Which Vice is Worst? Betting.net Examines the Vices of Football

1 year ago

Even as streaming services such as Netflix fragment the traditional television audience, live sport remains a pillar of vast and global viewership. Companies brand stadiums, advertise using pitch side boards, and sponsor team jerseys and shirts.

It’s often society’s vices who spend top dollars on football promotions. Bookies, fast food brands, and payday lenders have had their logos emblazoned on jerseys and stadiums across top leagues. For example, bookie ManBetX dropped a cool £6.5million to sponsor Crystal Palace.

And decades earlier, alcohol and cigarette brands were similarly promoted.

Betting.net digs into figures to determine which vice is worst? We compare the cost of each vice on society with amount gained in taxes to score each vice. Here’s how they rank:



Written by Kayleigh White

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