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Slot Rules 2022

How to Play the Slot Machine?

Already home to a great selection of online casino guides, we at have decided to give the slots a spin. We present to you our guide to slot rules and a summary of how to play the slot machines.

Below, our experts have compiled a guide based on the popular online casino slot rules. We focus heavily on the basics – covering the who, what, when, where, why, and how to play the slot machines, as well as finding time to explain the ins and outs of online slots tournaments and where your online casino journey could go next.

The basics – a brief history of slots, slot rules, and online popularity.

Invented in the 1890s and predominantly found in bars, slot machines have not always been the instant payout, high-adrenaline games we see today!

Thanks to Charles Fey, the introduction of instant payouts came about in 1895 and was home to a lucrative jackpot of 50 cents. Fast-forward to slots machine 2021, and you will find slots that will accept 50 cents as a minimum stake!

Inflation aside, the advancement of technology and the passing of state-specific online laws have seen the online US slots scene go from strength to strength. When reading our operator and bonuses comparisons, you will notice just how frequently we discuss a legal operator that provides well over 1000 slot gaming options to customers!Alongside this, online slot users can now grab a piece of slot action on the go. Simply download your chosen operator’s app or load up their platform on your mobile browser to discover a world of slots from the palm of your hands.

Slot rules

As with any online casino gaming across the US, there are a few basic rules to follow. Firstly, before signing up to your chosen platform, be sure that your residing state allows for the legal wagering of online slots.

Secondly, make sure you can provide your online platform with sufficient evidence that you are of legal age and reside within state lines. Often, some of the best online casinos will provide new customers with the chance to share their location – this makes things a lot easier than sharing utility bills and other personal documents.

Next, once you are signed up to your chosen platform, be sure to review the terms and conditions associated with your chosen slots game. We recommend reviewing any on-site information, as well as trialling the game in demo mode first. From this, you will be able to see the slot rules surrounding minimum and maximum stakes allowed, as well as getting a feel for the slot itself!

Finally, and perhaps not a slot rule as such – have fun! Slots are by far the easiest style of online gambling you can take part in; there are very limited slot rules, and learning how to play the slot machines is as easy as 1,2, 3.

How to play slot machines

If you can master the slot rules, you can master how to play slot machines – they really are the simplest form of online gaming around.

Once you have signed up and deposited into your online casino, head on over to the slots section of your platform. Here, you will discover a few different slot types (discussed next in our slot rules guide), as well as a section for the most popular slots and any new slots on-site.

For beginners, we would recommend heading to the popular slots, as we would suggest these are reliable, glitch-free, and created by some of the leading software providers in the business.

Slot selected? Great. Now for the fun bit.

Select bet amount

Minimum and maximum stakes form the basis of any slot rules. When placing your stake, ensure the amount you place falls within these guidelines, and you have sufficient funds in your account. To add to your stake, select the ‘+’ button. If you make a mistake, you can ‘clear’ or reduce your stake by selecting the ‘-‘ button.

Select amount of pay lines

Not every online slot will offer this facility – some slot games will have fixed pay lines. However, you can easily discover this information before staking by playing through a demo version of the game, discussing with customer support, or viewing any slot information on-site.

Get spinning!

For beginners, we would advise taking things slow and manually spinning reels to help keep track of any wins or losses. As you get more comfortable, you may wish to up the intensity and auto-spin. Using this facility allows you to set a strict staking value, and the computer will then automatically spin the reel a predetermined number of times or until you cancel. If you are in a rush, the opportunity to speed spin or turbo spin the reels is a possibility on some popular slots. The principle is the same as auto spin, just 10x faster!

The highest rated slot providers

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Next steps – understanding the types of slots

As we’ve already seen, learning how to play the slots is a simple process – once you know the slot rules! Now, it’s time to up the ante and uncover the main type of slots available to online casino users.

3-Reel & 5-Reel slots

Based on the traditional slots found in retail casinos, 3-reel and 5-reel online slots provide an updated take on an industry classic. As the name suggests, these online slots feature three or five reels and, unlike traditional retail slots, provide more than one pay line. Expect bonus rounds, free spins, and more to help bring a classic into the modern era.

3D slots

Those of you who are after an exceptional slots experience should take time to trial some 3D slots. Generally, the focus of 3D slots is on quality graphics, great themes, and usability for a truly immersive feel. We discuss the importance of selecting a casino that hosts top software providers later in our slot rules guides – they will almost certainly be behind the top 3D slots on your chosen platform.

Progressive slots

If you are looking for an opportunity to win big, progressive slots are (generally) your go-to online casino slot. Linked to your chosen platform’s online progressive jackpot network, users can quickly find themselves spinning for thousands, if not millions, online. Who says you have to be in Vegas to win big!

How to play slots in a tournament – points mean prizes

Provided you know how to play the slot machines, anyone can join a retail or online slots tournament.

Online casino users will usually be required to opt-in and pay an entry fee. From here, the tournament slot rules are simple – score points and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard! At the end of the event, the winner takes home the largest portion of the prize pot, with the second and third taking a substantial chunk too!

As well as buy-in tournaments, online casinos will also host freeroll tournaments. As the name suggests, this style of tournament is free to enter. Although there are limited online casinos that offer real-money prizes, you can still take advantage of free bet credits and free spins from joining.

However, you may wish to brush up on your knowledge of how to win at slot machines before putting your skills to the test at the next online tournament!

Choosing the right casino – where to begin your slots journey

Choosing a top online casino is a critical step to ensuring your slots success. It would be a shame to spend all this time learning how to play the slot machines, only to sign up to a site that offered a poor slots selection.

That is why our first top tip suggests reviewing the gaming options first. For any of our readers who have taken advantage of our online reviews, you will be aware of just how thoroughly we dissect the casino gaming options and limits from each legal operator. We want to see a great display of classic and popular slots, as well as some fun, innovative, new slots on-site.

Next, we advise checking which software providers feature on your chosen casino. When playing slots online for real money, we know just how important that gameplay is not affected. We want a glitch-free, fast-loading, smooth experience throughout, and this can only be provided by the biggest names in the business. Keep your eyes peeled for NetEnt, Gamesys, IGT, and Evolution, and you won’t go too far wrong!

Finally, and most importantly, be sure to check for a valid license. Due to the strict rules surrounding online gambling across the US and the intricate state-specific laws, we would always advise searching for a valid license from your chosen online casino. Thankfully, most online casinos wear their certificates with pride – showcasing them to any potential new customers at the bottom of their website or app.

Bonuses and promotions – adding to your online slots experience

Regular online casino users will be familiar with operators offering lucrative sign-up bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs to entice users into becoming a member at their online casino. While taking advantage of bonuses can be a great way to boost your slots profitability, it can also be a way to increase your wagering activity and cause bad habits.

The first thing we advise avoiding is opting into every bonus available. Although free spins are a great way to trial new slots, opting into every promotion available can increase your overall online casino activity. As we all know, gambling can become addictive, and by sticking to promotions that boost our usual gaming habits, we can ensure that the relationship stays healthy.

Next up, it’s time to check the terms and conditions. For those of you who are serious about finding top slot bonuses and promotions, we recommend reviewing our guide on the best online casino in 2021. Our operator reviews cover the ins and outs of the top bonuses around, including specific wagering requirements, minimum deposits, expiration dates, and more.

Finally, focus on enjoyment. We’ve already mentioned that opting into every bonus and promotion can be a quick-fire way to turn your online activity sour—however, there are also plenty of pros associated with trialing new slots too. Whether you are taking advantage of free spins or a slot madness no rules bonus, be sure to keep your online casino activity fun!

The online casino – why you should play slot machines

Although you now understand how to choose the right casino, when to opt-in to bonuses, and how to join a slots tournament, we haven’t touched on why slots are such a great way to enjoy some online gaming fun.

To begin, slots are accessible for all. The simplicity of slot rules is what really sets them apart. Regardless of your experience, you can head straight to the slots gaming section of your online casino, select a popular slot, and be playing within a matter of minutes – seconds, even!

Next, the adrenaline rush. Each spin has the chance to unlock a sizable prize pot. Not only that, but providing you’ve chosen an operator who hosts some of the best software providers around, you will enter another world that could see you visit the tombs of Egypt, searching for pots of gold in Ireland, or even have you spinning underwater– time to hold your breath!

Although there are a plethora of reasons to enjoy slots, our final reason revolves around the advancement of ways you can win. Online slot rules differ slightly from traditional slots found in retail establishments. Thanks to the popularity of online slots, online casinos have now introduced jackpot systems, tournaments, larger prize pools, multi-line bonuses, and much more!

What other casino guides & strategies are available? See where your online casino journey can take you next!

Now you’ve brushed up on your slot machine rules, know how to play in a slot tournament, and understand about the slot madness no rules bonus; you may be wondering what’s next? Well, the online casino world is full of exciting games, interesting origins, and specific slot rules to take note of.

As we have previously mentioned, we at provide a wide range of online casino guides on-site that you can get your teeth into right away! You can find guides very similar to this one that will run through the rules of poker, roulette, and blackjack in much greater detail.

Of course, if you feel that slots are going to be your preferred online gaming option going forward, then it may be worth reviewing the best slot machine apps 2021.

Conclusion – understanding slot rules and beyond

As we conclude our guide on slots rules, we hope your understanding of how to play slots machines has increased tenfold.

The world of online slots hosts plenty of opportunities. With the slot rules clearly established, tips on how to select a top online casino, and a sound knowledge of how to play the slot machine, we are certain you are on track to a successful online slots career.

Before heading off to trial some new 3D slots, we wanted to remind you to avoid getting caught up in unlocking all bonuses and promotions available to you. By all means, enjoy your free spins and free betting credits, but aim to keep your online slots activity as healthy as possible.

Finally, as we have previously mentioned, there are plenty of online reviews, comparisons, and guides to take advantage of, here at If you are looking for a new operator to trial some slots action, we suggest taking a look through our slots bet reviews & ratings for 2021.

Best bonuses available for slots

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Slot rules FAQ

❓What are the main slot rules I need to know before joining a tournament?

Understanding how to play the slot machines is a critical step towards taking part in your first online slots tournament. Thankfully, the online tournament slot rules are fairly simple. Provided you are of legal age, are gambling from a state that allows legal online casino play, and have met all the deposit requirements you are ready to go! However, we would advise finding a nice bonus to boost your slot experience too. Head over to our bonus comparisons page to find out more. 

💰 Can I win big if I don’t know the rules of online slots ?

If you are new to the realm of online casinos or just fancy brushing up on some of your online casino knowledge, we recommend heading straight to the guides and strategies section of our site. Here at, our experts have been working hard to bring you the most up-to-date information and tips on your favorite online casino games. Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or  slot rules you are after, we have a guide to suit!

💯 How do I play slot machines online?

Learning how to play the slot machines is as easy as 1,2,3. Once you have established the slot rules, it is then time to figure out which type of slot is best suited to you. If you are a traditionalist, we at would recommend taking advantage of the 3-reel and 5-reel options available from your chosen operator. These are the closest variations of the classic slot machines found across bars and casinos in the US.

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