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FAQ: How Does Live Betting Work?

The concept of live betting – staking after the event has started, has been with us for some time. There’s no doubt that its popularity has grown since the birth of the digital age. One of the keys to making profits from betting in play lies in the ability to react quickly and we can do that so much more efficiently by pushing a button on a keyboard rather than running to the counter at a physical betting shop.

But what other factors lie behind successful live betting and why should we bet live at all? Here are some live betting tips.

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Why Bet Live?

We’re here because we like to place a bet but also because we consider ourselves to be experts in certain sports. We can therefore harness that knowledge and hopefully use it to make regular profits. Ante post betting requires all of that analytical skill but with betting in play, it asks punters to think clearly and act quickly to bet live.

If we’re watching a football match then we like to believe that we can spot the patterns in play that will ultimately determine the result. Betting in play allows us to do that and it also works for side markets too.

Has the centre forward looked threatening through the game with chances created in other areas of the pitch? If so, it could be time to place that next goalscorer bet. Alternatively, perhaps it’s time for a substitution with the back up striker warming up and ready to come onto the pitch. In these circumstances, the odds on that sub to find the next goal will be very favourable and this brings us on to the next benefit of live betting.

Live Betting Tips – Maximising Your Value

There are many cases where betting in play can bring us far higher prices than we could expect in the ante post alternatives. The example given above, where the substitute comes on to score is one possible instance but this is common in result betting too and here we are using a real match with real prices.

On February 5th 2018, Manchester United travelled to Crystal Palace and prior to this Premier League game, United were odds on favourites to win it. In fact, a number of bookmakers had Jose Mourinho’s men as short as 1/2 (1.50).

Manchester United did eventually win that match by a 3-2 scoreline so ante post bettors would have picked up a small profit at that 1/2 price. However, in the live betting markets, decimal odds of 15.50 were available after United went 2-0 down after 48 minutes so, anyone who had faith in the Red Devils at that point would have collected a rather more handsome return.

That’s a relatively extreme example but we’ve all seen countless games where a side comes back to win after going a goal down and the principle can apply to any sport. In darts, snooker, rugby, cricket, tennis and many other markets, players and teams can fall behind early on before mounting a winning comeback and the live betting odds give us that opportunity to claim them at a higher price.

Live Betting Tips – Choosing a Bookmaker

Making the right choice in terms of where to play is important for any sphere of betting but for live bets it’s even more crucial. The best in play bookmakers should be providing you with the best odds but in regards to a range of markets, some bookies simply offer far more options.

Anyone who has watched live sport via the satellite broadcasting services will know that bet365 have an extensive advertising campaign to back up their live platform. They are seen as market leaders for live betting and when you log on and look at their website, the range of live bets means that it’s tough to argue with that theory.

While this may be an obvious place to start your live betting journey, the majority of established names – Unibet, William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes et al – will also have a very active in play section. The newer faces take it seriously too; log on to the newly formed Royal Panda sportsbook and you’ll find that the live betting section appears ahead of the pre-match alternatives.

One last word on choosing a live betting operator: If you want to watch the action unfold then check to see whether there is a live streaming service and determine how extensive this is. Making regular returns from betting in play is made easier if you are able to watch the event in question.

Live Betting Tips – What You’ll Need

The key to successful live betting lies in areas beyond your own brain: To back up those key analytical skills you will need to be fully equipped with better and faster technology than the ante post punter sitting behind an ancient PC.

Live odds change rapidly, sometimes by the second, and no-one wants to miss out on a good price while they’re waiting for their internet connection to get into gear. Fast internet is vital and you’ll also need the computer hardware to back that up.

Android and iPhone devices are also extensively used in live betting so make sure that the software is up to date and that you have downloaded the apps for all the bookmakers you use. Speed is essential here so cover all of these aspects and you have a far better chance of getting the price you want at just the right time.

As we’ve seen with one outstanding example from the English Premier League, there is potential for live betting odds to eclipse those that we can pick up in the ante post markets. There won’t be too many occasions where a team such as Manchester United will drift out to 15.50 just after half time but live prices will frequently rise several points above the pre-match alternatives.

Naturally those live odds can shorten too but this is the point where the sports analysts among us can really make their knowledge work for them. Betting in play can be volatile but it’s also fast paced and exciting with the potential for higher profits so it’s no great surprise that it forms such a huge part of the online gambling industry.

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