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What is Method Of Dismissal Cricket? Method Of Dismissal Cricket Explained in 2 minutes

The method of dismissal is a cricketing term which refers to the manner in which a batsman is got out. Methods of dismissal include being bowled, being caught, being run out, being stumped and leg before wicket.

How is Method of Dismissal Used in Sports Betting?

Betting on the method of dismissal is just one of the many options which are open to someone who wants to enjoy sports betting on cricket matches. From the most basic option of betting on which team is likely to win, so smaller bets on factors such as the number of no balls, or when the first wicket will fall, cricket offers a massive range of bets which can be made throughout the course of a game.

Betting on the method of dismissal can take place before the match, in which case the bet will be placed on the method of first dismissal. As well as the standard options listed above, the bet could be customised, in order to specify whether a batsman will be caught by the wicket keeper or by someone else, for example. While current form and the conditions of the day might feed into a bet of this kind, it is with in-play betting that method of dismissal bets truly come into their own.

Betting on the method of next dismissal involves a high degree of concentration and, in particular, an analysis of how the previous wickets have fallen. If the bowler has already tempted two or three batsmen to try for shots which ended up being edged into the wicket keepers gloves, then this might be a good choice for the next method of dismissal. On the other hand, the knowledge that a batsman is batting through the last over in pursuit of a sizeable total to win the match might mean they go for sixes and increase the chances of being caught at the boundary. Betting on the method of dismissal combines the old fashioned pleasures of studying the gradual unfolding of the game with the decidedly modern thrill of placing bets in the heat of the match itself.

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