Best Live Social Casino Reviews 2022

Live Social Casino Reviews

We love to roam through live social casino sites and in this comparison we have put together a comprehensive list for your gambling travels. Pack your bags for this journey to find the ideal destination relative to your gambling style.

If you love gambling and playing at a live social casino online, then this page will provide you with a variety of sites where you can enjoy top-quality games. The live social casino industry is constantly changing and is now more competitive than ever. Luckily we’re here to give you all the information you need for an unforgettable experience.

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Who can use the information available in this comparison

With online casinos becoming ever more popular, customers have more options available. We have taken a look at some of the best online casino offers to help any gambling enthusiast find the best option for them. Whether you are new to the live social casino game or if you’re an old punter, the sites below will offer something for everyone.

For all the new players, we’ve made sure that the websites on our list are safe and secure, which will ensure that your time spent playing at a live social casino will adhere to the necessary regulations and rules of the industry.  For the more seasoned player, we have singled out the operators that offer the best live social casino experience so you have one convenient stop for all your information from the service providers.

5 steps to avoid any mishaps with an online operator

It is important to us that our recommended service providers are both safe and legitimate. This is why we have taken the time to list the following steps to ensure that you don’t sign up with one of the lower quality offers out there.

Security methods

It is important to make sure that the operator you use has a secure online platform, especially because live social casino games are usually tied with your social media platform. If you want to make sure that it is a secure website, take a close look at the URL of each page you visit. If the URL starts with HTTPS, then you know you are good to go; guaranteed of top quality encryption within a live social casino service.

Variety of payment methods

The best thing about live social casino games is that you can often play a game for free. However, this is not always the case and there may come a time where you’ll need to pay to continue the fun. This is why it is so important to make sure that the operator offers you a secure way to process your transactions. Whether you use a bank card, e-wallet or even cryptocurrency, there should be a wide variety of options. 

Customer support

Customer service has never been more important within the online gambling industry. Instead of stressing about a problem and not receiving any feedback from customer support, you want to have any issue or inquiry be resolved quickly and efficiently.

When we evaluate customer service, we take a look at the amount of contact methods that are made available while considering the efficiency of the reply that we receive. For an example of a reputable customer support team, head to our Dafabet rating.

Renowned licensing

In order for an online casino website to receive a valid license, they need to meet certain criteria which guarantee that the operator has systems in place to protect all the players and to ensure a fair gaming experience. Before considering any online operator, make sure to browse through our comprehensive reviews to determine the quality of their license.

Privacy policy

Finally, our experts always recommend that all customers browse through the privacy policy of the online operator they are interested in. This will share the details of their efforts to protect your personal details and it is worthwhile keeping this in mind while you are browsing through the available live social casino offers. We also browse through the privacy policy while completing our reviews and you can find an expert summary of our findings on any page.

Our Editor’s pick for the best live social casino online

In this comparison of the best casino sites, our team wishes to provide you with the information you need for a world-class experience. And with no shortage of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose a live social casino to get started with. Luckily, our team is here to help you choose and our Editor has singled out one site above them all.

The favourite live social casino USA operator is none other than Gambino Social Casino, who has managed to gain a lot of favor on the social casino scene.  Gambino ticks all our boxes – they have valid licensing, creditable payment methods, a safe and secure platform, great customer support and just all-round fun games. They offer an extensive range of online games to choose from and this should provide plenty of entertainment. They also have some great bonus offers and loyalty rewards to make the experience even more worthwhile for interested customers. To see just how this compares, head to our Spreadex review for another reputable online operator.

Other great operators

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  • Additional rewards if you play for at least 4 hours

How we conduct our live social casino reviews

Our team follows a uniform review structure whenever we evaluate an operator on the scene. By doing so, we know that any recommendation we make will only benefit you on your travels as they have all been reviewed fairly. Below you can see a few of the sections that we take into account when comparing the different operators.

Bonus offers

The world of online casinos is remarkably competitive and one of the ways in which casinos try to stand out from their competitors is by offering unique promotions, such as the Sporting Index bonus code that is currently available. These online bonuses have become all the more popular over the years and will have a number of terms that need to be met before claiming the rewards. Our team looks for the real value and we evaluate the offer to determine if it is in reach for the average customer out there. 

Usability and design

The design of the web page plays an important role in the gambling experience. Is the site user-friendly? Does it look good? Does it actually feel like an online gambling operator? In order for a live social casino to get a positive rating in this section, they would have to get a yes for each of these questions and more.

Payment methods

If you’ve been playing at a few online casino sites, you will most likely be familiar with the payment methods that are made available. Some of them are simply cheaper and safer than the competition and this is why we make sure that the payment methods offered are reputable within the industry.

Customer service

There may come a time when you’ll need assistance from your operator or you might just have a question about the game you’re playing. When we rank the customer service, we take a close look at the number of contact methods that are made available while determining the efficiency of the response we receive.

Licensing & security

It is important to know that your live social casino operator is legitimate. A good way to establish this is by looking at the licenses that they possess and the security that is implemented on the site to ensure a safe experience for their players. You can find an example of this when we answer the question, is Boyle Sports legit? This is one of the most important sections within our reviews and should be taken into careful consideration.

Additional rewards

Once your welcome offer has been claimed, you might be wondering what else you can expect to receive? Well, some live social casinos also offer additional rewards programs for those who actively play on their site. This might include a loyalty program as well that can provide you with some cash back. We judge the quality of these rewards so that we can find the best operator who’ll give you the most for your loyalty.

Finding the best live casino option for your needs

There are various operators to choose from, all of them offering a slightly different experience. Thanks to our comparison tool you can browse through the different operators that fall into your preferred list of online platforms. It is important that you know what it is that you want before you sign up with any live social casino. By making use of our comparison, you’ll be able to identify the key characteristics that are important to you and guide you to a site that caters to these characteristics.

More on offer with

Besides this comparison of live social casino offers, there is plenty more to explore within the online gambling industry. Let’s take a look at what else we provide you with at


Similar to this article, we have also compiled a number of comparison pages which take a look at all the offers within the sportsbook and online casino scene. By using our review structure, we are able to compare the variety of service providers out there. We also have comparisons of all of the promotions that are currently available to ensure that you get the most out of signing up with the online service.

Detailed reviews

To assemble our comparison pages, our team of experts have conducted detailed reviews to determine the quality of each offer on the market. You can take a closer look if an operator within the comparison has managed to pique your interest.

Game pieces

Within these online gambling services, you will be allowed access to a variety of online games to play. These games can be quite daunting to anyone who hasn’t come across them before and our experts have decided to help our readers become familiar with each option by providing comprehensive articles covering them.


The variety of payment options available can also differ significantly. We have included detailed pieces that cover these payment methods so that you can determine which option is most suitable to your needs. Make sure to take this into account before you sign up with any service provider.


There are a number of strategies that some of the best customers employ and learning these could be the opportunity you need to take your winnings to the next level. Our team has been tasked with thoroughly researching each strategy out there and providing all the findings in one convenient page. If you are stuck in a rut with a game, be sure to browse through the strategies that are covered with


To help anyone become more familiar with online gambling, we have also included a guide-wiki that any interested reader can enjoy. These guides will demonstrate exactly how you can use our Gentingbet rating and just about any other topic on the gambling scene. Whenever you are confronted with something you don’t quite understand, then visit our guide-wiki to learn more.

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Conclusion – your guide to live social casino sites

This brings us to the end of our travels through the offers out there. As you’ve seen, there are various options available, each offering a different quality of service. We hope that our comparison tool helped you to find the perfect destination for your online gaming. Be sure to keep an eye on this page, as our team regularly updates our live social casino tips and tricks to make sure that you are not left behind in the dark but that you are always aware of the latest developments.

Live social casino FAQ

🥇 What is the best live social casino USA?

Live social casinos have become increasingly popular and there are more customers of these services than ever before. If you are interested in signing up and enjoying the online games that are available, you will need to consider which of them provide the highest quality service. With so much competition out there, you will spend a considerable amount of time just browsing through all of the offers. Fortunately, our team of experts here at have done the hard work for you. You can find all the specifics of each offer right here on our page.

❓ What is a live social casino?

For all the newcomers to the online gambling industry, you most likely haven’t come across the concept of a social casino before. These services allow their customers access to a wide variety of gaming markets that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. This is just the beginning to what you can expect to receive with online social casinos, our page here at will be taking a look at exactly what the service providers offer and how you can go about making use of their website. Head to our site now to find out more.

✒️ How can I sign up with a social casino?

Once you have found an operator that manages to meet your needs you can get to opening your account within their service. With so many websites being available, you might find that the process of signing up differs from operator to operator. To help you find your way through their webpage, our experts have ensured to open an account within each service and provide all of our readers with the necessary steps required to open an account. You should always browse through our operator reviews here at before you commit to signing up.

⚖️ Are live social casinos legal?

There are different laws and regulations in place all over the world when it comes to online casino services. You might find that the entire industry is outlawed in your resident state. While we don’t provide our readers with expert legal advice, we do provide you with the necessary tools to determine an answer relative to your personal circumstances. Head to our page now to learn more about the entire gambling industry as a whole and to find some information to guide you towards the legality of your online gaming.

💭 What strategies can I use with live social casinos?

As with any game that you play, there will always be strategies that can be applied to your approach. There are plenty of strategies available today that advertise a guaranteed win, unfortunately, if this was the case, there would be a lot poorer casinos and a lot of richer customers. Our team of experts have been through all of the strategies on the market and taken a close look at the fundamentals of the approach. This will provide you with a proof that the strategy actually increases your chances of winning and we will demonstrate how it can be applied to your online gambling.

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