Sports Betting For Beginners

Are you hoping to delve into the world of sports betting but confused where to begin? With so much complex terminology, working out how and when to place a bet can feel like undertaking a degree in quantum mechanics. However, in this super friendly beginners guide, we explain all helping you become a pro in… Read More »

Brief History of the Isthmian League

The Isthmian League has been around for more than 100 years after its formulated in 1905. Initially the Isthmian League was deemed an amateur league. The league was born after a meeting between officials of Casuals FC, Civil Service FC, Clapton FC, Ealing Association, Ilford FC and London Caledonians FC. The meeting was to address… Read More »

Football Tactics 101

Tactics and systems used in football have varied over the years and coaches have different opinions about how best to set up a team. Parking the Bus Someone like Jose Mourinho takes quite a defensive approach to the game by challenging opponents to find a way past his massed ranks of defenders. The so-called ‘parking… Read More »

Festive Fixtures: Key Match Previews

If you’re a football fan, there’s a good change you’re already looking forward to wealth of Premier League festive fixtures coming up in the countdown to Christmas – even if the managers aren’t! Despite the controversial planned Christmas Eve games being moved, there are plenty of gripping matches packed in. We’ve chosen four key matches… Read More »

Player Spotlight: Harry Kane

Age: 24 Position: Centre- Forward Club: Tottenham Hotspur International Team: England International Appearances: 23 Market Value: £72million Quote: “I’m at my most comfortable out on the pitch when I’m in front of goal with the ball at my feet. It’s about being used to certain situations, and with time, you will find, chances don’t get… Read More »

Most Influential People In Football

There is no sport like the beautiful game. Fans all over the world continue to be gripped every week by the dramas, controversies and seemingly impossible scripts that play out over the 90 minutes and more. With over four billion fans across the globe, football is unrivalled in terms of its popularity and influence –… Read More »