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Viewing bet slips as ‘boring’ might not be the approach that online bookmakers usually take when considering their approach to sports betting, but then MustardBet isn’t your typical online bookmaker. As it develops its ‘beta’ model the markets on offer may be limited, but after years of new websites claiming to offer something different, there finally appears to be a firm emerging which might be.

Speed, efficiency and volume are the names of the game with MustardBet, and the London-based operation is already attracting a following on its social media channels. Though taking the steady approach at this stage, punters may have found the answer to the long-standing question of how to move on from the era of big bookmakers for small-time punters.

Pros & Cons of MustardBet


  • Simple but original basic premise
  • Less concern about account restrictions
  • New features gradually being added


  • Lack of streaming and live content
  • Markets mostly restricted to football outrights
  • Not currently possible to place multiples


Reasons to Join MustardBet

  • Becoming part of an innovative idea in the world of betting
  • Transparent and good-sized maximum bet policy
  • Slick and easy to use interface
  • Simple to sign up and navigate
  • Customer service available despite the website being in development

MustardBet Overall

Mustardbet is genuinely trying to do something different, and while it is definitely a little bit early in the day to hail it as the ‘next big thing’ in online gambling, it does seem to have the beginnings of a genuinely innovative idea.

Of course at this stage the website is essentially still in development and a lot will depend on how it copes when extra features, markets and ideas are incorporated into the currently simple layout.

But with progress apparently being made in a number of areas where the company is yet to catch up with more established rivals it is definitely a website worth keeping an eye on in the coming months as it continues its steady progress towards completion.

MustardBet User Interface

With the website still being essentially incomplete at time of writing the main interface does seems somewhat sparse, but it can be expected to fill out over the coming months and is well laid out with the content that it does have at this stage.

With only football (and occasionally darts) on offer at this point, users are immediately greeted with a list of some of the world’s best known leagues and competitions. Underneath a list of upcoming games are featured, while the sidebar offers quick access to the events on offer.

It’s easy to navigate and just about as simply laid out as it could be, but it does bring to mind the slight concern it could become quite busy and cluttered when the company starts introducing additional sports (especially if its range stretches to be as extensive as other sites).

MustardBet Betting markets

As mentioned, at the present time betting opportunities are mostly limited to just the biggest footballing competitions, though some darts matches were introduced during the 2018 World Championships.

Once within a market, the innovation behind the website’s key selling point is finally revealed. The bet slip, for one, doesn’t really exist. Or that is to say that instead of adding anything to a permanent feature on screen, all selections can be made quickly and finalised simply by clicking the bet then confirming the stakes.

A real novelty is the ingenious experience placing a bet achieves. You see your stake instantly added to the liabilities and watch the price change accordingly. It is visually engaging and means it is true live market which should not be turning away successful punters who want a reasonable punt – like so manty other sites do.

The website lets you know what the maximum bet on each selection is. It remains to be seen how these will fluctuate as the website attracts more customers (they have actually pledged to increase limits) but seeing the firm offer to lay to lose over £1000 on Watford to beat Chelsea for example is obviously an encouraging sign at this relatively early stage.

The company promises to add further markets in addition to just outright match betting as it continues its development and expect to see all core sports rolled out over coming months.

MustardBet Bonuses

Though a little early on for the sportsbook to be offering bonuses for either new or existing customers these will presumably be introduced in time.

It’s also worth noting there is up to 2% cashback available on games in the integrated online casino.

MustardBet Banking

Currently the site accepts only Visa and Maestro cards as forms of payment, another area where the ‘beta’ site lacks behind more accomplished rivals.

MustardBet Live Streaming and Content

This is an area where there can be little doubt that MustardBet is currently lacking behind its rivals, both in terms of the big market leaders and smaller firms who offer in-play information, simulations and live statistics.

Still being in the ‘beta’ planning phase this may well be something that will come into the picture later. Of course if the focus remains on the major footballing leagues for the time being there is also the possibility that this will be less feasible than for other websites due to licensing issues.

The site does feature some well written and thought provoking articles which are not your run of the mill standard previews. However, this blog area of the site in another section that is clearly incomplete and requires images and colour.

MustardBet In-play betting

Another area which is yet to surface on MustardBet is in-play betting. However, there are clear intentions from the company to bring this into their product going forwards and it is even mentioned as ‘coming soon’ on the welcome email sent to newly signed up customers.

MustardBet Stats and Form

As with live content and in-play betting, statistics are an element of contemporary betting which are yet to be utilised by the current version of the website under development.

This will presumably be integrated sometime in the near future, especially as the firm’s ethos concerns modernising betting. While the basics are still being nailed down its understandable that this appears to be down the list of priorities for the developers.

Customer Satisfaction

Due to it being such a new company, it’s difficult to gauge what customer satisfaction is like at this early stage. However, it is very encouraging to see not only innovation but also a number of key concerns for modern punters answered in the company’s approach to betting.

The transparent approach to maximum bets has already been mentioned as a really positive aspect of the website’s markets. Not only is it honest and up front about these limits, they aren’t too restrictive and also seem to apply to all customers across the board, not just the most profitable.

The website promises further developments in the near future as well. In addition to even bigger maximum bets and in-play markets as already mentioned, cash out facilities and the opportunity to create multiple bets are other coming features of note. That said it is slightly difficult to envisage how multiples will fit in with the site’s current layout.

Customer support is available through live chat (at certain hours), email and by phone, though as of yet there aren’t any real ‘Help’ pages or FAQs of which to speak.

How to Sign Up to MustardBet

Currently you can sign up to the beta version of Mustardbet. Simply provide your name, address, and email address, and choose a username and password. Verify that you are 18+ to complete your registration.

New customers can claim welcome offers. To do so, enter the promo code in the promo code field to take advantage of the sign up bonus.

Written by Marcello Cossali-Francis

Marcello Cossali-Francis considers sport, particularly football and rugby, to be an essential part of life. A half-Italian half-Welsh Liverpool and Juventus fan, Marcello enjoys every high and every low that sport brings.


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Our Opinions of MustardBet

This sportsbook has lofty goals but is still in development to incorporate the features and markets that UK punters expect. Right now there’s not much on the site to entice new punters.

  1. Interface looks sleek and easy to navigate
  2. No offers and promotions currently available to new customers
  3. Lack of markets outside of football