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Providing you with the best destination for all iGaming news that you need to know. will be covering any important updates on gambling which, are vital if you are a keen follower of the industry movements. Our gambling news articles provide un-biased, simple insights of current affairs relating to gaming for the casino and sportsbetting sector alike.

From mergers and acquisitions, to the best offers around at the moment, we strive to get you to the best offers and operators there are out there!

USA Gambling News

Gambling News in the US is an important topic and a dynamic one to say the least. In the gambling space there are stalwarts and giants, startups and new players looking to make a name for themselves. Not to mention the constant mergers, acquisitions and pieces being moved from company to the next. USA Gambling news sees major shifts to the landscape like it was the San Andreas fault. Sometimes it can cause a small shakeup, or other times and rearrange the entire gambling world as we know it.The next logical question to ask is, “with all of this betting company news updates how can someone stay up to date?” The beauty of the answer to this question is that you don’t have to. Here at we do all of the work for you. Whenever a deal goes down and gambling news happens we’ll have a short, easy to digest write up ready for your eyes. Our expert team reads through all of the legal documents so you don’t have to. Find out how the latest USA gambling news affects you and the things you like to do. Whenever something changes expect us to tell you about it and make the proper changes to all of our offerings. That way you’ll never be misled when you are on the lookout for the easiest sports betting payment methods for the US sites, or the best online sports betting site in the US.

Gambling news impacts us all. Sometimes for the better, and unfortunately sometimes for the worst. Either way you can find all about the latest gambling news and how it will impact news right here on

Why You Should Care About the Latest USA Gambling News

At we know you care about online sports betting. What you may not know is just how much the latest gambling news can affect how you can wager. New partnerships can cause an operator to enter, or leave a state altogether. Not to mention, news can often be a good sign of things to come for sports bettors or users of online casinos. When operators want to celebrate a big deal, new opening, or merger, they usually pass those good vibes off to you in the form of deals or offers. Along with reporting the news of the latest changes in the gambling market we’ll also make sure to keep you updated with the latest Betting offers for new customers that are likely to come along with that news. Any time we can, we do our best to pass along the newest and best promotions. These promotions are often available for a limited time so be sure to check back often, you don’t want to miss out!

What You Can Expect From our Gambling News US Coverage

In short, we here at only put out the most up to date, quality, and easy to comprehend betting company news updates. Our expert staff keeps their ears to the ground for the latest whispers in the gambling space. Whether it’s the latest online casino news, or a new operator coming into the market, you can expect to hear about it first at

We don’t speculate on rumors or do clickbait style gotcha articles. The news produced by our staff is of the highest quality because we know that you need news that you can trust. Our years of experience inside the online gambling space has brought us sources who pass along the news straight from the boardroom to your living room. It allows us to get in the companies themselves and bring you special perks like the best online casino bonus codes on the internet.

Lastly, our news team knows the pain of opening up a document that looks like it was written in Shakespearean English or contains more words in Latin than plain English. It’s a tedious process to read, it’s not enjoyable, and generally goes slower than the last two minutes of a basketball game when a team’s only up by a few possessions. Not to mention the fact that with all energy consumed to decipher the article, you really don’t even get to comprehend the content in the article itself.

That’s why here at we give you the news you need, and it’s not a pain to read. We give it to you straight, and boil it down to the elements that matter. No need for a law degree to understand the news written here. Come to our USA gambling news page and you will find concise pieces that give you all the news you need and nothing more.

News Can Affect Your Experience

The latest news can impact the ways you use your favorite gambling websites. Different operators offer different options for you to wager with. When your favorite online casino or sportsbook gets acquired by a new entity those options can change for better or worse. Luckily for users, no matter what changes happen, you can hear all about them through our lists of the best online casinos. We give you comparisons, along with user and expert reviews for every operator available. More importantly we keep them up to date. If an online casino improves after a big acquisition, we’ll make you the first one to know about. If they start cutting their offerings our ratings and reviews will reflect that as well.

The news won’t just impact your online casino experience either. Your favorite sports books can change and you might not know why if you’re not following the latest USA gambling news. Sportsbooks are known to offer unique props or services. Some show how lines have changed over the past week, while others prefer you not to know if you missed out on a good deal. All of the services for each sportsbook are reflected in our list of the best online bookmakers. Visitors to our site can learn all about the top sportsbooks on the internet without having to waste time clicking through page after page. Instead you can learn all about each sportsbook, its strengths, weaknesses, and specialties all on a single page.

In Conclusion

Gambling news is online sports betting and online casino news! What happens in the boardrooms can have a tremendous outcome on what happens in your online casino room. Without following the news, you could find yourself in for a big shock one day after login to your favorite operator.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Check back often to to keep educated and updated on the latest gambling news. Knowledge is always key to the world of online gambling, and is looking forward to providing you with the best gambling knowledge on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

💻 What is Gambling News US on

Gambling news is the latest information regarding all of the legal happenings between the largest sportsbooks in the United States, and the world. Anytime a deal gets made, a new operator enters a market, or someone old decides to pull out, we at will cover. 

Who are the best online gambling operators in my area?

The truth is that no one can answer that question except for you! Finding the best online sportsbook or casino is not a one size fits all process. Everyone’s criteria for their favorite sports book or online casino is different.

The good news is we can help you find the online gambling operator that is best for you! We offer lists and reviews of the best online bookmakers available in your state so you can bet on a sports site that’s right for you. We do the same with our list of best online casinos as well. That way you can know if they offer poker, table games, slots, or all of the above and more.

🎰 Does’s gambling news only apply to online sportsbooks?

Not a chance, if it regards anything online gambling expect us to cover it. We provide not only sports betting news, but the best online casino news as well. That way you can know all about your favorite providers and how their news might affect how you play.

📰 Are operator reviews and lists updated based on the news?

Of course. All of the services on are interconnected and intertwined. Our news team does their research so you don’t have to. Once we’ve acquired all of the latest information we look into how it might affect every user’s individual experience.

From there we edit and update our expert reviews and list of the best online casinos and online sportsbooks. You can read all about the changes going on in the online gambling world, then figure out how it might influence your favorite, or new favorite online operator.

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