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BetBurger Review – Is BetBurger the best Sportsbook of 2022?

We compare BetBurger against the best Sportsbooks!

Unfortunately, BetBurger is restricted in your area.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 alternatives:
Last Updated on November 2, 2022
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

The BetBurger surebets scanner arbing product has been around since 2013. Since then it has built up a solid reputation and is now generally considered as one of the market leaders in the sure betting arbitrage world.

Our BetBurger review will dive into the details and answer questions about how this product works. This piece of software is commonly praised for its extensive functionality and superior scanning speed. The speed provided over a huge quantity of sports and betting markets are probably why there’s around 80,000 other people using it. But is it worth the money?

BetBurger: Pros & Cons
  • Over 100 BetBurger bookmakers featured
  • Easy way to find those ‘surebets’
  • Decent ‘valuebet’ spotting service
  • User-friendly browser-based platform
  • Relatively high pricing plans

Costs - Subscription choices

We will quote the prices for the services in Euros, as advertised on the BetBurger website. Currency conversion rates are constantly changing, and we would like to remain as accurate as possible in this review.

We’re not going to lie, even when using the BetBurger promo code this product is one of the pricier ones out there; compared to some of our other betting system reviews, such as our Betslayer review, which was probably the lowest budget arbing software available. But this dilemma could be viewed in several ways and after all, the price is all relative to the profits available.

Membership cost Vs profits

Potential profits lost could easily exceed the full membership cost overall, let alone the total profits. Skimping and scraping should not be high on the priority list when the main objective is to maximise profits.

It is up to the individual to decide on their priorities and work out a game plan before executing the high profit potential world of sure betting and value betting. In terms of competition, our RebelBetting review is probably the closest-priced alternative sure betting product around, although prices are structured differently.

Price structure

Sure betting product

  • Prematch – €129.99
  • Live – €229.99
  • Prematch and live – €294.99

Value betting product

  • Prematch – €79.99
  • Live – €149.99
  • Prematch and live – €189.98

Usability - Intuitive interface

While testing the website during our BetBurger review we realised just how easy the site was to use. The interface is displayed in a very simple manner, which is great for newcomers to adapt to quickly. The customization of the website is also another positive factor we experienced during this BetBurger review.

You can set BetBurger to group arbs into customized categories. To add to this, you can set the  odds Auto update, which is very useful. Customization of this tool is endless the more you dive into the product and while we don’t have enough time to explain all we must mention the customizable alert tones and notification pop ups were a joy too!

But it doesn’t stop there, as BetBurger has plenty more features that take things up a level. For example, there’s a great BetBurger Arb Helper extension. This is designed to save you time searching for the right bets to back and lay, and it also does the handy job of keeping your browser activity untraceable by any bookmakers.

We should also mention the fact that BetBurger has also developed an awesome API which can automatically crunch through the numbers to find hundreds of surebets without any manual work on your behalf.

Payments - Understanding the BetBurger price policy

BetBurger won’t show you the best surebets and valuebets on the market for free. You’ll have to pay to use the brand’s services, and there are three different pricing plans available for surebets and valuebets respectively.

Surebets basically refer to arb betting where you back one team to win at a bookmaker and then bet against that team to win at a betting exchange. It’s not an easy tactic to pull off which is why BetBurger charges €129.99 per month for the basic prematch surebet service. The live surebet finding service will cost €229.99 per month, while the full prematch and live surebet service costs €294.99 each month.

Valuebets refer to when a bookmaker might have overvalued their odds. In theory, it’s easier to find these bets and this is reflected in BetBurger’s cheaper pricing plans for valuebets. The standard prematch valuebet package costs €79.99 per month, live valuebets cost €149.99 each month, and the prematch and live valuebet package costs €189.98 per month.

Our BetBurger review found that you can pay for these packages with a variety of safe payment methods. These include trustworthy payment providers like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer and Bitpay.

Customer Service - Email support found in our BetBurger review

The help section provided by BetBurger is a good resource and first port of call to consider. It looks like BetBurger have attempted to make this section as comprehensive as possible, to help users avoid having to contact customer services.

BetBurger also provides an Arbing academy for newbies which has seven clear options to get to grips with and a perfect start for beginners. BetBurger have probably made such a good effort of trying to answer any possible queries that could be thrown their way because the only contact options are via email to: support at BetBurger. During our BetBurger  review we were able to have our emails replied to within 24 hours, generally.

We should mention the fact that BetBurger has taken the time to put together a very helpful FAQ section. Many bookmakers’ FAQs can be fairly vague, but the BetBurger FAQ is a great place to come if you have any queries about arb betting, value bets, account registration, payments and so on. Plus the ‘Where to start from’ section is a great place to look for anyone new to the concept of arb betting.

License & Security - Fully encrypted site found in our BetBurger review

It’s important to note the fact that BetBurger isn’t an actual sports betting site. It doesn’t actually offer the odds that you’ll be betting on. Instead, you will be using its services to access odds put on by over 100 different BetBurger bookmakers. This means that BetBurger doesn’t run an online gambling platform, and therefore isn’t required to have the same kinds of licensing and regulation that you see at most legit sports betting sites.

We found BetBurger does a great job of bundling up all the available arbs and/or value bets you wish to view, but is it possible to achieve this manually yourself. The answer to this is both yes and no, which we’ll attempt to explain.

It is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, that one single bookmaker would offer overpriced betting odds on all the outcomes on a betting event. On a soccer match, for example, the same bookmaker would not offer a value price on all three outcomes: home, away and draw. To find these value odds you would need to search for the best odds available yourself.

The 80+ BetBurger bookmakers that are performed within a second on a BetBurger bookmakers scan would take a person many minutes to view. This would be fine if arbitrage sure bets did not disappear so quickly! Our ArbMate review and Oddstorm review discuss this topic in different detail.


The scenarios explained above would be almost impossible in faster moving markets, such as live betting, where odds are never static [apart from at half time] and prices move super fast. But the speed and efficiency of the BetBurger surebets software enables the user to snap-up these juicy value prices and lock in secure profits immediately.

Cautions - Things to be aware of before you start

You’re probably getting a good idea of how this works by now in this BetBurger review and can start to understand the importance the speed the BetBurger software provides is what holds the ultimate edge over the situation.

However, there are occasions where you may be looking at a surebet provided by the BetBurger bookmakers software and find yourself in the situation where you have wagered on two of the three outcomes needed to successfully achieve the complete arbitrage bet and one of the prices shortens just before you place the bet, or a bet may be rejected for the required stake you originally wanted.

Solutions for potential pitfalls

The good news is BetBurger has a solution to minimise this happening, even when it does! Upon clicking a selected arb within the arb feed, a new panel pops up that will provide as many variations as possible that this arb can be completed in, and it will order the arbs in precedence order of profit percentage available. Not only is this an extremely efficient tool to view, but it can also be a lifesaver in these situations and will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Having several “fallback options” for when things go wrong is a great reassurance.  Due to time being of the utmost essence, it is vital when an arb cannot be completed to resolve the issue before it is too late and BetBurger have got your back here!

BetBurger Betting Service

Purpose - Convenience at its best

The purpose of the BetBurger surebets and BetBurger value bets software is to give the user the ability to successfully place as many bets as possible, as quickly as possible, using the super-efficient software. No longer do bettors have to have to trawl odds comparison sites and have twenty different tabs open on their computer. Using the BetBurger bookmakers software enables the user to scan a huge number of bookmakers within seconds, and then quickly place their bets in a hassle-free way.

The convenience of having everything you need in one place is a huge advantage compared to the manual method described. BetBurger recognised users like the ability of being able to customise betting markets, odds, betting percentages to their needs. Not only that, but the user can also set a specific alert tone that indicates what sport, percentage or market that they are receiving the notification for.

Service Overview – A comprehensive service

There is no need to download this software, the BetBurger surebets and BetBurger value bets software operates entirely within the web browser. The arb feed panel presents the following options found below, from left to right. To the left of this panel you can easily adjust the zoom, sort by options, settings, arbs per page and filters


Information displayed on the arb feed panel. Most of these have options for filtering.

  • % of the arb
  • The bookmaker
  • The sport
  • The teams
  • The market
  • The age of the arb
  • The odds available

Once you have found an arb you would like to get involved in, you will find more description on this selection after clicking on it. This may take a day or so to get to grips with but is worth checking all this information to help decide if the arb is a good choice. Some beginners choose not to enter arbs that do not have any or many fall-back options included. We feel this is an invaluable tool that BetBurger provides.

Information supplied in arb details panel 

  • A greater depth of choice, including fall back options
  • Arbs ordered in percentage order, with fall back options
  • The bookmakers name listed
  • Age of arb

Live Betting

Live betting creates many opportunities as the odds are never static unlike pre match. We recommend newcomers leave the live betting arbitrage until they have got to grips with the pre match betting. The reason for this is that live betting creates more risks due to the added variable that occur during in-play markets. Having said that, the live betting markets provide many sure betting opportunities, so it would be wise to get involved in this as soon as you feel comfortable with the software.

Integrated betting calculator  

This is a useful tool built into the software. Once you click an arb selection the BetBurger integrated calculator auto fills the odds and applies a calculation of the stakes you need to place at a bookmaker. The default is to distribute the profit regardless of the outcome.

Should you be biased about a game or feel one team has more value within the price there are options. In this instance you can tick a box beside profits and the potential profit will increase if your biased selection wins, but you will break even if any other outcomes occur. The calculator also supports multiple currencies, found in the drop-down box. Amazingly there are over 30 different currencies and even includes bitcoin!

Arb helper extension 

Arb helper Chrome extension helps fly under the radar. This extension enables the user to navigate to the bookmaker’s individual website, without the bookmakers knowing you have come from the BetBurger software.

BetBurger review FAQ

❓ What is a sure bet?

Most people are very unsure when they first hear about sure betting and a way of profiting without any risk. Understandably, they think it is too good to be true and assume it could possibly be false information.But sure betting is certainly a thing and well worth getting into. The best way is to use specialised arbitrage software to detect your bets quick enough to invest. Our BetBurger review reveals all. 

🏆 What is best sure betting software?

There are now many Sure betting and arbitrage software products to choose from. It would be unfair to categorically name which one is undeniably the best, as everyone has different needs and also different budgets. We would recommend checking out our BetBurger review at We objectively give our thoughts on the service and what it has to offer. 

🤷‍♂️ What betting is risk free?

Any bet that does not expose any liability, but has a chance of return could be deemed as “risk-free”. Finding these opportunities, though, is easier said than done.. There are several strategies in the betting world that can be used. Some of these are complex, some are easier. We recommend using software to detect these betting opportunities, fast, allowing you to profit immediately. Our BetBurger review shows how.

⚽ Is arbitrage betting hard?

Arbitrage betting can be quite difficult and even dangerous when performing this manually. Of course, arbitrage betting (also called sure betting) is achievable by performing manual searches and bets, but you are likely to miss out on many opportunities using the manual method. Using a good arbitrage sure betting service like BetBurger will help make more profits, more quickly and speed is everything in arbitrage betting. Read our article to find out more on

Overall Conclusion - Strengths and weaknesses

Our BetBurger review revealed that it is certainly up there with the best arbitrage software products available. BetBurger has a few good points such as its simplicity to use while having a great range of features at the same time, which isn’t easy to achieve. Newbies to sure betting will find this a comfortable platform and experienced bettors can still enjoy powerful features and functions.

They provide a decent set of options regarding subscriptions structure and the options to use the pre match or live service, or even both if you prefer. We liked the fact that users are able to freeze their memberships at any time, this is very handy for when going on vacation and saves money. The options are between 7 and 28 days by the way.

BetBurger is one of the pricier arbitrage sure betting options, but has good reason for this considering the amount it has to offer. If you like what you have seen in this BetBurger review then we would recommend using the BetBurger promo code if you ever decide to join them and use their service to profit with. If Betfair trading is more your kind of thing then take a look at our new BetAngel review.

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