Rules for Baccarat 2021

Baccarat Rules and Strategy

Hello weary travellers, you have finally made it to the end of the road. We have put together our guide on the rules for baccarat to help you on your way to betting glory.

Our guide on the rules for baccarat will take you through everything you could possibly need to know about how the game works. We don’t just give you insight into the classical variation of the game either, as we also shed some light on the 3 other versions of the game as well.

Baccarat rules for dummies – what are the rules of baccarat?

Baccarat has a pretty similar style to blackjack but the points and outcomes work a little differently. The game has developed into one of the most popular table games you can find and for good reason, it’s easy to learn and even easier to play. Let’s take a look at some of the rules for Baccarat.

How to play Baccarat:

Baccarat is similar to blackjack because the hand starts with two cards. However, unlike blackjack, you aren’t actually playing with your own 2 cards but are rather betting on the outcome between two pairs of cards. There is the banker and the player. You place your bet on who thinks is going to come out of a hand victorious. The object of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible. The card values differ slightly from blackjack. All the number cards are their face value. All face cards are valued at 10 but an ace card is valued at 1.

Two cards are drawn for the banker and 2 for the player. If the player is closest to 9, then you win double your initial bet. If the banker wins, you win 95% of your initial bet. Let’s look at a basic example. If you bet on the player to be closest to 9 and the player was dealt a 4 and a 3 he then has a total of 7. If the banker was then drawn 2 cards that were 4 and 2 then he totals 6. The player is then closest to 9 and so wins the hand. The only time you receive another card when you have less than 9 is if the total of your hand amounts to 5 or less. Pretty simple right?

There are a couple of other important facets to the game that you need to keep in mind though. If both players’ totals amount to more than 9, then you add the value of the two cards and drop the first digit. For example, if both players have a 10 and a jack (face cards have a value of 10 just like blackjack) then that would equal 20. Drop the 2 and you have 0. If you amount to a total of let’s say 14, then you drop the 1 and you have 4 left which is your new total.

How to bet on Baccarat

Baccarat gives players more to bet on than just the player and the banker. You can also place your bets on a “player pair”, “banker pair” or a “tie”. A player and banker pair simply means that you are betting on either of them to draw 2 of the same cards. So, if the banker draws 2 kings, then that would be a banker pair. If you bet on a tie, then the banker and the player need to have the same total by the end of the hand (no matter how they got there). You would place these bets in addition to your bet on whether you think the banker is going to win or the player.

There are different returns for each of these outcomes. If you proceed your bet on a tie and you are right, then your initial bet is returned to you at a value of 8-1. If you bet on a banker pair or a player pair and you get it right, then you have your stake returned to you at 11-1. Getting a banker pair or a player pair correct is pretty tricky so bet wisely when you go for a bet like this.

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Baccarat variations

The rules for Baccarat we just went through are for the standard variation of the game. However, there are 3 different versions you can play in addition to that. Let’s take a look at some of the other variations of Baccarat that you can play:

Chemin De Fer

As you may have guessed from the name, this is the French variation of Baccarat. There are a few differences when it comes to the rule of Baccarat for Chemin De Fer. Firstly, the game is played with 6 decks and not 7 as it is with the classic variation of the game. Another major difference here is that every player gets to be the banker and the player. This allows for more interactive and active involvement from the players at the table.

The game cards are also dealt face down instead of face up. The player holds more power here as the decision to draw a 3rd card lies with him/her. Aside from these differences, the rest of the rules for Baccarat are fairly similar for this variation. 

Punto Bunco

The rules for Baccarat for this variation were conceptualized in Cuba in the 1950’s. As such, it is widely regarded as the Cuban variation of Baccarat. This version of the game can have up to 14 players at a table which is significantly more than the classical variation of the game. The rules for Baccarat in this variation are pretty much identical except for the fact that the players have no power over the drawing of the third card. The third card is always dealt by the dealer anyway.

Baccarat Banque

Again, the rules for Baccarat for this version are pretty much the same as the original version of the game. The only major difference with this version is that one player will play the role of the dealer for the entirety of the game. Aside from that, this European version of the game provides players with the oppuurintuy for bugger bets than most other Baccarat variations. 

Frequently asked questions about baccarat

Can I find a strategy that guarantees a profit?

The answer is quite simply, no. There is still a lot of chance involved when it comes to baccarat which means you have less control over the end result as you otherwise might do with a game like poker or blackjack. There is definitely still tragedy involved but not to the point where you can ever genuinely guarantee yourself a win. 

Where can I find the best baccarat betting sites?

That’s easy, right here at Check out our comprehensive list of the latest online casino reviews to check out who has the best baccarat tables in the business right now. 

Which baccarat variation is the best to play for beginners?

If we had to pick one of the 4 available baccarat variations for beginners to play, we would go with the classical variation of the game. It is easy to follow and the dealer takes care of pretty much everything for you. The other variations of the game are more interactive so you’ll have to learn more about your role in the game before you get started. 

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Now that you have read our guide for the rules for Baccarat, you may be wondering what else you can find on our site. Well we are pleased to let you know that we have so much more in store for you than just our guide on the rules for Baccarat.

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Conclusion –  pack your bags for a baccarat adventure

And so we come to the end of our trip through the rules for baccarat. We hope you have had a pleasant journey with us and that you now feel confident in knowing that you can take on the Baccarat tables at any online casino. Remember, you can always check back with us here at as we regularly update our guide and add new pieces about the latest strategy for Baccarat as well.

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Baccarat rules FAQ

✅Are the Baccarat game rules difficult to learn?

Here at, we make sure that our guides explain Baccarat to our readers in a clear and concise way. Our guide will give you the ins and the outs of the game and how you can start playing it. Once you take a look at our guide on the rules for Baccarat, you will wholly understand the game in no time at all.

⛪Does Baccarat predominantly favour the house?

There are plenty of games where people might have their suspicions about the players’ chances for winning. Our guide on the rule of Baccarat will let you know what the chances for success are like and whether or not the game is typically favouring the house. If the chances are even remotely unfair, we’ll let you know with our guide on the rules for Baccarat.

❓ Can I find a quality how to win Baccarat strategy?

The world of online gambling can throw up many challenges for the players. That is why so many players turn to detailed strategies to help them take their casino gaming to the next level. Our guide on the rules for Baccarat can show you how to find a betting strategy that can help you turn those minor wins into major ones. So, be sure to check out the rest of our review to find out how you can improve your overall game with a well thought out strategy.

✌Is there more than 1 version of the game to play?

If you are familiar with online table games then you will know that some of them have more than one version or variation on the classical game. Our guide on the rules of Baccarat will take you through any and all the variations of the game. We’ll even give you a brief rundown on any of the major differences between each of these games. So, read our guide on the rules of Baccarat to expand your horizons.

👀 Where can I find a guide on Baccarat rules and strategy?

Right here at of course! Our team of experts have put together all the best guides and strategies for you to check out. We have plenty of betting resources for you to use to help you improve your Baccarat gaming experience. So, be sure to check out the rest of our site for the latest tips and tricks for Baccarat.

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