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BetAngel Review 2021

BetAngel Cost & Promo Code

Are you interested in making money from trading on Betfair exchange? If so, the good news about Betfair trading is you are not reliant on bookmaker betting accounts that are needed for other strategies such as matched betting or arbitrage.

BetAngel is a piece of software that can be used to make trading on Betfair easier. Betfair trading software allows you to potentially profit no matter what the outcome is on a betting event. This BetAngel review will reveal our thoughts on the product. We’ll look at the BetAngel cost involved as well as the 14-day free trial offer!

Usability - Customisation at its best

The BetAngel academy is a great starting point if you have never used any kind of Betfair sports trading software before. Almost every bit of sports trading software may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but as with everything new, you can adapt after practice. We suggest taking it slowly at first, use the BetAngel academy and the demo/practice mode if you are unsure.

If you are used to trading software, or are pretty familiar with the Betfair exchange, you will likely adapt to this software a lot quicker than a total beginner. We suggest visiting the BetAngel academy and also the forum, where you will find help if you need it. Once you adapt to the website we are confident you will enjoy the clarity and structure of the site and its menus. Almost everything is customisable so you can tweak a lot of things to suit your needs.

Costs - Spoilt for choice

There is a wide choice of pricing options available for all Bet Angel products, as well as a generous 14-day free trial available too.

Bet Angel Trader

  • 1 year – £60
  • 3 months – £18
  • 1 month – £6

Bet Angel Professional

  • 1 year – £149.99 / £12.50 p/m
  • 6 months – £99.99 / £16.50 p/m
  • 3 months – £59.99 / £20.00 p/m
  • 1 month – £29.99
  • 1 day – £0.99 24 hours’ access

Both products have an optional free trial. There are savings with the BetAngel promo code when opting for a longer duration of membership. Which is why we recommend exploring the free trial to see which product feels right for you.

Our BetAngel review will uncover what is on offer further down this page. The Bet Angel Trader is a more lightweight version of the BetAngel professional package, which has all the features, and probably more than you will ever want or need.

We explain below how the BetAngel professional provides tools such as advanced automation, which is the closest thing you can get to your own individualised BOT. We have tried and tested many betting system reviews, including sure betting services. Our BetBurger review and Arbmate review serve as good comparisons for this technique.

Regardless of the BetAngel promo code and product you select, we can sincerely say that either of these pieces of software will pay for themselves if you are even slightly serious about Betfair trading on any sports betting markets.

Community and Customer Service - Exemplary quality

We have nothing but praise for the support available at Bet Angel. Having been personal users of the website for many years we can wholeheartedly say that Bet Angel have got your back if you ever have a question.

We found the Bet Angel forum is one of the liveliest and most in-depth forums in the online betting space. The forum has a huge amount of experienced users within, as well as staff present there too. The wealth of knowledge shared by members on the forum is in a different league compared to the average betting website forum.

Bet Angel Academy

Bet Angel also has an academy that can also be accessed for free in some parts. The academy is a good first port of call for learning. Bet Angel also has a blog on the website which has published content uploaded regularly, including videos that are also free to view on YouTube.

The BetAngel YouTube videos are made by founder Peter Webb, who has a huge wealth of knowledge in the Betfair trading world. Peter Webb is a true betting enthusiast, who appears online daily and is quite approachable for someone with such a high status in the trading world.

Contacting Bet Angel is made very simple. Not that you may even have to do this as there is also a knowledge base on the website and plenty of FAQs. If you need to contact Bet Angel they provide a “contact support” button that navigates to several specific needs, for ease of use.

Comparison Versus Manual - Different league

It is possible to trade without using software, but a lot will depend on how serious you are about it. The BetAngel software has been designed and refined to perfection over the years and using such a tool will put you at a huge advantage, whatever your objective.

Bet Angel helps its users react to the betting markets they are trading in as quickly as possible. Speed is vital within trading and being too slow can often be the determining factor between having a successful trade or not. Our Betslayer review also highlights the importance of this trait. While testing the product for this BetAngel review we found the one click trading in itself saved vital seconds that are massively important within fast moving markets.

Specialist tools 

Bet Angel comes in three versions. The BetAngel promo code for free trial, the Bet Angel Trader and finally the elite package being the BetAngel Professional. We will dive into what each product delivers below, but each has a wealth of benefits, compared to trading manually, regardless of the BetAngel promo code. Bet Angel offers programmable Advanced Automation, the nearest thing to a fully automated BOT,  which continues to work even while you’re away from the screen!

Other advanced software for betting strategies that rely on betting accounts can be found in our other reviews found on our sure betting reviews within this website.

Cautions - Our thoughts on Demo mode

We recommend in this BetAngel review to get to grips with the software before diving in deep with big trades or risking any serious money. If you are used to basic Betfair trading and wish to explore the plethora of automation options, this will also apply to you, if not more. It is so easy to miss a vital checkbox or let bets go in play unintentionally if you are not used to the platform.

Practice/Demo mode cautions

The solution to avoid errors and gain practice is the demo mode made available by Bet Angel. This is a great tool to enable users to get used to trading in a safe zone. Users can trade and get familiar with navigating around the software.

We certainly recommend this, mainly for the navigational uses and getting to grips with all the functions. However, the demo mode has one slight flaw. The liquidity in demo mode is not real, and can give a false impression of how easy it is to enter and exit trades. This will make no difference in markets such as Premiership football, but worth considering in markets with low liquidity.

False liquidity 

Because the demo mode is a safety zone, for practice purposes, the liquidity [money available to trade] is not real. Therefore, although the markets do a grand job of mimicking the betting markets, we have found during this BetAngel review that this sometimes makes trading easier than a real market.

Bet Angel Betting Service

Purpose - A trading evolution

The primary purpose for the BetAngel software is to help you successfully enter a trade and exit with profits as fast as possible. This all sounds very simple, but it is the added efficiency and functions that the software provides that allows the speed to be provided to the user, sometimes with just one click, unlike when attempting this process manually.

BetAngel has been around almost since the days when Betfair was first created and the software has moved with the times and evolved over the years with added features and functions available to its users. The software has come a very long way indeed, with advanced automation such as servants that can do your trading for you while you are not at the computer.

Service Overview – Very impressive

Once you have chosen the BetAngel promo code product that suits your needs and made use of the free trial, all you need to do is download the software. One main thing that undoubtedly sets Bet Angel apart from any other service is the sheer amount of resources available online, these have been gathered over almost two decades and are the superior resource online.

Techs and specs required

  • Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
  • PC with at least 1.5GHz internet or AMD processor
  • Minimum 1GB of RAM
  • 50Mb Hard Disk Space

Advanced automation 

One of the fanciest attractions that separates BetAngel from most other sports trading softwares is its vast amount of automation that is available. Excel integration is also available if you are a regular excel user. You can automate BetAngel “servants” to place bets that meet certain conditions and other “what if” scenarios.

One favourite of ours are “Iceberg orders”, where you can automate BetAngel to continuously place £2 bets, for example, until your full order is met. The idea behind this is to not scare the market by entering large orders in one chunk, which is much simpler when using an Iceberg order.

Trading ladders 

The ladder interface runs vertically, rather than horizontally like the Betfair exchange interface. While this may seem daunting at first, once accustomed to this layout you will be able to have multiple resizable ladders open on one screen, covering multiple markets of different sports, if necessary.

The “Guardian” multiple market managing tool can also be used in these instances. There are many other features within the BetAngel promo code for BetAngel pro, including Soccer mystic and Tennis trader, which can definitely be of great use, especially  if you specialise in either of these sports.

Bet Angel Trader 

If BetAngel professional was a little bit more than you needed, and you simply wanted to trade with one click functionality and enjoy the high speed then this cheaper package may be a preferred choice. Looking for a good comparison? You can always check out our Oddstorm review or Betslayer review.

Other options

Bet Angel is primarily a Betfair trading tool, if you have ever wondered what it would be like to secure profits from bookmaker accounts, then our  RebelBetting review discusses a strategy called sure betting. There are several companies we have done betting reviews for including our Oddstorm review. These two companies were first onto the sure betting scene in 2008 and 2006, respectively.

BetAngel review FAQ

❓ How do betting exchanges work?

Betting exchanges first came about in the UK in June 2000. This sports betting exchange was modelled similar to the stock exchange. Unlike traditional betting odds, in a fractional format, the exchange used decimals. Now, there’s several things you can do on a betting exchange, you can simply bet or you can choose to trade.

🆓 Is BetAngel free?

Bet Angel has been the leading betfair sports betting software in the UK for many years. BetAngel has evolved almost with the Betfair exchange itself and has adapted with the times. There are now several packages that you can get involved with that also offer several options within. Our BetAngel review reveals what you can expect from them and whether we think it is a worthwhile tool to use. We’ll even pit it against our RebelBetting review

🤷‍♂️ Is BetAngel legit?

Bet Angel was the first sports betting software for exchange trading made available in the UK. It has almost been around for as long as the Betfair exchange itself. But is it legit? We have written a review on giving our thoughts on the product and if we think it is worth the money. There are also plenty of other betting system reviews for you to check out at 

Overall Conclusion - A great choice

Our BetAngel review discovered that this product is a very comprehensive trading tool that can be used as simply or in-depth as you wish. This product will not guarantee that you win, nor is that its objective. It will, however, put you at a massive advantage of winning, when compared to attempting to trade manually.

We found that this product will appeal to both those who want to gain more value from their sports trading and those serious traders who require advanced automation features. The professional package does not come at a low price, but does provide all the tools necessary to maximise your profits to their highest potential. We feel that Bet Angel has achieved incomparable dominance in the sports betting trading industry, due to its huge wealth of online resources.

The Bet Angel Trader package is a cost-effective answer for those who wish to enjoy the key features required to trade effectively, but lacks the automation features the professional package boasts. If you would rather get a feel for what each product is all about, then you can always try the free version before taking the plunge.

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