What is Moneyline?

Moneyline is another name for the use of American odds. Like other odds, such as decimal and fraction odds, moneyline odds are the way a bookmaker sets out how likely they think a certain result is, and how much the bettor will receive if they bet a particular stake. Moneyline odds are calculated using a stake of 100 and are written as either a plus moneyline, with a (+) sign, or a minus moneyline, with a (-) sign. The plus or minus sign is used by the bookmaker to express how likely they think the result in question is and also as an indicator of how much the bettor will make. The plus sign means that the odds indicate how much profit will be made on a 100 stake, while the minus sign means that the odds show how much has to be bet in order to make 100.   

How Is Moneyline Used In Sports Betting?

For a bettor who is used to dealing with fraction odds, moneyline odds may initially seem somewhat difficult to understand, but like most aspects of sports betting they soon become to feel like second nature. Minus money line odds are the favourites, while those with a plus sign are the outsiders. Moneyline odds of -250 represent a stronger favourite than those of -175, while a high plus number, such as +325 indicates a strong underdog.  

An example of moneyline odds:

In a match between Real Madrid and Stoke, Real Madrid would probably be regarded as strong favourites to win. This would lead to moneyline odds being offered such as the following:

Real Madrid: -825

Stoke: +400

This means that a bet of £100 on Stoke would, if Stoke pull off a shock victory, result in a return of £400, plus the original £100 stake. In contrast, a bettor would have to risk £825 on Real Madrid, in order to win £100, plus the £825 stake. In reality, of course, many bets placed are for less than £100, and most online bookmakers offer a calculator which can turn moneyline odds into decimal or fractional odds.

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