPTC isn’t on the bandwagon. However, you shouldn’t let that impede your judgment of the service since several high-profile brands are the same. For example, Resorts Casino is a major player in Atlantic City that focuses on fiat currencies. Our Resorts Casino rating is still pretty high, though! The same applies to BetPTC as there are more than enough methods to satisfy you and appeal to your requirements. Indeed, there are six overall, including:

  • BetPTC Cash
  • E-wallets
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Mail
  • Bank wire
  • PayNearMe service

Terms and conditions do apply. To deposit via credit or debit card, for instance, you must deposit a minimum of $10, which is a small amount. For a bank wire transfer, the number increases to $200. Therefore, it’s worth being wary before selecting your payment option of choice. Another thing to be careful of is fees. A credit or debit card incurs a fee of 3.75%, whereas the e-wallet service BetPTC uses doesn’t charge on BetPTC’s end. The e-wallet, by the way, is called Dwolla. PayPal isn’t eligible for deposits and withdrawals, but Dwolla is easy to sign up for if you prefer the security an e-wallet provides.

Customer service - we have zero qualms with how BetPTC handles queries

One thing you might notice straight away is, BetPTC’s customer service tools aren’t as extensive as its competitors. As a result, it can play with your mind a little. What if there’s an issue? Will they deal with it efficiently? Can you trust them? If this was a bigger brand with a thorough customer service policy, such as Sugarhouse, you wouldn’t be asking – is Sugarhouse legit?

Yet, BetPTC isn’t as well-known as online and land-casinos, which is why you feel the need to ask these sorts of questions. Don’t worry – this BetPTC review hasn’t gone rogue! The reason we have zero qualms with the quality of the service is purely down to the fact that the agents do well with what they have. Yes, there isn’t a live chat option, and that’s disappointing because a live chat feature can transform your experience.

Regardless, there’s a dedicated phone line that deals with everything from joining Premier Turf Club to making a deposit, reporting or problem, or asking for help with your account. Simply dial 877-880-0588 (option 3) from 10:00 am to 2:00 am ET. Speaking with an advisor is never a bad idea as you can dig deeper into how the issue occurred in the first place. Also, sending an email to [email protected] will elicit a response, although it could take longer.

Something we liked when compiling this review is the FAQ page. It’s split into sections, from General FAQs to Deposit & Withdrawal info, so it’s easy to navigate. The web page is very thorough, too, and most users should find the answer they need without picking the phone. An FAQ page isn’t as sexy as a live chat option, yet it’s as quick and effective.

License & security - is BetPTC legit?

Your security means the world to you because you have a right to privacy, whether online or offline. Pick poorly and your data may end up all over the internet as the operator’s security protocols are lax. So, it’s critical that you take your safety seriously, or it may come back to bite you in the future. That’s why you want to know whether BetPTC is legitimate. Thankfully, we can say that it is.

The most pertinent factor is its license. It’s from the state of Oregon via the Oregon Racing Commission. While lots of states in the US don’t have the jurisdiction to provide such a permit, Oregon is one of the few that does, making BetPTC a legal entity. As such, it follows the rules and regulations set out by the regulator in terms of keeping your money and information secure.

Another symbol of good security is the operator’s links with the tracks. These are world-famous venues that only deal with authentic businesses, so it’s a tick in the box security-wise. Plus, BetPTC goes out of its way to donate a portion of the revenue it makes to help subsidize tracks and jockeys, which is another healthy sign. The implementation of certain payment methods also helps, such as e-wallets as they are notoriously safe. PayNearMe uses verification protocols via your mobile phone or smart device, ensuring you can prevent fraudulent activity. As per usual, you can’t log in to your account without a combination of your user name, password, and account number. All in all, BetPTC is very reliable.

Rewards & loyalty program - lots to get excited about for regulars

There’s so much hype surrounding welcome deals that it’s easy to focus on them. It doesn’t matter whether you sign up to BetPTC or 4NJBets because you want to know the BetPTC and 4NJBets promo code to ensure you don’t miss out. The result is, you may end up focusing on a single aspect of the experience and miss out on added value down the line. Yes, we’re talking about loyalty programs.

A healthy rewards scheme should offer prizes for existing customers that play regularly. The best examples are structured in levels, allowing you to move up the ranks the more you log in to your account. Our BetPTC understands this isn’t the case with the operator at the moment, yet we still found a lot to get excited about, concerning remaining loyal.

The strategy BetPTC uses is to provide cashback to people who continue to place bets regularly. That means, there’s as much as 10% on Exactas and 11% on Trifectas. They apply to Century Mile Thoroughbreds and Lone Star Park Trifectas exclusively; however, it’s enough to keep you interested if these wager types are your thing. The operator bills it as cold hard cash as opposed to confusing points, and we have to say that we think they have a point!

BetPTC Horse Betting

Betting markets - Horse racing is the main focus

At the moment, there isn’t a large range of sports to choose from for customers. If you’re someone who likes to place bets on a variety of sportsbooks, this won’t be very suitable. However, the flip side is that horse racing is the main focus. Therefore, if you love wagering on runners and riders from around the world, BetPTC has got you covered as there are over 120 tracks on offer.

Plus, thoroughbred events aren’t the only sports. They may be few and far between, but there are others, such as greyhound and harness racing sportsbooks. Again, these are specialist markets, yet they dovetail with horse racing perfectly. If you like the nags, there’s a good chance that you like greyhounds too!

Odds - Learn more about pari-mutuel wagering

The odds at BetPTC are considered the most competitive around because they are based on the odds found at the tracks. BetPTC is a pari-mutuel wagering platform, which essentially means it takes your money and places your bets with the track itself. As a result, you won’t find many fairer operators since every winner receives payouts in line with the full track odds. The fact that the markets are updated within sixty seconds only adds to the experience.

Online and mobile odds are generally given as decimals. This should be fine for American users because the format is commonly used throughout the US industry. Although we couldn’t find a way to switch to Americanized odds, we do know that you can pick up the phone and speak to an agent if you’re unsure about anything before placing your bet.

Live betting & streaming – BetPTC mobile and more

Live betting is difficult because the track stops taking wagers once the horses and greyhounds leave the traps. So, BetPTC can’t do much about this as they take their lead from the tracks themselves. Still, that doesn’t mean the fun ends once the race starts. The live streaming option enables you to watch events for free, although it’s only available for active accounts. Any dormant accounts may have this feature restricted.

Betting and streaming are accessible via the mobile app, and you can download the app by heading to the website or the relevant e-stores – Google Play and The App Store. The website is brilliant, but the application brings another dimension to the party because it gives you extra freedom. It also lets you tailor specific features to your requirements.

Limits - They change based on your preferences

Limits apply to several elements of the platform, from bets to withdrawals and deposits. Let’s start with wagers because you’ll want to know how much you can place on a single bet. The maximum wagering amount allowed is $2,500 (U.S.) per transaction. However, the maximum show wager amount is $5,000. The amounts are also dependent on the host racetrack, with wagers only accepted when they do not exceed the current balance of players’ respective wagering accounts.

For deposits, the rules change slightly. Firstly, your initial deposit is restricted to $100. This is a security measure to allow BetPTC to conduct the relevant credit checks. After that, the limit moves to a $500 rolling limit. Some of the rules can be confusing, which is why it’s smart to use the customer service tools to clear up any uncertainty.

Product summary - There’s nothing to dislike for horse racing fans

If horse and greyhound racing is what you love, then we can definitely recommend BetPTC’s sports betting vertical. Frankly, there aren’t too many specialists in the area in the US as operators prefer to focus on the major markets, such as football, basketball, and baseball. So, it’s refreshing to have a provider that has relationships with tracks in North America, Europe, and Australia. The fact that greyhound and harness races are thrown in for good measure spices things up, too.

However, BetPTC isn’t ideal if you’re after an eclectic mix of sportsbooks to keep you entertained. The NFL, NBA, and MLB markets aren’t available on the platform, which may be a little disappointing. Regardless, the number of research tools, the live streams, and the mobile app are symbols of an excellent vertical for enthusiasts of the sport. As far as our BetPTC review is concerned, there’s not much to dislike.


🙋 Is the service open to everyone?

It’s pointless trying to sign up for the service if it isn’t available in your region. In the US, this can be problematic for lots of customers because the rules concerning online gambling are getting very confusing. Whereas it was once banned across the board, apart from Las Vegas and Atlantic City, now states are opening up and taking their own stance. With this in mind, it’s best to look through the terms and conditions on the BetPTC website to see whether the operator operates in your area.

🤔 What tracks are available on BetPTC?

BetPTC is a pari-mutuel wagering service, which means it partners with race tracks around the world. Without these tracks, BetPTC wouldn’t be able to function as effectively as it does. From a customer’s point of view, you need to know that the biggest and most reputable venues are available on the site. That way, it’s easy to tell if the best races will be included too. There are too many tracks to mention them all. So, if you want a full list, you can head to Alternatively, our BetPTC review mentions the venues people want to know about the most.

🥇 Is BetPTC one of the industry’s top operators?

The gambling industry is full of classy operators competing against one another to appeal to consumers. BetPTC is no different because the market is saturated. As a result, it uses certain tactics to engage people, some that you’ll like and others that you won’t. Every provider has pros and cons, and there’s only one way to find out whether an operator is a suitable fit. Thankfully, like all of our gambling reviews, our BetPTC review outlines the factors you should take into consideration.

Overall conclusion - final boarding for BetPTC!

Horse racing platforms aren’t easy to come by in the United States. But the ones we’ve reviewed so far have been consistently good, including BetPTC. We loved the extras that this operator throws in for good measure, such as the ability to place bets online or via your phone, or the free online video service.

There are providers with more lucrative welcome packages in terms of a single bonus. However, when you put everything together, including the $200 match deposit, there are thousands of dollars to spend while you take in the sights and attractions on your adventure. The same can be said about the rewards scheme as it prioritizes simplicity and ease of understanding over confusing points. It should be noted that BetPTC only deals with horse racing. Anyone searching for casino games and sportsbooks markets will require an operator like BetStars instead. Check out our BetStars review for more.

We believe that the more you use BetPTC, the more you’ll fall in love with it. We did after a while, which explains why it has taken over $375 Million in wagers since 2007. Sample it for yourself and let us know how you feel. Don’t let the plane take off without you taking your seat!

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