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At, we realise the special appeal of playing live dealer games. For that reason, we’ve created this guide to put you on the fast track to making the best online casino with live dealers your dream destination.

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How we choose the best Live Casinos

By now, you already realize that there is a huge amount of choice when looking for the best live online casino. However, your journey visiting each operator one by one can be a long and bumpy ride. This page will take you step by step through all of your options to help you discover the best live dealer casino. thrives to review live casino operators in your country and state. We ensure that we carry out non-biased, fair reviews of our panel’s honest experiences with the live casino. Having compiled a list of our favourite online live casinos, we feel that you can now be more knowledgeable on the things to look out for in a live casino, be it good or bad.

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Best Live Online Casino Sites with Great Games

Our team has taken the time to go through all casinos and compile a list of our favourite live casinos. We found these to have the best player experiences, game line-ups, customer support and overall features. These live casinos were also very easy to sign up with, so we know you won’t be wasting any time to start playing. Take the time to check some of these out and let us know your thoughts too.
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Is this guide to finding the best live dealer casino the right one for you?

If you are looking for live dealer table games at the best live online casino that offers you the best of both worlds; by giving you the convenience of playing online but also the authentic experience you might get on a casino floor – then you are in the right place. The problem is, there are so many operators out there offering this experience, but you don’t know which are the real deal, and which ones will fail to deliver.

Here at, we feel that frustration and have put together this casino guide, which will benefit you if you are an experienced player looking for the best online casino for real money, or a newer player looking to move to an online casino with live dealers instead of just playing the same old slots and table games.

The expert advice on this page could save you from a wasted journey looking for the best live dealer casino or going down the blind alley of signing up to a site and having to play through a bonus on games that leave you cold. If either of those scenarios sounds familiar (or where you are currently marooned) then this guide will help you find the right destination.

Top 5 tips for a safe and fair gambling experience

On your journey to find the best live dealer casino among the long list of online casino with live dealers, you need to make your first stop one that offers a fair and secure experience at all stages of your voyage with them. For that reason, here is our handy step-by-step checklist to help you make sure the one you pick is first class.

Is the operator legit?

This is the first thing you need to check, and failing to do so might be your passport to disaster. If an online casino is trying to operate without a valid license, they are almost certainly cutting other corners and falling short in so many other areas as well. A legitimate operator will be completely transparent about the details of their license and have confirmation of its existence proudly displayed somewhere on the online casino homepage, typically alongside a seal or rosette. If you can’t see this on the homepage, it should at least be on the ‘about’ page or terms and conditions. However, the further you have to look to find evidence of an operator’s license, the more alarm bells should be ringing in your head.

Are transactions secure and do they keep your money safe while it’s with them?

Of course, we need to look at payment methods, but before you even get that far, you need to check the transactions will be secure and that your money will be safe while it is with the operator. Luckily you don’t have to be some sort of technical expert to find this out because like the license, the operator should be making a big thing about how secure their site is.

You should be looking for 128-bit encryption which is the same technology used by major banks and financial institutions all over the world. You also need to check in the terms and conditions that customer funds are kept separately from the online casino’s operating funds. The word you are looking for is ‘ring fenced’, and means if the operator gets itself into financial troubles, your money is safely elsewhere.

Does the operator support a range of Payment methods (including yours)?

Once that second check is done, it’s time to look at the payment methods the operator supports. You need to make sure that your preferred way to fund your account is supported, along with a couple of others to keep on reserve. Legitimate operators will support a number of payment methods so you are likely to find this quite easy. The reserve methods can be used if the first option doesn’t work, and also if you fund your account initially with a payment method that does not support withdrawals (you might find American Express is an example of this).

How is customer support doing?

As you might know from bitter experience, almost all of the time, your stay at an online casino operator will be completely hassle free. However, the magic word there is ‘almost’ and it’s when things don’t go to plan that your chosen operator proves their worth. You need to do an initial check to see if at least two out of the three usual contact methods of live chat, email and telephone, are supported but of course, all of them would be better.

The real acid check though, is how quickly a response to your query comes through, and if it is one of those generic automated replies or a real answer from a real person.

Check out the online reviews?

The last thing on this list is to see what other people have to say about the operator. Before looking at the live casino reviews, however, there are a couple of things you need to consider, and this is usually true of all reviews regarding any website that has to do with winning or losing money.

Some of the reviews you will come across might be an emotional response to something that did not go as planned and are best looked at through that filter- they are typically easy to spot as they seem to be a bit short on detail about the overall experience. You can get a more accurate overview of an operator by looking at the reviews that are a bit more detailed or carried out by expert reviewers who have examined the operator in detail.

The best live dealer casino that offers a first-class service

If you want live casino reviews experience, you’ll need to travel to an operator who knows all about what a real-world casino has to offer. Our reviewer’s rate every operator, and the one sitting with the highest rating of 97/100, is directly linked to a real-world Casino as well.

It could be easy to think that as there are very few of these to choose from, and it wouldn’t matter which one you chose, but it is the little differences that make all the difference and means that BetMGM comes out on top.

The range of live dealer games on offer here is reminiscent of being on a casino floor yourself, and with an attractive casino welcome bonus to add into the equation, it becomes easy to make this the editors recommendation for the best live dealer casino you are likely to find on your travels.

What do our team of experts test to give each operator that rating out of 100?

By now, you’ve no doubt realised that finding the best live online casino is not as simple as you might have first thought. For this reason, nobody would blame you for having a lot of questions about each operator you see, and you want them answered before you sign up and make that all-important first deposit.

The trouble is, from the outside many of the operators look the same, and none of them are shy in telling you they are the best – even though some are clearly not correct. Don’t worry, the questions you have are the same ones our team of experts have when they test a site, and only those that tick every box get the highest rating.

Here are the 10 criteria we use:

The operator’s reputation

This goes a bit deeper than just checking the operator is legit (which from the checklist above you know we do anyway), so we look at the reputation of the operator behind online casino with live dealers, their parent company (if they have one) and other pointers toward being legitimate, including live casino reviews and if they are listed on the stock exchange.

The size of the welcome bonus

Even the quickest look online will tell you there are plenty of welcome bonuses available, and that’s because nearly every operator has one. So, we examine what’s offered and compare it to what you could get if you went somewhere else.

The welcome bonus requirements

Unfortunately, size isn’t everything and a big bonus does not mean you’ll get to keep any of it. We look at the bonus requirements and check that you won’t be spending all of your time just giving the operator their money back because you need to play them so many times.

The usability of the website

You know by now that pretty much every operator website looks like a million dollars. However, our experts check to make sure that this is not at the expense of usability, and finding the live dealer games is just as easy as being able to easily navigate to your account details.

The range of deposit options supported

Supporting a wide range of payment options is often a sign that an operator has a focus on the customer, as they want to give you as many choices as possible. Our experts also look for transparency over acceptance rates, extra fees, and processing times.

Is the withdrawal process a smooth and secure

In addition to the checks listed previously, we closely examine the withdrawal process and weigh up if any measures are there for everyone’s protection, or if the operator is using it as an excuse to hold onto your money for just a bit longer.

Customer Support

As already mentioned, it is when a problem occurs you get to find out how good an operator is. As most problems you will encounter will be financially based, you don’t want your query to be met with indifference or worse, silence.

License and verification

We check the license of the operator, and what verification methods they use to make sure people under the legal age to use the site are unable to open an account.

The VIP and loyalty program

When you find the best live online casino, you should want to stick around, and not just go looking for the next offer. Our experts look to see what the operator does to make sure any extra promotions are worth your time and effort.

What else does the operator have to offer?

Even though it’s your main reason for coming, the best live online casino might not be your only destination on the site. We check out if the operator also has an extensive selection of slots or a poker area that might catch your interest.

Our Favourite Operators

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  • Additional rewards if you play for at least 4 hours

Are you heading to the right destination?

Now it’s time to consider your options before you travel any further. If you were looking through that list of criteria and seeing a few areas where your current operator was falling short of the standards you expect, then it might be time for your jump ship to another destination.

However, you may be reluctant because it will involve leaving something you know for something that may be unfamiliar, even if it is the best live dealer casino. After all, you are almost certainly verified and enrolled in the VIP or loyalty program.

Here at, we have an operator comparison area that does your homework for you and will go a long way to helping you ensure that the change you are going to make is the right one. This is an insightful and convenient tool to use to narrow down your choice to just a few operators that fulfil the right criteria for you.

Take a look at our operator comparison now and find out if there is a quicker and easier way to find the best live dealer casino. provides a one stop resource to enhance your online casino experience

By now, you have probably worked out that there is much more to than this comprehensive guide to finding the best live online casino. When you visit, here is what you can expect:

#1 Casino comparison

This is where we look at all of the online casinos you have to choose from and do all of the legwork for you and hand you in-depth opinion on our favourite online casinos. Use the excellent five-step guide so you can make your own choice, or take one of our expert recommendations. Don’t forget to check out the section which shows you how to make the most of the experience when you get there.

#2 Bonus comparison

The bonus is the first thing that catches your eye when you visit an operator, so you’ll want to know how to spot the best ones. Of course, there are recommended deals from our experts, but we also offer a checklist if you want to find one yourself. As before, there is an additional guide to making the most out of any offer you happen to take.

#3 Operator/Bonus Reviews

It’s not just about live casino reviews, although that’s what you might be here for. Our experts examine everything on offer to anyone looking for a new operator from sports betting and bookmakers to see if there is something else to enhance your online gaming journey.

#4 Games/Slots

But, you are just here to find the best live dealer casino, then we’ve got you covered. We look at the whole casino experience, including slots, table games and all of the live dealer games you came here for.

#5 Payments

We look at which payment methods you’ll need throughout your gaming journey, to make sure the ride is as smooth as possible. We highlight the fastest payment methods and examine which operators have the best track record for hassle-free processing of payments, and more importantly withdrawals.

#6 Strategy

If you’ve been gambling online for more than five minutes, you’ll know that doing things according to an organized plan typically has better results than going in haphazardly. In this growing section, you’ll find strategies that might add something extra to the way you do things.

#7 Guide-wiki

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to open your first account, or have been doing this for years, every day is a school day, and you’ll find the betting A-Z section of the site invaluable.

If you want the authentic casino experience – why not just visit an offline casino?

You’ve no doubt wondered if, instead of going to the trouble of finding the best live online casino, would you be better off just visiting an offline casino and having a 100% authentic experience?

Visiting an offline casino does have its appeal, but before you make the decision, there are things you need to think about.


Your nearest offline casino may be many miles away so you might be spending more time in the car than at the tables. One solution might be to go for several days, but then this elevates the whole thing into more than just something to do after the working day is done.


On top of all that gas, if you are staying overnight you’ll need to find somewhere to sleep which might not be difficult – but is likely to take some money out of your budget. If you are thinking of doing more than living off the complimentary snacks on offer, you’ll also have to allow for meals


Once you are there, and it turns out it’s not your day, you aren’t necessarily going to get in the car and waste the trip. You’ll feel under pressure to carry on playing past when you normally would, which isn’t good news.

Authentic experience

That said, if you are looking for an authentic casino experience, it isn’t going to come from sitting in your car behind the store with folks walking past with their shopping. However, there is a middle ground to be found which can give you the best of both worlds, without having to take an expensive trip.

Online casinos with connections to real world casinos

This middle ground will come from the connection between the offline and online services offered by operators such as BetMGM who, you’ll remember, is our top-rated operator for live casino reviews.

Here, as well as many of the slots you would play online, are the same games you’d play at the casino, the operator knows exactly how to offer an authentic casino experience because they are already doing it every day.

By taking advantage of the offers from operators that have solid experience in both online and offline casino operations, you can bridge the gap and give yourself the most authentic experience possible while also having the benefits of being able to play online.

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Finding the best live dealer casino

When you are looking for the best live dealer casino, the choice is not an easy one. There are so many operators who look similar from the outside, and you don’t really have the time to take a more in-depth look to find the right one.

After using the information you’ll find on this page, and the free resources available elsewhere on, you’ll know that there are three key steps to finding the best live online casino. First of all, you need to make sure your experience is going to be a fair and secure one, as outlined in our checklist.

Next, you need to shine the spotlight on your current operator, looking at each of the same criteria used by experts when they review and rate all of the best live online casino operators for and maybe even give them your own rating out of 100.

Lastly, if that rating is lower than you are happier with, you can check out our operator comparison area where you can see the rating we’ve given the top operators and read the in-depth review that details the pros and cons that do your homework for you. It is almost guaranteed to save you time in looking for the right operator and make the best live dealer casino your destination.

Live Casinos FAQ

❔ Where can I find the best live dealer casino?

Live dealer games are a big feature of the best new online casinos and are always available when you are looking through a selection of live casino operators. As you would expect, some are better than others at offering an authentic experience for one important reason. To find which operator is home to the best live online casino check out the comprehensive guide on offer at

✔️ Are live dealer games legit?

Live dealer games are when a player connects directly to the dealer via a video link, to simulate the experience of playing in a real-world casino. The quality of this experience will vary according to the quality and experience of the operator behind the live casino games. To discover which operators offer the most authentic experience, read our insightful guide or check out the reviews and ratings at

♥️♣️♦️♠️Which online casinos have live dealer games?

Many online casinos offer live dealer games, but you should not sign up to the first one you find. The quality of live dealer games can vary massively from operator to operator, as can other aspects like the size and quality of the welcome bonus on offer to anybody who opens a new account. Finding the right operator can take a lot of time if you don’t know what to look for. However, has already done the homework for you so check out their reviews and ratings

📱 Can I play live dealer games on my phone?

Live dealer games are on offer at many online casinos where you are connected by video link to a dealer in order to give you the feel of playing in a casino. While all online casinos realize the importance of having live dealer games, not all of them are of the same quality or offer an authentic experience. At we rate and review operators who offer live dealer games, so you can see which one you would use on your phone.

❔Do online live dealer games payout

While winning is not guaranteed, playing live dealer games at an online casino can be enjoyable and add a layer of authenticity to those who are looking for a real casino experience. Payouts are an important part of the online gaming journey, and to find out which online casinos have the fastest and most trouble-free payout process, check out the operator comparison at which reviews and rates all of them

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