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Bet Daddy Review and Bet Daddy Promo Codes

Founded in 2007, Bet-Daddy is an online sportsbook that aims to provide its users with great entertainment and the highest customer satisfaction.

They are managed by Vivaro Limited, a gambling company based in Malta, who have extensive experience within the industry, owning several other betting sites such as BetBull and LaBa360.

Bet-Daddy are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and over the past decade, have built up a decent following of gamblers from around the world.

One thing that is apparent with this betting site is that it shares a number of similarities with Vivaro Limited’s other sportsbooks, with similar website layouts, markets and odds.

With that in mind, a lack of originality is something that has hampered Bet-Daddy’s progress.

Since their launch, they have struggled to push themselves into the established group of online betting sites, as they have failed to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Looking at their sponsorship deals in particular, this is very much the case.

There are no partnerships with sports teams or deals with former professional players to act as brand ambassadors.

As a result, they haven’t been able to expand their brand profile, and they sit in a group of betting sites that struggle to gain any exposure to the betting public.

It is the same story with their social media profiles.

 Bet-Daddy have very little social media presence on any platform, which is a major drawback for any betting site.

We have seen how influential social media can be for a sportsbook in helping engage and draw in punters.

 This could be through promotions, competitions or just news updates.

For Bet-Daddy to have so little presence only helps to explain why they have struggled to kick on since their launch over ten years ago, especially as it was around that time when the market leaders were first starting to take advantage of these platforms.

Most sportsbooks look to constantly evolve and develop their product and brand in order to keep up with the rest of the pack.

In the case of Bet-Daddy, however, they seem to have been left behind.

It is strange considering the fact they are owned by a betting company with a strong reputation in the gambling industry.

Their other sites such as LaBa360 have at least made an effort to keep up with the latest trends, including investing in live-streaming technology so customers can watch and bet on live sport.

For Bet-Daddy on the other hand, seem to have been forgotten about.

 If they want to flourish in this congested market, they need a significant overhaul of their product and brand.

Pros and Cons of Bet-Daddy


  • Decent range of betting markets available with over 30,000 events every month.
  • User-friendly betting features that allow punters more choice in which events they see.
  • Website is quick and easy to use, which will suit both novice and experienced punters.


  • No offers or promotions currently available for new or existing customers.
  • Sports such as horse racing are not available to bet on.
  • Lack of additional features such as betting previews or live streaming for sports events.
  • Poor range of options to get in touch with customer services.
  • No application available for mobile and tablet devices.

Bet-Daddy Overall:

For a betting site that has been in business for over a decade, it is disappointing to see that Bet-Daddy have failed to keep up with many of their rivals.

In terms of betting markets, both for pre-match and in-play events, there is a decent range and depth.

However, there is very little to make it stand out from the crowd and that is their biggest problem.

They have failed to move with the times and have been bypassed by many of their rivals, not just in terms of what they offer, but also in how they advertise themselves.

With no current promotions or a mobile app, as well as poor levels of options for customer services, it is very hard to see how punters would choose Bet-Daddy over many of their rivals.

There simply isn’t enough to make you want to join the site and with so much choice in online betting, Bet-Daddy are difficult to recommend.

Bet-Daddy Interface

Users of sites such as LaBa360 will instantly recognise the layout of the Bet-Daddy landing page, with both sites sharing the same template.

 Though it lacks originality and creativity, it is a site that is very easy to use.

One of the benefits of this template is that it allows users to choose how they wish to view the markets available.

They are given the options of Modern, Classic or Combo, with the default layout being ‘Classic’, although unlike the LaBa360 site, players are unable to access Asian style betting.

Users can still change the layout by clicking on the settings icon in the top right of the website and selecting an option under the ‘Sportsbook Layout’ tab.

Bet-Daddy ensure that all the features available are easy to access, with tabs for sports and live betting positioned in the middle of the page.

The ‘Last Minute Bets’ section is another positive point of the main site, as it displays the events that are about to start, acting as a tidy reminder for punters to get their pre-match bets on.

With regards to performance, the site feels smooth with quick loading times for both the sports and live betting sections.

However, if you are looking for a sportsbook to really grab your attention, this site fails to deliver.

 Although not terrible in terms of style or in how it functions, it severely lacks in character and features.

Sportsbooks such as Bet365 have so much more to offer on their main sites, with enticing offers, latest odds for a variety of different sports and additional content all catching your eye.

Bet-Daddy’s site just doesn’t share the same appeal.

Betting Markets with Bet-Daddy

If casino and games are your betting of choice, Bet-Daddy isn’t for you.

For sports bettors however, Bet-Daddy doesn’t disappoint in the markets it provides for its sportsbook.

As with all betting sites managed by Vivaro Limited, there is a strong range of sports to choose from with over 30,000 events available to bet on every month.

Feature sports such as football take precedence with a vast amount of leagues and competitions to get stuck into, ranging from the English Premier League to lower league football in Venezuela.

The breadth and variety of markets is also pleasing, with bettors able to bet on selections such as total amounts of goals, corners and cards.

 It isn’t anything unique, but it will do a job for both novice and experienced punters.

Alongside the feature sport, there are some niche markets that cover sports such as water polo as well as specials for TV shows.

However, there are also some major absentees from the list of options to bet on.

 The biggest of those is horse racing, which for UK gamblers in particular, is a staple sport to bet on.

It is also disappointing that there are a lack of special offers or enhanced odds for key sporting events, something that is commonplace for most sportsbooks and betting sites.

Bet-Daddy deliver a decent range of betting options but in today’s market there are rivals who offer so much more.

 William Hill and Betfair have a more bespoke service, with greater ingenuity and fun in the bets they have available to customers.

This is something that Bet-Daddy need to look at in order to raise their game.

Bet-Daddy Offers and Bonuses

Welcome offers and promotions are a great way for a sportsbook to boost their customer base.

 However, in the case of Bet-Daddy, they haven’t followed that advice.

At present, they don’t currently have any offers for either new or existing customers.

 This is definitely a major own goal as without an offer or bonus, it is very difficult for a sportsbook to distinguish itself from the hundreds of other betting sites currently in operation.

It ties in with the feeling that this is a site that has been left behind, and only serves the occasional bettor.

There is little to either entice new customers to sign-up with the site or for existing customers to continue using the service.

With pretty much every other betting site offering at least some sort of promotion, it is very difficult to put Bet-Daddy forward as a serious alternative to established sportsbooks such as Coral.

Bet-Daddy Content (Live Streaming, Audio, Radio, Blogs, Previews)

With online betting constantly evolving, betting sites are always searching for ways to engage with their customers.

Many have taken to producing pages on their site for betting blogs and previews that offer punters tips on particular sporting events and competitions.

In the case of Bet-Daddy, they have also delved into this latest trend.

They offer a news page on their site that provides their clientele with information on a range of different sports, with pieces on results, team news and even rule changes.

 However, the same news pages can be found on LaBa360, and it once again relates to Bet-Daddy’s problem of not being original or creative enough.

Aside from their news page, they fail to offer anything else of note.

Sportsbooks such as Unibet give detailed betting previews from respected journalists and tipsters on an array of sports.

Bet-Daddy doesn’t have anything like that, with live-streaming also absent.

All things considered, it is very hard to see why bettors looking to build a strategy through content or hoping to follow games live would choose them over more established betting providers.

Bet-Daddy In-Play

In-play betting is one of the most important services that a sportsbook can provide, especially with many punters turning to mobile devices so they can bet on the move.

Bet-Daddy’s live betting service doesn’t have a wow factor to it, but it does possess some user-friendly features.

There are plenty of markets to choose from with football the dominant sport.

All the expected live betting markets are there, with handicaps, half betting and totals for goals, corners and cards.

These are clear and easy to find, accompanied by some neat graphics to show how an event is progressing.

In addition to this, Bet-Daddy deliver an in-play feature called ‘Live Multiview’.

 This is a live betting facility that allows users to add events to their own Multiview page, giving them greater control as they can decide which events they want to see.

Both novice and experienced punters will enjoy this option, but it may not be enough to persuade them to leave the likes of Ladbrokes.

Without features such as live streaming, Bet-Daddy look dated and stuck in the past.

In-play betting is all about creating excitement, bringing an event to life for the customer.

 Sadly for Bet-Daddy, they struggle to provide that experience. 

Bet-Daddy Stats & Form

If you are a bettor who uses stats to place a bet, you will be disappointed by what Bet-Daddy has to offer in the way of information and form guides.

Whereas many sportsbooks include vast databases for punters to peruse for specific stats, Bet-Daddy offers a very limited service.

They do showcase results from teams and players from a wide range of sports.

 However, it doesn’t make for a user-friendly experience as you are unable to pick out the specific bits of information that you want.

Punters use databases to help create their betting strategies, which could include finding football teams or footballers who are in good form for an accumulator or a single bet.

With that in mind, Bet-Daddy are missing a trick as without this feature, bettors are going to go elsewhere to access information that helps them place a bet.

Bet-Daddy Banking and Withdrawals

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, Bet-Daddy offer a fairly standard list of methods to their customers.

Both debit and credit cards are accepted with Visa and Mastercard.

For those who use e-wallets, Bet-Daddy includes ecoPayz, SafeCharge and Wirecard as accepted options.

It is a pretty standard list and won’t win any competitions in terms of variety when compared to the more established sportsbooks on the market.

The same can be applied to the time taken for withdrawals, with e-wallets delivering an instant action while cards take the usual one to three business days to be completed.

Bet-Daddy Customer Satisfaction

Having been in business for over ten years, Bet-Daddy have a loyal customer base who are generally pleased with how the site operates.

On the other hand, when it comes to the options available to contact customer services, Bet-Daddy have a lot of work to do.

When accessing the main site, there is a tab that indicates a live chat service.

 However, this is currently listed as offline, so customers have to leave a message detailing their issue with their contact details.

This is far from ideal as the whole point of a chat application is so customers can get in touch with a service team instantly to resolve an ongoing issue.

If that is poor, things don’t improve when you look at the other available options.

On the contact tab, there is no e-mail address listed or phone number for users to use, though a postal address is given which makes it a tad dated and adds to the feeling of the sportsbook being left behind.

There is also an FAQ section, but it only answers very basic betting queries.

In comparison to what the majority of betting sites now offer in terms of customer service options, it really struggles to reach the accepted standard.

Bet-Daddy Mobile App

Again Bet-Daddy appear a site being left behind with their lack of an application for either mobile or tablet devices.

In an age where punters like to bet on the go, there is no option available and is an area that needs looking at if they are to add to their customer base.

Check back soon!

Written by Ian Waterhouse

Ian Waterhouse is a sports, fitness and betting writer with extensive experience in all sectors of the gambling industry. When he’s not trawling through the odds, you’ll probably find Ian on the golf course – probably the bunker!

Our Opinions of Bet Daddy

Bet-Daddy offer a competent betting site with some user-friendly features for their pre-match and live betting.
However, compared to the standards set by the likes of William Hill, Bet-Daddy look tired and dated with little to get excited about.
A major overhaul is needed in what they offer and also how they promote themselves, as if they don’t, they will be left far behind by the betting industry leaders.

  1. Deliver over 30,000 live sporting events every month, supported by features such as ‘Live Multiview’ to enable punters to choose which events they see.
  2. Bet-Daddy currently doesn’t provide any offers or promotions for new and current customers, as well as not having an application for mobile and tablet devices.
  3. They have little social media and sponsorship presence, with improvement required in key areas such as options for customer services.