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Rules of Poker 2022

Simple Poker Rules for Beginners

We welcome all you globetrotters looking for a new table game to check out our guide on the rules of poker. Here we show you how to play one of the best table games in the world.

Our guide on the rules of poker will have you playing like a pro in no time. The game can be a little daunting at first but once you read our guide on the rules of poker you’ll know exactly how to play this game of skill. So, read on to learn more about the rules of poker.

Poker rules for dummies – are poker rules simple to follow?

Poker is one of the oldest table games around and has blossomed over the years since its first inception. There are plenty of different variations of poker to play, which we will get to in our guide, but the variation that is loved by all is Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em is 2 card poker and is probably the easiest variation of poker to understand. So, let’s take a look at some poker rules for beginners:

How to play poker

At the start, each and every player is dealt two cards face down. If you are lucky enough your two cards will already amount to a decent hand. The dealer then places three cards in the middle of the table face up which is called the flop. The player then has to see whether or not the cards in the middle of the table improve the cards that he has in his hand. After the betting phase is taken place the dealer will then turn the 4th card.

After another round of betting the dealer then places the last card on the table making it a nice round number of 5. The objective of every player is to try and make the best 5 card hand they can with the two in their own hands and the five in the middle of the table.

Throughout seeing all of the cards in the middle of the table there are betting phases. You will either be the big blind or the small blind. These are chips that everybody takes turns paying every round. This is to keep the game active and to stop slow players from simply trying to claw their way to a big chip stack without risking anything. In order to see the flop, everybody has to pay the big blind. Once the flop has been seen, players can then decide to bet, raise, re-raise or fold. This will happen again on the turn (the 4th card) and the river (the 5th card.

The different hands in poker

The most important thing to know about the rules of poker is the different hand combinations that you can make. Let’s quickly run through all of the different hands that you can make in Texas hold’em. Once you know these, you already know half the rules of poker that you need to.

High card

A high card is simply having the highest individual card on the table. This could be an ace or a king but whatever the case may be it is unlikely that you will win solely with a high card as all the players can use the cards in the middle of the table to their advantage as well.


Having a pair means matching 1 of the cards in your hand to one of the cards on the table. For example, you could have a 7 and an 8 in your hand and the first three cards that come up could be a 4, 6 and a 7. That would mean that you have a pair of 7’s. You can also be dealt a pair which is known as a “pocket pair”.

2 pair

Two pairs is the same concept only you have made two separate pairs from the cards in your hand and the cards on your table. So, you may have a 10 and a king in your hand and within the 5 cards on the table, there is a king and 10 in which case you have made 2 pairs.

Three of a kind

This is also known as “trips” in the poker world and all that it means is that you have 3 of the same cards. Whether you only have one of them in your hand and 2 out on the table or 2 in your hand and one on the table, that is known as three of a kind.


A straight is where things get slightly more complicated but not by much. A straight is simply 5 consecutive cards running in order. For example, if you have a 2 and a 3 in your hand and the first three cards in the middle of the table are a 4, 5 and 6 then you will have “flopped” your straight. This can be any consecutive numbers or face cards. So, if you made a face card straight it would be 10, jack, queen, king and an ace (10, J, Q, K, A).


A flush is a similar concept but it’s not cards in a specific order you need but rather a certain number of the same suit. A flush can be 5-cards that are all hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds.

Full house

If you land a full house then you have hit a very strong hand. A full house is simply a pair and also a three of a kind that make the hand. For example, if you have a 10 and an ace in your hand and there is a 10 and 2 aces on the table then you would have 2 10s and 3 aces which make up a full house (10,10, A, A, A)

4 of a kind

Similar to a three of a kind but far more scarce to actually get this hand. A 4 of a kind is simply 4 of the same card. For example, you have a pocket 8’s and flop 2 8’s which would give you your 4 of kind (8, 8, 8, 8).

Straight flush

Think about the flush we mentioned and the straight as well. A straight flush is having specific consecutive numbers that are all the same suit as well. An example would be 2, 3, 4, and 5 that are all hearts.

Royal flush

A nigh on impossible hand to actually get, it is the strongest hand in poker. A royal flush is having 10, jack, queen, king and an ace but they are all the same suit.

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Poker variations – plenty to choose from

We have now given you a closer look at Texas Hold’em but there are plenty of other poker variations that you can play as well, each with their own rules of poker. Here are a few of the most popular poker variations that you can play right now:


This is probably the 2nd most popular variation on poker behind Texas Hold’em. The rules of poker when it comes to Omaha work very much the same in terms of the hands you can make and the fact that there are cards in the middle of the table. However, players receive 4 cards in their hands as opposed to 2 which means that the strategy for playing Omaha is quite different.

5-card Omaha

As the name suggests this is pretty much just an Omaha bit instead of 4 cards you receive 5 at the start. The rules of poker for 5-card Omaha are all but identical to the classic variation.

5-card draw

The rules of poker for 5-card draw are wholly different to Texas Hold’em. Each player starts with 5 cards in their hand which is then followed by a round of betting. They can then decide to do away with as many of these cards as they like and fill their hand back up to 5. You can only do this once. Once this has been done a final round of betting takes place and the cards are revealed to see who has made the best hand with their 5 cards.

Now you know that you can use our guide on the rules of poker and plenty of other poker guides on our site. However, we are far more than just a poker guide site. Here at we have tons of different guides on how to play certain table games and slots to guides on specific strategies and when you should use them.

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Conclusion –  learn the rules of poker before heading to the tables

There is a reason that poker is one of the most popular table games in the world if not the most popular. That is why understanding the rules of poker first is so important before you head straight off to one of the best online poker sites. Poker can take a little time to really get the hang of so don’t start out with massive bets but rather get a feel for the gamer and build your way up. Remember, poker isn’t gambling, so hone your skills to win bigger pots in the long run before you begin to traverse the world of online poker play.

If poker sounds like it’s going to be too much work for you then we highly recommend checking out our roulette rules for dummies guide or our guide on the blackjack game rules.

Rules of poker FAQ

🖐Is poker a difficult game to understand?

If you have ever come across Texas Hold’em or one of the many different poker variations then you may have certain ideas about how difficult it is to learn for newcomers. We are here to tell you that it won’t be difficult at all for you to learn. That is because our guide on the rules of poker will have you clued up in a matter of minutes. We explain the game in all its glory to you in a comprehensive way with our guide. We can even take you through our casino guide first to make sure you have a lay of the land when it comes to online gambling sites.

📃Where can I find a poker rules chart?

Here at, we shed some light on all the poker rules and hands so that you know exactly how the game works. We also have a poker rules chart so you can see everything right in front of you but with easy to understand information. You’ll have no problem understanding the game in more detail with our poker rules chart.

✅What is the best online poker site to play on?

Three are plenty of online operators in the world right now, if you have ever conducted a search for one then you know what we are talking about. Here at, we conduct tons of reviews of the best online poker sites in the world. Our rankings on our site will show you exactly who we think is the best operator that you should be taking your business to.

❓Are there any poker strategies I should know about?

Just like any sport, poker is a game of skill. When it comes to playing games of skill you need to have a strategy going in. There are plenty of proven poker strategies that you can check out on our site with our plethora of guides. We’ll not only show you the rules of poker but what poker strategies are best for beginners and what strategies are best for seasoned veterans as well.

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