About Us

Betting.net was launched in December 2017 with a seemingly simple aim – to be the definitive one-stop shop for anyone interested in sports betting. That means taking both an overview of the sector in general, including the various bookmakers and exactly what they offer, as well as being packed with the kind of up to date detail which bettors look for when placing a wager. Achieving this meant building a site packed with the kind of information sought by novice and experienced bettors alike, from a glossary of terms used in sports betting and an FAQ section covering all aspects of the field, to the latest team news and previews of the biggest sporting events. Throw in a comprehensive tipping service and a site which is user friendly and intuitive and you have the complete sports betting destination. The quality of the writing staff working for betting.net is of paramount importance. Experts in the individual sports covered and in the world of betting in general, our writers will become the trusted partners of bettors around the world, and the first source of information they turn to when the time comes to put their money down. Perhaps most important of all, the site will be packed with balanced, objective information on the services offered by the various bookmakers which are available, written by experts with hands on experience as bettors, and a commitment to providing the most comprehensive insight possible. The fact that this information is then set out in an easily searched and understood format makes it simpler than ever for bettors to select the bookmaker and deal which offers the best option at any given moment. Since the launch of the site, new features and content have been added on a pretty much constant basis, and moving forward through 2018 we plan to keep improving and upgrading the site with even more information and new functionalities, expanding the range of sports covered and the depth of statistical detail and informed opinion provided.

As things stand, the betting.net site includes the following sections:

Football Betting Tips – comprehensive coverage of forthcoming matches across all the major national leagues, as well as international tournaments such as the World Cup. For every match listed, visitors to the site can read a quick preview detailing previous meetings between the teams and an overview of the pre-match state of play. In addition, the odds offered by all major bookmakers will be listed, and tips and predictions for the best bets to place.

Horse Racing Betting Tips – content on this page includes the race of the day, broken down in detail including the length, field, prize money, conditions and an analysis of the horses taking part. A tip will be chosen from the field and the latest odds displayed. Ante post previews of other races will be given, including detailed analysis of the field, video content of previous races, and tips including the best odds being offered by bookmakers.

Blog – in addition to practical tips and information, betting.net provides a wealth of content designed to entertain as well as inform. Our blog posts do just that, providing behind the scenes insight, informed opinion and the latest news on all the sports we cover, in addition to quirky details such as the chance to turn footballers into pancakes. By combining our blog content with our tips and predictions, even the most inexperienced sports bettor will be able to employ the kind of complex betting strategies which help to boost enjoyment and, most of all, profit.

News – the news section of our blog includes interviews with the personalities helping to shape the sporting events bettors will be betting on, from footballers discussing penalty shoot outs and jockeys weighing up the chances of their next ride to the latest results and injury updates from football clubs around the world. If something happens in the world of sport and sports betting you can be certain you’ll find it on betting.net.

Frequently Asked Questions – although the site is detailed enough to be indispensible to experienced bettors, we never lose sight of the fact that novice bettors need the chance to learn about sports betting without risking large amounts of their money. That’s why our Frequently Asked Questions section includes questions on everything from betting offers and strategies to how to get started and how live betting operates. If a question isn’t answered just yet it will be shortly, as the site is constantly being updated and tweaked in response to user feedback.

Sports Betting Terms – we understand how confusing the jargon and language of sports betting can be, particularly to newcomers, and so we offer a comprehensive list of the kind of terms which apply. From sporting terms, explaining what a birdie or a diamond duck is, to complex betting terms, dealing with issues such as accumulators, American odds and spread betting. Each term comes with a simple explanation, examples of how it applies to sports betting and links to other similar terms.

Bookmaker Reviews – one of the problems faced by people interested in trying sports betting is the sheer number of bookmakers which are out there, each one offering slightly different terms and conditions, inducements to sign on and odds. We’ve taken the hard work out of deciding by giving every bookmaker out there a comprehensive, balanced and expert review. For each bookmaker we provide pros and cons, reasons to sign on and details of any offers or incentives they have for new members, such as bonus codes, free bets and betting credits. Every review is written by an expert with actual hands on experience of using the bookmakers in question, and at the time of writing we provide an analysis of no fewer than 69 separate bookmakers.

Since being launched, our site has been featured on SBCNews, Football365, Planet Football, teamtalk and 11v11, to name just some of the respected sports sites which have recognised the innovative and highly effective nature of betting.net.

Although the existing betting.net site offers a wealth of content for anyone interested in sports betting, the plan is to keep improving and expanding the online offer. Before long we will be offering our detailed information, predictions and tips for sports as diverse as Formula One, golf, tennis and American football, as well as expanding the number of football leagues we cover and broadening the statistical data dealing with football. Experience has taught us that the depth and variety of information available to a bettor is the key factor in determining whether they are able to place successful bets or not, and we’re setting out to make sure that everyone who uses our site is armed with all the information they could ever need.

To get in touch with us, please email [email protected], send us a tweet or message us on Facebook.