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For many, online gambling is all about getting as close as possible to the real thing. Certainly for table games, it remains the goal of the best online casinos in 2021, just as it did when online gambling first launched.

There’s no greater test of how engrossingly an operator can recreate that atmosphere – can make you feel the twinkle of the lights – than their blackjack live casino games. Simple yet elegant, accessible yet refined, blackjack live is a tough game to get right. Here, we’ll discover what goes into a winning hand, and which games are a bust.

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Who should make use of this blackjack live casino guide?

Our goal is to help everyone who steps through our virtual doors find their ideal betting experience. This counts for blackjack online just as much as it does for slots, roulette or any other kind of betting a casino fan could hope for. So, we suppose generally speaking, the people we’d like to see make the most out of our comparisons of blackjack live casino options generally are those looking to make the most out of their bets.

Those who aren’t merely content with settling for just any blackjack live option, and want to take their betting experience to the next level. If you’re someone who wants more than mediocrity in your blackjack with live dealer experience, well, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition, we also pay close attention to the details of legal blackjack online. We’re well aware that many of our readers hail from the US and are looking for live blackjack online USA options specifically. The US has its own rules and regulations – specifically they work on a state-by-state basis. This means it’s vitally important that our casino reviews and comparisons understand the importance of geographical availability, so you don’t end up disappointed by an operator’s unavailability.

Lastly, we’re well aware that most fans of the blackjack live casino aren’t only looking for a great operator to play that game: most have a variety of tastes. That’s why when it comes to a comparison, we’re also considering how well they work as part of an overall casino package. So, we’d say that whether it’s this article specifically – where you’ll learn what goes into a great blackjack live casino  experience – or a comparison elsewhere on this site, you shouldn’t fear missing out as we always consider the bigger picture as well.

5 things we look for when rating blackjack operators 

Make no mistake, our expectations when it comes to a blackjack live casino are incredibly high. Of course, that’s the case with any kind of casino product. With so much out there now in terms of operators for people all across the world, there’s simply no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

Of course, there’s a whole bunch of general considerations which are vital regardless of the kind of games you’re interested in. However, we won’t be discussing things like customer service here, as while they are relevant to all casino games, they aren’t especially relevant to online blackjack with live dealers. This list is focused on the five things we think are of particular importance to look out for when it comes to blackjack live specifically. That said, all those other general considerations are still taken into account when it comes to any blackjack with live dealer recommendation.

The quality of the site

This might be obvious but when talking about a blackjack live casino, the first thing we look for is the quality of the live games themselves. But, this is no brief examination. We pay close attention to how well the games run technically. For instance, do they have any slowdown, buffering, anything which may negatively impact your experience? We test for the same on the best blackjack apps for 2021, which is even more demanding on the technical design.

We also analyse the atmosphere of the game. With so much out there, the experience on an artistic level can be sought alongside general competence of the mechanics – although an evaluation of the fairness and effectiveness of those is vital also. We also assess how easy it is for newcomers to get to grips with. Are the blackjack rules clear and are the limits low enough for casual players and those who want practise?

Relevant promotions that sweeten the deal

While there isn’t usually that many blackjack offers for 2021 which are specifically for blackjack live, quite often there are general live casino promotions where you can choose which games you wish to utilise them on. We consider deeply all promotions that are relevant to blackjack players.

Put simply, what we’re looking for is any kind of bonus which can add tangible value for you, the player. Whether or not this is the case for blackjack live often depends on the terms and conditions, so they are combed over so we can see the actual value behind the big, bright casino lights.

Legality and availability checked for your security

Of course, the quality of your blackjack casino live doesn’t matter all that much if you can’t access it. That’s why as part of our investigations, we always check to see where exactly this casino and live blackjack options are available. The more the merrier – especially when it comes to the US, as things do work on a state-by-state basis there.

Beyond that, we also want to see as broad availability as possible when it comes to banking options and currency. It’s simple, if we think a blackjack with live dealer game selection is great, we want as many people as possible to enjoy it.

Other betting options

Online blackjack with live dealers might be a great thing – one of the finest experiences the online casino can offer in our opinion – but it’s not everything. It’s very likely that you’re interested in blackjack live play but we would be surprised if that’s your sole interest.

That means we imagine your favourite blackjack casino would also need to be one that offers you much more. You could even want a total jack-of-all-trades operator, featuring the likes of sports betting, bingo, poker, or pretty much any other kind of betting you could think of. That’s why any blackjack live recommendation from us also needs to be a quality casino in general, from their design and customer service, to mobile options and general betting variety.

A five-star reputation

As rigorously as we test any blackjack live casino candidate, there’s still one more thing we have to do before we give it our stamp of approval. That’s to see whether our experience stacks up to that of others. To do this, we look at any kind of feedback on blackjack live we can to ensure that not only did we have a good time, not only do we think you’re likely to have a good time, but their existing blackjack players still rate the experience years on.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator for live blackjack 

In many ways, our pick is the one which had the biggest challenge ahead of it in terms of exceeding expectations. BetMGM’s connection with the world famous MGM resorts means that even before they took a flight to cyberspace, the expectations of people for their potential was perhaps greater than any of their competitors. The fact that they’re our pick here means that they have absolutely nailed that potential.

They legitimately provide one of the greatest live casino experiences through brick and mortar casinos, so it would always be tough to match that with their blackjack casino live, yet somehow they’ve mastered it. Utilising some of the greatest software developers in the world for live games certainly doesn’t hurt, with Evolution Gaming being a name you’re likely familiar with if you’ve had the good fortune of enjoying great live casinos. They’re on top form here and they’re joined by other options including Unlimited Blackjack. This  means there’s variety as well as quality.

Furthermore, the streams were buttery smooth during our playthroughs and looked fantastic, ensuring a truly immersive experience. If you’re looking for the closest thing you can get to walking into a great casino and sitting down at the blackjack table from behind your computer, we’d say that this is – at the time of writing, this is as good as it gets.

Finding the right pick of blackjack operators

While we eventually came to the decision to name BetMGM our favourite, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. When it comes to blackjack for real money online – as is the case with any kind of betting – there’s a level of subjectivity involved.

This doesn’t mean that some bookmakers are not better than others. There are absolutely some blackjack live operators that are leagues ahead of poor examples. But when we talk about the absolute finest examples – and right now, we’re lucky in the sense that there’s several dozen world-class blackjack live casino options – then there may not be one bookmaker objectively better than another. Our job is to ensure that we only recommend really great operators, so you know where to begin your journey without wasting your time on those that are not worth your while.

However, when it comes to your favourite, much of that may come down to how you like to play. A site may have a different style than another. One may be focused on long-term high rollers, the other may have a more casual appeal. The promotions may be aimed at different people and in terms of other betting products that go alongside blackjack, the sky’s the limit. It’s often the case that two great bookmakers cannot be said to be objectively better or worse than the other, but there may be one which is better for you.

So, consider deeply what it is you want out of your blackjack casino live experience on a personal level, while utilising our advice and comparisons to help direct you towards the best choice for you.

Our 5 ultimate tips for using the best blackjack operators

So, we’re hoping that now you have some idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to finding your ideal blackjack live casino. But that’s not all: we also want you to get the best possible experience when you get there. So, with that in mind, here are five ultimate tips for making the most out of online blackjack with live dealers at your ideal operator.

Go into blackjack with a strategy

There’s plenty of different strategies when it comes to blackjack, even though it’s such a simple game. The basics – like when to go for another card and when to stick, or how much to stake – counts as strategy. Then there’s specific systems which get much more intricate and complicated. We’re not saying that you have to go quite that far, but coming up with some kind of idea of how you want to plan can improve your enjoyment of the game, and could even lead to greater betting success. 

Come into the game with a budget, and never chase losses

That said, one thing we want to make clear when it comes to blackjack live – and is the case for all kinds of betting – is that there’s never any guaranteed way of winning. Even the best strategies have pitfalls and potential risks. Never assume you’re going to win. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. This means coming into blackjack with a budget and sticking to it so things remain fun.

Finally, never, ever chase losses. Additionally, have a walk away point. Don’t simply bet forever until you run out of money. If you play like that, then logistically, you pretty much certainly will. Blackjack is a game of chance, tactics and budgeting: people often forget about that last, crucial part. 

Check out the variations of the game

Did you know there’s not just one version of blackjack? Well, now you know. Sure, for many, the differences may amount to aesthetic or gambling limits, but those things aren’t small considerations. In any case, whatever changes, big or small, are worth checking out in order to find your ideal version of blackjack at your favourite blackjack live casino.

Utilise all worthwhile promotions

We talked earlier about how promotions are often overlooked for blackjack live because they often aren’t specifically aimed at the game (although that can sometimes be the case). Many worthwhile promotional options actually come from bonuses that are aimed at the live casino more generally. Well, put simply, that’s true. Even more simply, if that’s the case and the terms and conditions are good, then you should check them out and use them to help you get a little extra spending money on your favourite games.

See what else is available

Again, no casino is an island – or at the very least, the best are not. That’s why it’s important, assuming you’re interested in other games, to make sure that the operator you’ve chosen contains everything you want out of it. You could always sign up to multiple sites if a few things are missing, but still, it’s good to get everything you can out of your favourite operator. So, even if your main focus is on a blackjack live casino, take everything else you want into consideration as well.

Conclusion: Finding live blackjack perfection

We don’t think too many people reading this will be surprised that a blackjack live casino isn’t hard to come by. It’s one of the most important games a casino can have, a true classic none can go without, and it’s also one of the simplest. If your software can’t count a few cards up to 21 and beyond for a bust, well, they likely can’t do much else. Thus, if an online casino can be described as such, then it should include blackjack live.

However, we’re striving for perfection here – and while the availability of the game may not be a surprise – we think the level of quality from many live casinos will be for the uninitiated. The accessibility, the ease of play and the atmosphere they create really is masterful. A great live blackjack experience is a true showcase of how much all the simple things matter. That’s exactly what we’re looking for here, and believe us, the amount of choice out there is vast and ever-growing. There has simply never been a better time to play blackjack live online.

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Blackjack live FAQ

❓ What can I expect from blackjack live?

When it comes to blackjack live and indeed live casinos in general, people who have never played before are curious to know how exactly it works, how it looks, whether it has that same real life late night casino feel. As part of our blackjack live guide, we’ll be covering exactly what you can expect from the best live blackjack casinos out there.

💰 Can I expect promotions from live casinos for blackjack?

Blackjack isn’t the first game you necessarily associate with big betting promotions. They are more commonly found as part of sports betting, or for slots, if we’re sticking to the world of casinos. However, it’s an extremely popular game offered by the best online casinos in 2021 meaning many people are wondering whether any promotions for this classic are available. We’ll be covering that and much more as part of our blackjack live analysis.

💻 Is it easy to find a good place to play blackjack live online?

If you’re new to the world of online casinos, particularly live casinos, then it’s natural not to be sure of what to expect from them. And, if you are a big blackjack fan, you’re probably wondering what you can expect in general. In our live blackjack guide, we’ll be explaining not only what you should be looking for from the game, but we’ll also give you an idea of how easy it is to find.

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