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BetBull Review and BetBull Promo Codes

BetBull are one of a new generation of online sportsbooks that have taken advantage of developments in mobile technology.

Launched in 2015, they are a bookmaker that can only be accessed via mobile or a tablet, which means customers must download the app to either an iOS or Android device.

Since they first hit the market, BetBull have focused on acquiring gambling licenses, including from Vivaro Limited based in Malta, and building a market share within the social betting sphere.

Despite being relatively new to the betting scene, BetBull have been praised for their innovation.

One of their key selling points is to stress to customers that by joining their service, they are not just using a betting app, but joining a community of bettors. It is a feeling of playing and winning together, delivering a communal betting experience which the more established sportsbooks such as Paddy Power struggle to rival.

This is a new form of betting, an online network of punters who by using BetBull, place bets together to make betting a social activity.

Punters post their betting recommendations on the site each day, and users can follow their progress through the tipster tables, allowing them to see who is putting up the strongest bets.

With that in mind, there is no doubt that BetBull have found a gap in the market and the service they provide is something rather unique.

However, it isn’t just in the innovation stakes that BetBull have raised the bar, but also through their integrity.

Regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, they are yet to face any controversies of note, which can’t be said for many of their rivals.

In terms of customer security, BetBull are second to none, with the sportsbook complying with KYC to ensure their customer base is of the correct age to access the site.

They also enforce encryption protocols across the platform to protect customer data as it is delivered to their servers.

Couple this with the social betting experience that they provide and it is easy to see why BetBull are very popular within the mobile betting world.

In terms of sponsorship, BetBull are yet to really branch out in that department, so as far as brand awareness goes, they aren’t as recognisable as other sportsbooks such as Bet365.

On the other hand, BetBull are very active on social media, delivering sports news, competitions and updates on the latest odds and promotions.

They may not be going down the traditional route of using sports clubs to raise their brand profile, but that isn’t their style.

BetBull like to do things differently and it is certainly a decision that is paying off.

Pros & Cons of BetBull


  • One of the best mobile betting apps currently on the market.
  • Opportunities to compete against fellow tipsters on site.
  • Unique features including the option to message fellow punter in-play.
  • Good range of markets for football, especially for Premier League matches.


  • Other betting sites offer a more comprehensive list of sports to bet on.
  • Lack of live streaming for sports events on site.
  • No stats or form guide for sports teams and players.
  • Delays with withdrawals from BetBull account.

BetBull Overall

With online betting constantly evolving, BetBull are one of the leading lights when it comes to innovation in the industry.

They saw the potential that betting apps possess, and as a result created not just a sportsbook that was easy to use on the move, but also a network for like-minded punters to come together.

BetBull provide a social betting experience that makes them unique, bringing together a community which not only sees tipsters compete with each other, but allows punters to interact to share betting strategies.

Having only been around since 2015, there are areas in which they can improve on, such as the introduction of live streaming and form guides.

However, these are things that can easily be rectified and with BetBull gaining more popularity, they are certainly a sportsbook that should be considered as a serious alternative to the likes of Paddy Power and Bet 365.

BetBull Interface

With BetBull designed purely for mobile and tablet devices, the site has been tailor-made to make it as easy as possible for punters to bet on the move. The main page is sleek and stylish, with all the available betting options for sports, in-play and gaming clearly marked and easy to access.

One particular feature that grabs your attention is the ‘Leaderboard’ tab. This is a list that details all the users on the site and shows which bettors are putting up the most profitable tips, as well as the most popular bets on the site.

It is all in keeping with the community element that BetBull are trying to instil, in that it is more than just a betting site, but a place for users to share their betting strategies with each other.

In some ways it feels more like a social media app than a betting site, but that is all part of the plan, to be different from the traditional sportsbook.

BetBull have produced a very well-developed app, with less than four taps needed to place a bet by marking your selection, the stake amount and confirming your bet. It suits both novice and experienced punters and it has to be said that when it comes to user-friendliness, BetBull are on a par with the industry leaders such as SkyBet and Betfair.

Betting Markets with BetBull

Alongside their gaming facilities, BetBull provide a decent range of sports markets with over 15 major sports available to bet on.

Their sports listings may not be as comprehensive as some other sportsbooks, but they do cater for feature sports fans with football, cricket and tennis as well as more niche sports such as futsal.

When it comes to the variety of markets to bet on, football is definitely the dominant sport with BetBull. There is a good amount of leagues and competitions to choose from, with the Premier League taking centre stage with over 120 markets to bet on per game.

A lack of a filter tab is a slight negative though, as you have to scroll through all the markets to find the type of bet that you want.

As with most betting sites, there are plenty of coupons to choose from including match result, goals over/under and even Asian handicaps, though if you are searching for Yankee style bets, you are best going elsewhere.

With BetBull putting such a large emphasis on social betting, accumulators are by far the most popular bets on the site, with tipsters highlighting their selections on the ‘Leaderboard’ tab.

All of these recommended bets have a link so punters can back it and it once again highlights the uniqueness of BetBull’s product.

BetBull Offers and Bonuses

As with most sportsbooks, BetBull offer a range of offers and promotions for both new and current customers. In terms of drawing in new punters, they have a welcome offer which involves a free £20 bet when signing up.

To access this free bet, new customers have to download the app and place a £20 bet on any selection at even money (2.00) or greater.

Once these terms have been met, BetBull will credit your account with a £20 free bet token that can be used on a multiple bet consisting of selections at odds of 1/2 or higher.

In addition, they also look for ways to reward regular bettors who use their site.

Users can increase their loyalty score by betting more on the site, and as a result, receive BetBull odds boosts on selected events as well as service upgrades.

It can be said that established sportsbooks such as Coral deliver a much larger range of promotions and offers for sports, casino and gaming. However, in terms of their place in the current market, BetBull’s offers are on par with their competitors and with their popularity growing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them increase the number of bonuses on offer.

BetBull Content (Live Streaming, Audio, Radio, Blogs, Previews)

One of the key areas in which BetBull differentiate themselves from most sportsbooks is through the type of content that they provide. A number of betting sites now deliver previews and blogs to help inform their clientele and shape their betting strategies.

With BetBull, rather than employing sports stars or journalists to offer their thoughts on a particular event, they look to get the views from the people using their site on a daily basis.

Through the ‘Leaderboard’ tab, customers can become actual tipsters, as the more successful their bets are on the site, the higher they climb on the BetBull leaderboards.

It provides a competitive edge, as you prove your worth against your fellow bettors, following each other’s progress with the bets selected. This gives a whole new dimension to the betting experience on offer and it is something that is only likely to get bigger and better in the future.

BetBull have hit the nail on the head in that aspect, but there are still a few areas which could be improved on if they want to really pose a threat to the established sportsbooks.

The key one to highlight is a lack of live streaming for sports events. Punters want to be able to watch sports and bet on it at the same time, and if one site doesn’t offer that particular feature, they will go elsewhere.

BetBull have only been around since 2015 so to a certain extent, it is understandable as to why they don’t provide that service, given the cost to implement it.

Established betting sites are more likely to stream live sports as they have the resources to do so, but for BetBull, if they can continue to grow as they have done so far, then live streaming should be their next move.

BetBull In-Play

In-play betting is where BetBull really comes into its own, as within this type of betting, you really get the sense of a betting community using the site. Key to this is BetBull’s feature that allows punters to chat with each other if they have the same bet on a particular event.

Very few betting sites offer this level of social betting, and it perhaps gives us a small indication into how in-play betting and betting sites may evolve in the next few years.

Alongside this unique feature, BetBull offer a range of live sports to bet on including football, tennis and basketball, with over 30,000 live betting events every month.

To access their in-play markets, click on the in-play button at the top right of the app, and all of the live markets appear, with a green header to tell you if an event is live or not.

As with most betting sites, they do provide the option to cash out, a necessity for online bettors.

It can be used to take profits early if a bet is in a winning position, or gain back some of the stake if the bet looks likely to lose.

A lack of live streaming does nullify the overall in-play betting experience to an extent, but having said that, there is a sense that it is a feature that BetBull are likely to add sooner rather than later.

BetBull Stats & Form

One feature that is becoming a more frequent with betting sites is the use of stats and form guides for sports teams and players. Punters can access a whole database of information for previous results and records to help form their betting strategies.

In BetBull’s case however, this is not a feature they currently provide.

What they do offer are form guides for their tipsters, so punters can track those who are in the best form and have gained the most profit from their selections.

It is a unique approach and ties in with their social betting mantra. However, for users who like to search for stats on particular teams and players, they will have to look elsewhere for that information.

BetBull Banking and Withdrawals

BetBull offer a range of options for punters to deposit and withdraw funds from their account. They accept debit and credit cards with Visa and Mastercard, as well as e-wallets with Skrill and Neteller.

Other sportsbooks do offer a more comprehensive list of options that include Bitcoin, but most punters will be fairly pleased with what BetBull provide.

What they won’t be too happy about however is the issues over withdrawals.

A number of customers have highlighted lengthy delays in being able to withdraw funds from their BetBull account which is a major drawback. It is something that the sportsbook are aware of and looking to rectify, but it is an issue that needs to be noted for any bettors looking to join the sportsbook.

BetBull Customer Satisfaction

Apart from the issues with withdrawals, BetBull customers on the whole are very pleased with the service provided. Scrolling through the Apple store reviews for the app, you will find plenty of positive remarks, with many highlighting how user-friendly the site is as well as the communal feel of it.

In terms of customer service, BetBull list a range of contact options. The live chat service is the most responsive on the site, which is accessible both on mobile devices and on the desktop.

In addition to that, BetBull also list an email address for users to use if they have any queries as well as a Q&A section for more simple issues.

With regards to a phone number, there isn’t one listed on the site which is rather poor, considering that most sportsbooks have that as an option to get in touch with their customer service team.

BetBull Mobile App

With BetBull being a sportsbook specifically designed for mobile and tablet devices, there is no surprise to see their application perform so strongly.

It is without doubt one of the easiest to use on the market, whilst the social features included help it stand out from the crowd.

Even some of the industry leaders such as William Hill and SkyBet could learn a thing or two from BetBull’s app, especially when it comes to interacting with other users to form a betting community.

BetBull from the outset have looked to be innovative and their app is a symbol of that. The features that they currently provide are unique and it would be no surprise to see other sportsbooks look to create a similar approach for their applications.

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Written by Nick Valerio

Nick Valerio is a football fanatic whose writing has appeared online and in print. A Manchester United and Roma fan, Nick names Francesco Totti as his idol and Fabio Grosso’s World Cup-winning penalty in 2006 as his favourite moment in sport.

Our Opinions of BetBull

BetBull are one of the most intriguing sportsbooks currently out there, delivering a betting experience that even the more established bookmakers such as William Hill, struggle to replicate.

  1. BetBull have created not just a betting application, but a betting network.
  2. The site was designed specifically for mobile and tablet devices.
  3. Includes features that allow bettors to share betting tips with each other.

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